Young Justice s02e12 Episode Script

True Colors

Dorsal root ganglia.
Bumblebee, no touching a ganglion.
It's just being here Coolest thing ever.
We've reached the site of the incursion.
Give me the 600 nanometer emitter.
You see, most problems can be solved by reducing them to their smallest components.
I'm through the first layer.
Increase power by 40 watts.
Ow! - We're hurting him! - I know.
I'm sorry.
But short-term pain equals long-term gain.
- It's Generating its own antibodies.
- Keep working.
I'll hold them off.
There are too many! It's no good.
We have to abort.
Shrink back down.
You're too large for micro extraction.
They're repairing the damage.
We've accomplished nothing.
Atom to dr.
Prepare for emergency extraction.
Extraction, now! What happened in there? There were Complications.
You were warned, Jaime Reyes.
This scarab could not allow this tactic to succeed.
What about the scarab? Can you remove it or not? I'm afraid its integration with your biosystem is too complete, Its defenses, too thorough.
Jaime, I don't believe that scarab is ever coming off, Not while you live.
Season 2: Invasion Episode 12: "True Colors" The question isn't whether our world's finest are the galaxy's most wanted, it's not whether they've been using secret, undercover, covert operatives against targets of their own choosing.
No, it's not even whether these interstellar hoodlums have their own watchtower in orbit over our planet! No, old G.
Gordon proved all that a week ago, didn't he? So the question is this How long are you going to stand for this and do nothing to check these lawless heroes? Well, I'll just wait here for you to make up your minds.
Take your time.
If you're not in a hurry, why should I be? Meanwhile, Earth's true benefactors, The Reach, have been working openly and without fanfare for the betterment of all mankind.
Exhibit "A": Lexcorp Farms, where The Reach has partnered with noted philanthropist Lex Luthor to increase food production.
Lexcorp and The Reach are even allowing public tours Just openness and an end to world hunger.
Now, why didn't the Justice League think of that? Obviously, any partnership between The Reach and Lex Luthor is bad news, So Alpha Squad is going undercover to recon Lexcorp Farms.
- Robin, you'll be running Alpha.
- Me? Run Alpha? - Uh, right.
Who's on the squad? - Blue Beetle Whoa, whoa, whoa.
I should not be in the field, ese.
What if the scarab goes all Reach Apocalypse on us? Your scarab has had multiple opportunities to betray us.
It hasn't.
And right now, its connection to The Reach may be our best shot at identifying what they're up to.
There, Jaime Reyes.
Listen to the Nightwing.
His logic is flawless.
Well, if Blue's going, I'm going.
I assumed as much.
And last but not least, Arsenal.
But you'll have to travel lighter for your first mission Nothing that won't fit under civilian clothes.
Any questions? Just one.
Why are we meeting in this dump? With the Cave and the Hall of Justice destroyed, we don't have many other options.
Except the Watchtower.
It's national news now.
You can't pretend it doesn't exist.
Only Justice Leaguers and senior members of the Team are authorized for the Watchtower.
- You don't qualify.
- Good to know where we stand.
Please remain seated at all times while the tram is in motion.
We've just entered one of our farm's hydroponics domes, where Lexcorp and The Reach are growing the food of the future.
This could put the rest of Smallville's farmers out of business.
No, no.
Not at all.
The Reach plans to share their techniques with the entire agricultural community.
Please, everyone, enjoy your choice of these new vitamin-rich, reach-enhanced produce.
Genetically enhanced? There's been no tinkering with genes, rest assured.
The Reach have ways of drawing out an organism's full potential.
Oh, my Lord, this is delicious.
- The flavor! - Now that's a rutabaga! - What? I'm maintaining cover.
What's in those tubes? Just water, nutrients, and a little Reach/Lexcorp love.
Our next stop is the pluot orchard.
That's right Pluots, in April! - Time for a bathroom break.
- I went before we left.
Ah, dude, they don't have pluots in the future.
State your grievance, Sportsmaster.
The Cape Canaveral op.
Manta's son, Aqualad, killed my daughter Artemis without my permission.
As the Light's enforcer, I expect reparations.
We grieve at your loss and offer substantial monetary compensation.
And normally, I'd be fine with that.
But this goes to the heart of my rep.
Word gets out I took a payoff, I look like a cheap punk.
Then what do you suggest, old friend? You know the code: an eye for an eye A kid for a kid.
- No one touches my son.
- Agreed.
The death of Kaldur'ahm is a non-starter.
If the minnow's under the size limit, I'll go fish for the whale.
I see you didn't waste any time hiring my replacement, "old friend".
- Fortune favors the prepared.
- You don't say Don't give me that look, little girl.
Honor demanded I make the request! They denied it.
Now, I'm free to seal my rep by killing Manta.
Oh, and you can take your precious vengeance on Aqualad.
Tell me that doesn't make you smile.
Ugh! Can we please start the mission now? Fine.
- You're in the wrong mode.
- Dude, I crash all modes.
- "Stealth mode", hermano.
- Oh, right.
Now, where exactly did I Ow! Thanks? - What's she saying? - Translating OK.
Uh, she's warning her technicians to go easy on the additive.
Just a sec.
There, Jaime Reyes.
The contents of that bin are non-terrestrial in origin.
That's it.
That's your additive.
- Where did he - Shh! Got what we came for.
Let's go.
Two guards, one door hack, and we're home free.
- What? - Wait for it.
You blew the lab? But this was a covert op! What were you thinking? That I'm not about to let Lex Luthor and his alien space buddies poison the world just because we don't know exactly what poison they're using.
Plus, I enjoy making Lex miserable.
Well, that placid scene seems unlikely.
I'd say we've been hacked.
Try a frequency override.
Now, that makes more sense.
No, Mercy.
No guards.
Guards would be Redundant.
Just sit back and enjoy the show.
All clear! You just don't get it, do you? You went off mission.
That was a huge mistake.
Funny, I was about to say the same thing.
I may not move as fast as you, meat, but my scarab processes faster than even you can run, let alone think.
Ohh! Now, that's just a waste of good fruit.
Unh! No, that's just a distraction.
Ha! - Any more tricks, meat? - Just a few.
Ahh Nothing like a warm plasma bath to calm the nerves and clean off the tomato stains.
Seriously? The fruit hurt more.
Trying to suck away my oxygen? I hardly touch the stuff.
Blue, what gives? Last time you threw down with this guy, you were hardcore! That wasn't me! Scarab was in control.
- So give me control again.
- Believe me, I'd like nothing better.
But I can't risk that, not with Impulse's prophecy hanging over my head.
Your laser.
It's the only thing that's done any damage.
- My son, I've brought visitors.
Robbed of life, even of a noble death.
I will have my revenge on the Martian witch that did this to him.
As a father myself, I understand your pain.
And the opportunity for vengeance will come.
But in the meantime, let's focus on making Kaldur'ahm whole again.
I've borrowed Psimon from Queen Bee for you and your boy.
He'll sift Kaldur'ahm's mind for every fractured memory, every buried thought.
By the time Psimon's work is complete, your son will be whole, and Psimon will know more about Kaldur'ahm than his own father.
- You're just toying with us, aren't you? - What gave me away? - Time to go? - Yeah.
Do your thing.
Go, go! Did a quick recon.
Want the options? - Cornfield or cornfield? - Cornfield.
I know you could fly out of here.
And you could run about 1,000 miles before Black Beetle could blink.
If I took Arsenal, could you carry Robin? - Sorry.
Fast, not strong.
- Well, Alpha never leaves a man behind.
- We'll double back, maybe lose him.
- That doesn't seem likely.
How many colors do these guys come in, anyway? Form up.
If we go down, we go down fighting.
I'm betting that sounded way more inspirational in your head.
Warrior, you dare attack me? You scarab rejects are coming out of the woodwork tonight.
Better to be a reject than a slave.
- Uh, this guy? Not in history books.
- Then who is he? What is he? Density shifting, shape shifting, all the powers of a martian except Heroes of Earth, I established this link to better coordinate our attack.
That clinches it.
This guy's the Blue Green Beetle of Mars.
So another alien? Do we leave them to fight it out? Move in, Blue.
Frontal assault.
Keep Black busy.
Impulse, put out the fire.
Arsenal, use your laser on that plasma cannon.
I want it out of commission.
Be prepared to move.
Aah! I was kind of hoping that might have had a more lasting effect.
Your methods are crude, but you have the right idea.
Beetle of Earth, fire your sonic cannon at 27 angstroms precisely.
Uh, my scarab's telling me that tactic will be ineffectual.
That's a quote, by the way.
For one scarab, the tactic would be ineffectual.
But tonight, it is not alone.
Ha! Tickles.
Aah! Scarab says he won't be unconscious for long.
- That is true.
- Then what do we do now? Now, we run.
Dude, what are you doing? Wherever we're going, I could totally get there first.
Uh, where are we going? Thanks for the use of your barn, Mr.
Until we check out this Green Beetle, we can't afford to bring him to our H.
Lost too many of those already.
Well, he's not the oddest thing we've had in this barn.
And I'll take any excuse to see one of my boys.
My name is B'aars O'ohm.
And obviously, I am of Mars.
But it's the beetle thing that's got us wondering.
How are you connected to The Reach? I imagine my story is not dissimilar to yours.
On Mars, I am what you would call an archaeologist.
Two of your Earth years ago, I stumbled upon a scarab which attached itself to my person.
That last part sounds familiar.
From the scarab, I learned of The Reach and their plan for the galaxy.
Millennia ago, they sent out one scarab to every planet sporting primitive life The scarab bonds with, and takes full control over its native host, giving The Reach an advanced operative for their inevitable invasion.
But my scarab malfunctioned and didn't take full control.
That's why The Reach wants to reboot it by killing me.
So, did your scarab malfunction, too? No.
But it was not prepared for the martian physiology, which allowed me to take control of the scarab instead of the other way around.
Still doesn't explain how you wound up here.
For decades, the one you call Martian Manhunter has sent communications from your world to ours Television signals.
They are quite entertaining.
- All Martians love television.
- Indeed.
But when it became clear that The Reach were on Earth, I believed my assistance here would be required.
The Justice League will need to confirm your story.
But for now, thanks.
So, other than our new friend here, how'd the mission go? Not quite as planned.
Arsenal Is a little rough around the edges.
But I guess it all worked out, And we brought back a sample of the alien additive for analysis.
Can't ask for more.
Good work.
Forgive this mental intrusion, Jaime Reyes, but your fear screams out to me.
You fear losing yourself to your scarab, and so, wish it removed.
But I am here to tell you, there is another way.
All in all, the damage is minor.
In fact, the most profitable piece of the business was left entirely untouched and seemingly undiscovered.
The first crops have been harvested and distilled.
Shipments are already being distributed to needy nations and soon will be available worldwide.
Amazing how one little bottle contains everything the body needs.
Or more accurately, everything The Reach needs it to need.
Did the children procure a sample of the additive? As anticipated.
The Team was quite effective.
We really must form one of our own.