Young Justice s02e15 Episode Script


I'm sorry.
I don't understand.
Earthling Translating Interlac.
Now does the witness understand? Yes, Tribune.
But I can only repeat again what we have said all along.
The Justice League, that is, my fellow defendants and myself, never meant to attack Rimbor or its inhabitants.
We are not conquerors, not criminals.
Our only interest is in peace.
Forgive us, Superman, if we, who represent the Polygloture of Rimbor, find that difficult to swallow.
Nevertheless, it is the truth.
We had no control over our actions.
So, no control over the destruction you caused, the life forms you injured, the terror you wrought, the children you scarred emotionally, the little flowers you Why does this trial continue? Surely the bribes have changed hands by now.
Inexplicably, the defendants have refused to pay.
These Earthlings are savages.
Levies and bribes due to this loss of income which you brought about.
We were not in control.
In fact, as stated previously, we were under the complete mental domination of an Earth villain named Vandal Savage.
Why would one savage do that to another? That's still unclear.
- Did you see this? - It's all of the poet-watcher.
- It hardly proves that it's true.
- The Reach is on Earth.
At least someone is taking control of that rogue planet.
But the Reach? Taking too much influence throughout the galaxy.
Order! Order! What does this mean? What is the Reach? Millennia ago they were conquerors, and it took the entire Green Lantern Corps to check their advance.
That led to a treaty signed with the Guardians of the Universe.
Now the Reach can only lay claim to a world if invited.
But Earth has invited them.
No Lantern may go back there.
I said order! Hmm.
If the Reach controls Earth and exploits or expands its meta population, does that not have long-term implications for who rules the Galaxy? The Reach! Season 2: Invasion Episode 15: "War" We've been tracking something on long-range scanners.
It's on a direct course for Earth.
It's about to pass in front of Rhea, one of the moons of Saturn.
Not in front of Rhea, behind it.
That thing, whatever it is, is huge! Why would he come here, and why now? Open a subspace channel.
I am an ambassador of the Reach and claim the Earth as property of the Reach under Guardian Treaty.
You are therefore breaching Reach territory.
- Reverse course.
- Request denied.
It is because the Reach is on Earth that I am here.
Now what? Thank you for coming.
My scarab has accessed the Reach's database for intelligence on the approaching threat.
It is called the Warworld.
A massive artificial satellite, slightly smaller than Earth's Moon.
It is a mobile doomsday weapon, created millennia ago by an now understandably extinct alien race.
It is self-powering and self-sustaining, thanks to an endless supply of worker drones providing repair and battle drones providing security.
The Warworld was reactivated by a crystal key, long thought lost, yet somehow the Warworld's current commander found it.
That commander, Mongul, now sits at the Warworld's helm, which receives and transmits his every thought, allowing him to control all of the Warworld's functions Trajectory, weapons, and drones, without moving a muscle.
Who is this Mongul? Long ago, he was the sole dictator of his home planet.
But he was ousted by another tyrant and is determined to reclaim his throne.
So what does that have to do with us? Mongul has determined that the surest way to take back his world is to first conquer the entire Galaxy.
One can only assume he now views Earth as a threat to that plan, And so he comes, with literally enough firepower to destroy your world.
Ah, it's great.
We're finally spending a little quality time together.
Karen! Sorry, I'm a little preoccupied With the second moon in the sky! There's panic across the country and around the world.
What NASA calls "an encroaching planetary body" is already having a gravitational impact on the Earth.
Tides have altered, and so-called mini tidal waves have become commonplace.
The U.
Weather Service is advising the populace to stay off the water and move inland from the coastlines.
And it appears this is only the beginning.
The Reach and the United Nations take this unprovoked and aggressive threat very seriously.
Unfortunately, the Reach only has this single ship, designed for peaceful exploration and diplomacy and unequipped with any weapons.
Nevertheless, we pledge solidarity with the people of Earth.
The Reach will not abandon you! Attention Warworld, this is Captain Atom of the Justice League, representing the planet Earth.
- We wish to open negotiations.
- But I am uninterested in negotiation.
The Earth under the Reach's thumb is too dangerous for my long-term plans.
It must be destroyed.
And frankly, if you understood what you were in for with the Reach, you'd thank me for putting you out of your collective misery, now.
Not sure we're doing much damage in the grand scheme.
But Rocket's protecting dr.
Fate allow him to maintain focus on safeguarding Earth.
And Captain Marvel, Green Beetle, and I seem to have Mongul's attention.
Because the Team's already inside.
Any sign of detection? No.
Blue Beetle's scarab was able to bypass the Warworld's security.
Mongul doesn't know they're inside Yet.
Alpha Squad to Watchtower.
Green Beetle's schematics are on the money, at least so far.
- We're en route to take down Mongul.
- No, commander, the threat ends.
Beta Squad is en route to the key chamber.
We snag the crystal key and the threat ends.
Gamma Squad is en route to disable the Warworld's power core.
No power and the threat ends.
Delta Squad moving into position.
Laying down cover fire for surface forces Now.
How odd to be rooting for the champions of Earth.
But everything depends on their success.
No way out.
Oh! Beetle to Watchtower.
We've been spotted! The Warworld knows we're here.
Fine with me.
I like the attention.
At least a big alien Death Moon notices when I'm around.
Was that a slam on me, in the middle of a mission? Woman, when are you not in the middle of a mission? Raah! A little warning might have been nice.
- "Take cover.
" - Nah.
Come on, we're close.
- He is a big one.
- This is your attack force? - I'm insulted.
- Learn to cope.
Uhh! Unh! Rrr! Ooh! Uhh! Little Kryptonian.
So proud of your powers.
Did you truly believe yours was the only race to come from a world with a Red Sun? Uhh! Uhh! Unh! Ahh.
Raah! Rrr! The novelty of this encounter has officially worn off.
Naptop Ugly.
I like that.
It smells like Victory.
Gaah! Uhh! No! Uhh! Do you really not understand? Uhh Ohh Your deaths today in the face of the Reach are a mercy.
My grand laser remitter would have ended your world in a matter of minutes.
Another mercy.
But it seems the mercies of Mongul are not appreciated.
So we will do this the hard way, and the Warworld will unleash all its weapons upon the Earth.
You're welcome.
Earth's military leaders are mobilizing all national air defense systems against the assault from the rogue satellite.
Here in the U.
, Homeland Security is urging citizens to remain calm and stay in your homes rather than attempt evacuation.
There's nowhere for us to go.
Delta to Watchtower.
Bioship estimates that Fate, the League, and Delta are neutralizing 64% of the Warworld saturation attack at the source.
But that's not going to cut it.
Watchtower estimates that Earth's military forces will neutralize a further 13%.
But a 23% saturation is enough to decimate a hemisphere and spoil all Earth's meat.
Then, to protect the Reach's investment, mobilize the fleet.
We have sacrificed two-thirds of our fleet to successfully safeguard the Earth, for the time being Super-cycle's got our backs! - Another lady I can count on.
- All right, I get it.
I'm a bad girlfriend.
Now quit pouting.
Who's poutin'? I'm not poutin'! - Let's just blow this place and go.
- Uh, we can't just "blow this place.
" It would destroy all of Warworld and take half of Earth with it.
We need to follow the plan and shut the core down.
Well, thank you for explaining the obvious to your idiot boyfriend.
Just deal with the science and get it done.
What? I never said you were Ohh! Never mind.
OK, here's hoping Green Beetle knows his stuff.
Entering power core now.
Good luck, beautiful.
Beta to Watchtower.
We're in! And there it is The key Uh, this could take a while.
Uhh! There are too many failsafes built into the core.
The power keeps rerouting.
Well, then reroute it somewhere useful.
Mal I mean "Guardian.
" You're a genius! Oh, pests.
Aaahhh! He's rocked! Take him! Uhh! Uhh! Uhh! Uhh-gaah! Uhh! Wondergirl, now! Awoo! All surface weapons have been silenced.
Is it over? Mongul is down and contained.
Nice work, Alpha! I'd love to take credit, but we didn't do it.
His whole machine stumbled, I'm guessing with a little help.
I'll just take this for safekeeping.
We have paid a price, but I believe we've acquired value for the cost.
Great job, everyone.
Now rendezvous ASAP so we can bring you home.
- Oh, do we rock? - Girl, we rock! - Was there ever any doubt? - Not over here.
Hey, where's Alpha? Trudging along with the big bad, who must weigh like a metric ton.
We're just a couple minutes out.
I know we all did our part, but, really, you saved the day.
You and that big, beautiful brain of yours.
- Thanks.
But it was your idea.
- I wouldn't call it an idea.
More like a desperate cry for help.
Mal, you know I couldn't have done it without you.
No, that's not true.
You would have found a way.
Karen, you are destined for great things.
And I haven't wanted to admit it, to admit you've just outgrown me.
But we can't hold on to high school forever.
And I really am so proud of you.
You know something? You are an idiot.
And I'm an idiot, too.
I've been taking you for granted, when the thing is, knowing you're there for me makes all the difference.
How do I get that reward? Mwah! It's a start Well, the gang's all here.
Ohh! Look out! Ohh! Now! Blue, what are you doing?! Uhh! Uh! Uh aah! No Not again.
- Arsenal, no! - I will not be taken again.
Aah! Aah! Aah! - Aah! - Uhh! - Grrr! - Why.
? - Don't waste the oxygen, hermano.
There's very little left in here.
Quite the value, indeed.

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