Young Justice s02e16 Episode Script


Black Manta to Deathstroke.
Awaiting progress report.
Progress is slow.
Miss Martian has partially restored your son's psyche, but he remains far from whole.
All right.
Keep the manta flyer at a safe distance from the sub, beyond the range of Miss Martian's psychic power.
He's still not himself.
But then, who is? So what's our next move? With that inhibitor collar disabling your shape shifting and telekinetic abilities, I'm not sure.
I guess we're lucky Deathstroke hasn't pressed a button to block my psychic powers, too.
Or pressed another button to blow your head off, with the explosives built into the collar.
It hardly matters.
You know Manta plans to kill me as soon as I've cured his son.
Which is why he must not learn I am already cured until we devise some way to save M'gann's life.
Yeah, but the question is, how long can we continue to stall? My patience has run out, Martian.
You have 24 hours.
Finish curing my son, or die.
Guess that answers your question.
I'm doomed either way.
Season 2: Invasion Episode 16: "Complications" All right, what happened? What happened to the rest of my Team? - It's all my fault.
- That assessment is inaccurate.
Just tell him what you told us.
We'd won.
We were all here in this bay, and Wondergirl had Mongul hogtied.
Then suddenly a boomtube opened up right beneath our feet.
I flew up and out.
It was instinct, you know.
But before I could do anything else, the boomtube closed, and the others were gone.
Definitely reading traces of boomtube activity.
We think Mongul may have opened the boomtube as a mean of escape, gaining the Team as captives in the bargain.
- The Team and worse.
- Impulse had the crystal key.
So the priority is making sure no one uses it to reactivate the Warworld.
Captain Marvel and Rocket are already guarding the key chamber.
And the Justice League will continue guarding it in shifts until the key is found and the threat is ended.
- It's all my fault.
- Stop.
You didn't do anything wrong.
We'll figure this out.
- For now - I will ensure he gets home safely.
No, I want to stay.
I want to help.
You will help.
But right now, you need rest.
- I'm sorry.
- No.
Whoever did this, they'll be sorry.
I want to make one thing clear.
I'm only working with you to avenge my sister.
Yeah, 'cause you and Artemis were always so close.
Rationalize it however you want, little girl, just handle Aqualad and leave Black Manta to me.
I need to put him down to preserve my rep.
- And that's all you care about.
- Don't kid yourself, Jade.
We're not that different.
- So we're all agreed? - No, we're not.
I don't want the two of you risking exposure for me.
Instead you expect us to sit back and let you die? No.
Artemis, begin.
Deathstroke, been on duty for 12 hours straight.
I need to stretch my legs, and I need coffee.
Take over.
I'll be back in five.
- Fresh pot.
- No thanks.
- This should not take long.
- No, assuming she isn't caught.
This is for Artemis.
No! You protect the man who murdered your best friend? Cheshire, stop.
You don't understand.
- No, not now.
- What? What don't I understand? Deathstroke to Manta.
You have an intruder aboard.
Cheshire's in your son's cabin.
Manta's Communications.
Intruder alert.
Reinforcements to my son's room, now! M'gann, what's going on? M'gann? I'll coordinate from here.
You two protect Kaldur'ahm.
Looks like someone already got to Aqualad.
In fact, it looks like that someone was you.
Which makes you defending him even more inexplicable and me killing him a lot less amusing.
But then again, I'm not here for the giggles.
Inhibitor collar.
So no Martian powers.
Deathstroke to Tigress.
The assassin Cheshire has locked herself inside Kaldur'ahm's cabin.
The Martian's attempting to save him.
She knows if her patient dies, we have no reason to keep her alive.
But you better get back there now.
On my way.
OK, now we can talk.
Cheshire, stop.
All is not what it seems.
So it would appear, "Mr.
Fake some mental condition".
That's fine.
Killing you will be so much more satisfying now.
You seek my death because of your sister.
But Artemis is alive.
In fact, she is aboard this vessel.
Artemis is alive? You didn't really think I'd buy that, did you? Airlock's damaged.
Robin's birdarang.
Birdarang must have scratched Blue's armor.
Finally! You betrayed your friends, murdered my sister.
Perhaps when I cut you open, I'll find you truly are heartless.
M'gann, the collar's deactivated.
You should have all your powers back.
M'gann? M'gann! - Tigress! To my side! - Yes, boss! - Take him! I'm saving my son! - You won't get away that easy, Manta! You're playing for the wrong team, girly-girl.
Game over.
Sir, we have an explosive charge ready to detonate Kaldur'ahm! Father and son.
My lucky day.
Enough! How dare you! What gives you the right to invade my mind and steal this memory from our childhood? This isn't your memory, Jade.
It's mine.
I'm alive.
I'm here.
Aqualad did not kill Artemis.
She only pretended to be dead, so she could become Tigress and join Aqualad's deep cover mission to infiltrate The Light and The Reach.
- You're alive.
- I'm alive.
So you don't need to take vengeance on Kaldur.
I guess I don't.
You so dodged a bullet, fish boy.
- We appreciate the cooperation.
- Are you serious? You're not really buying this.
It's some kind of Martian illusion.
Artemis is still dead, and I still have my rep to preserve.
Come on, crusher.
Artemis is your daughter.
- Can't you feel her presence here? - I don't even feel your presence here.
He's hopeless, and I don't know why I'm surprised.
- Release us.
I'll convince him.
- Yeah.
Good luck with that.
- I taught you that move! - Uh, duh, dad.
So you and Aqualad are playing Manta and The Light for chumps.
Ha! I can live with that, baby girl.
Because I need a favor.
I realize, Cheshire, that we'll probably never be friends.
You can leave out the "probably.
" But we both want to keep your sister safe.
So we play it out.
You start.
Well, Cheshire, I don't usually condone the behavior of assassins, but given the way Manta's treated me the last few weeks The enemy of your enemy is your friend.
Make your escape.
I'll buy all the time you need.
It's not that simple.
I still want Aqualad and Manta dead.
- Leave that to me.
- I insist.
So, who's first, you or your degenerate son? Kaldur'ahm! - Father, are you all right? - Fine.
Just fine, now.
"So glad it turned out you're not dead, baby girl.
" Favor done, baby girl.
Now, no one will know what you've been up to.
Well, that was a nice father-daughter outing.
We should do this more often.
- Don't push it, dad.
- Leaving so soon? - And without a good-bye? - Good-bye.
I've got Cheshire! You're a chump, Slade.
The Light betrayed me.
They'll betray you, too.
Not if I take a seat at their table.
Love the new look, sis.
Reminds me of me.
So I know dad was only here to protect his rep, but you risked everything to avenge me.
- That's so sweet.
- Let's not get teary-eyed.
I was just mad you weren't around to baby-sit your niece.
Stop toying with her and finish it! - M'gann! - Incoming! - I'll finish him.
- Sorry, no.
I've been dreaming of my revenge for weeks.
Don't push your luck, Sporty.
- You're lucky I'm letting you get away.
- Fine.
We're gone.
Now, let's see what fun I can have with you two.
Yes, let's.
M'gann, get out before he captures you again! - Right, right! And sorry.
- About what? - Thanks again for watching Lian.
- My pleasure.
You should cherish this time with your daughter, Jade.
You never know.
Mom, I've got something to tell you about Artemis.
Some good news.
It is the best of news.
My son is whole again.
Seeing me in mortal danger was the vital catalyst his recovery required.
I truly feel blessed.
In fact, it has been a good day for us all.
And in my role as The Reach's ambassador to your world, I want to take this opportunity to thank this great hero, a hero who almost single-handedly saved the planet Earth from the Warworld.
He saved your lives.
He saved our lives.
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Blue Beetle! Thank you.
Thank you all.
But it is I who should express gratitude to you, Ambassador, for giving a normal, average human being like me the power of The Reach, the power to save the world.

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