Young Justice s03e03 Episode Script

Eminent Threat

(LAUGHTER) Race for lightspeed, people.
I'm your very own Star Girl, Courtney Whitmore.
And today, we are rocketing across the galaxy for another Good World Studios exclusive interview.
We're hanging out with the most transformative young actor in Hollywood, the star of the hit sci-fi series, Space Trek: 3016.
That's right, it's Lieutenant Torque himself - Garfield Logan.
- My friends call me Gar.
(LAUGHS) Well, just between friends, Gar, I'm dying to know more about a certain special friend you've been seen with, Queen Perdita of Vlatava.
(CHUCKLES) What can I say? She's my queen and I'm her fool in love.
Oh, that's so sweet.
Tell the kids at home about how you two love birds became "Gardita.
" Um, well, it's not a cheerful story.
We We met at a funeral for a fast friend of ours.
Oh, I'm so sorry for your loss.
But I'm sure your friend would be happy knowing he helped unite the hearts of his two besties.
And speaking of unifying hearts, you've recently begun a campaign to unify the world in vigilance against a growing threat.
Totally, Courtney.
As one of the very few openly meta-civilians in the world, I wanna raise awareness about meta-human trafficking.
Kids our age are being targeted and kidnapped into an underground market for meta-experimentation.
So, in solidarity, we all have to rise up and fight back.
Remember, if you see something, scream something.
Don't do this! Please! (SCREAMING) No! (THEME MUSIC PLAYING) - ARTEMIS: You sure you recovered? - (BLACK LIGHTNING SIGHS) - Enough, Conner needs us.
- Lightning powers? (ELECTRICITY CRACKLES) (SIGHS) Still hoping we won't need those.
ARTEMIS: All right.
(SIGHS) We are climbing up into that ominous dark hole in the cliff to rescue our superfriend.
You are going to stay right here with our Super-Cycle.
Understand? (EXHALES DEEPLY) - Just keep her out of trouble, okay? - (SUPER-CYCLE TRILLING) Thanks.
Let's move.
- (CLANG) - Ow! (GROANS) You are supposed to be on my side! (SIGHS) I'm in.
- Status? - ARTEMIS: We're two minutes out.
SB? - (GROANS) Follow.
- (BEEPS) VERTIGO: We're shutting this place down.
- Prepare the shipment.
- MAN: On it, boss.
Let's go! ARTEMIS: Receiving video.
BLACK LIGHTNING: Nightwing, stop this before they finish loading those kids.
NIGHTWING: Negative.
Those pods aren't going anywhere fast on rails.
I need to locate SB and the prince first.
BLACK LIGHTNING: Activate the spy gear we planted.
Might help you find him.
If they weren't in a thousand pieces.
I got eyes on Ecks and Huh.
Helga Jace.
They've got SB.
In a pod.
ARTEMIS: Oh, he is not going to like that.
Brion's in the next pod over.
I think they've tried to make him meta-active.
- BLACK LIGHTNING: Arriving now.
- Then I'm going in.
(DOOR OPENS) What is going on here? ARTEMIS: Ready to move in.
Something's happening.
- Explain yourselves.
- Count Vertigo? We I have just spoken with His Highness, and he gave no orders for the parting and tarring of a Prince of the Realm! NIGHTWING: "His Highness"? Gregor? I want answers! Now! You lied to me! You said this was all done by the boss' command! I had to! His so-called "Highness" is out of control.
The things he has made us do But now, we have someone with the power to stop him.
To stop Bedlam.
You ignorant peasant.
(GROANS) The plan set in motion here far exceeds your shortsighted morality.
To get what I need, I will deliver control of Markovia to him.
And you will do nothing to interfere.
BLACK LIGHTNING: If Vertigo's helping Gregor take Markovia ARTEMIS: It's a good bet Gregor will help Vertigo take neighboring Vlatava in return.
(SIGHS) Finally giving the Count the kingdom he's always wanted.
NIGHTWING: And both countries will wind up under the Light's dominion.
(ALARM BLARING) (GROANS) (COUGHS) His Highness will be here any second to decide what to do with all of you.
ARTEMIS: Nightwing, new arrival.
(DOOR OPENS) (SIGHS) Well, if it isn't Baron Bedlam himself.
One night.
I only required this organization to operate without me for one night! So I might play the role of Regent to the King, without interruption.
But it seems that was too much to ask.
Baron DeLamb, Dr.
Jace has betrayed us all.
NIGHTWING: How did I not notice that "DeLamb" is an anagram for Bedlam? (SIGHS) Totally should have seen this coming.
Look out! (GRUNTS) No.
ARTEMIS: So glad you didn't listen.
Ah, Halo-Girl? (GRUNTING) BLACK LIGHTNING: We can't fight him in here, it's too tight.
ARTEMIS: Then we go up.
Super-Cycle, clear us out! BEDLAM: Helga, this betrayal will cost you more (EXPLOSION) (ROARING) Guys? BLACK LIGHTNING: We need an exit, and backup! We'll secure the shipment.
Make sure she doesn't go anywhere.
Happily, sir.
- (GRUNTS) - Don't worry, I'm here to rescue (SIGHS) Out of my way! (GRUNTS) Brion.
Brion! (COUGHS) Come on, buddy.
We need you back.
(GROANS) We're shutting this place down.
Destroying every ounce of tar.
I'll show you how.
No kill! - Nightwing! - NIGHTWING: I'm working on it! Shipment's loaded.
Take it.
Now! (BLARES) (GRUNTING) No, the kids The kids in the pods, they boom-tubed them away.
We've lost them.
NIGHTWING: We have to get out of here.
(GUNS COCKING) (INDISTINCT TALKING) Ladies and gentleman, it has come to my attention that Prince Brion Markov is a meta-human, working with other meta-humans to destabilize Markovia's national security.
That is preposterous! No, my prince.
Sad to say, I have evidence to prove it.
NIGHTWING: We've got the evidence we need to bring down DeLamb and all of Bedlam.
Jace's testimony will seal the deal.
BLACK LIGHTNING: We lost eight kids! Plus that Plasmus kid they had their hooks into.
We saved Artemis' friend here and the prince.
And countless other kids who would've been Bedlam's next victims.
It's not the victory we wanted, but it is a victory.
(SIGHS AND GASPS) You get away from me.
- Brion, please calm (GROANS) - No, no! (GRUNTS) Who are you people? What What is happening? Brion! (GASPS) - Help me, help me! - You must calm down.
Your meta-gene has been activated.
Your body is now manipulating geologic forces.
Make it stop! Make it stop! The more you panic, the less control you'll have.
Focus on your breathing.
Just focus on controlling your breath.
(BREATHES DEEPLY) Guys! This footage shows Prince Brion undergoing an illegal meta-gene activation.
This evidence irrefutably links Brion Markov to meta-human trafficking in Markovia.
And quite possibly to the abduction of his own sister, Princess Tara.
And given their stance against meta-trafficking, Brion is most likely responsible for the assassinations of his own parents, King Viktor and Queen Ilona.
Lies! (GRUNTS) This just keeps getting worse.
Following him with infrared.
He's headed for the palace.
- I'll try to cut him off.
- (EXPLOSION) ARTEMIS: And he used a Father Box to track Super-Cycle.
SB, we'll protect the doctor and the girl.
Get Brion.
(VERTIGO LAUGHS) Sending your heavy hitter away? Not very good at this game, are you? I see you're down one Superboy.
I'll raise you.
One, two, three, four! ARTEMIS: (SCOFFS) Now we know why he's called Count Vertigo.
- BLACK LIGHTNING: We're outnumbered.
- Then let's level the playing field.
- Bring me their corpses.
- (PLASMUS GROWLING) Prince Gregor, the palace is clearly not safe.
My guards will escort you - (SCREAMING) - (INDISTINCT TALKING) (GRUNTS) DeLamb! WOMAN: (GASPS) Prince Brion! Brion? MAN: And DeLamb's a meta, too.
(GROWLS) Prince Brion, we gotta go.
There's a better way to handle this.
And we can help you find it.
And so our worst fears are confirmed! Prince Brion Markov in league with meta-human assassins.
But you're a meta-human as well.
I had to become one, to defend us against them.
Liar! That's why I did it! To defend my country from you! Brion, no! (BRION YELLS) (BRION GRUNTS) (WOMAN WHIMPERS) (GROANS) That hurt.
But remember, I'm not only the meta-trafficking doctor, I'm also a client.
(BLACK LIGHTNING YELLS) (BOTH GRUNTING) Look out, child! (BOTH SCREAM) Enough of this.
- What? Where is - HALO: Here.
- (SCREAMING) - No! (GROWLING) (HALO SCREAMS) BLACK LIGHTNING: No, the kids! We've lost 'em.
They cannot be dead.
I don't wanna see any more dead kids.
(PLASMUS GROWLS) BLACK LIGHTNING: Come on! You wanna kill something? Try me! (GROWLING) (BOTH SCREAM) No kill.
No dead.
Not dead.
Me! (TRILLS) ARTEMIS: Whoa! (BRION YELLS) Finish him! Open fire! Disregard that order! Arrest Baron DeLamb.
Little Prince, you dare! The security forces are mine to control.
Now that I have proven What you've proven here is your hypocrisy.
You've been scapegoating meta-humans, though you yourself were a meta-human.
Clearly, you've done business with the meta-human traffickers my parents were trying to stop.
- You lied to them! - No! No! And your great skill with your meta-ability, that, no doubt, required time to master.
Which tells me you received your powers long before Brion.
Oh, I know you, Uncle.
And it's clear, your deceptions were the groundwork for a coup against my family and Markovia.
You have no hard evidence! We have enough to mount a lengthy investigation into your affairs.
I place you under arrest for the murder of my mother and father.
- At least you're safe now, brother.
(GUNS COCKING) What are you doing? DeLamb is the criminal, not me! Your Highness, whatever the Baron's crimes, your brother also has much to answer for here.
And if I may say, Markovia has suffered enough at the hands of meta-humans.
- Ambassador - Please, listen to me, my prince.
Your country needs a new beginning.
A new king.
A new leader.
Now more than ever.
- No.
- Brother.
Gregor, please, don't do this.
You must leave Markovia.
(MOANS) Take care of him.
(PLASMUS GROWLING) (GASPS) (HEAVILY) Ana DOCTOR: I'm sorry, Otto, we couldn't find a transplant.
And your sister Ana, (SIGHS) her heart just gave out.
Your heart condition is a genetic trait in your family, one we would not have discovered without the unfortunate passing of your sister.
Fortunately, a special procedure can correct the problem in you.
(SCREAMING) (SIGHS) It's okay.
It'll be okay.
(GRUNTS) Man, I like it better when you're on our side.
- Again.
(GROANS) It's not going well, boss.
Indeed not.
Time to go.
(GROWLS) - (GUNSHOT) - (ALL GASP) (THUD) (SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY) I killed the monster! (GRUNTS) You killed a kid! And when you realize that When you realize that, you'll regret it.
Trust me.
No life.
Cannot heal.
- (EXHALES) - Brion! CONNER: What happened? Nightwing what do we do now? (THEME MUSIC PLAYING)
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