Young Justice s03e04 Episode Script

Private Security

- Eh.
First, coffee.
Then talk.
(HUMMING) You still have the thing today? I can't cancel.
(PANTING) Besides, I think it might be helpful for, um Halo.
WILL: Speaking of our house guest, and who should be responsible for her (SIGHS) I know.
This was his mission.
I know.
So, where is he? Where is Dick? (MUSIC PLAYING ON CELL PHONE) (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) (GRUNTS) MEGAN: (TELEPATHICALLY) Didn't know you'd be bringing back a souvenir.
CONNER: Sorry.
MEGAN: (CHUCKLES) It's okay.
He kinda reminds me of you back in the day.
(BRION YELLS) (GROWLS) (SNORES) CONNER: Yeah, he kinda reminds me of me back in the day, too.
MEGAN: Do we know how long he's staying? CONNER: Not exactly.
MEGAN: Right.
So where is Dick? DICK: (ON VOICEMAIL) Hey, this is Dick.
You know what to do.
(BEEPS) It's Jeff.
I put Dr.
Jace up at the Luthor Grande.
And now, I'm taking her to brunch because Because I actually don't know what else to do with her.
Dick, where are you? (THEME MUSIC PLAYING) WILL: Absolutely.
We'll be there.
We'll be ready.
That's right, ma'am.
At Bowhunter Security, we're always on point.
(CHUCKLES) (CHUCKLES) It's my pleasure.
We'll see you soon.
Let me guess.
You are fellas are in need of some top-of-the-line security.
Am I right? Not exactly.
I know Artemis probably brought you up-to-speed on Markovia.
We lost a shipment of trafficked meta-teens down a boom tube.
They're probably being deployed in deep space by now.
Oh, of course.
Look, the League's been informed.
I'm not happy about all this, but I need to move on.
(SCOFFING) Yeah, you moved on so much, You completely neglected to mention Brion Markov, Dr.
Jace and that Halo girl.
This is higher priority.
I have solid intel on a meta-human trafficking ring right here in Star City.
Look, Roy and Jim are on board.
But, you know, I thought we'd make it an all-Harper mission.
All Harper and one Grayson.
Are you in or not? WILL: Hmm.
I know you're doing that on purpose.
Hmm, I guess I could make the time.
So here's the plan But only if you guys help me out with something first.
- I'm game.
- Whatever, bro.
What are we talking about here? Seat belts, everyone.
You enjoying yourself? In this get-up, (CHUCKLES) no.
Yeah, I think he was talking to Will.
Come on, Grayson.
Let's not pretend you were planning to hit your traffickers before nightfall.
- Well, I - That is the Dark Knight way, right? Yeah, I hear all those bad boys turn into pumpkins in daylight.
(SIGHS) Whose idea was it to put all three of you together on one mission? ALL: Yours.
Don't you have any actual employees? Of course, but most of my guys were celebrating a company softball victory last night.
Ate some bad Chicken Whizees.
Food poisoning.
Explosive diarrhea.
Dude, tee 'em off.
You guys wanted to know why I need the manpower.
So, you help me today, I help you tonight.
Let's just go.
(GRUNTS) Oh, um, I got a little carried away there.
But thanks.
Or, uh Sorry.
- (CHUCKLING) - (VIDEO GAME MUSIC CONTINUES) Thanks for me staying in your home.
Or, uh, sorry.
(CHUCKLES) Well, we had to do something with you.
Nightwing, what do we do now? NIGHTWING: We We go home.
We're done here.
ARTEMIS: What about them? NIGHTWING: Look, we saved their lives.
We never promised to adopt them.
They can manage just fine without (GASPS) (SIGHS) (GASPS) Uh, try not to fly unless you're doing it on purpose.
Unless I'm doing it on purpose.
Hey, your English is getting better.
I remember more words now.
How about your name? Halo? (SIGHS) Anything about your life? Sorry.
So, um, if you can't remember anything, why the hijab? It It feels right.
Okay? (CHUCKLES SOFTLY) Of course.
Of course.
Look, don't worry.
Nightwing's running a background check.
And once he figures out who you are, we can get you back home to your family.
Now? We go there now? Oh, no, I had a previous appointment I need to keep, but it might help you out, too.
DOCTOR FATE: Where is she? I'm sure she'll be here any second.
But since we're waiting, this is Halo.
She's lost her memory.
I thought maybe you could give her a mystic once-over or something.
DOCTOR FATE: I sense an old soul in this very young body.
But who is Fate to judge such things.
Wait, what? Uh, hi.
ARTEMIS: Zatanna.
Oh, I was just DOCTOR FATE: Child of magic, do you understand the terms of our agreement? Yes, one hour.
Just like last year and the year before that, and the year before that.
DOCTOR FATE: Be grateful Nabu grant you this boon at all.
ZATARA: Zatanna.
(INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER) Goode VR goggles? Goode pays good money for Bowhunter Security to secure 'em.
For video game accessories.
Jim, you need to spend less time with your geraniums.
These are top-of-the-line virtual and augmented reality goggles.
Advanced graphics, totally immersive.
Everybody's into these.
And they go for boo koo bucks on the black market.
- (GASPS) - (CHUCKLES) Don't know if you've heard, but I have a girl sleeping over.
Over at your place, I know.
Over my couch, Dick.
Two feet over my couch.
So you're saying she's a conversation piece.
I'm saying someone needs to have a serious conversation about what to do with her long term.
Seriously, why are we even here? No one's taking this stuff in broad daylight.
We're taking this stuff in broad daylight.
(SIRENS WAILING IN DISTANCE) (VIDEO GAME MUSIC PLAYING) It's like I'm on the bridge of the Starship Engager.
Bro, walk your geek self five feet behind me.
MAN: No, no, no.
You don't understand.
JACE: Try to understand, Brion.
I had to activate your meta-gene.
You need your family's hereditary Geo-Force to fight Baron Bedlam.
(GRUNTS) It's not safe for you in Markovia.
But where are we to go? Not exactly gourmet.
JACE: Hmm.
American genetically-modified beef.
It's a nice change.
Markovian meat is so gamey.
Jefferson, thank you.
After what I did, it's more than I deserve.
We've been through this already.
Bedlam coerced you.
I thought I could help by being there to watch out for the children.
I was a fool.
We all make mistakes we can't take back.
But you can make a new start here in Metropolis.
This is the City of Tomorrow.
I'm more concerned about Brion and Halo's tomorrows.
I feel responsible for them, as if they were my own children.
I don't know if that makes any sense, but Hey, I'm a dad with my own two bundles of responsibility.
Then you do understand.
You're good to go.
(AIR HISSES) Wait a sec.
These aren't the right drivers.
Their credentials check out.
The clipboard doesn't lie.
The clipboard doesn't talk.
I know that guy.
He's one of Brick's thugs.
To the SUV! (ENGINE STARTS) (SQUAWKING) So, no one's taking this stuff in broad daylight, huh? Okay, I stand corrected.
I'll just blow up the tires.
Problem solved.
WILL: What? No! How about a solution that doesn't dump the merchandise into the ocean? Someone's sure gotten picky in his old age.
BOTH: Uh-oh.
(TIRES SCREECHING) (ALL SCREAMING) (ALL SCREAMING) (BUS HORN BLARING) Can I at least shoot at that guy? Yes, you can shoot at that guy.
(SNORING) Does that beast do anything beside sleep? That beast is called Wolf.
And no.
Lately, that's pretty much it.
(SIGHS) Tell me again what we're doing out here.
I'm doing my job.
And you are trying to unwind.
I'm fine.
I have no need to unwind.
Trust me, you're wound.
JACE: But where are we to go? We'll, uh, figure something out.
ARTEMIS: Okay, okay fine.
Um, and I'll deal with little Ms.
But what about the prince? NIGHTWING: What about him? SUPERBOY: His brother just kicked him out of the country.
(GRUNTING) (PANTING) Plus he's kind of a rage monster.
NIGHTWING: So, right up your alley? (SIGHS) Yeah.
Can't you pay someone to fix that? Someone's paying me to fix it.
And I can use the money.
But how can you stand it? You have the world's most amazing motorcycle.
Why bother with this? CONNER: Again, the money.
Besides, Sphere doesn't need my help.
This bike does.
It needs you.
(CHUCKLES) It's a machine.
I don't understand.
Clean that clutch spring, then maybe you will.
(BRICK GRUNTING) (GRUNTING) You always wanted a convertible.
Okay, I'm out.
Rent-a-cops with grapnels? How much do they pay these guys? "An old soul in a very young body.
" (SIGHS) Does that mean anything to you? (SIGHS) Do you rember anything at all from before we met in the cemetery? HALO: I (PANTING) (MUFFLED SCREAMING) - (GUNS FIRING) - (WOMEN SCREAMING) (ROARING) Nothing.
(HORN BLARING) (GRUNTING) (YELPS) I need to take another look at those credentials.
So, private security seems pretty sweet.
Yeah, decent money, benefits.
And I get home in time for dinner with Lian.
(GRUNTS) You rent-a-cops cannot be making enough scratch for this gig.
I own the company.
Too bad for you.
(BRICK GRUNTS) Oh, man, my insurance premiums.
(BOTH GRUNT) Last time I ask you for a favor.
I loved that SUV.
Hey, this is your gig.
At least we don't have to worry about Brick.
(GRUNTS) (GRUNTING) We are here for your friends, but we do not talk to them? We are not with them? We're not here for this part.
No, please, Daddy.
(SOBBING) It is unfair.
It's not enough time.
I know.
But if we do not hold to the letter of the agreement, Nabu will never give us another opportunity.
I love you, Zatanna.
And I'll see you next year.
(SOBBING) No, no, no! (CONTINUES SOBBING) No! (SHUSHING) It'll be okay.
Will it? We are here for this part.
(GASPS) (GROANING) You want another jolt or are you gonna pull over? (GASPS) Pulling over.
Pulling over now.
Good call.
- (SCREAMS) (GROANS) (GROANS) DICK: Two down, one to go.
Kinda like old times, huh, Wall? It's Will, not Wall.
That's That's what I said.
- Is it just the red hair? - What're you talking about? Your need for a Wally West substitute.
What? That's ridiculous.
Is it? You already had Roy and Jim.
You didn't need me.
Not for a mission anyway.
I need someone who knows the city.
You need someone who knows you.
(BRICK GRUNTING) Do you low-rate heroes know how much this suit costs? Seriously? Hey, we're in the middle of a thing here.
Y'all interrupted my thing.
It would be rude not to return the favor.
- (GRUNTING) You need someone to give you a reality check.
To keep you honest.
To tell you what no one else will tell the boss.
You're babbling.
Wally's not here, so I'll say it.
What? What're you gonna say? You already know.
You're dropping a ball with these Markovian kids.
Taking care of strays wasn't the mission.
(BRICK YELLS) (DICK GRUNTING) (STRAINING) The mission is what the mission becomes.
You know that.
Those kids need you.
Your team needs you.
DICK: (GRUNTS) It was just one op.
I don't do teams anymore.
You do now.
BRICK: Hey, cut it out.
Put me down! The guys makes a reasonable request.
Plus, he's really heavy.
Oh, man, this ain't right.
- (GRUNTING) - (YELPS) (GROANS) This ain't right at all.
(GROANING) (GASPING) I surrender.
I surrender! Sweet.
Could you hold the wheel? (STAMMERING) Yeah, yeah.
(SIGHS) (INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER) Seriously, who are you guys? Bowhunter Security.
Always on point.
- Of course, I am.
I'm older and wiser.
You're a clone.
You're the youngest guy here.
- Hey, I'm older than Jim.
- JIM: But I'm prettier.
I'll step up.
I'm gonna make it right with Halo, Brion, and Jace.
Never doubted it for a moment.
All goggles present and accounted for, boss.
The clipboard never lies.
You know what, private security's more exciting than I thought.
Sounds like the beginnings of a Harper family business.
Don't push it.
Baby steps.
Now, I believe there's one more thing in our to-do list.
(SIRENS WAILING) (MEN GROANING) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) WOMAN: Are we free? I think we looked better in our Bowhunter Security uniforms.
No, you do not.
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