Young Justice s03e15 Episode Script


MAN: Space Trek 3016, Episode 316, Scene 16, Take 16.
Cut! All right.
Great shot.
- Ah, that's a keeper, Gar.
Oh, okay, okay.
Uh Back to your marks, people.
Uh, we're running it again.
- Give me a break.
- Tork, uh, Garfield.
Come on, J.
, you know what was a good take.
- Gretchen's just - Look, kid.
I don't know what you did to tick old Granny off, but you better find a way to fix it.
There's no fixing it, maybe I should just quit.
Quit? No, no.
No, you can't quit.
You You're the star of the show.
You'll put the whole crew out of work.
Plus You're under contract, bubelah If you're in breach, Gretchen will sue your green butt for everything you have.
She'll ruin you.
MAN: Space Trek 3016, Episode 316, Scene 16, Take 17.
3x15 - Leverage ARTEMIS: Ah, sorry, guys, gotta run.
Wait, wait, Aunty Mouse, I have something to show you.
- Look.
- Lian - That's disgusting.
- I know.
Look, Brucely's disgusting too.
- Go, I got this.
Gross out contest.
Ready? - Go.
AUTOMATED VOICE: Recognized, Beast Boy, B19.
- Oh, hey, you're a little late, Gar - Fifty-two takes.
- Fifty-two.
- Okay, we will talk about it later.
Okay, everybody, Miss Martian was needed at the meta-human youth center.
So she assigned me to lead Gamma Squad.
This will be a covert mission.
Recon only.
Pssh, they always say "recon only.
" - It never turns out that way.
The mission had better turn out that way, since the League is not allowed in Russia without prior consent.
- Russia? - We're being sent to investigate Russia's Ploshed 52 base.
We have intel of a possible government sponsored meta-program there.
No doubt the Russian equivalent of Bedlam.
I understand Markovia suffered under the former Soviet Union, but do not pre-judge.
Yes, this may be Russia's equivalent to Bedlam, or it may be their equivalent to Taos.
MAN: If I could have everyone's attention.
- BOY: I'm out of here.
Running away was my first instinct too.
Trouble is, you can't run from your powers any more than you can run from yourself.
So, why not give us a shot at helping? You can always take off later.
- Who are you? - Stick around and find out.
- [GASPS.]
- Please, if I could just - [ALL GASPING.]
- Guys, you wanna get started, we wanna get started.
- So let's get started.
- MAN: Thank you, Eduardo.
Hello and welcome to the S.
Labs Taos meta-human youth center.
I am Director of Facility Dr.
Eduardo Dorado, Sr.
And I'm just Ed.
Peer Counselor.
: I'm sure you all have questions.
I'm here to give you answers.
And I'm here to translate from adult speak.
You have been through registration, it is time for orientation.
Let's face it, you've been through hell, - so this won't be quite as painful.
- First things first.
You are not prisoners here.
You can leave anytime you want, you can stay as long as you need.
You set the pace.
You'll all receive counseling from Dinah Lance or Megan Morse, who are experts in meta-teen issues.
They're crash Great, you can really talk to them.
Or to your Peer Counselors, me and Luth back there.
We've been through this and want to help.
You will also receive training on how to deal with your new meta-abilities.
You all feel like freaks.
Believe me, I know.
But that feeling doesn't have to last forever.
: Control is the goal here at Taos.
Which is why you'll have the option of wearing an inhibitor collar.
This can turn off your powers completely if you like.
Full disclosure, these collars were originally developed for meta-criminals in Belle Reve Penitentiary.
The difference here is, you're in control.
You decide when to put the collar on, when to take it off or whether you want one at all.
Either way, the ultimate goal is to safely reintegrate each and every one of you back into society.
Without this.
Trust me.
Forager, prepare for extraction.
Our mission's complete.
- It is? - Why are we not stopping this? Because it's not our business.
If volunteers wanna be heroes, who are we to say no? But their government will use them as super soldiers for propaganda and who knows what.
They want to be the Russian Justice League.
And that's not our business either.
- Tigress, Beast Boy's late.
- Noted.
I have confirmed IDs on Black Manta, Captain Boomerang and Monsieur Mallah all of whom should be in Belle Reve Prison wearing inhibitor collars.
I thought that place was supposed to be escape proof.
- It is.
- Did anyone tell them? TIGRESS: [SIGHS.]
It looks like they're planning a little surprise party for the Russians.
GEO-FORCE: And is that our business? - [SCREAMS.]
CAPTAIN BOOMERANG: What the what now? BLACK MANTA: Tigress.
You and I have a score to settle.
Really? 'Cause I'm pretty sure your son and I settled that score two years ago.
Why, hello there, little Sheila.
Have I got a proposition for you.
Well, now, you're everything I like best in a woman.
An easy target.
- Halo.
BLACK MANTA: Fall back.
- Boomerang, we need cover.
- Best idea I've heard all year.
Gamma, HUDs on infrared.
PUSHKIN: No need for that.
Move and you'll die.
Halo, Boom Tube.
- She's still recovering.
- So we fight.
- No, stand down.
We have no quarrel with the heroes of Russia.
CAPTAIN BOOMERANG: Crikey, are they surrendering? What a bunch of losers.
BLACK MANTA: Those losers just forced our retreat.
Trust me, they should not be underestimated.
I have no ID on the women.
But that's the exiled prince of Markovia and that green rhino is clearly Garfield Logan.
BLACK MANTA: Their leader is Tigress, Artemis Crock, Sportsmaster's youngest daughter.
They are all members of the team.
AMANDA: The team? The Justice League's covert ops unit.
CAPTAIN BOOMERANG AND AMANDA: The Justice League has a covert ops unit? [GRUNTS.]
Well, now that's very interesting.
Plus, it explains a few things I've wondered about for years.
BLACK MANTA: I'm thrilled to have brought you enlightenment.
Now send Flag in for our extraction.
Negative! Your mission was to eliminate the Rocket Red Brigade and bring back their technology.
So far, you've completed squat.
Whoa there, boss lady, do the math.
- It's seven against three and I am not - [DEVICE BEEPING.]
- There's more where that came from.
And worse.
Don't test the brain implant, Boomerang.
And don't test me.
Aye, when a lady's right, she's right.
We were sent here to do a job, mates, so let's do it.
BLACK MANTA: And if the children get in the way? That's not my concern.
Move in.
Please, like you've ever been forced to wear an inhibitor collar.
No one's forcing anyone to do anything here.
Some of you have met my buddy Newt, our other Peer Counselor.
He doesn't have his meta-powers anymore, but he's told me if they ever came back, he'd want the collar.
"Better safe than sorry.
" His words, not mine.
Yeah, but isn't he the guy who nearly blew up Central City? Well, it wasn't his fault - But yes.
- What about you? Me? I used to pray to get rid of my powers.
Still don't see myself as the hero type, but I've learned to accept, even love my meta-abilities.
They're part of me now.
We don't wanna pretend they don't exist, so, no.
- No collar.
- My sentiments exactly.
Besides, collars are for pets.
I'd never put one on.
We didn't come here to attack you.
In fact, we prevented an attack.
OLGA: You expect us to believe this? - [SCREAMS.]
Can't maintain shield.
- Forager, now.
Halo, drop the shield.
- Gamma, go! [GRUNTING.]
Wait, aren't you Tork? - [GROANS.]
- Again [GROANS.]
We're not here to fight you which should be obvious, since our ship could've attacked you while camouflaged.
All we ask is that you allow us to take these escaped convicts back to Belle Reve prison.
PUSHKIN: Do you think us fools? You American meta-humans have violated Russian sovereignty.
- We are not Americans.
- And we're not your enemy.
You can take us in.
We won't resist.
But word will get out that your top secret base was infiltrated by two separate covert American meta-squads.
Control your meta-abilities.
Do not let them control you.
What is this? Remedial Meta-Powers 101? Mist and Livewire are so beyond this.
Mist? Livewire? - You guys have hero names? - Hero names? [CHUCKLES.]
Sure, yeah, let's go with that.
Then call me, Windfall.
Baby steps, Windfall.
You have solid control there, but - Whoa! - You idiot, stop.
Andy, are you okay? Did this meta-brat hurt you? Oh, I'm the brat? Now, settle down, we are all friends here.
- I don't think so.
- Wendy, don't! Argh! [GROANS.]
Wendy, stop! You're sucking the air from the room.
Oh, I'm trying, I can't turn it off.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
- I I couldn't stop it.
- It's all right, it's over.
I'm a monster.
A monster.
Kaldur'ahm, seeing you in those colors turns my stomach.
Then it is fortunate you cannot see them from your prison cell, Father.
I spoke with Warden Economos about the three dangerous felons who escaped Belle Reve under his watch.
ARTEMIS: Let me guess, he had no idea they were gone? He admitted nothing, but yes.
That was my impression.
He claimed the situation was being handled and promised to send someone up to explain.
Oh, someone other than the man in charge of the place? Apparently.
How did the new team members do on the mission? - Uh, you know they can hear you.
- I do.
Halo got banged up pretty good, but - the rest did okay.
- And Tara? She did fine.
So, what now, boss? Press conference? Tell the world Belle Reve is not as escape proof as advertised? AMANDA: I wouldn't recommend it.
Amanda Waller.
What is the former Warden of Belle Reve doing here now? My job and my duty.
- When your people aren't interfering.
- So it was an op.
Manta, Mallah, Boomerang, all working for you.
Not for me, for the US Government, which I represent.
By tapping into Belle Reve's previously untapped source of meta-individuals? To run hazardous missions we wouldn't risk "our people" on.
And yet you risk losing Manta on the world? There are carrots and sticks.
Very persuasive sticks.
Our operatives know they're extremely expendable.
I see.
And if your Suicide Squad is caught or killed? They're disavowed.
Task Force X does not officially exist.
- Then why reveal it to me? - Clarity.
You expose my operation and I expose your little playgroup.
Given current public opinion, the League has way more to lose than I.
Big talk.
She's totally bluffing.
We all have secrets to keep.
- You're sure you're all right? - Fine.
It's just been a long day.
ROY: How about a little help in here? A hero's work is never done.
No, stay, rest.
You'll never know how happy I am you came into my life.
CAPTAIN BOOMERANG: Why, hello there, little Sheila.
- Have I got a proposition for you.
I have a proposition for you.
They can never know.

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