Young Justice s03e25 Episode Script


GBS has confirmed reports that a contingent of the Justice League has broken up a meta-trafficking ring in outer space and has brought home 316 abducted teenagers, most of them now meta-activated.
The Meta-Human Youth Center in Taos, New Mexico, is reportedly overwhelmed by the sudden influx.
But is making arrangements to expand its services or open other branches.
- - I believe it's now time to put our plan in motion.
I knew we'd find you.
Auntie Mouse will be so happy, Kid Flash! Thanks, Wonder Woman! - - But now we have to find Cheshire for Daddy.
In related news, yet another meta-human has joined Beast Boy's rebel squad of young heroes.
Known as Cyborg, the newest Outsider has already made a splash by releasing footage that places the blame for this deep space meta-trafficking squarely on the back of media magnate, Gretchen Goode, claiming that the much-beloved Granny Goodness is actually an alien entity.
- - Goode's company, Goode World Studios, has issued a flat denial of these claims, stating in no uncertain terms, that Cyborg's footage has been faked with special effects.
The kind their studio uses every day.
Unfortunately, Gretchen Goode herself continues to be unavailable for comment.
Wow, um, what's this? I arranged for Violet to baby-sit Lian at the Premiere Building.
We'll have a few hours alone to enjoy dinner.
I I know we didn't talk about, well, any of this.
But it's Valentine's Day.
So, I thought I'd take the chance that maybe you've been feeling the way I've been feeling, and I have.
I I can't.
I can't.
I'm sorry.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I need to see you.
Well, the decision is difficult.
Miss Martian believes Forager can safely return to New Genesis.
But Forager has made many good friends here on Earth.
Forager believes Forager would like to stay, but Forager cannot be Forager here on Earth.
Only Fred Bugg.
And Fred Bugg's Glamour Charm has become an albatross around Forager's neck.
Fred Bugg has been reading The Rime of the Ancient Mariner in Happy Harbor High School English class.
So Conner Kent sees Forager's dilemma? Conner Kent does.
- That's why we're here.
- Hello, Conner.
Hello, Mr.
I'd like you to meet my friend, Fred Bugg.
Fred, this is His Honor, Dabney Donovan, Mayor of Geranium City.
Fred Bugg is honored to meet His Honor - The Mayor Dabney Donovan.
- Feeling's quite mutual.
Any friend of Conner's is most welcome in Geranium City.
I think it's safe now.
Indeed, there are no other strangers in town at this time.
I will drop the psychic illusion.
Allow me to reintroduce myself.
I am Dubbilex.
And this is the true Geranium City, or as I like to think of it, Genomorph City Two.
- Hello, Brother.
- Hey, Jim.
Doctor Spence.
Hey, Fred, this is Karen.
And this is my oldest friend, Kraig.
The Outsiders view our primary role as inspirational.
We want young people, human and meta-human, to see the value of heroism and service.
We want them to take ownership of the Outsiders.
- - Because, in the end, aren't we all Outsiders? - And what about Infinity Incorporated? - Some think this new group of young heroes is stealing the Outsiders' thunder? The Outsiders have no issue with the Infinitors.
As long as the message gets out.
- - Just excellent.
I can use this good press to bring you both back to Markovia.
I thought meta-humans weren't permitted in Markovia.
- They're not.
- No.
But I'm trying to change that.
You both just need to be patient.
I believe patience is a virtue I have finally acquired.
Then miracles can happen! Something I certainly should have known by now.
For it is a true miracle that the three of us are together again for the first time in years.
That's why I had to come.
In secret.
I'm sorry that's necessary.
I'd like nothing more than to proclaim your rescue to the Heavens.
But that's not politically expedient now.
I'm afraid not.
But soon.
- We simply must be patient.
- Patient.
Excuse me for a moment.
Thanks for coming, but, um, I only asked to see Zatanna.
Don't either of you have Valentine's plans? Sure.
But you know we'd do anything to help you.
You two can't help me.
Only she can.
Why did you bring them? They're not part of this.
They're not here for this part.
They're here for the aftermath.
Assuming we do this at all.
Assuming? I've told you there are limits to my magic.
I can't raise the dead.
- Raise the dead? - If we do this, it'll leave you devastated all over again.
I am asking I am begging you to reconsider.
You say you can't raise the dead.
But we both saw Secret rise from her grave.
We know the soul exists.
And you know I never had the chance to say goodbye.
I never had closure.
Artemis, I love you, but that's something you need to work through, like anyone who's suffered a loss.
No, I need your magic! I will do anything! If you won't help me, I will make a deal with Wotan or somebody, I swear it! I can't bring a dead soul to Earth.
The best I can do is help you meet him halfway.
Thank you! D Don't thank me.
Just try to not hate me when this is over.
I'll be sending your soul to Limbo.
Nothing there is real.
Your imagination creates everything you see.
It'll be very seductive.
Easy to get lost, to want to stay.
And if you don't emerge by sunrise, your soul will be trapped there.
I understand.
Do you? 'Cause I sure don't I do.
And I take full responsibility.
Now, let's get to it.
Please, step back.
Hey, babe.
Missed ya.
Again! Again! Again! Again! Stay back! I think not.
The child is perfectly safe here, granddaughter.
Indeed, you are my granddaughter.
And you are my grandson.
For you are both the children of the children of my intellect.
Having reevaluated, I am impressed with how you both have survived and evolved my technology.
As Halo and Cyborg, you have become extremely important players in the coming galactic conflict.
No need to be modest.
I will enjoy watching your continued evolution.
Assuming Darkseid does not kill you.
Since you both present great obstacles to his plans.
Again! Happy Valentine's Day, Artemis! Aw, you remembered.
Aw, come on.
What kind of a jerk would I be if I forgot Valentine's Day for the third year in a row? So, you're really dead, aren't you? Hey, let's not think about that now, okay? We only have till sunrise.
How do you wanna spend the time? Okay, okay, boy.
Things progress fast around here.
Very fast.
Now, that's an important development.
And I do believe the target is important enough to risk compromising Ms.
Markov's cover.
Send word, Slade.
- The Op is a go.
- Let's be on our way.
You have met all of our "monsters.
" Perhaps, Fred, you are now comfortable enough to reveal your truth.
Oh, uh, yes.
Fred Bugg is quite comfortable.
And Forager is most happy to reveal his truth.
But Forager would also be most happy to hear the truth behind the creation of Geranium City.
I'd be honored to tell you.
But it is more efficient for Kraig to telepathically show you.
Six years ago, the original Genomorph City was under the Cadmus Building and under the thumb of Cadmus' founder, Lex Luthor.
But our brother, Conner, gathered allies who liberated us from that place and that servitude.
They brought us to this place, so that we could build a life of our own.
Which is exactly what we have set out to do.
Using the power of illusion to hide our true forms from passing outsiders.
Forager does not believe Genomorphs need to hide from the Outsiders.
The Outsiders are very accepting.
Different Outsiders.
But the point is that the Genomorphs have found a place for themselves in our world.
Yes and no, Brother.
Yes and no.
Yes or no? And be honest.
You really don't miss the Life at all? I mean, sure, we both have these cushy gigs at the University.
I love teaching Physics.
And I love teaching Comp Lit.
Right, exactly.
But, enough to never put on a mask again? I think I We, have everything we need right here.
And for my final trick, I'm going to make the sun appear.
Let's see what else is on, okay? Coming up next, another whacky episode of Hello, Megan! Or maybe that's enough TV for now.
It's time for the baby's late night feeding, anyway.
Yeah, it's very late, babe.
Sun'll rise soon.
Let it.
I never want to leave.
We are comfortable here, but the dream is not yet achieved.
Though safe in Geranium City, we are segregated.
And when not segregated, we hide, even in plain sight, never permitted to be ourselves.
Forager understands.
This problem is common.
Forager could return to his hive on New Genesis and safely blend in among the other drones.
But at least, on Earth, the prejudices are being faced.
What are you Forager will remain here, on the front lines.
Forager will join the Outsiders and fight the good fight where the entire Earth Hive may see that Forager is Forager.
And perhaps Forager's openness will help the Geraniums.
That is admirable, my new friend.
Will you do as much? - Excuse me? - You, brother, were freed from Cadmus to lead us to the promised land.
But still you hide, which keeps us in hiding, at a time when all meta-humans, including Genomorphs, struggle for acceptance.
You know you can do more to help.
Conner Kent has helped Forager.
And Brion, and Violet, and Victor and Tara.
Yes, our brother has always been good at collecting strays.
At helping individuals, because he sees himself as an individual.
But when will you acknowledge your own place? Your own role in the connected world? When will you take the final step to help your own people? Ask yourself, brother.
What would Superman do? Apologies.
Um, but Forager will need Fred Bugg one more time.
We just wanted to stop by To see the baby.
I understand.
But I hope you understand why I need to be selfish right now and not share our little family.
Well, uh, that's the problem, babe.
- What do you see? - It's getting lighter.
The sun's about to rise.
I think it's going to be a beautiful morning.
But what else do you see? I I see everything I need right here.
I get it.
That's one beautiful baby.
Is it a boy or a girl? What? What's the baby's name? I We - We haven't named it yet.
- It? No.
We talked a little about having an "it" one day, but we could never agree on a name for a boy or a girl.
I still like Wolf, by the way.
Wolf West, just so you know.
For the last time, we are not naming our child after Conner's dog.
What child? Where No.
No, no, no, no, no! Brucely! Open the door, Artemis.
Let people in again.
Or better yet, walk through it yourself.
You've made a good start by helping Violet, Tara and the rest.
But you haven't let anyone help you.
Please, hold on.
Hold on.
I can't, babe.
Believe me, I want to.
But I love you too much.
I won't let you throw your life away on a memory of what was or even on a dream of what might have been.
There's a real life for you beyond this door.
A chance at real love.
No, I had my chance.
You'll get another.
So, this very morning, I want you to stop mourning.
I want you to live your life and find love.
I'm not sure who could possibly deserve you.
But I trust you to make the right choice.
After all, babe, you must have good taste.
You picked me.
I'm I'm not sorry that I came here.
Hey, me neither.
We needed this night to finally say goodbye.
But the night's ending, and it's time for my Spitfire to go home and live.
The Spirits have done it all in one night.
Artemis! It's all right.
It's all right.
I'm good.
And I'm very grateful, Z.
I got what I needed.
Thank you.
I still can't believe you summoned Wally's ghost for her.
I did no such thing.
I told Artemis I didn't have that power, and I meant it.
Then M'gann! M'gann created a playground, an open space in Artemis' mind.
But Artemis created or imagined everything she saw and experienced.
My legerdemain and M'gann's telepathy gave her the chance to work things out for herself.
We'll tell her someday.
Or, maybe we won't.
How'd it go? It Was a pretty average night.
- I'll put her to bed now.
- Thanks.
Artemis, I'm so sorry.
I I didn't mean No, Will, please.
You didn't do anything wrong.
In fact, I'm grateful to you.
You've helped me open up, take the next step.
And I want you to know, I will always be there for you and Lian.
But But, I'm sorry.
We are not right for each other.
What a relief.
I I felt it, too, as soon as we kissed.
I I mean, it's just too weird, right? You're my sister-in-law! I know! Friends? Friends.
And family.
I'll, um, see you in the morning? I'll have the coffee brewing.
Come on, Brucely.
It's being called an international crisis.
This is cellphone footage from earlier this evening.
Frederick DeLamb, also known as Baron Bedlam, escaped from a Markovian prison and staged a coup with the help of meta-humans and members of the military loyal to him.
No word yet on the status or location of King Gregor Markov.
Excuse me.
This just in.
Baron DeLamb has released a video statement.
Good morning.
I have a short statement.
I, Baron Frederick DeLamb, have taken the Markovian Crown for the good of my nation in order to save it from the weak rule of my misguided nephew, Prince Gregor.
United Nations Secretary General Lex Luthor had this to say.
No, we will not lift U.
restrictions that prevent the Justice League from entering Markovia.
This is an internal matter.
And there are good people on both sides.
Both sides.
The solution involves peaceful negotiation, not super-heroics.
They must have known I was out of the country! - But how? - Does that matter now? No, no, of course not.
What matters is that I return home immediately.
Brion, you can't let him.
They'll kill him the moment he sets foot in Markovia.
There is no other option.
You're wrong.
Though the Justice League may not intervene, my squad doesn't face those restrictions.
This is what I've been preparing for.
I cannot hide in a Beverly Hills hotel room.
Be patient, brother.
We tried things your way.
Now we try them mine.
Geo-Force will lead the Outsiders to save our homeland.
Markovia, here we come.

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