Young Justice s03e26 Episode Script


[sirens wailing.]
[knocking at door.]
My algorithm estimated you'd be here two minutes earlier.
How long were you waiting outside? About two minutes.
Look, I know DeLamb, Baron Bedlam, staged a coup.
I assume Brion and Tara are already on route, and I still care about both those kids.
I need to know what's going on.
Please, Barbara.
Like I said, expected you two minutes ago.
Look, as you've probably guessed, the League's been sidelined by U.
Secretary-General, Lex Luthor.
And, frankly, by public opinion, which Luthor's manipulated.
Both sides know a win for Brion and the Outsiders will also help the League's cause.
A loss, on the other hand That's why the Bio-Ship's crossing the Vlatavan border into Markovian airspace at this very moment.
M'gann's leading Gamma Squad, combing members of the and the Outsiders, to prevent Doctor X from executing those loyal to King Gregor Markov.
Meanwhile, Beta Squad is preparing to boomtube straight to Markovburg, to back-up Alpha Squad, who are taking the battle right to Bedlam.
And you coordinate all three squads from here, while keeping the League and Batman, Inc.
informed? You're the only person who calls it "Batman, Inc.
" But, yes.
- What else? - What else? What aren't you telling me? Well [Lex.]
The board is set.
The players in position.
And we have the inside track on their every move.
Then all goes as planned? Of course.
This will be a complete debacle for the Outsiders, proving what I've been saying in the media for months.
"All heroes and meta-humans must be registered and regulated, worldwide.
" My own team of young champions will quickly volunteer to register.
And Infinity Incorporated will supplant the Justice League.
While the Light fills its ranks with meta-humans under our control.
The current heroes will be rendered outlaws, subject to arrest, imprisonment, even Inhibitor Collars.
I bet Waller would love to get a brain implant in the Dark Knight.
But how to guarantee today's "debacle?" If we use our mole Her cover will be blown.
No doubt.
We believe the outcome worth the sacrifice.
Any objections? Channel is secure.
Deathstroke to Tara the moment you've been waiting for is here.
On our signal, you are to publicly kill Garfield Logan.
[theme music playing.]
[Bedlam speaking alien language.]
You! [Conner.]
[sound booming.]
[all groaning.]
[Bedlam grunts.]
You were right, G-F.
Beta flushed the Baron right out.
Hello, Uncle.
So, a meta-invasion of my native land.
An opportunity to defend the Realm and cleanse the bloodline of these weak Orphans.
We're orphans because of you! I feel the tug of your power, child.
A feeble thing.
- [Tara grunts.]
- Monster! - [Geo-Force grunts.]
- [glass shatters.]
[both grunting.]
Cyborg, do you read? I know you're in the thick of it, but you and I have a new mission.
- [panting.]
- [grunting.]
Little Prince.
There's no Superboy here to save you now.
[Geo-Force grunts.]
Stop, children! You're an embarrassment to the family.
[Beast Boy.]
They've got a new family now.
All equally pathetic.
- [bones breaking.]
- [growling.]
Cyborg, help Beast Boy! - [Tara grunts.]
- Ah, man, that hurts! [grunting.]
Yeah! [groaning.]
Gamma to Beta.
We've rescued the hostages and taken down Doctor X.
How's it going at the Palace? [Nightwing.]
Just a second.
[sound booming.]
Jected! Beta to Gamma.
Vertigo's down.
Sending Tigress and Halo to Alpha.
On our way.
[footsteps approaching.]
[Geo-Force grunting.]
[Bedlam groaning.]
You kidnapped my sister! [grunts.]
Murdered my parents! [grunting.]
Betrayed crown and country! - [grunting.]
- [gasping.]
Stop! I I surrender.
Surrender is too easy! [grunts.]
No! The Outsiders are beacons of hope.
We don't deal out punishment.
Brion is right.
Bedlam caused all your misery.
Do your job, then nothing can stop you and Brion from executing DeLamb.
Kill Beast Boy.
- [Tara grunting.]
- [ground rumbling.]
- Uh Terra? - Terra, what are you doing? [Deathstroke.]
Do it.
Kill him.
Tara, listen.
You don't have to do what Deathstroke says.
- [Beast Boy.]
Deathstroke? - How does she I thought this channel was secure! How long have you known? Known? Known what? Since before we found you.
Batman had surveillance on Slade, and could tell from his micro-expressions that he was lying when he said you'd washed out of the League of Shadows.
You knew I was still a Shadow? Why didn't you Busting you upfront would've taken the decision out of your hands, which is exactly what the bad guys have done to you from the moment you were abducted.
Don't go soft on me now, Princess.
They'll betray you.
Like your uncle.
Like Jace.
I have been betrayed so many times.
But these people risked their lives to save me.
Treated me with kindness and respect.
Made me a part of their family.
Those are the tools they use to make you weak.
I taught you to be strong.
We wanted to show you there is a better way.
You can be forgiven, Tara.
The choice is yours.
Damn it, Terra, listen [Tara grunts.]
Batman read your micro-expressions? Didn't know he saw me unmasked.
[Black Lightning.]
While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping.
Well, we wondered who else would be on the other end of this line.
Now, we know, Mr.
- [Tara gasps.]
- Tara how could you? Why didn't anyone tell me this? [Zviad Baazovi.]
Here he is! Here's our Prince! Ambassador Baazovi? Prince Brion! Is that the Princess? - And who are these others? - [Bedlam grunting.]
- [yelling.]
- My Prince, you cannot let that war criminal escape! - [people screaming.]
- [rumbling.]
It is over, Baron.
It will never be over, Princeling! Not as long as I draw breath.
Uncle, I believe you.
[muffled screaming.]
Is he Is he dead? Yes.
[crowd cheering.]
Brion is a hero! [speaks alien language.]
Brion sir varonis! [crowd chanting.]
Brion! Brion! Brion! Brion! Brion! Brion! Brion - [Nightwing.]
What happened? - [Forager chitters.]
Oh, Brion.
[on TV.]
Brion! Brion! Brion! Brion [crowd chanting.]
Brion! Brion! Brion! Brion! Brion! Brion! Brion! Brion! Brion! [chanting continues.]
I had to do it.
Don't you see? [Conner.]
You crossed a line we don't cross.
You murdered that man.
I executed a criminal, while you hypocrites allowed a murderer to walk free among us! [Tigress.]
She was a vulnerable child, brainwashed, Stockholm-Syndromed.
There was no Control Chip on my neck when I killed Marlo.
I had a choice.
I made the wrong one.
[man speaking alien language.]
Sveiks, Princis Briones! [crowd chanting.]
Sveiks! Sveiks! Sveiks! Sveiks! We both must turn ourselves in.
To whom? Do you not hear the crowd? They know what I did was just.
And so should you! Tara, I dedicated my life to rescuing you, but you lied to me and nearly betrayed us all.
You are an assassin! I am a hero! [Conner.]
Heroes don't do what you did.
The people would disagree.
Would you condemn a soldier in war? No, you'd call him Varonis, a hero.
And I'd call this hero Karalis.
- A King.
- King? But Gregor Kings make hard decisions for the sake of their people.
You know I supported Gregor, but Gregor isn't strong enough for these times.
Only you have the strength to rule Markovia.
With the full support of the Military.
Prince Brion brought down the tyrant, DeLamb, who staged a coup after escaping prison, after murdering our King and Queen! [crowd chanting.]
Sveiks, Briones Karalis! Sveiks, Briones Karalis! You are only 16 minutes younger than your brother.
Admit the truth to yourself.
[crowd chanting.]
Sveiks, Briones Karalis! Sveiks, Briones Karalis [in English.]
My brother is a man of great patience.
But that is not what our country needs.
Brion, you cannot betray Gregor.
Unlike you, I betray no one.
Gregor's 16 minutes is no justification for his Rule.
I've always known the Crown should be mine.
[Brion on TV.]
Markovia needs a King who is a Hero.
Sister I will forgive your crimes, if you support my Rule.
No, brother.
That I cannot do.
Halo, join me.
Rule beside me as my Queen.
Violet, please.
I need you now.
So be it.
Nightwing, take all your heroes out of my country.
At once! [crowd chanting.]
Briones Karalis! Briones Karalis! Briones Karalis! Briones Karalis! Briones Karalis! Briones Karalis! Briones Karalis! Briones Karalis! [distant sirens.]
[Violet sobbing.]
Despite Terra's disappointing performance and Lightning's pointless little incursion, things could have gone worse.
Oh, please.
Things could hardly have gone better.
Grayson's people in their masks? A coup on live television? An Outsider executing an enemy and declaring himself King? I can easily frame the argument now for heroes to be registered and regulated.
As far as I'm concerned, Infinity Inc.
has already ascended.
[Black Lightning.]
As you can see from the documents before you, these confidential files prove that Secretary-General Lex Luthor has defied U.
regulations by continuing to secretly run LexCorp.
[audience exclaiming.]
Worse, he's exploited its resources to operate his own meta-human trafficking chain.
One that utilizes the same Control Chip favored by the infamous Bedlam syndicate.
Furthermore, Luthor has used his illegal organization to create and control Infinity, Inc.
One day after Lightning's stunning revelations, we are live at the United Nations, where a crowd has gathered, calling for Luthor's resignation.
Uh, wait, I'm being told Secretary Luthor is making a statement.
This is fake news, fake news, and I resent even addressing allegations from unregulated meta-vigilantes like the disgraced Black Lightning.
We will soon change the international libel laws, which allow these so-called "heroes" to smear my good name with spurious charges.
Every charge Lightning and Cyborg laid at your feet - is true, Luthor! And more! - [woman gasping.]
Think about what you're doing, son.
I'm not your son.
[indistinct chatter.]
At Project Cadmus, Luthor bred and enslaved living weapons.
- [all gasping.]
- [Conner.]
Including me.
I am the Superboy.
A genomorph.
A clone made from the combined DNA of Superman and Lex Luthor.
I was created to replace Superman should he perish.
To destroy him should he turn from the Light.
Lex Luthor's Light.
I'm more than that now.
More than the weapon I was created to be.
I've come to think of Superboy as my brother.
You can trust him.
You don't have to trust me.
Test my DNA.
It's all the proof you'll need.
I call for an immediate vote of no confidence in Secretary-General Lex Luthor.
[Tod on TV.]
An embattled Lex Luthor, now facing multiple indictments, has been forced to resign as Secretary-General of the United Nations.
I hear rumors Ambassador Troia is the leading candidate to replace Lex.
- [chuckles.]
Love that.
- And there's more good news.
Fans worldwide have kept the Outsiders and the League trending highly positive across social media.
I guess Justice is back in fashion.
My dad reactivated the Bat-Signal to actual cheers from the crowd below.
Wait, turn the sound back on.
In other news, the trial of Tara Markov has ended at The Hague.
The judges of the World Court have taken the many mitigating factors of the Princess' abduction into account and released her into the custody of her brother, Markovia's King-In-Exile, Gregor Markov.
As part of her probation, she will attempt to redeem herself by doing good works with the Outsiders.
No, I I don't want to see her.
She's made some mistakes, but she wants to make up for them by helping you.
Please, Your Highness.
We all deserve a second chance.
Let her approach.
The Light is satisfied.
Though Lex has some legal issues to resolve, the rest of the news is good.
King Brion now leads a puppet kingdom, thanks in no small part to our newest member's influence.
[Zviad Baazovi.]
Yes, well, I'm no Martian, but my limited meta-psychic ability does come in handy to nudge people toward their own worst impulses.
No need to be modest, Zviad.
Your services are much appreciated.
Now, I'm sure you're all wondering about my recent trip to Apokolips.
Darkseid and I rattled sabres at each other over our mutual sense of betrayal.
We aired our differences but managed to find common ground.
And reconfirm our partnership.
Of course, his search for the Anti-Life Equation continues.
So we must prepare.
For keeping eyes on this, Halo, she could be the key to our final victory.
Can you hear us on the Javelin? Roger that.
You got three Lanterns, two Hawks, a Martian, a Captain, a Doctor, a Devil, Magog, Steel, Icon, Fire, Ice and Flongated Man.
[Elongated Man.]
That's Elongated Man! Hope you poozers make it worth our while.
How about at the Batcave? Metamorpho here with Batwoman, Katana, Hardware, Plaz, Spoiler, Arrowette and Orphan.
That's just about everyone.
Wasn't sure they'd all respond.
You command more respect than you realize.
Ah, starting to get that.
Still, everyone's here except the one guy I really need.
Recognized, Pierce-Comma-Jefferson.
Glad you could make it.
Gladder still you're staying in the game.
Yeah, well it's the right thing.
You sure about this? Oh, yeah.
Thanks for coming, everyone.
Word's spreading fast, so we might as well get it out in the open.
Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Miss Martian, Oracle, Robin, and I have been running a secret task force, coordinating all our Teams and squads in an attempt to beat the Light at their own game.
We kept it a secret in a misguided attempt to protect you.
We've had successes, failures, compromises, deceptions and betrayals.
It is now clear, that despite our best intentions, we made a mistake.
So I hereby resign as Co-Chair of the League, effective immediately.
As do I.
I'm stepping down as Leader of the Team, as well.
Which means we need a new leader, one who has consistently acted as the conscience of the League.
And although I'm not a member, I'd like to take the liberty of nominating Black Lightning.
All current Leaguers present and in favor? - [all.]
Aye! - And aboard the Javelin? [all.]
Aye! Whoa, whoa, whoa! I don't want this.
Maybe not.
But we kinda need you to take it.
What say you? I don't have a vote.
If I take this, you're either in or you're out.
There's no half-way.
No behind-the-scenes crap.
If you take this, we'll fold Batman, Inc.
back into the League and the Team, on your terms.
It's for the best.
For the mission.
I rejoin the Team.
Team works for the League.
I work for you, boss.
We all believe the League needs course correction, because we're all afraid of the same tired old story.
"The hero gets lost fighting the good fight "and becomes the very thing he or she is fighting against.
" And, sure, it happens.
Vandal Savage, Teth Adam, Ra's Al Ghul.
And now, sadly, Geo-Force.
But it will not happen again.
Not to any of us.
Because from here on out, we will not keep secrets from each other.
We need each other to know each others' secrets to keep each other on the straight and narrow.
No more making decisions to protect each other from the choices we might be forced to make.
In this League, the ends will not justify the means! We will not sink to using the methods of our enemies.
We will keep our covert Team, not for the sake of it being covert, but because it affords our young heroes a place to learn out of the spotlight.
But, otherwise, like the Outsiders, we must live in each others' spotlights.
If we fail while doing right, then at least we went down swinging on our own terms.
But in the long term, we will not fail.
Holding firm to our principles will guide us to an honorable victory! Now, let's get down to business.
The Outsiders have posted that they're welcoming new members, Terra, Forager and Superboy to the - [TV turns off.]
- [Megan.]
So, you're a public hero now? [Conner.]
It's time.
I guess it's time I give this back.
I hope not.
If you don't trust me, If you can't truly forgive me [Conner.]
I was hoping you'd trust and forgive me.
You made hard choices, and I dredged up old wounds.
I'm sorry.
M'gann, I can't imagine my life without you.
So if you'll still have me Mmm.
[school bell rings.]
[locker thuds.]
[indistinct chatter, laughter.]
[all cheering.]
[indistinct chatter.]
[Megan laughing.]
[theme music playing.]
Keep watching! [laughing.]

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