Young Justice s04e01 Episode Script


The Outsiders have posted that they're welcoming new members Terra, Forager, and Superboy to the - [television turns off.]
- [Megan.]
So, you're a public hero now? [Conner.]
It's time.
I guess it's time I give this back.
I hope not.
If you don't trust me if you can't truly forgive me [Conner.]
I was hoping you'd trust and forgive me.
You made hard choices, and I dredged up old wounds.
I'm sorry.
M'gann, I can't imagine my life without you.
So if you'll still have me [Megan.]
They fit! Now, quick, we have to take them off again! [Conner.]
For just a little while longer.
I know, can you believe it? We're really gonna be married.
Does that bother you? You said it didn't bother you.
It doesn't.
I know it means a lot to your folks to have the religious ceremony with them.
And then it's right back here for the civil ceremony, I promise.
I'm gonna hold you to that.
Recognized: Forager-D-One-Zero, Terra-D-One-One.
- Halo-D-Three-One.
- He still won't speak to me.
- Have you tried? - Not recently.
Good morning, happy couple.
- Morning.
- [Tara.]
So today is the day? It is.
It just Making last minute preparations and waiting for Gar.
I believe he was dealing with some final logistics for the Outsiders.
But he said he'd be here soon.
Hey, Violet! - Good morning, Harper.
- [nervously.]
Good morning.
Oh, hey.
Hello, Harper.
Cullen, your book bag.
Your coffee, Mrs.
Thank you, Mr.
But if you and all these kids plan to make it to school on time, we'll need that spaceship moved to get our cars out.
Bet that's something you never thought you'd say before you married me.
What are you grinning about? We live in a house with a spaceship and a giant white wolf.
Recognized: Beast-Boy-B-Zero-One.
- [Cullen.]
And a Zeta-Tube.
- [Harper.]
Hey! You haven't told anyone, right? Please.
I can keep a secret.
Yeah, I guess you can.
Hey, Cassie.
Just checkin' you saw the Outsiders' Flitter feed this morning.
There are two more legit requests for help there.
Sorry, yeah, I know you got this covered.
Nah, trust me.
I can let it go.
I need the vay-cay, you know? I'm pretty fried.
Right, yeah.
You crush it, girl.
Uh, I'm so glad you're coming.
Me too, sis.
Kinda honored to be invited, actually.
And you're sure you don't mind the month-long trip each way? Nah, I can use the sleep.
I guess you'll be missing Perdita.
Oh, yeah, totally.
But we could probably both use a breather.
Well, someone'll be missing someone.
- [growls.]
- [J'onn J'onzz.]
All the necessary supplies and equipment are safely stowed and ready for our journey.
Well, I guess this is goodbye.
We'll see you all back here in three months for the wedding! Take care of Wolf and Sphere for me.
I promise.
- [Megan gasps.]
- You don't mind if I drive, do you? I guess not.
Let's have a little fun.
Engage Engager-Mode! That's new.
Well, they're off to Mars.
And, yes, that's another thing I never thought I'd say.
All right, everyone.
Time to get to school! [theme music playing.]
I don't know why I'm so excited.
Ten years ago, I couldn't wait to leave this planet.
Things are different now.
[with mouth full.]
Or maybe she's excited because you're sick of being cooped up on this ship for a month.
Garfield, please don't talk with your mouth full of toothpaste.
It's gross.
[with mouth full.]
Bio-Ship, spittoon, please.
Oh, yeah.
Way less gross.
S'all good.
Bio-Ship likes the minty freshness.
Please tell me you'll show better manners at my parents' home.
Sorry, sorry.
I know I've been a little cranky this trip.
A little? Okay, okay, maybe a lot.
I just can't sleep back in those bunks.
It's too quiet.
But I'll behave.
I promise.
It seems Bio-Ship would prefer to fly the final distance herself.
She's excited to be home too.
Bio-Ship says a sandstorm's coming.
Is that a problem? Mmm.
Shouldn't be.
We'll be underground long before it catches up.
Bio-Ship, take us directly to the new Science Center in Ma'aleca'andra.
I forgot how big this place is.
[J'onn J'onzz.]
It is bigger than when you were last here.
Martians breed large families, so like most of our cities, the capital Ma'aleca'andra is constantly expanding.
Gar, you better change too.
Yeah, I wouldn't survive long, even beneath the surface.
Fortunately, I picked up a few tricks last time we were here.
And the Ma'arzuu Beast is my favorite.
It's tongue is so sensitive I can taste the air.
Mmm, rusty.
Okay, I've already downloaded our telepathic language to your brains, but that means you need to watch your thoughts.
[M'gann telepathically.]
There's very little distance telepathically between thinking something and saying it.
[Beast Boy telepathically.]
Welcome to Ma'arz.
You honor us with your presence, humans of Earth.
[Superboy telepathically.]
Oh, I'm only half Um, never mind.
You honor us with this greeting.
I am Conner Kent, and this is Garfield Logan.
[Beast Boy.]
I am the Chief Scientist-Bureaucrat of the Science Center [M'gann.]
You're the Chief Scientist? In charge of the Zeta project? Why wouldn't I be? [Superboy clears throat.]
Conner, Garfield, this is my sister, M'ree M'orzz.
Actually, I go by Em'ree J'onzz now.
Hello, Uncle J'onn.
Hello um, Em'ree.
I'll just get the rest of the equipment.
Does Dad know you changed your name? He's fine with it.
You know Dad.
Nothing gets to him.
Uh, we've heard a lot about you.
Good things, I hope? Totally.
Your folks seemed really proud of you.
Ah, you heard about me from our parents.
That's nice.
I'd like you both to feel more comfortable here, so perhaps if I changed forms I believe this is an Earth favorite.
[M'gann annoyed.]
She has six freckles, not four.
You know that.
It isn't necessary to change your form for us.
Especially if you're gonna creep me out by looking like my mom.
I'm sorry.
That wasn't my intent.
And I meant that to be a private thought.
Not a problem.
I always preferred, Hello, Megan!'s Rita character anyway.
Oh, yeah.
That's much better.
[J'onn J'onzz.]
I believe this is everything.
Okay, Bio-Ship, you're free to go.
Have fun! [Superboy.]
What do Bio-Ships do for fun? [J'onn J'onzz.]
We could begin construction now.
It would be preferable to complete the work before the nuptials.
You guys don't have to stay.
Mom and Dad are eager to see you.
I've arranged transportation.
That won't be necessary.
[Beast Boy.]
We wanna see the city! [nervously.]
But what kind of host would I be - [Superboy.]
We don't mind.
- [Beast Boy.]
But thank you for the offer.
[indistinct telepathic chatter.]
So much sending.
I'd forgotten how much psychic noise there is on M'arzz.
- [G'arrunn 1.]
Ma'al Earthers.
- [G'arrunn 2.]
It's no surprise they're here with that A'ashenn.
And not all of it pleasant.
[Beast Boy.]
It's not all bad.
Some of it's just weird.
I mean yikes! Well, Uncle J'onn has been forwarding Earth television signals to M'arzz since the 1960s.
Those shows have a lot of fans.
[Beast Boy.]
Looks like the Outsiders have fans too.
[Martian Outsiders fan.]
You're the actual Superboy? - Outsiders! Real Outsiders! - Beast Boy! It's Beast Boy! [indistinct chatter.]
[Beast Boy.]
Crash! Hey, everyone! [groans.]
[Beast Boy.]
Hurts [groans.]
That's a lot of hostility.
Don't wanna get in the middle of this! The Outsiders can handle it! [M'gann.]
Putting up telepathic filters and putting an end to this.
Stop and disperse! Now! [groans.]
- That helped, M'gann.
- [Beast Boy farts.]
Ugh Thanks.
We are done sight-seeing.
Let's head straight for my folks' place.
[thunder rumbling.]
Mom! Dad! We're here! [J'ann.]
Oh, M'gann, you're home! [M'aatt.]
Welcome, my child.
- [J'ann.]
None of that now.
- [Beast Boy.]
Whoa! [J'ann.]
We're family.
Thank you, J'ann.
Good to see you again, sir.
And you, Conner.
But, please, call me M'aatt.
Garfield, you look adorable.
Exactly what I was going for.
Did you children journey here under your own power? Em'ree was supposed to provide transport.
She offered, but we passed.
Look! My engagement ring! I am unclear on the significance of this ornament.
If you watched more television, you would know it is an important Earthling custom, a precursor to matrimony.
Here's another Earth custom, I'm hoping you'll both give me your blessing to marry your daughter.
The tradition on M'arzz is for the female to ask this blessing from her prospective mate's parents.
I asked Jonathan, Martha and Clark Kent, they all gave their blessings.
[Beast Boy.]
No Lex Luthor? [screams.]
We give our blessings too.
And we are gratified you've come all this way for the traditional service.
We have found a Sorcerer-Priestess who has agreed to perform the ceremony.
[Beast Boy.]
That reminds me.
I understand the basic Martian caste system, the red B'lahdenn Martians are the Royalty and Nobility.
The G'arrunn are the ethnic Majority.
And the A'ashenn are the ethnic Minority.
But where do the Y'ellonn Sorcerer Priesthood come from? Can a Martian be born Y'ellonn? [M'aatt.]
No, but any Martian, B'lahdenn, G'arrunn, or A'ashenn with a calling can become a priest or priestess by permanently morphing his, her or their skin to Y'ellonn.
But turning Y'ellonn doesn't make one a sorcerer.
That takes an aptitude and study, just as it does for Zatanna or Thirteen.
[Beast Boy.]
It was nice meeting Em'ree.
[Beast Boy.]
Yeah, but what about M'gann's other twenty-seven siblings? I mean I met M'comm last trip, before he, uh [M'aatt.]
We are well aware of what M'comm has become.
As for the others, I'm afraid they're all very busy [clanking.]
Scientist-Bureaucrat Em'ree J'onzz, I demand you stop all this at once! - But Consul-General - Your secret project is no longer a secret.
M'arzz has no need for a Zeta-Tube to Earth! Isn't it bad enough our children pretend to be Earthers? Or that two Earthers contaminate our streets? Or that these Earthers were brought here by your freak of an A'ashenn sister? And, yes, Em'ree J'onzz, I know M'gann M'orzz is your sister.
[J'onn J'onzz.]
I do not appreciate you talking about my nieces in that manner.
And I don't appreciate you building a bridge to bring more Earthers to M'arzz, contaminating our culture with strange ideas that make even the G'arrunns question our values, traditions, and castes.
You started all this, J'onn J'onzz, with your ma'al Earther broadcasts.
And I regret nothing, R'ess E'dda.
You will once I put a stop to this.
My orders come directly from the Queen.
[R'ess E'dda.]
We will see about that! [J'onn J'onzz.]
I did not realize things had gotten this bad.
Worse than you know, Uncle.
But don't tell the happy couple.
My parents really want this wedding to go well.
[Beast Boy.]
Yeah, between Space Trek and the Outsiders, I'm super-busy.
Never enough sleep - [Superboy.]
Private channel? - Yes.
So what's the deal? You don't have to be psychic to grok that your folks are way less whelmed than last time we were here.
And out on the street things got ugly fast.
Don't worry.
Nothing is getting in the way of us.
[Beast Boy.]
Is it an earthquake? [M'gann.]
No! [J'ann.]
M'gann, don't go out there! Sorry, Mom, but I refuse to put up with this racist ma'al.
Earthers, go home! She's a traitor to the G'arrunn! Earthers, go home! Go back and take that ma'al A'ashenn with you! [M'gann.]
Everyone, please [Beast Boy.]
I'm on it! [G'arrunn.]
Earthers, go home! [roars.]
It'll tear us apart! Brain-blast it! [groans.]
Garfield! Enough! [all groaning.]
- [M'gann.]
Gar - I'm okay.
A little dizzy's all.
Let's just go back inside.
- [M'gann gasps.]
- [Beast Boy.]
Uh, that's new.
What does it say? [M'gann.]
It's a very bad word for A'ashenn and an even worse word for Earthling.
[high-pitched trilling.]
Man, those brain-blasts leave a mark.
Okay, Mom, Dad, what is going on? Tensions have definitely escalated since the last time we were here.
You three moving openly through the city escalated things.
You know how quickly psychic news spreads.
Yes, but what's the problem? I'm used to caste prejudice, believe me, but those words on the door? And since when do G'arrunns hate Earthlings? [sighs.]
We were trying to keep a lid on this so you could have a nice wedding, but [M'aatt.]
Things have gotten much worse since the death of the king.
S'turnn J'axx was a progressive ruler, gradually trying to mitigate our caste system to improve the lives and status of the A'ashenn.
King S'turnn had stated publicly and more than once that it was a scientific fact that G'arrunns and A'ashenns were genetically identical, save for skin pigmentation.
He also sponsored the M'arzz-Earth Communications Satellite that was successfully launched last year.
He believed in cooperation between our planets.
But he was murdered last month.
Who killed him? [J'ann.]
No one is sure, which is strange, as murder is extremely hard to get away with on a world where everyone is psychic.
The A'ashenn blame the G'arrunn, and the G'arrunn blame the A'ashenn.
[Beast Boy.]
So, who's in charge now? [J'ann.]
S'turnn's widow, Queen J'arlia J'axx who, unfortunately, has rolled back most of her late husband's reforms.
You're worried M'comm killed the king, aren't you? [thunder rumbling.]
Brothers and Sisters, A'ashenn all.
Join me.
Hear me.
We are here, M'comm M'orzz.
That is no longer my name.
Now and forever, I am Ma'alefa'ak.
We are Ma'alefa'ak.
You are Ma'alefa'ak.
We are Ma'alefa'ak.
We all know G'arrunns killed the king to stop A'ashenns from gaining our rights.
But we should not mourn S'turnn J'axx.
He pretended to help only to keep us in line.
Yet, the Queen has rolled back what little gains we made.
And the one thing she hasn't rolled back, that ma'al Zeta-Tube to Earth.
The Earthers are allied with the G'arrunns, thanks to J'onn J'onzz.
Now we must decide, do we allow the G'arrunns and Earthers to scheme against us or do we finally rise? [all.]
[eerie music playing.]
[upbeat music playing.]
[J'onn J'onzz.]
M'hontrr R'ohh K'arr, the installation is complete.
The Zeta-Tube is ready for testing.
[R'ohh K'arr.]
You may proceed.
The Queen approves.
I come, My Queen, with a mindlink one thousand strong, to stop the insanity that is this Earther Zeta-Tube! [Beast Boy in pain.]
Ma'al, ma'al, ma'al, ma'al, ma'al! What the hell is that? [M'gann.]
A massive mindlink.
I-I just put up another filter for you both.
Why wasn't it up in the first damn place? [Superboy.]
Gar, chill! She's just trying to help.
Yeah, sorry, M'gann.
We are ready.
So are we, J'onn.
We've temporarily moved the Watchtower above Sardath's Zeta-Shield that guards Earth from Zeta-Incursion.
You're good to go.
Listen, my people.
Your strength and unity is most impressive, but your cause is misguided.
We must cooperate with Earth, because our galaxy is full of dangers to M'arzz.
Earth is a danger to M'arzz! [chanting.]
Earth is a danger to M'arzz.
Earth is a danger to M'arzz.
Must you leave, big brother? You only just arrived.
And the wedding I will zeta to the Watchtower and zeta right back here.
It will be fine.
Not all of Earth is dangerous.
Only some of their meta-humans.
We need our sister planet's help to identify which ones are being used by Apokolips.
M'comm! [M'comm grunts.]
[M'comm grunts.]
We've got you, Ma'alefa'ak! You're not density-shifting away this time! [M'aatt.]
M'comm? What are you doing? [M'comm.]
Very good, M'gann.
No one else detected me, save you, my sister.
I'm her brother, not you! You don't deserve to have M'gann for a sister! [M'gann.]
Gar, not now.
R'ess E'dda is wrong.
Earth is not the danger.
Apokolips is the danger.
You're ignoring the danger to our culture, our way of life! [J'onn J'onzz.]
My fellow Martians, hear me! Earth and its heroes will fight to protect our culture! And what's best about our way of life is not as fragile as R'ess E'dda would have you believe! [M'gann.]
Manhunter, I've checked M'comm's mind.
He only just arrived and didn't have time to do anything.
It should be safe to test the Zeta-Tube.
You all know of J'onn J'onzz, our greatest M'hontrr.
He has demonstrated that Earth and M'arzz can be strong allies.
In the final analysis, do we not trust J'onn J'onzz? [R'ess.]
You fools, don't leave! J'onn J'onzz has brought the Earther corruption to our world! [J'arlia.]
J'onn J'onzz has brought honor to two worlds.
He is a true hero.
Recognized: Martian-Manhun [explosion.]
- M'gann? - I'm fine, but Uncle J'onn I can't feel his mind-touch - [snoring.]
- [Dinah.]
As you know, Black Lightning, Jefferson has put a priority on mental health.
He's asked M'gann and I to check in periodically with every member of the League, Team, and Outsiders.
So I'm checking in.
How are you doing, Violet? I know it's been a year, but how are you managing your feelings about Brion? [Violet.]
I do not believe I fully understand my feelings about Brion, even now.
Truthfully, I am still mystified by his choices.
It makes me sad and it makes me consider my own choices and how those choices may inform my journey.
What choices are we talking about? [Violet.]
Islam, for one.
Gabrielle's faith was very important to her.
So important, I cannot bring myself to remove the hijab she wore.
I think I think I need to explore whether or not Islam holds meaning for me, as it did for her.

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