Young Justice s04e02 Episode Script


Conner, the fires On it.
Gar! Garfield, are you all right? What happened? The Zeta-Tube.
It exploded.
But my brother he was in the tube! - Where is he? - I'm not sure.
But he isn't here.
He may have zeta'd away before the explosion.
You mean the explosion caused by the terrorist Ma'alefa'ak? Look, I'm not my brother's biggest fan right now, but M'comm did not do this.
So you say.
But Martian Manhunter made it to the Watchtower, right? - Em'ree? - Right? - Em'ree! - I don't know! The explosion blew out the connection to the M'arzz-Earth Communications Satellite.
I can't reach the Watchtower! Can you fix it? Maybe.
Soon, I hope.
But J'onn's okay! He has to be okay! - He has to be.
He has to be - Did the Zeta-Tube malfunction? No.
Some external source added thermal energy to the Power-Core during the Zeta-Transmission.
This was clearly sabotage.
Ma'alefa'ak, you are under arrest.
Listen, I had him pinned, telekinetically and psychically.
And you both were holding scramblers on him, when the Zeta-Tube exploded.
It's clear he wasn't behind this.
Ha! An A'ashenn defending another A'ashenn.
What a surprise.
Seems you've conveniently forgotten how he snuck in here by blocking his presence telepathically.
That's not illegal! But it's ma'al suspicious.
Arrested for being A'ashenn.
Talk about your surprises.
I have to go with him.
All three of us will go.
Of course.
We'll try to find out what happened here.
Rita Ah, I mean, Em'ree.
You need to reestablish comm with the Watchtower.
In a minute.
First, I need to perform some damage control with the Queen, given all the psychic rumors this explosion will cause.
We're still investigating the cause of the explosion.
understand there was an explosion at the Science Center Ma'alefa'ak was arrested It was A'ashenn terrorism, of course, what else could it be? J'onn J'onzz is reported dead I told you no ma'al good would come of that Zeta-Tube.
You mean the Zeta-Tube you wanted stopped? What do you imply? Mother, is it true? Rumors are flying.
Is J'onn J'onzz really dead? We do not know.
But sabotage is certain.
And the infamous Ma'alefa'ak has been arrested.
There's evidence against him? I'm sure there will be.
He's an A'ashenn activist and agitator.
He is a terrorist! And you know this based on what? Just trust me, my boy.
You'll understand when you are older.
Excuse me.
I hope the Earthlings are not reacting negatively to this turn of events.
Why worry about ma'al Earthers at a time like this? Nothing odd here.
Or here.
But we got this, right? I mean you've studied with Dick, I've studied with Tim.
We can totally do the detective thing! I know, Gar! I'm working on it.
You totally see something, don't you? Burn marks.
Two small points of impact on the Power-Core's thermal panel.
What? What did you bypass? The fried comm-circuits.
I should be able to patch a signal through the M'arzz-Earth Communications Satellite to the Watchtower.
When? Now? Soon.
It's no good.
The Zeta-Tube and all communications to Mars are out.
Problem's on their end, not ours.
Then it is clear Something has gone wrong.
Just after you zeta'd here, thankfully.
Cyborg, boomtube us there.
Can't, sorry.
I've never been to Mars, so without a comm signal to pinpoint a safe location, I could end up boomtubing us into the middle of a mountain.
There might be another option.
We need the Javelin back at the Watchtower, ASAP.
Setting return course.
M'arzz to Watchtower.
Do you read? Is J'onn J'onzz with you? I am here, Em'ree.
I am fine.
What happened on your end? Oh, Uncle J'onn! You're all right! The Zeta-Tube was sabotaged.
It exploded.
But no one was hurt.
Dude, you had us worried! We weren't sure you made it out before the blast.
Locking in on their signal Hey, bring 'em back! - I-I can't! - What happened? I don't know.
The M'arzz-Earth Communications Satellite it isn't down it's gone.
I didn't have time to secure a lock on their signal.
We're right back where we started.
Steel, what's your ETA? We're on the other side of the Milky Way.
Even at post-lightspeeds it'll still take us a couple of days.
Then for now, M'gann, Conner, and Garfield are on their own.
Someone's definitely trying to cut Mars off from Earth and the Justice League.
And who would do that? And this guy is No idea.
Prince J'emm.
Those explosions they couldn't have been his play, could they? No, but he's up to something.
He wanted to make sure the League couldn't intervene.
So what now, Imra? Nothing's changed.
We watch.
We wait.
We stay ready.
What were you thinking, M'comm? Your choices, your actions Son, this is not the way to bring change.
It's not your way.
Because you like being a grease-mat to the G'arrunns.
I am G'arrunn! Is that how you feel about me? I need a moment alone with my brother.
Oh, am I your brother again? I thought the little green beastie was your brother now.
You were pretty tough on them.
No tougher than they deserve, from me or you.
That's not fair.
They love us.
You know they do.
Not enough.
When only two of twenty-nine children are A'ashenn, love is not enough.
Our parents failed to teach tolerance and acceptance even in their own home.
Maybe they failed, but at least they tried.
Which is worth what? How many of our G'arrunn siblings plan to attend your wedding? Face it, our parents' ways don't work.
And your ways don't work either, Miss Martian.
If they did, I wouldn't be sitting here innocent.
Innocent of this.
But you're no innocent.
You killed two innocents on New Genesis and tried to start a war! I-I feel like I don't even know you anymore.
Of course, you don't know me! You abandoned me! Ran away to Earth! I I-I had to go I was dying here.
Don't you think I know that? But why didn't you take me with you? I was a child, and you were my rock.
You should've protected me! Instead, you traded me in for a cute little green Beast Boy.
I was a child too It's an honor to meet you, Your Majesty.
Please, I don't need any "Your Majesties," especially from a famous Earthling.
He's half-Kryptonian.
My apologies.
The point is, I need an answer to who might want to cut M'arzz off from Earth and your League of Justice.
Well, the League was setting up the Zeta-Tube so that our sister planets could help with each other's problems.
With respect, M'arzz does seem to have well, a few.
Yeah, no offense and all, but woof! Most of M'arzz's current problems stem from the murder of my father, which remains unsolved.
In fact, the king was a big proponent of both your Zeta-Tube and interplanetary cooperation.
Could these mysteries be related? - Absolutely - Uh, maybe.
We need to keep an open mind, but it's certainly possible.
We were planning to reopen the investigation with help from the famous Martian Manhunter.
Well, I'm no J'onn J'onzz, but Miss Martian, Beast Boy, and I have trained with him extensively.
And not just him.
Batman, Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin, Elongated Man.
Plus we have our own skills! I make a pretty sweet Detective Chimp! I'm sorry.
A sweet chimp? Yep! Even Superboy thought I was cool.
And he hates monkeys.
Uh, it might help if we had more intel on your father's case.
Mm, of course.
What was that? What did you do? I'm sorry! I simply granted your request: downloaded all the intel on my father's case into your minds.
Yeah, well, ask permission next time! Gar, what are you doing? Stand down! Fine.
Thank you for your trust.
In exchange, I expect to be kept informed.
Of course.
You're trying to distract me.
I know you didn't personally blow up the Zeta-Tube.
Nevertheless, you were lurking, hiding.
Now, both the Zeta-Tube and the M'arzz-Earth Communications Satellite have been destroyed.
You didn't know about the satellite.
You don't know what I know.
Not all of it.
Not yet.
I'll admit you're stronger than you were on New Genesis.
I can feel it.
You've been working on your skills.
But that doesn't mean you're stronger than I am.
So what are you up to, little brother? There's a piece of your mind you still keep closed.
I'm asking you to voluntarily open it up to me.
- Or what? - What do you think? Spill, M'comm! Or I'll take what I need the hard way.
You've been watching too many of Uncle J'onn's Earth cop shows.
Your mind's too open for me to fall for this act.
The hard way? You don't do "the hard way," anymore.
Let me put this in terms a television fan can understand.
The satellite blew up after I was already in custody.
I'm obviously not the "perp.
" You got nothing on me.
Not on this world.
So tell the M'hontrrs to charge me or let me go.
This is it.
The Sacred Boat.
The Sacred River.
I-I know it sounds silly, but I've dreamed of my Ma'ayava'ana ceremony and wedding since I was little.
It doesn't sound silly at all.
So, Gar, what do you think? Huh? Oh, uh, yeah, yeah.
He's been acting like a jerk all day.
I get that he was worried about J'onn, but even after he knew Manhunter was safe I know.
I think he's stressed about being away from the Outsiders for this long.
They've become a second family to him.
Hey! - Here, hold this.
- Sure.
Happy to be of service.
What are they called? Ma'arphin beasts.
I like 'em! See, he just needed a little distraction.
Yeah, we have plenty of distractions.
Check out the intel I got from the Prince.
Wow! That was a lot for one download.
Prince J'emm was very cooperative.
So on top of the explosions and M'comm, we also need to figure out who killed the King? Not now, you don't.
We still have a wedding to plan! M'gann M'orzz, Conner Kent, this is Sorcerer-Priestess S'yraa S'mitt.
She'll be performing today's Ma'ayava'ana ceremony as well as the wedding.
It is wonderful to meet you both.
- Hi.
- A pleasure.
You're, um much younger than I expected.
Yes, I only recently took the Y'ellonn.
And you're willing to risk performing a mixed-species ceremony? She asks because the late K'rii St'ferr, the Priest who performed our ceremony was so old, he did not fear the inevitable repercussions.
I didn't know that.
I believe you must be the change you wish to see in the world.
Otherwise, nothing ever changes at all.
We're very grateful.
And couldn't agree more.
We want the wedding to take place as soon as possible! Not tomorrow.
Conner, Garfield, B'arzz O'oomm, and I still need time to build the altar.
Right, son? Uh, right, yeah! And M'gann, Em'ree, and I must construct the canopy! Oh, joy.
I would be happy to help.
We'd love that, thank you.
So the next day, maybe? Unfortunately, I must attend the Prince's birthday celebration that day to help inaugurate the new Royal Arena.
Oh, the day after, perhaps? Perfect.
And now, the reason we are here today with this wonderful couple.
I can sense the love you share vibrating deep within the psychic plane.
You must care for each other very much.
- We do.
- So, so much.
C'eridy'all, Goddess of Life.
These happy soulmates, M'gann M'orzz and Conner Kent, have found one another and held one another, in mind, spirit, and body.
With all thy power, please grant them Ma'ayava'ana.
The gift of love! Frankly, Your Majesty, it is outrageous.
The Prince had no authority to bring Earthers in to investigate the fate of the King.
You cannot possibly object to solving my father's murder? Of course I want the mystery solved, my Queen, as we need to prove beyond a doubt that an A'ashenn killed S'turnn J'axx.
What I object to is involving Earthers, including one who is marrying an A'ashenn already contaminated with Earther ideals.
Now listen to me This is just another of the Prince's misguided modern notions, like his ill-conceived attempt at matrimony.
My Queen, I must humbly request that you set the boy straight.
"The boy" is standing right here.
A murder on M'arzz is a rare occurrence, as getting away with such a crime was considered virtually impossible.
So it is hardly surprising our M'hontrrs lack experience in this sort of thing.
Earthlings, judging by their television, seem to have a far greater expertise.
I see no harm in offering them a chance to bring my family and our people, peace.
Well, that set me straight.
Three more days! Just three more days.
Hey, almost husband.
Care to dance? You know I don't usually like being levitated but I'm happy to make an exception.
Ten years.
Think of all that's happened to get us here.
How young we were when we met.
How dorky I was.
You were beautiful, inside and out.
And you've grown more and more beautiful every day.
You were so cute back then.
I always look the same! I can see the change.
Geez, get a honeymoon suite.
This way, guys.
Okay, what are you up to? Thought we might check in on Bio-Ship.
- Why? - You'll see.
Oh, good.
Another mystery.
I suppose the trip has been slightly more eventful than we planned.
Uh, aren't all our trips? But this is a good surprise, I promise.
We're getting awfully close.
I've put up a psychic screen.
They can't see us.
Oh, that's not good.
Look out! I've got you! - What the - Incoming! Guys, I-I sensed something.
I need to investigate.
Will you be okay? You can't leave now! The squad's under attack! No, it's all right.
We're good.
I'm clear! There was a psychic-signature, but, ah, it's gone now.
Disappeared as quickly as it appeared.
A signature? Of whoever attacked us? We all agree that was an attack, right? Nothing on infrared.
Conner, you're bleeding! It's not a big deal.
How is this even possible? We're farther from the sun, and underground.
There's not much solar energy for me to absorb down here, and less oxygen than I'm used to, so my cells aren't fully charged.
But it's just a little cut.
I promise I'm fine.
No, you are not fine! You could have died! That's more than a little disturbing! Also disturbing, I think someone tried to kill us.
Tinya, are you all right? Yeah, sure.
It's just, phasing another person really takes a lot out of me.
Perimeter's clear.
No sign of the enemy.
I can't believe he thought that would work.
He wasn't trying to kill anyone.
He was trying to out us.
And he succeeded.
Miss Martian got a momentary read on me.
I've put the screens back up, but we'll need to keep our distance from now on.
If we get too close, she'll recognize my mind-touch.
But he'll be back.
How can we do our job if we can't stick close? I honestly don't know, but come on, we need to go.
Is that it? Will it perform as specified? Oh, it is.
And it will.
Lord Darkseid always keeps his word, and this is the Ma'alefa'ak's reward for services rendered on New Genesis.
Nothing but a single genetic marker, affecting skin color only separates the Martian races.
You are all one species.
Does that trouble you? No, no.
I find your petty racism very entertaining.
When it explodes, this gene-bomb will disperse a virus that will kill off all B'lahdenns and G'arrunns.
Of course, whether it will affect A'ashenn of mixed parentage is anybody's guess.
I had no such test subjects, unfortunately.
I truly don't care.
All that matters is that in two days' time, every ma'al G'arrunn and B'lahdenn on M'arzz will be dead.
Lahb-dee-ehn, Garfield.
I know you're on Mars now, and I don't know if you'll get this message before you return.
But I thought, well I miss you.
I guess I've been missing you for a while.
Since before you left.
I know you were busy running the Outsiders.
And I know how important that is to you.
Or, or, no, I mean, how important it is, period.
And, I know I've been busy, as well.
The refugee crisis, all these people fleeing Markovia, flooding into Vlatava.
And it's so hard to tell whether their concerns are justified.
I don't know.
And King Brion has refused any parlay.
I wish my father were alive to handle this.
I wish he were alive to give me a hug.
I wish you were here to give me a hug.
Ehs Mee-loo Teh-vee.
Ehs Meeioo Teh-vee, Garfield.

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