Young Justice s04e14 Episode Script

Nautical Twilight

- You okay? - It is hard.
We have done our duty.
Notified Conner's friends and family, attended multiple memorial services, and the lighting of this hologram.
Yet, it still does not seem real.
Maybe you need to take a moment to process.
You know, when Tula died, you never had time to mourn.
Instead, you immediately went undercover with Black Manta.
And when Wally died, I was a total jerk, and dumped the whole team on you, not thinking about your grief at all.
I understood.
And Aquaman resigned, and you not only took up his mantle, but lead the Justice League through some of its darkest hours.
And now Conner? Kaldur, you've always been the leader, the adult, the rock we all lean on, but maybe you need to take a break, before all this breaks you.
No, I will be fine.
I have to be.
Thank you for your concern, but I have a conference tomorrow in Poseidonis which I must prepare for.
Delegates of the great city-states of Atlantis, I welcome you to the opening ceremonies of our annual conference.
Since we have new faces here, allow me to introduce my cabinet.
Mera Nereus, Princess of Xebel, Queen of Atlantis, Headmistress of the Conservatory of Sorcery, and Minister of Magic.
Vulko of Poseidonis, Minister of Science.
Commander Ondine of Poseidonis, Minister of Security.
Garth of Crastinus, Minister of Diplomacy.
And Kaldur'ahm of Shayeris, Aquaman of the Justice League, and Minister of Justice.
And now, if the delegates would be so kind.
I am Lord Ronal of Crastinus in the Arctic Ocean.
Prime Minister Topo of Lemuria in the North Pacific.
Emissary Coral of Neptunos in the South Pacific.
I am Nanaue Sha'ark, King of Nanauve and the Southern Ocean.
General Lori Lemaris of Tritonis in the Indian Ocean.
First Citizen Calvin Durham of Shayeris in the North Atlantic.
And from Xebel in the South Atlantic, no one.
Xebel insults us with this absence.
I'm leaving.
Seems a shame to depart without accomplishing anything.
My friends, I am certain the delegate from Xebel will join us by the time the conference proper begins tomorrow.
We did have plans for this day, but let us adjourn.
We invite you all to sample the pleasures of Poseidonis.
See how Orin flaunts the wealth of Poseidonis to shame us.
You must contact your father again.
He must send someone.
Anyone who can be here by tomorrow.
I will try.
Artur, help me.
I'm completely surrounded.
Never fear, La'gaan.
Aquaboy will save you.
Neptune's beard.
You saved me, Aquaboy.
You're a hero.
How did it go? As expected.
And, as expected, you are going to be a wonderful father.
You'll do all right.
We appreciate you keeping an eye on the prince.
He was keeping an eye on me.
Aquaboy keeps his eyes on everyone.
I will see you back at the palace.
Where's Mother going? To talk to your grandfather.
- Uh-oh.
- Uh-oh, indeed.
Come on.
- Up for a night on the town? - A short one.
- I get tired.
- Lori, General Lemaris, wait.
- You are off duty? - For the night, yes.
A year ago, I never would have believed I could have this life.
What say you show Delphis around? She rarely gets to see Poseidonis.
Uh, Sha'lain'a, I'm sure Kaldur and Wyynde - Would love to host you.
- It would be our pleasure.
Whoa, that bomb really knocked me for a loop.
M'gann? M'gann, where are you? Uh Or where am I? M'gann.
Our mental link is severed.
Hey Hey, are you okay? Ma'al.
No heat signatures for either of us.
That's impossible.
Unless Are we dead? Ah, this is amazing.
Poseidonis is so much shinier than Shayeris.
That is one source of trouble between the city-states, is it not? The conflict between the haves and have nots? Mm, I saw the same thing in Mumbai.
Bridging those gaps is one of King Orin's greatest challenges.
Save politics for the conference.
Algae, anyone? Three orders of Black Gold.
Thank you, Minkis.
We will.
Uh, how do I Simply squeeze and chew.
Whoa! It's good.
Go easy.
Wyynde always orders the hard stuff.
Why bother with anything else? It is still hilarious that one can get drunk on algae.
- I should go say hello.
- We all should.
Lori Lemaris.
Allow me to introduce you to our friend, Delphis.
Hello, Delphis, lovely to meet you.
You look well, Lori.
And you look the same, Wyynde.
Like an eel eager to slither back to Orm now that he has escaped from prison.
Lori, please, that was ten years ago.
Wyynde was young, impressionable.
An idiot.
A Purist idiot.
I am ashamed of my actions, even my thoughts, back then.
And someday I hope to prove to you that I have changed.
Well, if Kaldur loves you, I suppose there's hope.
Well, if it isn't the little General.
Get drunk somewhere else, Sha'ark.
Finally, you show some teeth.
If only the rest of Tritonis had your mettle when I annexed its lower territory.
You attacked without provocation.
Weakness is its own provocation, chum.
Ah-poh-shohn! Now, this is my kind of diplomacy.
Stop this! We are here to put old conflicts behind us.
Save your grievances for the delegates' table.
You must not forget, we were all friends and schoolmates once.
I respect your strength, schoolmate, but don't hold out too much hope for tomorrow's conference.
Our High King needs more than a translation spell to understand our grievances.
For once, I am forced to agree.
Gabrielle? No, I mean Violet.
I had no wish to startle you, mo Madia Mrs.
Daou, or Dr.
Uh, it's fine.
I know it must be strange to see Yes, strange.
But I'm glad you came.
I wanted to thank you.
I believe Samad and I owe our visas to you.
Oh, it was Secretary General Troia.
Who only knew about us because of you, correct? Please, come in.
- Thanks.
- You just missed Samad.
Did I? Um, how is he? He has a new job on a fishing boat.
This child of the desert has never fished a day in his life, but he seems to love it.
And how are you doing? Well, I was an eye surgeon in Qurac before the war.
Now I sell sunglasses at the Sunglass Igloo.
I'm hoping my medical credentials will transfer, but for now, it's a living.
Is there a reason you came by? The thing is, I know Gabrielle's faith was very important to her, and I wanted to explore whether Islam might hold meaning for me.
Uh Oh? Well, I'd love to help you.
What would you like to know? Was he really the best we could get? It was all I could do to get my father to send him.
I hereby call this conference to order, and welcome the delegate from Xebel.
Bishop Beluga.
King Nereus continues to mock us by sending one so insignificant.
More experienced leaders would be here if Nanauve wasn't killing them in raids staged across our borders.
I'll take that as a compliment.
We have lost some of the old guard to recent battle.
While others have voluntarily stepped down in accordance with our teachings and prophecies.
We are here to discuss many issues, including increased hostility between our borders, and inside our algae bars.
But we must remain civil if we hope to find solutions.
Nanauve's incursions upon the territories Our waters are warming, thanks to your surface friends, Orin.
It's killing my kingdom's krill, the backbone of our food chain.
Nanauve must take more territory to survive.
- Keep moving or die.
- Exactly! No, I can't be dead.
I can feel my heart beat, so I'm alive, unless heartbeats are just a ghostly habit.
But you've got one too.
And you're breathing.
So if we're both alive, why can't I touch you? I mean, the ground feels solid enough or is that just because I took it for granted.
Did I take for granted that you are a ghost I can't touch? Maybe if I believe you're solid.
Okay, then.
Tell you what.
I'll believe you're alive if you believe I'm alive.
Deal? Um I'm searching for answers to so many questions, but maybe we can start with the hijab.
Gabrielle wore it, and I've been reluctant to stop, but I don't know why.
Why do you wear it? Like most things of import, the hijab is many things to many people.
Different Muslim women wear it for different reasons, and some don't wear it at all.
Personally, I choose to wear the hijab as, a constant and comforting reminder of my faith.
A reminder that life on Earth is temporary.
And I must use my time wisely to do good and be the best person I can be.
I imagine it's not unlike the reasons why your super friends wear such a variety of symbols.
Isn't that true, Halo? Uh You know? Of course, you know.
You saw the footage from Markovia last year.
It was hard to miss Agh! Ah! This is your gift.
It's A work in progress.
Healing other people is difficult.
But I'm trying.
Trying is all any of us can do.
With the hijab, I try to invite others to focus on more than my outer appearance, to look past the unrealistic standards of society and see the woman I am inside.
I would like to be judged on who I am inside, but would that still work if I wasn't exactly a woman? What do you mean? I just have so many questions.
Would it be all right to continue to wear the hijab while I seek answers? Many Muslim women, especially young women like you, begin wearing the hijab inspired by family or tradition, before deciding why or whether it matters to them.
In the end, you must follow your heart.
Climate change and pollution from the surface is devastating our oceans.
Thought your embassy was supposed to fix that.
It is my highest priority.
But too many surface dwellers are foolish and stubborn, obsessed with short-term economic concerns that blind them to the larger issues facing our planet.
We have larger issues down here.
I left the surface world because a lack of opportunity created an anger which Black Manta was eager to exploit.
Yes, yes.
We all know your history.
How you betrayed Manta, took his woman, and raised his son as your own.
Let me be clear, my biological father is immaterial.
Calvin Durham is my father in every way that matters.
For how else does a man of his low status and dubious history merit this table were he not father to the great Kaldur'ahm.
Ronal, can you please, for one minute, stop being such a pompous codfish.
I I'm sorry.
I meant no offense.
Everything said of me is true.
My absence of options on land caused me to make bad choices.
Now I see many of the same problems in Shayeris that I saw in my native San Diego.
The wealth that begets opportunity, seen on easy display in Poseidonis is largely absent from the other cities.
Aye, that we can agree on.
I appreciate your directness, all of you.
I will not pretend the way forward will be easy, but my Cabinet and I believe we have viable solutions if we work tog Maybe we are dead.
Maybe this is some sort of Kryptonian afterlife.
You're not Kryptonian, are you? Hmm.
Don't even know your name.
I gotta call you something, Maybe Ghosty? Yeah, everyone tells me I suck at naming.
Still it's better than "Coma Girl," right? What am I babbling about? I need to get you help and there's none here.
So I guess we keep moving.
But which way? There's only mist and rocks for miles in every direction.
Except In infrared.
A heat trail.
That's something anyway.
What do you think, Ghosty? My sentiments exactly.
Agh! Brother, you have made a grave error.
Do not think of me as your brother, Orin.
I am sure I do not.
Agh! Rodunn! Coral, please! The baby! Rodunn is hurt.
I must go to my husband.
Move! My wife and husband are there.
Coral, is he Is the baby.
We will all be fine if Ocean-Master is stopped.
The trident's too powerful.
- Agh! - I can't maintain my construct.
Agh! Kaldur! La'gann! Time to cull Who dares? What is Islam? Again, like all faiths, it is many things to many people.
And the Muslim community is hardly monolithic.
But the basic tenets are not complicated.
There is no God but God.
No God but the creator of the heaven and the earth and everything.
in between.
I met one who called herself a god.
She had tremendous power, but was abusive, petty, spiteful, greedy, destructive, poisonous.
Then she was not a god.
She was not God.
God would never cause such pain and hardship, nor condone such abuse.
Then what is God? In our teachings, God has 99 names, including Al-Rahim, The Most Compassionate.
Al-Ra'uf, The Most Merciful, and Al-Hafiz, The Protector.
These are all attributes you may reflect upon should you continue this journey.
I found I was proud of you for turning down King Brion's offer to be his queen.
I believe you are on a good path, and I believe I would like to see where this path leads you.
Wherever it leads you.
Thank you.
Where's the man who saved us? Who was he? He had power.
True power.
Orin, the Prophecy.
We'll discuss it later.
Poseidonis needs us.
Are you all right? I am fine.
I have to be.
Ocean-Master is out there and we must find him.
Who was that man? Who in all the Seven Seas could command such power and defeat me? I do not know, but please calm yourself.
You are injured.
And in the end, you will triumph, my Prince.
Do not call me Prince! I reject that title.
Now and forever, I am Orm, the Ocean-Master.
So, how did it go with Madia? It went well, but the search for any answer reminds me of how many more questions I have.
Like what? I have been considering my gender.
And I believe it's time I decide upon my preferred pronouns.
Okay, cool.
Uh, what are you thinking? I'm not sure.
I am not troubled by she and her.
Yet, perhaps they and them are a better fit for me? The whole point is for you to decide what fits you best.
Aside from the fact that I am the sum of both Gabrielle and Motherbox, I feel my true gender is non-binary neither just female nor just male.
So I believe I prefer "they.
" That's great! World, allow me to introduce you to Violet Harper.
They are the best person I know.
- Hello, world.
- Nice to meet you.

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