Young Justice s04e15 Episode Script

Ebb Tide

- [Clark.]
Thanks, Bibbo.
- Mm-hm.
[door opens.]
[door closes.]
Superman, we need to talk.
I think you're a little confused.
We're not confused, but we do need your help.
[theme music playing.]
Poseidonis needs us.
Annax Orin.
- Anything? - No.
We have found neither foot nor fin of Ocean-Master.
No apologies necessary.
Orm has always been a slippery fish.
And I am aware Black Lightning has twice pulled you away to lead missions for the League.
Much of this still makes little sense to me.
Ocean-Master, both before and after he was revealed as my brother, always had a method to his madness.
He was never about sowing chaos for chaos' sake.
What did he truly hope to gain from his attack? He had to know that even in success, Atlantis would never have accepted him as king.
Perhaps, after six years in an Atlantean prison he simply wanted vengeance.
But then, why wait so long to take it? And your report, La'gaan? I wish I had better news, Annax.
There's unrest in nearly every city-state, particularly in Xebel.
Yes, incited by Xebel's own King Nereus, mass demonstrations, protest well, this.
Poseidonis' needs seem to supersede those of the other seven principalities.
Our resources may be stretched thin, but we could not leave Poseidonis in ruins.
For the pride of Atlantis, Orm cannot be seen to have won.
And the funds for these repairs came from Poseidonis' own General Fund, not from the Atlantean Treasury.
But with respect, My King, this is not how the people perceive the decision.
Ah, yes, perception.
When I was Aquaman, everyone complained my focus was not on Atlantis.
Now that it is my sole concern, no one is ever satisfied with my decisions.
- Heavy the head that wears the crown.
- [sighs.]
I knew you would understand, Kaldur'ahm.
Whoa! Well, Ghosty, we've covered a lot of ground, and have gotten exactly nowhere.
I'm still hoping this heat trail leads us to something.
Anyway, what choice do we have? You know, besides admitting we're actually dead.
[grunts, groans.]
Ma'al, ma'al, ma'al! This is never gonna work.
[creature roaring.]
Husband, rumors ride the currents of every city-state concerning the mysterious stranger with the power to defeat Neptune's Trident.
It all fits the Prophecy of the One True King.
An enemy attacked and was driven away.
How many times has that happened before? Even against Ocean-Master and the Trident? Yes, we had help, but that hardly fulfills any prophecies.
Whether it does or does not will hardly stop the rumors.
All right.
What are the exact words of this Prophecy? Show me the Tablet of the Widowhood and the Prophecy of the One True King.
"Do seek Atlantis' Savior when, The Labors Three are done, and then, We crown our King, the One, the True, And celebrate as all renew.
The Stranger come from out our past To quell the Trident's threat at last Shall herald Seas that bring Red Death, But Three will rise, restoring breath.
When best of these gains Arion's Crown, Our One True King revives renown.
Anoint this King, the One, the True, And celebrate as all renew.
" [exhales.]
So the first condition of the Prophecy seems to have been met, perhaps, too perfectly.
Is it possible Orm threw the fight to make a hero out of his conqueror? That kind of manipulation, at least, is more his style.
Possibly, though the stranger did have real magic, real power.
Another reason why we must find them both, my brother and the stranger.
Until now, the priority has been to repair the city and capture Orm, but gather the Widowhood, make the search for 'our savior' their top priority.
I will see to it.
Delphis, I am certain the families displaced by Ocean-Master's attack appreciate your help.
I am not certain you understand how much I value the opportunity to be offering help to someone other than myself.
That has not been my history.
Then you are welcome to stay, helping for as long as you wish.
Oh, thank you, Kaldur.
Um, could you please call your parents? They do not want to be a bother, but they are very worried about you.
Yes, of course.
We shall give you some privacy.
[device chiming.]
- Kaldur.
- Hello.
Calvin, it's Kaldur.
- I hope you are both well.
- [Calvin.]
We are.
And very glad you called.
For which, I assume, we have Delphis to thank.
I would have called on my own.
Eventually, but thank you.
The truth is, son, we're worried about you.
Wyynde tell us you've been hunting Ocean-Master in between missions for the Justice League.
While still trying to mourn your friend Conner.
We have talked about this.
You take on too much.
Yes, we have talked about this.
I only do what must be done.
You do more than that.
You always have, ever since you were a child.
As a child, I learned to be responsible from the both of you.
[both chuckle.]
- Oh - You learned to be responsible because of us, certainly.
But we were anything but good role models of that virtue.
Stop, you were wonderful parents.
We gave you love, always.
And maybe that was the best and most important gift we could have given you.
But you forget how it was.
I was never home.
I was always leaving you alone with your mother.
And I was suffering from depression.
There were days I could not leave our home.
You were my little soldier, parenting me.
You overstate things.
No, but it is sweet you remember hard times fondly.
You took odd jobs when I could find no work anywhere in Shayeris, except with Krush's criminal gang.
We eventually got our acts together.
Your mother sought help, I found my way.
But the pattern was set.
Military training, sorcery school, becoming protege to the King.
Kaldur, you have always been the adult in the room.
You need to take time to just be you.
No, not until Orm is captured.
- He is too great a threat to Atlantis.
- [both sigh.]
- [Wyynde.]
Kaldur You need to see this.
- Huh? Mother, Father, I have to go.
- Of course.
- We will talk again soon.
My friend Clark said you wanted to see me.
Um, okay.
Thank Clark for us? Look, we have a lot to explain.
It would help if you'd allow me to telepathically link No.
We talk with words.
I don't know you well enough to give you access to my mind.
Fine, we are from the future.
We came back to your era to prevent a disaster.
The death of Superboy.
[Chameleon Boy.]
We did save his life outside the U.
a year ago, and no one knew, But on Mars we failed.
We can't tell you how sorry we are.
We really can't.
If what you say is true, why not go back in time and try again? [sigh.]
[Saturn Girl.]
Our Time-Sphere was destroyed.
We're stranded here now.
Just the two of you? [Chameleon Boy.]
There were three of us, but we lost our friend in the same explosion that killed Superboy.
I saw no evidence of a second fatality.
[Saturn Girl.]
Neither did we.
But the last time we saw her, she was flying to save Superboy.
And she never came back to us.
Eventually, we were forced to conclude [sighs.]
she hadn't made it.
I'm so sorry.
But, if you lost your Time-Sphere, how did you get here from Mars? - We asked for help and she said yes.
- She? Thank you for the warning, Nimue.
We haven't much time.
[creature howling.]
[creature screeching.]
- [creature roaring.]
- [Conner grunts, groans.]
Mother of Goat, Conner, get it together.
You have to believe to touch anything.
You know that! - [creature roaring.]
- [Conner grunts.]
No! [roaring angrily.]
[angry cry.]
- Mera, what - Listen.
A new Chaos Lord was here.
Worse than Klarion.
She created this pillar of fire, the source of these red waters.
Anything the red touches, dies.
I have warned the sea life to steer clear.
High King Orin, to all city-states, this is a priority alert.
Stay away from Poseidonis and the red water.
If you are within Poseidonis' dome, stay inside.
Do not open the portals, or allow any Atlanteans to exit.
That is an order.
- But - Understood.
No! I can't maintain our protection and my construct.
- Kaldur, take over the sphere.
- Yes, My Queen.
- What can I do? - Exactly what you have been.
So, crowd control.
Blubber! [gasps.]
Help! He's my best friend.
I You cannot.
The Red would breach the dome, dooming us all.
Help! You must get me beyond the Red.
[Kaldur strains.]
- Huh? King Orin? - Hold on.
You should have led with Bio-Ship.
She's a darn good character reference.
What do you need? You have to understand, Superboy was a great inspiration to us.
With him dead, your future, our present is a galactic disaster.
So, we need you to take his place at a crucial moment in time.
We need you to be in Happy Harbor, Rhode Island, ten years from today, at 12 noon exactly.
And do what? As Legionnaires, we have often asked ourselves the question Superboy asked.
"What would Superman do?" So, when the time comes, ask yourself, "What would Superboy do?" [Chameleon Boy.]
That's all we can ask, or reveal.
I can do that, or try, at least.
But what about the two of you? It's best we don't tell you.
The timestream's fragile.
We're taking a huge risk saying this much.
And you can't tell anyone about us, or Bio-Ship or anything.
So, please, get on board, so we can get out of the way.
[device beeps.]
Black Lightning to Superman, we're facing a global mystic crisis.
I need you in Agra at the Taj Mahal.
On my way.
I have to go.
Good luck.
To us all.
Getting Superman to take Superboy's place should have fixed everything, given us an instant reset.
So clearly Superman failed.
Didn't make it to Happy Harbor or something.
You don't know that.
After multiple dousings of Chronoton Radiation, we may be so far outside our original timeline, we may never know if we fixed things or not.
All we can do is keep trying.
Get Blubber inside and seal the dome.
- As you command.
- Thank you, Your Majesty.
Careful, brother.
I cannot believe even you would capitalize on this calamity for your own ends.
Then, for once, you are right, Orin.
I have, in fact, come to help.
After all, who wants to be master of a dead ocean? Now, hadn't you better retreat? Re-entering Poseidonis is impossible, and I certainly have no intention of saving your worthless skin.
[grunts angrily.]
[creature screeching.]
[grunting, straining.]
Together, then! [Mera straining.]
[eel screeching.]
[strained grunts.]
My Queen, what will Ocean-Master do should you both succeed? Try to kill us, probably.
But one crisis at a time.
[eel screeching.]
Still it resists.
- [creature snarling.]
- [Conner grunts.]
- [creature snarls.]
- [Conner screams.]
[grunting angrily.]
[angry grunt.]
[shrieking, grunting.]
[both grunting.]
[enraged grunts.]
Ghosty, you're all right.
Ugh, why am I the only thing that's solid to this creature? [creature snarling.]
- It's attracted to my rage? - [creature snarling.]
[deep breath.]
[Wolf grunts and Sphere beeps.]
[creature snarling.]
Phew! Well, we survived the monster.
But obviously, it's pointless following that thing's heat trail, so, now what? [sighs.]
What am I gonna do? [exhales.]
M'gann, what am I gonna do? [wrench turning.]
Suppression beams! [grunts.]
With everything we have! Do seek Atlantis' Savior when The Labors Three are done, and then, We crown our King, the One, the True, And celebrate as all renew.
The Stranger come from out our past To quell the Trident's threat at last.
Shall herald Seas that bring Red Death, But Three will rise, restoring breath.
When best of these gains Arion's Crown, Our One True King revives renown.
Anoint this King, the One, the True, And celebrate as all renew.
Neptune's Beard.
The Prophecy.
Prophecy? [all.]
[loud explosion.]
[grunting, panting.]
- [Kaldur shrieks.]
- [Ocean-Master laughs.]
[grunts, groans.]
[distant whispers.]
The Prophecy.
Delphis, stay here.
Fool! You think to thwart me again? [grunts.]
No! Orm of Poseidonis, you are under arrest! No.
Not again.
Never again! [both grunting.]
[Orm groans.]
[Orm grunts.]
Take him away.
Our pleasure, Annax.
You will regret this, brother.
Delphis, is he Kaldur'ahm will be all right.
[grunts wearily.]
- And the queen? - I am fine, Husband.
Or will be.
[Mera gasps.]
- Here.
- Wait.
You have saved us twice.
Who are you? [clears throat.]
Merely a wanderer.
Happy to have been of service to the Crown.
But what is your name? I doubt you would have heard of me.
Nevertheless, we want to thank and honor you.
I neither need nor want such things.
Please? [sighs.]
In days gone by, I was called Arion.
Arion? Arion, Lord of Atlantis? Arion, the Founder of Atlantis? Arion, the Failure of Atlantis.
Did you hear that? What did he say? [all.]
Arion, Arion, Arion.
Arion, Arion.
Um, who is this Arion? The answer, perhaps, to an ancient question.
Said answer thus raising a thousand questions more.
Arion, Arion, Arion! - [doorbell ringing.]
- [door unlocking.]
[Saturn Girl.]
Kid Flash, we need to talk.
[device beeping.]
[Vandal Savage sighs.]
No, I think not.
Though the crisis with Child has passed, I believe we should leave our valued assets here, where they may be kept safe against the next crisis.
Inevitably, another one always seems to be coming down the pike.
Have Psimon confirm that the Psy-Backs are all intact.
Update the inventory.
Then seal this chamber, making certain I have the only key.
And be quick about it.
Our focus must turn to Project Thrinos.
As of now, it is our sole priority.

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