Young Justice s04e16 Episode Script

Emergency Dive

Forager is very happy to welcome Baby to our Hive.
Forager will also miss Bio-Ship very, very much.
But Forager is happy that Bio-Ship will graduate to a new life stage of rest and retirement on Mars.
Forager knows Bio-Ship wished for such.
How is Megan Morse doing? Uh, there are good days and bad days.
More bad than good, to be honest, but I'm keeping busy.
I helped Em'ree move in upstairs, and get a job at the Erdel Initiative.
I'm also closing up Conner's affairs, and that's very painful, but my teammates and the Kents and my friends, everyone has been so wonderful, stopping by, offering support, and so, so many casseroles.
Megan Morse's Hive can help Megan Morse get traught.
Has Megan Morse seen Garfield Logan? We've talked on the phone, and he was the first person that called when I got back from M'arzz.
But Megan Morse has not met with Garfield Logan? Not yet.
I imagine has been busy with Space Trek and The Outsiders and Perdita.
Garfield Logan has left Space Trek 3016.
Garfield Logan no longer goes on missions with the Outsiders, and Garfield Logan has broken up with Perdita Vladek.
Forager thinks Megan Morse should go see Garfield Logan.
Must we do this? It is humiliating.
We apologize, Lord Arion, but it has been almost a month since you revealed yourself, and all of Atlantis has been chanting your name.
Certainly you can see the need for us to confirm your identity.
If it is easier, I can simply tell people I lied about being Arion.
We are not trying to make things easy.
We merely seek the truth.
Please, just perform a little magic for us.
Anything will do.
Behold Arion.
the great Lord and failure of Atlantis.
Well? Uh, the test is not conclusive, but your magical residue is indeed, uh, unique.
Your magicks are of an older strain than any we have encountered before.
Our readings concur, and your DNA is a match with Batman's samples for both Vandal and Cassandra Savage.
Then, it would seem we have as much confirmation of your immortality as possible.
Short of a direct comparison to Arion's DNA from ancient Atlantis.
I'm afraid we did not think to collect DNA samples 12,000 years ago.
Unless we finally found your legendary crown with surviving hair follicles attached.
Our prophecies speak of your crown.
Do you know where it is? My crown, like my kingdom, was lost the day Atlantis was sunk, buried by the sands of time, and entombed by the gravestone you call Xebel.
For centuries, archaeologists have searched for the crown in the ancient ruins beneath Xebel.
Those excavations barely go down a millennium.
The Earth consumed Atlantis 12 times that many years ago.
Whatever remains of those ruins, my ruins, are likely beyond your grasp.
Don't shift your legs.
Keep your head straight and back straight, eyes focused on your landing point.
Oh, you've got it.
You've got it.
Very smooth.
It's harder than it looks.
Stand up, get up Let's get traught Try, try again with all you've got! Okay, okay, this is getting old.
We're not getting anywhere.
I know you can find your way back to me.
I believe in you, Conner.
We'll get through this together.
I love you.
Love you, too, M'gann.
Don't know what I'd do without you.
Arion! Arion! Arion! Arion! Lord Arion, forgive me if I overstep, but you have been hiding in sanctuary here for weeks now.
There are Atlanteans below from all eight City-States.
Could you not say something to give these people hope? I never wanted this, Chian.
With respect, my Lord, what else could you expect? You single-handedly saved Poseidonis twice.
I owed Atlantis that much.
If I could sneak away unnoticed, without causing a riot I would.
Arion! Arion! They're rioting in Xebel, in Arion's name.
King Nereus must be stewing in his own juices.
I believe that is called irony.
Father has been actively alienating his citizens from Poseidonis and you for years.
Suddenly he's surprised Xebelians want a new order? His attempts to sway the masses now fall on ears that only hear the Prophecy.
A prophecy that merely muddies the waters.
"The stranger come from out our past.
The Trident's threat, the Red Death, the True King.
" Orin, even I must admit, these elements of the prophecy resonate with Arion's recent deeds, and understandably, with all of Atlantis.
As you can see, Kaldur'ahm, this is a delicate and complex situation.
Take a covert squad to Xebel to search for Arion's crown.
The Watchtower performed a deep geo-scan of the area.
It discovered a vast subterranean pocket ocean beneath Xebel's sea floor.
By the Gods.
This may contain the ruins of ancient Atlantis, of which Arion has spoken.
Find a way into this undersea without drawing attention.
Maintain radio silence.
News of this search would only heighten unrest.
For the sake of all Atlantis, we must prove or disprove this Prophecy.
Of course, Annax.
I can't believe you called Perdita.
You had no right.
You're missing the point, Gar.
Perdita and I are both worried about you.
Self-medicating may help block your pain in the short term, but, in the long term, it only blocks your healing process.
I don't need your healing process.
Just some sleep.
Gar, please.
We learned on M'arzz you had underlying emotional trauma you needed to deal with.
Hallucinating about Brion didn't come from nowhere.
You were terrified of losing another family member.
- And that was before - Before Conner died? You can't even say it.
Maybe I'm not the one who needs help.
Maybe I do need help, but we're talking about you now, and you promised to seek counseling when you got back to Earth.
Because I was diagnosed by someone posing as you in my mind? Like I'm going to trust that.
We still have no clue who it was.
For all we know, it was Conner's killer.
Fine, but now I'm saying you're suffering from depression, maybe post-traumatic stress disorder.
You have all the classic symptoms.
Let me guess.
Sleeplessness, self-medication, withdrawal from normal activities, pushing love ones away? - Yes, you're doing all of that.
- No kidding.
I've been here before, right? When Mom died, when Rita died, Chief, Negative Woman, Tula, Jason, Ted, Wally.
I survived it all.
I know the pitfalls, and I know how to get through this in my own way.
It's clearly different this time.
Don't forget, I was there, Gar, through all of it.
I've seen how strong you are, but everyone has a breaking point, and you're well past yours.
You need help.
No one knows what I need better than I do, so just leave me alone.
Does Kaldur'ahm not understand how close our baby's arrival is? What if the big day comes early and you're not here? I'm sure he would rather reconsider than have to explain your absence to our soon-to-be-born child.
Coral, Rodunn, my loves, It is an honor, not a burden that Kaldur chose me for this mission.
I will be back in a few short days.
Be patient, little one.
Easy for you to say.
I will see you all again soon, because? We never say goodbye.
You said you would take a break after Orm was captured.
Well he was captured weeks ago, and you have not slowed down.
Let someone else take this mission.
I cannot.
The King has entrusted it to me.
In any case, I am fine.
As you are coming with La'gaan and I, you will see that.
On your secret mission for the King? - Yes.
- May I come? I am sorry, Delphis.
You have your volunteer work here, and you are not trained for such things.
If you need anything, call my parents.
What if you need something, Kaldur'ahm? Thank you! Exactly.
It's a long way to jump.
Come on! Jumping is totally your thing.
You can do this with your eyes closed.
But, like, don't close your eyes for real, 'cause you might miss and fall forever through a terrifying abyss.
I might miss anyway.
It's a long way to jump.
Dude, we'll make it.
We'll make it together.
But what's the point? - Look at us.
- Okay, sure.
We're dead.
Ghosts, phantoms, spirits, whatever.
But I don't think we're in Heaven or in Hell.
We're in some kind of Purgatory, so, we have to keep moving.
Climb the mountain, leap the chasm, pass the test and prove ourselves worthy.
Only way to reach our final destination.
It's a long way to jump.
Always is.
When it matters, it always will be.
But we can do it.
We just need a running start.
Back again? How many times can I tell you I do not know this so-called Arion? I'm not here to talk about Arion.
I'm here to talk about the past.
Our past.
How far back does it go? What are you babbling about now? Did Vandal Savage turn you, or did you hate me from the moment we met? When I first came to Atlantis and our mother tried to make us a family, were you already plotting against me? Oh, please, Orin.
You had me in this cell for six years.
You came to visit me 16 times.
Haven't we covered all this? Find DNA on this and run tests.
You want me to run tests on your brother? I want to run tests to see if he is my brother.
Now I must go.
Go? You cannot go now.
The kingdom I leave our kingdom in your capable hands.
Ugh, ma'al.
I was just coming up to get you.
For the intervention.
For the intervention.
All right.
Let's get this over with.
Who's first? Ah, hermano, don't be like that.
Can't we just be cool here? The way we made the Outsiders cool with the world.
The world was not cool with us metas before the Outsiders.
- You pulled the Outsiders together.
- Yes! Togetherness.
Symbiose, right? Key point here.
Like, look at Windfall, and even Livewire They're with the Outsiders now 'cause you inspired them.
Inspired, yes! You inspired meta kids all over the world.
- With your big mouth.
- Big mouth? - His, uh, voice.
Your voice! - Your voice! The one-of-a-kind Garfield Logan! We miss you, man.
We just want you to get some help.
And like, how bad would that be? We all need a little help sometimes.
That way we can all get back to inspiring folks.
Nice routine.
You have the timing down perfect.
Now take it on the road.
You can't talk to my guys that way.
Especially because they're our guys.
I know you know better, because you taught me better, and I know you still have more to teach.
Gar, when you went to Mars, I thought I was just filling in as leader.
So, okay, if you don't want to lead again, that's fine, but I still need my friend and mentor back.
And that can't happen until you help yourself.
So? So, the leader thing, figure it out yourself.
I did.
Like you, I have long opposed Orin's rule, but transferring your loyalty to this false legend - False legend? - Blasphemy! Arion is the true king of Atlantis! - Surrender your throne.
- To Arion! Keep them back.
Teach them duty.
The King's Watch would silence us! Nereus would silence us.
We will use the unrest in Xebel to cover our infiltration.
Then, per the Watchtower's intel, we will make our way to the Grave of Legends.
It is a holy site.
But Nereus' Watch will be stretched thin dealing with the crowds.
We should be able to work undetected.
Neptune's Beard! Wyynde, he looks like you.
Well, some of us are the direct descendants of the old heroes.
The ground between Xebel and the undersea beneath is thinnest here.
This is where we dig.
Should not one of us stand watch for guards? Better to complete the job quickly.
Arion! Pardon, my Lord.
You had no wish to cause a riot, but rioting has begun.
Xebel is in chaos.
Only you can restore peace.
These are matters for Atlantis' current leaders.
Nobody will listen to them.
The riots are in your name.
Then, I will discuss Xebel with the High King.
Annax Orin has left the palace.
Lord Arion, our absent king left orders for you to remain here, but I can sneak you out.
Will you look at this? A poor little goldfish has lost his way.
Your chum Kaldur'ahm was here a month ago and failed to find your brother.
Nothing for you to find here either, except trouble.
I have some experience with trouble.
Oh, not Ninth Tride trouble.
Your authority means nothing here.
My loyal subjects may disagree.
Really, M'chiste, you have nothing to fear from Lemon Sharks, save their teeth.
Danuuth We need to talk.
Sorry, did I just hear you say you figured everything out on your own? 'Cause no frickin' way.
Gar, you never had to figure nothing out alone.
I was there after you lost your mom.
It was bad.
Real bad.
But you got help.
From me, from Rita, from Megan.
And 'cause of that, you never lost your optimism, your desire to do right, to help people.
Like how you helped me.
I was nothing but a brain stuck in a frickin' metal jar.
But you showed me the only jar holding me back was the one I put myself in.
You set me free.
And then our little Doom Patrol had to go and make the ultimate sacrifice, 'cause that's what us heroes do, right? Rita, Chief, Val gone.
Game over.
Then they found my friggin' head at the bottom of that river and woke me up.
My only thought was that I should've died too.
And again, you were there.
Convinced me that my survivin' was a gift.
The last gift I could give them that's gone.
That Garfield Logan would never have abandoned his friends, his family, or the world, like you're doing now.
So if you think I'm going to sit back and let you lock your brain away in this Premiere Building jar, well, you got another thing coming, kid.
You came back from the dead to give that speech? Next.
You having a good time? It's easy, almost fun to dismiss all these people who love you.
Easier and more fun than actually dealing with your problems, than actually facing your grief.
But you're not the only one grieving, the only one hurting.
I can't help you if you withdraw from everyone you care about, including me.
And you can't help me either.
And I need you, Gar.
I need my brother.
I'm sorry.
I don't want to be needed.
I can't take being needed anymore, so stop telling me how to fix myself.
I'm doing this my way.
Oh, wait, that's everyone.
The end.
Fine, but there's one thing you can't do alone.
Black Lightning made annual mental health checks mandatory.
Yours is past due.
So unless you're prepared to permanently leave the Team, the Justice League and the Outsiders, you have to attend one therapy session with Black Canary.
All right, Kon-El.
On your feet.
Time to make your next jump.
Easy for you to say.
You can fly.
Besides, what's the use? I'm nearly out of asteroids.
They don't lead anywhere anyway.
I know what you're gonna say.
Never give up.
There are people who love and need me.
I just need to believe in myself the way they do, but it's hopeless.
Come on, Kal, you don't play fair.
Please I'm all about fair play.
Come on.
I'll go first.
Kal! Stop it.
Stop! No.
- What was that? - This way.
Over here.
- Too close.
- I recognize that show of light.
Because light shows are totally my thing.
Delphis, would you like to join our mission? Mm, I believe I already have.
Did we know the head up there had a body down here? Cave in! Go, go! Kaldur, your drill.
Shield yourselves! Moded.
- Kaldur - I am fine, Wyynde.
So, no turning back then? No.
No turning back.
We can dig our way out when ready.
But we have a mission to complete for our king.
It is as I feared, Mera.
The Orm currently in our prison, spoke of our 16 visits together during his prior incarceration.
Visits that never happened.
I did go to the prison 16 times, but each time, I chose to depart without seeing him.
A fact this Orm did not know.
I tracked down my brother's former lieutenant, Danuuth, who confirmed my suspicions.
Before we captured this Orm, Danuuth spend a month with him.
He said Orm's memories of events after the true Ocean Master was imprisoned, were spotty, at best.
So Danuuth came to believe this Orm was an imposter.
Not surprising, Annax.
This new Orm is a clone of the original.
It was good work.
If I had not been looking for it, I would not have found it.
But why clone Orm? Where is your actual brother? And what is his and the Light's game? I am not sure, but I still suspect the simultaneous arrivals of both the clone Orm and the Prophecy's savior cannot be a coincidence.
I need to have another chat with Lord Arion.
Then we have a problem.
Arion has disappeared, as has Chian.
No one saw them leave, and no one knows where they went.
When Forager looks back on Forager's journey to Class Valedictorian, Forager sees Forager's greatest lessons came not only from Forager's books and teachers, but also from Forager's identity as Fred Bugg with two Gs.
Forager was once just a frightened larva, foraging for friendship and a future far from home.
To blend in among the Earth drones, Forager became Fred Bugg with two Gs.
Eventually, Forager felt Fred Bugg with two Gs was a lie, and a problem, but problems can be lessons.
And this lesson taught Forager that Fred Bugg with two Gs, was actually Forager's pupa stage, readying Forager to metamorphosize into a new Bug with one G, a true Outsider, proudly standing up and out for all of Forager's Earth Hive! So, now, Forager gratefully urges his Happy Harbor High School Hive Graduating Class to learn from Forager's lesson of Gs, both two and one.
Stand up, stand out, metamorphosize and forage the future! Graduation!
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