Young Justice s04e18 Episode Script

Beyond the Grip of the Gods!

So that's the plan, my love.
Okay? Okay, Mommy.
Stop! That's not how that goes.
Sorry, I forgot.
Amistad, come on.
We've got to go.
I want a black-and-white cookie.
You just had breakfast.
It's time to go see Daddy.
Wool hat.
It's August.
You don't need a hat.
You'll be too warm in that hat.
I can't go to Daddy without my wool hat.
We'll look for the hat.
No hat.
No hat.
No hat.
No hat.
Sorry, baby, I couldn't find it, - but Daddy can get you a new hat.
- No! No! No, no, no! How about that black-and-white cookie? - Okay.
- Okay.
- Wool hat! - No, Amistad.
That's final.
She smells bad.
Excuse me, young man? I am so sorry.
He's very sensitive to perfumes.
He didn't mean it the way it sounded.
I did mean it.
She does smell bad.
You can't just say that kind of thing.
It's not polite.
It's not polite for her to smell bad.
Your boy needs to learn some manners.
Do not tell me what my son needs.
Sixteenth Avenue is next.
We have to get off at Seventeenth today.
We always get off at Sixteenth Avenue to go to Daddy's.
The train won't stop there today.
The station's closed for construction.
We always get off at Sixteenth Avenue - to go to Daddy's.
- Next stop, Seventeenth Avenue.
Uh, we need to talk.
Hey, little man.
Now, go inside.
I left your cars out.
- Wheels up? - You know it.
- Hard morning? - It was fine.
You have the Justice League codes to reach me if there's a problem? Uh, about that.
We've got Amistad's school conference next week to go over his IEP.
Can we just stop with the acronyms? And no, I won't be back in time, but I don't see the need for that, and it's pointless anyway.
They just don't get him at that school.
They don't understand how intelligent he is.
No one's denying he's intelligent, Raquel, but that doesn't change the fact that the specialists have diagnosed him with autism.
He has outbursts in class that his teachers can't handle.
Not while trying to wrangle 20 other kids.
We have to face this, deal with it, and get him the help he needs.
Not today.
I'm already late.
Bye, my baby.
I love you.
I'll be home soon.
Lost in space? Hmm? No, we're right on course.
I can see that.
And frankly, after being cooped up on the Javelin for two days, I'm ready to stretch my legs.
Is Flash ready to stretch Flash's legs for Flash's first mission as a Justice Leaguer? Yes.
Nice being the new kid for a change.
Oh, Forager can see Forager's old Forest Hive from here.
Well, you'll have to give me a tour when we get down there.
This isn't a pleasure cruise.
We're here to represent Earth at the Summit, get a treaty signed if we can.
Well yeah.
Justice League meets the New Gods meets the Green Lantern Corps.
Big old Hero Summit.
A sure-fire hoot.
- Hoot? - You heard me.
Any last minute advice on navigating New Genesis? Forager is unsure what to tell Rocket.
Forager has not been to Forager's home world in over a year.
And Forager has never been to Supertown before.
Forager is unsure how useful Forager will be.
Nos Kemnos, Kagenna Danjar The New Gods welcome the Justice League to New Genesis.
Thank you.
Technically, Forager is an Outsider.
Ready to receive landing coordinates.
Coordinates will not be necessary.
Simply follow the Lightray.
Welcome, honored guests.
I am Solis, called Lightray.
Allow me to introduce Highfather Iyaza the Inheritor, Highmother Avia, the Wisdom Bringer, and their son Orion, Dog of War.
Dog of War? What brings you today, Antinoos? Another delivery of drained crystals, Captain Celestia.
Forager is honored to meet Highfather.
Welcome to Supertown.
The first Bug to be so welcomed, and high time, too.
The representatives from the Green Lantern Corps will arrive tomorrow.
In the meantime, I will escort you to your quarters.
This is unknown technology.
It should be confiscated for study.
Kid, you're going to want to rethink that policy.
My son, Rocket is our honored guest.
Fine, request withdrawn.
Excuse me, I A Bug? How unusual.
A thief has broken into our secured warehouse.
Hunger Dogs, hear me.
We outnumber the New Gods on Apokolips a thousand to one.
If we all rose up together, we could even overthrow Darksei Don't you say it, Graggin.
You'll get us all killed, or worse, reeducated.
Now shut up, get down and get out of my bar! You really believe all that? It's simple math.
Of course, I do.
No one ever taught me math before now.
Come with me.
There are others you should meet.
- I can help.
- That's not protocol.
Come on.
It'll give you a chance to see my unknown technology in action.
My priorities do not include Help would be appreciated.
No! Impressive.
To time one's descent with Supertown's trajectory and speed in order to drop into the lake below required calculation worthy of Motherbox.
The environment has been charged with Radion particles.
Motherbox cannot track the thief.
Then we'll take the direct approach.
- Let me out.
- Underwater? Let me out now! You all right? Fine.
I am fine.
Great, 'cause the thief got away.
Who are you? I am the Superboy.
Who are you? A genomorph.
Who are you? A clone made from the DNA of the Superman.
Why? To replace Superman should he perish.
To destroy him should he turn from the light.
That's right, my boy.
Very good.
Thank you, Father.
A capable female.
How do you know she's female? Is not the Bug's gender obvious? Why is a Bug privy to this meeting? This is not the Bug that committed the crime.
And this Bug may be able to help us catch that Bug.
Do we know what exactly was stolen? A Radion-powered Ruction Cell.
It must be ancient.
Five or six thousand years old at least.
No wonder it was warehoused.
It's both obsolete and dangerous.
Does the other Bug know that? I think not.
We must retrieve this Cell before someone gets hurt.
We must search the hive near the lake.
Notice the Bug's markings.
This Bug is of the mountain hive.
Mmm, I thought you might be useful.
We can all be useful.
What is this place? The last stop for the Resistance.
Another rebel against Lord Darkseid.
Rebel? I never thought of rebelling until I heard you speak.
But you were susceptible.
Take this traitor to the reeducation center.
No! Very good, Ma'alefa'ak.
That's the sixteenth traitor you've arrested.
My father is pleased and summons you for an audience.
At last If Hive can harness this device, Hive can bring power to entire Mountain.
Forager has brought a great gift to the Mountain Hive.
Kadan, Forager! Forager, Kadan! Warning! New Gods approach the Hive.
Stay here.
But Forager Forager trusts Larvae will keep this great prize safe.
Yes, Larvae will! Motherbox is Radion-blocked.
The Ruction Cell must be in the vicinity.
Don't suppose Motherbox is blocked in any particular direction? I could check all those tunnels pretty quick.
Not Barry-Allen-quick, but still "Barry Allen" does not translate, yet I get the gist and I am with you.
Highfather has a rule against entering Bug Hives without permission.
A wise rule indeed.
Bugs of the Mountain Hive, Orion has come to retrieve the Ruction Cell stolen from the New Gods.
Bugs know not of any Ruction Cell.
- Ruction Cell? - What's a Ruction Cell? Can Bugs eat Ruction Cell? There is no point in feigning ignorance.
We know one of this Hive's Foragers stole our property.
But do not all Foragers look alike to New Gods? How can New Gods know that a Forager of the Mountain Hive stole the New God's important Cell.
Forager is Forager.
Hello, Forager.
Forager is also Forager.
Please listen.
Your safety is at risk.
The Ruction Cell New Gods always believe New God technology is too advanced for Bugs.
And yet Forager's friend Rocket speaks the truth about the Ruction Cell.
If Forager did forage Cell, then Cell is Forager's.
Or has Forager spent so much time with New Gods, Forager has forgotten what it means to forage.
Forager rolls with Forager's Hive.
Forager assumes Forager does the same.
But if Cell explodes, Forager will have no Hive.
No Elders.
No Foragers.
No Larvae to roll with.
Highfather has a rule against entering Bug Hives without permission.
But an exception can be made to protect life.
If New Gods even break faith with New God rules, Bugs will defend Hive! Forager will bring New Gods to the Cell.
He will? Forager will not.
But Forager will.
No, this isn't going to get confusing at all.
Forager will be pleased with Larvae for protecting Hive's new prize! Larvae are much like Forager! Up in the sky, it's Superman! Excellent work.
Always good to see our new Superman doing the occasional rescue.
Like this Tower, it provides the appropriate symbolism.
Keeps the mob cheering now that the old Superman and his crimes are all but forgotten.
Is this a job for Superman? No.
Toyman's just doing us a small favor.
We need to save our boy for more important tasks.
As when he dispatched that untrustworthy vigilante.
Or when he dismantled that orbiting threat to all mankind.
These are the things he excels at.
And you are excelling, my son.
But you've yet to reach your full potential.
You know what you must do? No, Father.
She's slowing you down, son.
But To survive, you must shed useless attachments.
Clean your slate.
Time to let her go.
Many exits emerge from the Hive.
Larvae could have taken any one, making Larvae's current trajectory hard to predict.
I'll run a search pattern.
Good idea.
I'll fly one.
Around Forest Hive, Larvae favor common Larvae trails.
Where would Mountain Larvae go? Follow Forager.
Lord Darkseid.
I have done all I was tasked with.
Having proven my worth, I ask you to fulfill your promise.
Darkseid is neither amused nor impressed with Ma'alefa'ak's impudence.
But complete one final task for your Dread Lord, and you shall be granted your boon.
I await Darkseid's command.
Mantis, approach, with the Kaizer-Thrall.
I assume you observe.
Show yourself.
Uhm, what is it you want me to do? Darkseid instructs both Mantis and Ma'alefa'ak to follow this one's orders as if they were Darkseid's own.
I know Mantis.
Who are you? I am Lor.
- Ooh! - What did Larva do? Larva did nothing! Larva swears.
Stop what you're doing and return the Ruction Cell to me.
New Gods have found Larvae and will take Forager's gift! Larvae, stop! That device is dangerous to Larvae and the Hive.
Drop it and run! I'll put a Force-Bubble around it! This is New God honor? Violence against Larvae? Ugh, I don't know how long we have.
My tech won't bottle that type of energy long.
Flash, get those kids to safety! Roger that! - Rocket, release him! - Are you serious? Look at him! Please, he's claustrophobic.
You must release him before you do irreparable damage.
It seems the Ruction Cell is dormant now but still dangerous.
Metron, over there, is supposed to take it to his "Inter Dimensional Vault" for safekeeping.
I lost control again.
Another inheritance from my biological father.
You are not him and never will be.
By the way, kid, good job.
Without your insight, we never would have found the Cell in time.
You both did great.
I wish I had done as well.
I totally froze up in the clutch.
Don't be so hard on yourself.
Everyone's safe after all.
That doesn't cut it.
I've got to lead negotiations tomorrow And I'll be negotiating with a monster.
It's time to shed this last burden.
I just don't know.
What don't you know? Talking to yourself or someone else? I'm guessing the latter.
Which means you're suffering from Zone-Sickness.
We all go through it.
How do I know you're not a hallucination? Because we've never seen each other before.
At any rate, I don't recall ever seeing you.
Do I look familiar? No.
Well, that's because I'm real.
Or as real as anything gets around here.
I'm real.
You're real.
And that girl you're carrying is real.
Anyone else is just the sickness talking.
I can teach you how to survive, um I am the Superboy.
If you say so.
My name's Dru, by the way, Dru-Zod.
General Dru-Zod.
Every candidate up here would make a fine recruit into our new Justice League reserves.
Oh, and I couldn't find any clear pictures of them, but the recruitment committee should also consider Peacemaker, Etrigan the Demon and the Phantom Stranger.
Plus, in a real planetary crisis, Russia has more Rocket Reds, and China has, well, whatever it is they're not telling us they have.
Orin and Diana have both indicated that Atlantis and the Themyscira are potential untapped resources, too.
We've barely scratched the surface in either kingdom.
Same for Geranium City, perhaps.
We also want to create cooperative plans of action with Mars and maybe Thanagar.
And if Rocket's negotiations go as hoped with New Genesis and Oa as well.
The real question is Markovia.
There are heroes there, but can we be certain Geo-Force and his Infinitors will abide by Justice League standards? Last thing we want or need is for a reserve mission to cost us the trust we've worked so hard to build.

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