Young Justice s04e20 Episode Script

Forbidden Secrets of Civilizations Past!

1 Any word of Metron? Not today, no.
Orion, could we talk? Yes? I've been thinking we got off to a poor start.
I know I reacted badly to the Ruction Cell incident.
But Vykin thinks very highly of you, and I trust Vykin.
So I'd like a chance to start over.
I would like that as well.
I have what we need.
Metron visited his Infinity-Vault two days ago, depositing something called a "Ruction Cell.
" How did you learn this? The details were all on the surface of the Earther Rocket's mind.
She approached me in my guise as Orion, hoping to make peace with the New God, despite the fact that she thoroughly distrusts him.
She believes she's simply making the best of a bad situation, having to negotiate with the Son of Darkseid.
Darkseid's son has allied himself with the New Genesians? How does the Lord of Apokolips tolerate such disloyalty.
This tracer is attuned to the Kaizer-Thrall.
- Two days ago, you said? - Yes, that's the when.
I will show you the where.
Bugs know not of any Ruction Cell.
Ruction cell? What is a ruction cell? Can Bugs eat Ruction cell? There's no point in feigning ignorance.
We know one of this Hive's Foragers stole our property.
But do not all Foragers look alike to New Gods? Now, we'll find out what this thing can do.
Kaizer-Thrall, lock onto the tracer's signal Hmm, right on time.
Yeah, well, didn't have much choice.
Black Lightning's policy requiring annual mental health check-ins for members of the League, Team and Outsiders basically forced me into this.
And you resent that? Nah, it makes sense.
For all of us.
Heh, me especially.
Why you especially? Been a bad boy, right? A total jerk at M'gann's intervention.
I've given it a lot of thought since then, and the truth is I needed that reality check.
And I need this, too, 'cause I'm ready to rejoin the Outsiders.
Huh, that's great.
So I just need to check off some boxes to get you cleared for active duty.
How are you sleeping? It was a little rough at first, but I'm doing fine now.
Well, that's good.
Now, what's this about quitting Space Trek? Just prioritizing.
I I just don't wanna be an actor when I grow up.
Totally reasonable.
And your relationships? I've got some apologizing to do.
But I've got some great friends.
I think they'll let me off the hook.
And how are you handling Conner's death? Still grieving.
But coping.
I'm honestly feeling much better.
- All good.
- Yep.
All good.
This is getting us nowhere.
After this morning, I was hoping we could do better.
I don't know what about this morning would make you think that.
And frankly, I wonder why you are not more co-operative.
The Justice League hasn't given any serious consideration of our request.
You mean your request to hand over Cyborg and Halo? Of course.
Both are hybrids of New God technology that must not be left in the hands of you primitive humans.
Again, that's a non-starter.
Perhaps just Halo then.
As she embodies a portion of Darksied's Anti-Life Equation, you must see it is in her best interest to be safeguarded here by the New Gods.
Halo will be safeguarded by her family.
A family who loves her.
Rocket, see reason - The New Gods withdraw the request.
- We do? We do.
- Sorry, sorry.
Hate to interrupt - Somehow I doubt that.
But I just had to see my old friends, Rocket and Forager.
- It's good to see you - Forager is most pleased to see C'mere! Bear, this is Flash.
Greetings, new friend, Flash.
Nice to meet you, but I'll pass on the bear-hug, uh, Bear.
As you wish.
I, um Oh, Raquel.
I wanted to offer my condolences for Superboy.
I loved that kid.
I really did.
Thank you, Bear.
- We all mourn Conner Kent.
- You said it.
Forager misses Conner Kent greatly.
I heard of Kon-El's death from Hal Jordan.
It saddens me deeply that one of the few remaining genetic Kryptonians has passed.
Particularly a Son of El.
Green Lantern Tomar-Re knew the El Hive? Krypton was in my Space-Sector.
And I was good friends with both the El brothers, Jor-El and Zor-El.
My single greatest regret was failing to save Krypton and the House of El.
This way, son.
But stay close.
It doesn't pay to wander in the Zone.
Is your mind any clearer? Do you remember where you are? - No.
- All right.
Then let's spell it all out.
The Phantom Zone is a huge void of nothing.
We have nothing here.
Nothing but each other.
It helps to stay together.
That's how you keep the Zone-Sickness at bay.
Not to mention the Devourers.
I see you ran into one of those already.
And, by Rao, there are worse things than Devourers here.
That's why there's safety in numbers.
Come on, my boy.
One more jump.
I'm back, and I've brought company.
Let us set a good example for our guest.
That journey was unpleasant.
Locked on the tracer's signal.
That must be the place.
There's Metron.
Shelving the Ruction Cell.
We don't need it anymore.
We're now in synch with this time.
All we have to do is find the Phantom Zone Projector.
Oh, that's all we have to do.
Metron's Vault is immense.
Searching will take days.
Maybe weeks.
Then we'd better get started.
So, how are things with Perdita? Are you two reconciling? No, I I mean, yeah.
We hit a rough patch.
All my fault, really.
But I can fix it.
Call her.
Tell her I'm sorry.
Give us a chance to start over.
- Would you like to call her now? - No! I-I mean I'd want some privacy, right? Some of our make-up calls get pretty hot.
So, tell me about the sleeping pills.
Nothing to tell now.
I'm not using anymore.
Don't need 'em anymore.
So, you wouldn't mind taking a drug test as a formality? Well, see, I only just stopped taking them.
Might still be in my system.
If they're still in your system, do you really feel ready to return to the Outsiders? Look, I know the drill.
I'm managing my symptoms.
- For the short-term or the long? - What's the difference? Short-term solutions, like pills and distancing, only postpone dealing with your issues.
So, what's your long-term solution? To get back with the Outsiders.
Why? You took yourself off mission-rotation months ago, didn't you? That was my choice.
Not yours.
So, you don't really want to go back.
You just don't want someone else taking it away from you.
Yes! No! I It doesn't matter.
You can't take away the Outsiders.
I made that squad.
It's my squad! I can't lose them.
The way you lost Conner? Hey, Conner's hanging with Wally now.
I'm sure they're doing great.
So, this isn't only about Conner? But Conner was like a brother to you, wasn't he? And his death truly rocked you, didn't it? Look, I get it.
I've accepted it.
I know I'm the reason Conner died.
It's all my fault.
What cannot be saved cannot be saved.
We should return to the business at hand.
One minute, Orion.
I wanna talk to friend Forager.
So! I've heard you're spending time with a Mountain Hive Forager, huh, huh? Yes.
In fact, Forager must decide whether to return to Forager's Earth Hive and Forager's Earth friends or stay on New Genesis with Forager.
What? You've known her for two days.
Forager admits Forager has wasted considerable time.
Speaking of wasted time Understand, Raquel, that Bugs practice accelerated courtships relative to humans or New Gods.
Too true.
Dreamer and I seem to have been courting forever.
See, I don't get that.
I knew Joan was the one the moment I laid eyes on her.
I made my move fast.
And that was before I became the Flash.
I suppose short-lived species like Bugs and humans must move fast.
Look, kid, I may not be a New God, but I'm not exactly "short-lived.
" I turned 102 yesterday.
- A hundred and two? - Impressive.
Why? How old are you? Well, not very old.
Just a couple decades over 16,000.
Sixteen thousand years? Well, Earth years.
Bio-waste recycling initiated.
Whoops! Thought I had that on mute.
- Uh, did he just - Sorry.
It's no less appalling than the rest of this conversation.
Birthdays, love affairs.
All trivial, of no import.
Please, rise.
All of you.
This way.
We're slow-playing this one, my love.
Superboy, allow me to introduce my life-mate, Ursa Zod.
Welcome, um, Superboy, is it? And who is this? I've never seen anyone of this species.
I don't know her name or species.
I call her Ghosty.
Where did she come from? I found her when I woke up here.
And she's been unconscious ever since? Yes.
Odd, I've never known anyone to be unconscious in the Zone.
All we are is consciousness.
And it's curious you don't know her.
Look at her burns and yours.
You two must be connected.
Of course, condition doesn't change here.
We don't age, we don't die, we don't heal.
So if she was sent here unconscious, she may never wake up.
Still, we can care for her.
That's what family does.
Family Could it be? What is it? Probably nothing.
We have to move.
Taking us out of synch.
What is this red cloud? I believe it is a baby Sun-Eater.
Absorbs all heat and energy.
Probably placed in the vault as security.
It only has a rudimentary consciousness.
I could stun it with a brain blast, but briefly.
Well, I can't punch a cloud.
And my heat vision would only feed it the solar energy it craves.
There's nothing solid for the Kaizer-Thrall to latch onto, and Mantis sure as Rao can't do anything.
But this changes nothing.
We must continue our search for the Projector.
While dodging this creature.
You think you're responsible for Conner's death? - I know I am.
- Okay.
- Let's examine that.
- Review my 'Trauma Narrative?' So, you know the drill.
I wasn't there, you were.
Take me through it.
Tell me how you killed Conner.
I knew he was weakened.
Low oxygen.
Solar cells not charged.
And I left him there alone to deal with the bomb.
But it was the Kryptonite that killed him, - did you know about that? - No.
But if I make him leave, he never gets hit with the Kryptonite.
But if he's not there, what happens to all the Martians? Nothing if I disarm the bomb first! Did you know how to do that? Could you have taken it into the lava to destroy the virus? And M'gann? She let Conner stay with the bomb, too.
Is she to blame for his death? What? No! She loved Conner! And you didn't? Conner's not the first loved one you've lost.
Last year, you and I talked about losing Brion - Brion's not dead.
- No, but we've lost him.
Do you feel responsible for that, too? I was his squad leader.
I should've seen the signs.
You mentioned Wally earlier.
Are you to blame for his death, too? I could've gone with Miss Martian to the North Pole.
- And Rita? - I should've been with her on that last Doom Patrol mission.
- And your mother? - I should've stopped Queen Bee! Gar, you were eight years old.
The combined might of the Team and the Justice League still hasn't stopped Queen Bee.
How is an eight-year-old child supposed to do that? I could've done something.
What? What could you have done differently to save any of them? I don't know.
I just needed to be better.
They needed me to be better.
Don't you see? Even when we do everything right, bad things still sometimes happen.
There are some things we have the power to control, but the hardest thing to admit, especially for people in our line of work is that sometimes, we're Powerless.
But I don't wanna be I should've They shouldn't have I should have stopped it all, somehow.
- How? - I don't know.
I don't know.
Dinah I need help.
Admitting that It's a start, Gar.
A real start.
I've lost all track of time.
Ma'alefa'ak, Lor-Zod and Mantis have been here one full rotation.
And we've only had to dodge the Sun-Eater three times.
Just keep looking.
I know the Projector is here.
There's our answer.
The master of this place.
What is this? I will have those rings! Hello, Metron.
Please understand.
We will keep you in this condition indefinitely unless you bring us to Krypton's Phantom Zone Projector.
Come with me, Superboy.
I'll give you a tour of our little kingdom.
And don't worry.
I'll watch over your "Ghosty.
" Look.
Non and Faora are guiding in that asteroid using nothing but sheer willpower.
That's how things work in the Zone.
Touching anything, moving anything, even simple communication whether our lips move or not is all about willing it so.
That's how we survive here.
Our superior will.
Think, is the Word of Zod ♪ Work is the Word of Zod ♪ - Will ♪ - Is the Word of Zod ♪ Heed, heed the Words of Zod ♪ - Live ♪ - For the House of Zod ♪ - Push ♪ - For the House of Zod ♪ - Brace ♪ - For the House of Zod ♪ Build, build the House of Zod ♪ Guard for the House of Zod ♪ Fight for the House of Zod ♪ Win for the House of Zod ♪ Save, save the House of Zod ♪ Guard for the House of Zod ♪ Fight for the House of Zod ♪ Win for the House of Zod ♪ Save, save the House of Zod ♪ You can stay here, my boy.
Stay and be a part of what the House of Zod builds.
Or you can continue on alone into the Phantom Zone.
The choice is yours.
This doesn't have to continue, New God.
All I want is the Projector.
Are you certain he'll talk? He's immortal.
- He could wait you out.
- Then read him.
- Get me the location.
- I've been trying.
But even under torture he shields his mind.
Then make yourself useful and keep an eye out for the Sun-Eater.
As you wish, Kryptonian.
I relent.
I will give you what you've asked for.
The Seal of Krypton marks your prize.
Open it, Metron.
Not the prize you sought, perhaps.
But the prize you've earned.
You were warned, Metron.
What are the warnings of mortals to a New God? You don't get to decide what's of imp Come with me if you want the entire galaxy to survive.
Brain blast the Sun-Eater.
Can't focus.
Mantis remembers how.
Yes, one day earlier.
Mantis sure as Rao can do what Mantis must.
If this is where Metron stored Kryptonite, then Mantis has found the prize! Mantis has found the Phantom Zone Projector! But soft, what light through yonder window breaks? The light is the East, and Forager is the Sun! Arise fair Sun and kill the envious Moons, Moons already sick and pale with grief that Forager, the Moons' maid, art far more fair than the Moons.
Be not the Moons' maid, since the Moons are envious.
The Moons' vestal livery is but sick and green, And none but fools do wear the Moons' and the fools' vestal livery.
Cast the Moons' and the fools' vestal livery off.
Forager is Forager's lady.
Oh, Forager is Forager's love! Oh, that Forager knew Forager was! Forager speaks, yet Forager says nothing.
What of that nothing? Forager's eye discourses; Forager will answer Forager's eye.
Forager is too bold.
'Tis not to Forager, Forager speaks.
Two of the fairest stars in all the heaven, Having some business, do entreat Forager's eyes To twinkle in Forager's eye's spheres till the stars return.

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