Young Justice s04e21 Episode Script

Odyssey of Death!

1 [eerie music playing.]
Moutre m'.
Come on.
Come on! Oh, man.
Two bars.
It will have to do.
[line ringing.]
Hello, ma chère.
I'm sorry.
I wish I had better news.
I've been trying for months now with no luck locating his spirit.
In modern terms, I simply cannot get a signal.
I understand, Nimue.
Thanks for trying and don't worry.
I know someone who can help.
Hello, Great Girl.
Hi, Dad.
Any luck on the big ask? I've been trying to convince Nabu to cooperate.
He will not.
Well, we'll see.
[theme music playing.]
So, how exactly are we planning to get this Phantom Zone Projector away from the New Gods? Honestly, I have no idea.
We're making this up as we go.
But one way or another, it must be destroyed.
[groaning continues.]
Get Mantis, Lor-Zod and Ma'alefa'ak back to the real world.
[electrical buzzing.]
Move on, little one.
We are too late.
The intruders are gone, and so is the Projector.
All this New God tech and you didn't put a tracer on a WMD.
It is not New God technology we seek, but I'm tracking the intruder's crude rip in space-time.
And I've located the destination of their most recent jump.
At this point, some explanation is required.
We cannot risk delay for explanation.
Not unless one of you has a Time-Sphere of your own.
I thought not.
[electrical buzzing.]
[gasp awake, groan.]
Where are we? What happened? [Ma'alefa'ak.]
Apparently, Metron poisoned you with Kryptonite.
Mantis brought us back to New Genesis.
But the Projector Mantis acquired the Phantom Zone Projector.
Then Lor-Zod owes Mantis a debt twice over.
Thank you, Bug.
I underestimated you.
Now, to the Time-Sphere.
About that Mantis got us out, but did not compensate for the dimensional shift.
[electricity crackling.]
Completely fried.
So we are trapped in the present.
Yes, like the rest of the universe.
Indeed, the news is more good than bad.
But without the Sphere, there's no time to lose.
We must use the Projector to free my parents at once.
The Phantom Zone Projector is dead, drained of energy.
Well, after so many years, that's hardly surprising.
Recharging it will require substantial power.
Mantis knows just the place.
Again, we are too late.
They are gone.
There is some hope.
This Time-Sphere is nonfunctional.
So these thieves are trapped on this world in this time period.
And thus will seek to activate the Projector at once.
Then why not activate it here? A significant source of power is required.
And again, it might help if you explained what this Projector's for.
At this juncture, deciding the fate of the galaxy.
[Forager groaning.]
Forager can see Forager is till torn, between staying with Forager on New Genesis, or returning to Forager's Earth hive.
But the answer to Forager's dilemma is simple.
Forager will go to Forager's Earth hive with Forager.
Forager would do that for Forager? Of course.
Forager loves Forager.
Besides, foraging on a new world would be an awfully big adventure.
[loving clicks.]
We must split up and make preparations.
There's not a moment to lose if we want to prevent an invasion from the Phantom Zone.
The Phantom what now? [Dru-Zod.]
The boy is most impressive.
Few others can keep pace with Non.
This damaged child has a very strong will.
Patience, my love.
Before I found him, his Zone-Sickness took him deep.
Push too hard, and we could lose him.
But there is still much he might tell us of home.
In time, we will learn all this Superboy knows.
Do you finally understand? Decades ago, I received the Phantom Zone Projector in a technology exchange with the planet Krypton.
So all this time, you've known there were surviving Kryptonians in an interdimensional prison, no less? And now another Kryptonian, a time traveler, is determined to set them free? Hundreds of criminals? The worst Krypton had to offer.
All with the powers of Superman? Have I not said as much? Yes, Metron.
Eventually, you got around to it.
Then let us move on.
I have analyzed the Projector's power requirements.
There are multiple potential sources on Supertown.
It is essential that Highfather organize their defense, mobilizing the Divine Guard and every New God, high born and low, to ensure that this rogue Kryptonian has no opportunity to access the power he needs here.
But there are two other locations on New Genesis, likelier targets, which those gathered here must defend.
Tarru! Stay frosty, poozers.
Mantis, Ma'alefa'ak and Lor-Zod have been recharging the Phantom Zone Projector for hours.
[growls angrily.]
Power levels at minimum function.
Ha! Now that it is sufficiently charged, it will absorb the lake's natural Source energy even faster.
[Motherbox pings.]
Looks like we drew the winning ticket.
Radio Metron and the others.
The Source energy from Boiling Lake is overloading Motherbox, interfering with her functions, including communications.
We are on our own.
Wait, don't you need Motherbox to, you know, keep your head? It will be difficult, but I've learned to overcome such challenges.
Follow the plan.
Defend the Projector.
[all groaning.]
Thank you, Green Lantern Tomar-Re.
We've been made.
But watch yourselves.
- You holding up? - [snarls.]
I am fine! Now we fight on my turf.
[screams in pain.]
Power levels optimal.
Subject Dru-Zod.
Retrieving subject Dru-Zod.
Commencing search for DNA signature.
Look! A retrieval.
Finally, a retrieval.
DNA signature identified.
Subject Non, not summoned for retrieval.
DNA locked out.
This damage to the sky does not look like damage Foragers can fix.
Then Forager must go help Flash.
What about Forager has got Forager covered.
You've got him! Now keep him contained.
But wait, you said that You have no choice.
Just look at him.
[yelling continues.]
He's the spawn of Darkseid.
[mighty roar.]
A Promethean.
Your machinations have awoken a Promethean! [Tomar-Re's ring.]
If not contained or redirected, Source energy cascade will ignite, incinerating the New Genesis atmosphere.
No, I will not fail another world.
Not on my watch, not again.
DNA signature identified.
DNA signature locked.
Subject Dru-Zod.
DNA identified.
Locked and summoned.
Retrieval subject Dru-Zod.
Ursa! My love! DNA signature identified.
Subject Ursa Zod.
Not summoned for retrieval.
DNA locked out.
I will find a way to get you out.
I swear! You and everyone.
General! [grunts.]
I've got you.
I won't let them take you from us.
No, they're not.
How are you The retrieval.
The Projector.
It doesn't recognize your DNA signature.
Krypton didn't imprison you here.
[Tomar-Re's ring.]
Cascade, 61% redirected.
You must hold him for as long as necessary.
But you told me he's claustrophobic.
I'm telling you he's dangerous.
Whatever sheen of civilization Highfather and Highmother have given him, Orion will always be Darkseid's son.
He will always be a monster.
No, that's not right.
He's not a monster.
He just needs help.
I see you, Orion.
I see you in a whole new light.
I can't imagine your struggle, but the fact that you fight against the darkness that threatens to consume you, It makes you more, not less.
It makes you a hero in my eyes.
- [cries out.]
- [gasps.]
Thank you.
You are welcome.
Flash must seal sky hole, while Forager engages floating cube weapon.
On it.
Mantis warned Forager never to return to New Genesis.
Yes, but Mantis' warning came before Forager trained with Nightwing.
I may not know how to close that hole, but I can stop anyone from using it.
No! I have to save you.
No, you fool! We want to get out.
The pressure, it's too strong.
But there! The corporeal world! [screams.]
Forager! [shrieking.]
[Tomar-Re's ring.]
Cascade, 91% redirected.
Willpower insufficient to maintain both shield and funnel.
Cascade funnel failing.
Never again.
Atmospheric ignition imminent.
[groaning in pain.]
Cascade, 100% redirected.
Cascade averted.
Now! [shrieking continues.]
You have been chosen by my ring to become a member of the Green Lantern Corps.
Now, speak our oath.
In brightest day - In brightest day, - In blackest night In blackest night No evil shall escape my sight No evil shall escape Forager's sight Let those who worship evil's might Let sentients who worship evil's might - Beware my power - Beware Forager's power - Green Lantern's light.
- Green Lantern's light.
Bio-Ship, target the Projector.
Phantom Girl, wake up! [gasps.]
No! What just [Bio-Ship and Saturn Girl scream.]
Get us out of here now, or I will snap her neck.
Orion, are you all right? I am well enough.
But Where's Tomar-Re? [melancholy music playing.]
This damaged Sphere should provide opportunity for further study.
Small recompense for the loss of the Projector.
Such a waste.
Your friend, Rocket, was right.
We'll work out the details later.
But in principle, the treaty between the New Gods, the Green Lantern Corps, and the Justice League can be considered signed.
That's great.
Now we can help each other find the rogue Kryptonian and rogue Martian still on the loose.
Oh, trust me, the hunt is on.
The Corps doesn't take the killing of one of our own lightly.
Well, at least we captured Mantis and confiscated that torture cube.
Yes, Mantis will be tried here on New Genesis.
As for the torture cube, it seems to possess some sentience.
- Seriously? - Yeah.
We're taking the evil little poozer to a science cell on Oa.
Forager has become a probationary member of the Green Lantern Corps, but Forager is torn.
Forager wanted to accompany Forager to Earth.
But Forager can see how excited Forager is to become a Green Lantern and would never ask Forager to give up such an awfully big adventure for Forager's sake.
So Forager will return to Forager's Earth hive and Earth friends, and probationary Green Lantern Forager will go with Green Lantern Kilowog to Oa for training.
But perhaps Forager and Forager could attempt a relationship long distance? Forager's Green Lantern ring should make visiting Earth possible.
Until then, take this favorite book of Forager's.
Forager has circled passages that recall Forager's feeling for Forager, which no distance, however long, may dilute.
[loving clicks.]
I'm glad I met you, Orion.
As am I.
You deal with unique challenges, friend Rocket.
But I believe you will learn to make those challenges your strengths.
Thank you for seeing me.
You deal with unique challenges, friend Rocket.
Now we have to face this, deal with it.
You need to take a closer look, my friend.
You're worried about the wrong things, Raq.
Thank you for seeing me.
Mama's home.
I see you, Amistad.
I see you.
Bart, I'm home.
Bart? [Madam Xanadu.]
If I might ask, Great Nabu how in the world did Zatanna get you to agree to this? [Nabu/Zatanna.]
By swearing she would give us no peace until we complied.
Now, let us begin.
[bell chimes.]
I just don't understand.
With all this power, how could we have failed? Perhaps Conner Kent has attained his final rest.
Perhaps we cannot find him because his spirit is at peace.
Perhaps Or perhaps Conner's not dead at all.
And if he's not dead, then I don't need magic to find him.
What I need is a detective.
[Mountain Forager.]
Doubt, Forager, the stars are fire.
Doubt that the sun doth move, doubt truth to be a liar, but never doubt Forager loves.
O, dear Forager, Forager is ill at these numbers.
Forager has not art to reckon Forager's groans, but that Forager loves Forager best, O most best, believe that Forager loves Forager best.
Adieu, Forager's evermore, most dear Forager, Forager [Forager trills.]

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