Young Justice s04e22 Episode Script

Rescue and Search

Get us out of here now, or I will snap her neck.
Ma'alefa'ak, inform this ship to stand down and cooperate, or all three of its little friends die now! That's better.
Dames en Heren, Mesdames et Messieurs, Ladies and Gentlemen, Children and Children-at-Heart Welcome, welcome to Haly's International Traveling Circus! Where the world of the Center Ring is your oyster, and our latest pearl, yes, is the return of the one, the only Daring Dan Danger! Dan has had hundreds of adventures, but his mission tonight is nothing short of a flight to the stars! Countdown's starting! Four, three, two, one, ignition Blast off! Watch as Dan Danger whips around each heavenly body to launch himself closer and closer to the stars! Oh, but will Dan ever make it up to the far reaches of the galaxy? He did it! I love you, Dan.
Great show.
Z! Ha! Thinking about joining up? We could always use you in the act.
No, I'm more of a headliner.
But I can see why Danny-Boy retreats to this place every few years.
The thing is, oh Daring One I don't need a trapeze artist.
I need a detective.
Time has passed since we caught a glimpse of the outside world, and there is much we should discuss.
You were immune to the Phantom Zone Projector's security measures.
Clearly, you weren't in its database.
Am I to assume you were never convicted of any crime? There was no conviction.
Then why were you sent here? Was I sent here? What happened to you? What do you remember? There was a bomb.
I think I was trying to neutralize it.
There was lava, and it burned.
Then I remember a flash of light And I woke up here.
With her.
- Did you set the bomb? - No.
Then it sounds like you were a hero.
- Hero? - Which fits with you trying to save me when you thought the Projector was attacking.
Were you a soldier? Impossible.
He didn't know you.
What soldier would not have heard of General Zod? I don't think I was a soldier.
What is your lineage? Your parentage? Luthor.
I know of no House of Luthor.
I am the House of Zod.
This is our crest.
Do you remember yours? I wish it were true, Z But I really don't believe Conner's still alive.
Can you at least pretend? Just for 24 hours? Even if he were alive, 24 hours isn't much time to prove it.
It's enough for you.
You trying to convince me or flatter me? Both.
Laever ym noisiv! Help me! Please! Uh Okay, I see where you're coming from, but that hardly proves anything.
"That's" not all.
Laever eht Ecnaes! If Conner were dead and not at peace, we would have found him.
And if he is at peace, he wouldn't be calling for help.
- 24 hours.
- That's all I'm asking.
Did you know about this? 'Cause Dan Danger has been out of the loop.
I've been Doctor Fate, and Nabu doesn't give a damn about the loop.
Recognized: Kid-Flash D-04.
Status: Missing.
So now two Outsiders have gone missing? On two different planets.
They're probably not connected, but it's worth looking into for both Bart and Conner's sakes.
Ugh! My hacking skills are rusty.
Truth is, Barbara's better at this.
So with Oracle on the job, I haven't exactly stayed current.
But checking out Bart's credit card statements is easy enough.
As is hacking store security footage where he last shopped.
Who are those two? Running facial recognition through all official databanks.
- Not recognized.
- Huh.
No results.
Officially, they don't exist.
That's odd, but not impossible if they're minors.
I'll run a face match against other collected footage, starting with likely locations.
Well, well, well.
Well, well, well, indeed.
Superman, we need your help.
I've got to find another place to drink coffee.
You are House of El? All right, Kon-El.
On your feet.
I am Kon-El.
Could he be Jor-El's son or Zor-El's? Zor-El had a daughter.
Jor-El's son was an infant.
This "Kon-El" couldn't be him, could he? Have we been here that long? I know it feels like a thousand years, but we were only sentenced to ten.
Are you the son of Jor-El? I am the Superboy.
A genomorph A clone made from the DNA of the Superman.
Created to replace him should he perish, to destroy him should he turn from the light.
Who is this Superman? Is he a son of El? He was.
He was Kal-El, son of Lara El and Jor-El.
Superman is my genetic half-brother.
And you are Super-boy.
How old was this son of Jor-El? How many years have passed on Krypton since we were sent here? Krypton? Krypton exploded over 40 years ago.
Kal-El was its sole survivor.
And I killed him.
Stay whelmed.
I have an Aural Glamour up.
If anyone eavesdrops, they'll think we're talking about the upcoming Monarchs/Knights baseball game.
The Monarchs are gonna run away with it.
- Clark.
- Oh.
What do you need? Remember how Bibbo was kidnapped by Kroloteans four years ago? Well, after that, he set up security cameras in the diner.
So, I imagine you recognize these two.
"Uh-huh"? That's it? "Uh-huh"? They were with Bart the day before he disappeared.
Who are they? Their identities are strictly on a need-to-know basis.
Bart's missing.
They may be responsible.
We need to know.
Is there any indication of foul play? No.
He seems to have been cooperating with them, but that's no guarantee they're trustworthy.
Bart may have been coerced or Without going into detail, I had good reason to trust them.
Leave it at that for now.
I hope the Knights slaughter the Monarchs.
Superman keeps secrets like he has them locked away in a vault.
They don't call him the Man of Steel for nothing.
But fine, let's assume Bart was working with Clark's "secret friends.
" They were buying supplies.
Maybe gearing up for a mission.
If so, what else would they need? A pack of five Inhibitor Collars, a Space-Belt and a Zeta-Tube Power Core are all unaccounted for.
- How did you know? - Who took them? Run it again frame-by-frame.
I just don't know about this.
I know it's a big ask, but please keep an open mind.
Another facial match for our mystery teens? Yeah.
Mystery Girl was a waitress at Bibbo's during the original Team's private party last year.
They've been keeping tabs on us for over a year? - Recognized.
- Maybe not on all of us.
Maybe not.
Mystery Boy was at the U.
the day Superboy revealed himself to the world.
And there's your direct connection to Conner.
Okay, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Bart stole a space-belt, which suggests his secret mission wasn't on Earth.
A League squad just came back from a mission off-world that involved a time-traveling Kryptonian.
And Bart's a time-traveler.
Who led that mission? I sped through the mission report, and one thing wasn't clear.
Who or what destroyed the Phantom Zone Projector? - I'm honestly not sure.
- But if you had to guess? Well, if I didn't know better, I'd say it was destroyed by a beam fired from a camouflaged Bio-Ship.
Of course, I assumed that was impossible, so So that would be a connection to Mars.
Yes, and another potential connection to Conner.
What does Conner have to do with anything? Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
Z, can you show us Raquel's memory of the beam that destroyed the Projector? And the glimpse she got of the inside of the Phantom Zone.
It's important.
- Do it.
- Laever eht seiromem ew kees! What? Laever ym noisiv! Help me! Please! So, you think Conner's in the Phantom Zone? Hurt and desperate.
For months.
Wait, does that mean you believe Conner's alive now? And it hasn't even been 24 hours.
Bart's still missing too.
Bart maybe on a path parallel to ours.
He seems to have chosen to be with people Superman finds trustworthy.
And I have a hunch they were on the Bio-Ship that destroyed the Projector.
- That's a bit of a leap, isn't it? - Maybe.
But Superman admitted he was withholding information from us.
Why would he do that unless telling us could make matters worse? Unless telling us could threaten the timestream itself.
What if Bart the Time-Traveler is with two other Time-Travelers? What if they have inside intel about this Kryptonian Time-Traveler, about the Phantom Zone, and about Conner being trapped there? Whoa, Boy Wonder.
You're seriously reaching.
I know! But it comes down to this: Bart made a choice, and we should trust him on it.
Conner was asking for help, and we need to get him out of the Zone.
He spends a lot of time hanging upside down from trapezes.
Are we really buying all this? You two dated him.
You tell me.
- I'm sure he's right.
- Fine, but now what? The Phantom Zone Projector was destroyed.
There is another way, but, you won't like it.
- You lie! - Stand down.
There's more we must learn from this clone.
How was Krypton destroyed? An invasion? Was it New Genesis? Daxamites? The Green Lantern Corps? The sun exploded, taking Krypton with it.
You said Kal-El was the only survivor.
How did he survive? Jor-El and Lara placed their infant son in a rocket and sent him away.
And Jor-El saved no one else? I was told he tried to save all of Krypton, but no one believed his warnings.
That sounds familiar.
And ironic.
Where did Jor-El and Lara send their son? To a planet called Earth.
Why Earth? What is this Earth? A planet under a yellow sun.
A yellow sun? Is that significant? Kryptonians gain tremendous power under a yellow sun: flight, strength, invulnerability, heat-vision and more.
That is how Kal-El, Superman, became Earth's greatest hero until I killed him.
You did well.
Jor-El and his brother banished us here to prevent us from saving Krypton.
They were the true traitors to our world.
I am glad you killed Kal-El.
I need some air.
There is no air in the Phantom Zone.
We'll both go.
You stay here, Kon-El.
Superboy, listen to me.
We are both in terrible danger! Recognized: Nightwing B-01.
Rocket 2-6.
TOO-toh ee-DEH-tay! Hey, stranger.
Like the new look.
Ah, thank you.
Wyynde seems to like it as well.
- You're back from your sabbatical? - Yes.
I took a month off, but have returned to active duty.
I believe I have finally come to terms with Conner's death.
Yeah, about that.
What do you need? A fifth anchor.
Hold your places.
I will summon Klarion to appear inside a Mystic Circle that the five of us will anchor.
In exchange for his freedom, we'll get him to access the Phantom Zone, since he's clearly done it before.
And you believe he will cooperate? Yeah, how do we know he won't turn us inside-out or something? It is a risk, but his only way out of the Circle will be to exit here.
And Klarion won't dare enter the Tower.
It's Fate's place of power.
Uh, where is Doctor Fate? Otherwise occupied.
But let's not tell Klarion that.
- Go for it, Z.
- Going for it.
Drol fo Soahc, I nommus Eeht! Who dare summon Kla Hey, it's the poor little witch girl.
She's got some nerve! You owe me a debt for restoring you to the mortal plane.
I'm calling it in now.
Remove Conner Kent from the Phantom Zone and bring him safely to us.
Oh, yeah.
The Zone.
I've been there.
Nothing but a bunch of whiny Kryptonians.
No way I'm going back there for you.
I'm Chaos.
I don't do debt.
Ha! You thought I'd be afraid to enter Fate's Tower, dintcha? Well, I may hate this place, but I can't letcha "summon" me unpunished.
And with Fate away we can squoosh you punks good! Oh, please.
Anything you can do, we can do better! Yawn.
Double, double, toil and trouble! Someone's got too roomy a bubble! Let's see what we could do about that! Tag, you're out! Time's running out, Bird Wonder.
Tick, tick.
Boom! Gnikohc seniv ekohc ym ymene! Deew rellik llik siht rellik deew! Sriats fo eht Rewot, nosirpmi mih! Etim-o-nyd! I gotta hand it to you, Klarion, you're a mean backwards speller.
But just in case, let me spell this next one out.
Ni eht eman fo eht Yloh Ecnalab, I egrahc uoy ot Ronoh ruoy Tbed! In the Name of the Holy Balance, I charge you to Honor your Debt! Do we have to? You're no fun anymore.
But I decide how to honor my debt.
And I'll honor it by not killing you this time.
Come on, Teekl, let's boogie.
Being trapped in this Tower is worse than being trapped in that big yellow pogo stick.
You knew I meant bus! You had already killed Superboy.
A thousand years in the future, there would have been no Legion of Super-Heroes to stop your father when the Phantom Zone Projector released him.
You'd won.
But you couldn't leave well enough alone.
You just had to steal the Projector here in the present and attempt to release Zod now.
Instead, the Projector was destroyed, and now your parents will never be free.
So the Green Lantern Corps has taken the Kaizer-Thrall to Oa.
Behave, Bio-Ship.
Or else Take your position.
Don't be a fool, Earther.
Cooperate, or I kill your friends.
And who knows? If you bide your time, maybe your chance to turn the tables will come.
I'm giving you your speed back.
Sorry, wrong button.
Oa, here we come.
So That could have gone better.
It could hardly have gone worse.
Did we have a Plan B? We did not.
Huh Maybe we do.
Xedni drac! If you can track down a ten-year-old school bus.
This so-called "Kaizer-Thrall" is indeed sentient.
In fact, there seems to be the remnants of a humanoid inside this machine.
It's incredible, and not a little horrifying The results are in.
Let me see.
I'm reading a male.
Approximate age, eleven Earth years.
Yes, by the Guardians, this is a human boy, a child from Earth.
And I believe it, he, is trying to communicate
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