Young Royals (2021) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Prince Wilhelm? The car is here.
We need to leave as soon as possible.
Can I please take a picture? I think it's wrong, I think it's bad Think it's lame, I think it's horrible BABY PRINCE DON'T TAKE NO SHIT! Back up! CHECK THE VIDEO! LOL! I think it's wrong, I think it's bad Think it's lame, I think it's horrible Hello? Hello? -What? -Here.
What the hell's this? Your speech where you ask for forgiveness.
- Seriously? - Yes, seriously.
No way.
The Queen says she wants you to address it personally.
"For that reason, my parents and I have decided that I will enroll at Hillerska Boarding School immediately.
" Yes.
That's not true.
I haven't spoken to my parents.
I know.
I'm sorry, it's all been decided.
Seriously? When was it decided? I have all my friends here! Doesn't anyone care what I want? I don't want to go to some fucking boarding school! -We need to go through this.
-Did you go through the speech? Yeah.
But it will be obvious I don't mean what I say, Dad.
Well, you have to demonstrate some kind of understanding.
What kind of understanding? Yes.
But we can't have any more journalists.
Let me see.
Mom, I'm not going to a boarding school.
- It's been decided.
- You never asked me! Now, just be quiet.
Why can't I decide how the hell I want to live? I want to live a normal life.
If we can't protect you from situations like this, we'll have to make sure they don't arise.
Hillerska will help you adopt the right routines and keep the right company.
Stop that! We have attended this school for generations.
And it was wrong of us to let you attend a regular high school.
Even though Erik is the crown prince, you still have responsibilities.
And remember, being a prince is not a punishment, but a privilege.
Could both of you switch places, please? Thanks.
You can put the mic on now.
Please begin whenever you're ready.
Well, uh… I… I would… I would like to start by saying that nobody is more disappointed in me than my family… and especially myself.
This past year has been difficult for me.
Since I… Since my confirmation… last summer, I've been given a more official role as prince.
This has come with added pressure… which has resulted in me acting irresponsibly.
And I apologize for this… and assure you that it will not happen again.
I would also like to inform you that my parents and I have decided that I will enroll at Hillerska Boarding School… to continue my education there.
It is what it is And it isn't what it isn't Shake your bum-bum Like it's your mission Keep up the front Like it is your decision 24/7 beauty pageant competition Ah.
It's a pleasure to see the Crown Prince again.
-Great to see you too, Anette.
-Welcome to Hillerska.
-Thank you.
All good? Yeah? Wilhelm, long time no see.
Let me have a look.
You can hardly see it.
Alexander Bragé, son of Ulf Bragé, owner of Bragé Investments.
-Manners, Alex.
-Uh, hi.
It's a pleasure.
-A pleasure.
- You have bags? - Mm.
Yes, take care of them, Alexander.
- Shall we head inside then? - Absolutely.
-So excited to be back! -It's awesome seeing you! - I've missed this place so much.
- Of course.
- I can carry that.
- It's okay, I've got it.
- It's really no-- - Wait a moment! Can we get a shot of the princes carrying their bags in with their second cousin? Wonderful.
-Ah, come on.
I can take it, it's okay.
-No, it's no problem.
-Just let him take it.
I'll take it.
-It's no problem.
-Wilhelm… Can try to get that one up there in the picture? Wilhelm! - We're done! - Thank you.
Headmaster Englund.
Anna, housemistress.
GÃran, housemaster.
Could we get another shot of the prince shaking the headmistress's hand? This way.
Thank you.
-Could you two switch places? -Okay.
Like this? One more, then off to the church.
The school choir has prepared a welcoming song.
Hi there.
Good to see you.
You know her? Well, we… we went to the same preschool.
That's Poppe Ehrencrona's daughter, isn't it? That's right.
Felice Ehrencrona.
I'm going to marry her.
Well, you'll have to stop sleeping around then.
One must lay the foundation while they're still too insecure to object.
Felice is modern nobility.
Whatever happened to the funky race? A generation lost in pace Wasn't life Supposed to be more than this? Excuse me, would you mind singing a bit louder? Shh! Let go of my hand And it will slip on the sand If you don't give me the chance To break down the walls of attitude I ask nothing of you Not even your gratitude 'Cause it takes a fool to remain sane Oh, it takes a fool to remain sane It takes a fool to remain sane Every morning I would see her Getting off the bus The picture never drops It's like a multicolored snapshot Stuck in my brain, it kept me sane For a couple of years As it drenched my fears Of becoming like the others Who become unhappy mothers - And fathers of unhappy kids - Just hang on a second.
And why is that? 'Cause they've forgotten how to play… -We run away on three.
-What? One, two, three! No.
What… I'll meet you by the car! Oh! It didn't occur to you they might search the place before the prince arrived? It's impossible to get anything in.
The secret police have the staff terrified.
I had to have a bloody medical certificate to bring my medication.
Fucking unbelievable.
I promised Erik I'd take care of Wille.
And I want to give him the wildest initiation ever.
Do we want the future king to remember us as the legends of the decade, or as losers who couldn't even make sure the prince got a fucking toast? Huh? What about him, the non-boarder? Good voice, man.
He's bound to know someone who makes moonshine.
Remember when he came up to us the first week… -Stop it.
-…and was like, "What's up?" Makes me puke.
As if we have anything in common.
Wow, I'm so jealous.
I had to share a room until the third year.
I can't take three years here, Erik.
Do what the first years do and what the third-years tell you.
You mean do what August tells me? He's so annoying.
August is family.
You can trust August, he's like a brother.
Who the hell can live like this for three fucking years? It's not about you.
Everything you do reflects back on our family.
It's time to stop being so selfish.
It's not that hard.
You have to be able to keep up appearances.
We'll be seeing each other soon.
Do you really have to go now? -Yes, I have to go now.
- Why? No, don't leave me.
- Come on… -Do you really? -I have to go.
I really… - Wait.
- No, no, no.
That's enough.
Okay, Wilhelm.
 That's enough.
I gotta go.
The faster you adapt, the easier your life will be.
Say hi to Mom and Dad for me.
Hey, you, socialist guy! Simon.
-Huh? -My name's Simon.
-Simon? August.
A pleasure.
-Is this some kind of prank? No, I just wanted to say hi.
I don't believe we've met.
I've been going here for over a month, but sure.
I need your help with something.
You must know someone who sells booze? Don't you have a local booze dealer? My regular contact is out of town.
How do you get booze for your parties? You think everybody who doesn't live at school is a dealer? We're gonna have an initiation party for Wilhelm.
So if you can fix me up with a contact who can sell us booze… I might make an extreme exception and invite you.
It's very rare for a first-year to get invited.
People like you there, with us… Wouldn't that be fun? Huh? So you'll hook me up? Huh? Calm down, girls.
Relax your hands.
You're making him nervous when you start.
Then you'll have to sit this lesson out.
Sara, can you help Felice? - Very good.
- Hey.
- Come on.
There you go.
- Keep an even stride.
Okay? Yeah.
That's it.
Keep an even stride.
-Be prepared before you gallop.
-That's a good boy.
Hey, hey, hey.
Be careful! Very good.
Very good indeed.
Straight backs.
Lower your shoulders, please.
That's it.
I can groom my own horse, thanks.
It's no problem.
I like doing it.
I'll do it.
Would you like me to pick out the hooves? Yeah, they must've gotten really dirty after five minutes in the riding hall.
I said no.
- Sara? - Uh, I'm almost done.
You can go.
Um, would you like me to ride him before or after school? Ugh.
Go away.
Bye then.
She shouldn't talk to you like that.
It wasn't about me.
She still shouldn't.
I don't care.
I get to ride and help out as much as I want to.
It's perfect.
I just don't want you to be treated badly again.
I like it better here than Marieberg.
At least no one picks on me.
I refuse to redo a grade just because I'm afraid to go to school.
Promise to tell me if something is wrong.
I'm used to no one liking me.
You don't have to go there.
I'll take care of myself.
Hey, Simme! What's up? Do they force you to wear that uniform every day? No, it's just because Prince Wilhelm started school today.
Ooh, Prince Wilhelm.
Your Majesty! -He seems like a bit of a loser? -I don't know.
-Have you seen the gif of the fight? -No.
Let me show you.
Oh, shit.
How insane is it that this place costs like $20,000 a year, and yet, the showers run cold after two seconds? I guess we should be thankful that we don't have to share like the rest.
Do you think the prince shares? Do you think royal dick is different than regular? -Ew, Maddie! -I'm not the one watching porn.
I wasn't.
Oh, my God, Felice, you have to stop stalking him.
Why are you even so obsessed with him? You don't need him.
You're from, like, the richest family-- Because he's royalty.
Okay, but if it's about being royal, why don't you just hook up with August? He's obviously into you, and they're like cousins, right? No, second cousins.
First of all, I have to be a bit strategic when you're gonna study with the same people for three years or else you'll be labeled a slut.
Secondly, August isn't part of the Royal Family in the same way as Wilhelm.
Even if he's technically from the same family.
I don't get it.
Well, August's children won't become princes and princesses.
All right.
-You're not having dinner? -I'm not hungry.
Okay, see you later.
- Did you buy ketchup? - Yes.
- The knife should face the plate.
- Like this? Gracias.
Here you go.
I'm fucking starving.
Ooh, yeah.
- How's your mother, Ayub? - She's fine.
She sends her love.
How was work? It was fine, dear.
How was school? - It was good.
- Yeah? -Simon, stop it.
-Huh? -It's nasty.
I forgot to buy napkins.
Come on.
Stop it! It's disgusting! Please, Simon.
Mommy, can you sit up straight? Let's try to have some table manners.
Want some ketchup? Yeah, okay.
-How are things in the stable? -Good.
I like it.
How are the girls? Any new friends? Mom, it's not just girls, there's boys too.
Of course.
And no, no new friends.
Not really.
Oh, that reminds me, I need some new riding britches.
What about the ones we bought, the ones you have? They're tearing apart.
That's what happens when you buy the cheap ones.
They don't last long.
It's ridiculous to spend so much on expensive clothes just to impress people at school.
But that's not the point.
They're tearing on the inside leg.
I can't use them.
You've become such a snob.
That's not what I meant.
Shut up, Simon.
Plus, they cared more about that stuff at Marieberg than Hillerska.
-They were more diverse there.
-What's that got to do with anything? A diverse bunch of losers, who'll never amount to anything.
-What the hell are you saying? Calm down.
-Ugh! Stop nagging me.
I just want to go to school in peace and quiet.
I don't need any friends.
Understand? Um, we were invited to a party.
-Were you? -Mm.
Is it organized by the school? Yeah, but the third-years are fixing it.
First-years aren't invited, but they invited us.
-Wow, that's cool.
-So things are better than she says? -Yeah.
The prince's initiation is tomorrow.
It's gonna be wild.
-A lot of people? -Yeah, I think so.
He's coming.
-Can I sit with you? Sorry, but first-years sit down there.
How, uh, how do meals work here? Well, we're waiting for Housemaster.
Then the third-years get served, then the second-years, and finally us.
And then, after dinner? Then we have something we call "workies.
" And after that we have free time, where we can play games or work out if we want to.
It's usually boring as hell.
Yeah, it's totally boring.
Sounded pretty sweet to me.
-Yeah, agreed.
It's pretty nice.
-It's awesome to just chill out.
I was kidding.
Yeah, so were we.
You are allowed your own opinions.
It's cool.
Good evening, gentlemen.
Good evening, Housemaster.
As you've noticed, we have a new housemate at Forest Ridge House.
Let's all make sure the prince feels extra welcome.
Hmm? Dear Lord, bless the food on our table, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
- Amen.
- Amen.
Um… Did Micke buy the booze for you at Midsummer? Uh… sorry, bro.
We were gonna buy it from Stoffe's brother, but he went to Magaluf.
-Why do you ask? Well, there was, um… Some guy at school asked me if I could get booze for an initiation party.
The one you got invited to? We're not exactly invited, but if I can get the booze, maybe I can bring Sara.
She needs some fun.
All right, bro, but stay away from Micke.
Every time you see your dad you get all depressed.
Oh, crap! Are you okay? PLEASE MOM, LET ME COME HOME.
It's ten past seven -Okay, thanks.
Thank you.
So you're all agree that murder is at the top of the list, followed by child abuse and rape.
But if we put two less sensitive issues against each other, then what? Hmm? Walter? Well, regarding tax evasion, you've earned a lot of money and at least contributed to society by creating new jobs and so on.
 Stella? Welfare scammers give nothing back.
They just take, so that's worse.
Henry? If you were to lower the taxes, companies wouldn't have had to move their business abroad.
Like, take my dad's estate, for example.
They're struggling to make ends meet because of the high taxes.
Simon, do you want to share something with the rest of the class? It's such a weird question.
Why is it called tax "evasion" but welfare "scam"? It's all right that rich people cheat, but when poor people do it, it's messed up.
For rich people, it's not even called "welfare" it's called "deduction.
" Like your dad.
How much EU subsidies does he get? - And what the fuck does your dad do? - Watch your language, please.
Well, we all know who this country's biggest welfare receivers are.
Simon! You run like a bunch of old fucking ladies! Damn it! You can run faster than that.
I didn't know you belonged to Forest Ridge.
Well, I don't.
-But you're eating with us? -We non-residents have to eat somewhere.
Um, we haven't been introduced.
I'm Wilhelm.
I liked what you said in there, Simon.
Well said.
Why didn't you say anything? 'Cause I'm not… I'm not allowed to speak on political issues.
Wille? Would you please come here for a moment? See you around.
-No, I… -Uh-uh.
Nils, move.
We'll make an exception today.
Sit with us.
The grown-ups' table.
That's great.
Felt like I had to rescue you from that situation.
Hmm… Make sure they leave him at the Palace before the party.
We need to be alone with him to swear the oath of brotherhood.
The whole gang of Skogsbacken will take care of the initiation.
It's gonna be so awesome.
Excuse me, can we… Can we talk? All right.
You go ahead, I'll catch up.
If me and my sister can come to the party, I'll get you that stuff that you wanted.
Really? Okay.
Hey, we won't go blind from your moonshine, right? Just kidding.
Huh? It's gonna be great.
Well done, you little socialist.
Good boy.
Make sure you check your DMs.
Okay? I'll be in touch.
All right? Sweet.
Simme? Hi.
Can I come in? Yeah.
Hell yeah.
Come on in.
Come in.
You come straight from school? Good.
I'm sorry about the mess.
I wasn't expecting such distinguished company.
Have a seat.
-So, how are things? -Just fine.
-How's Mom and Sara? -They're good.
Can I get you some coffee? How's your back? It's much better, thanks.
I got new meds.
So, how are they, Sara and Mom? It's so great to see you.
So how's your new school? Mm.
I need your help with something.
Okay? I know you're dealing booze.
Everyone knows.
And I need some for a party.
It's not for me.
I don't drink.
I remember how it was trying to impress a girl.
-I'm gay, Dad.
-Oh, right, I'm sorry.
A cute guy then.
What the hell? Count on your dad to save the day.
Huh? Just don't tell anyone that I've been here.
It's probably for the best.
I get it.
Talk to the gun Tell me where you come from Where do you come from? Where do you come from? Back to their bases Covering their faces Stones through the breeze Yeah, the power cause crisis I see you, I see you I see you, I see you Yes, I do Yee-haw! No! - Repeat after me.
- What? I swear… that I will never betray the proud traditions of Forest Ridge House.
I swear that I will never betray the proud traditions of Forest Ridge House.
- Once a brother… - …always a brother! Congratulations on making it through the initiation.
And welcome to the Palace.
-Sorry if we got a bit rough.
I just assumed you didn't want special treatment.
We've got some nice girls coming later.
Okay, nice Go get changed.
Your only mistake was that you hung out with the wrong kind of people.
I understand that you want to feel normal, go to a normal school, meet normal girls, go to normal parties.
But how did that work out? The problem is that normal people will never see you as one of them.
But here you're among your own.
We could murder someone, and nobody would say a word.
- Nah! - I promise you.
Who the fuck wants to be normal anyway? Huh? And we don't even care about What they say What? Who the fuck invited them? I did.
Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.
Fucking non-res.
How did the ship Vasa sink? Bottoms up! So, all we ever do is go ja ja ja And we don't even care about What they say All we ever hear from you is Blah blah blah Come on, people! So, all we ever do is go ja ja ja And we don't even care about What they say 'Cause it's ja ja ja ja Blah blah blah blah -Do you need help? -No.
- You can't tell anyone.
- But why would I? It's just gross.
You're pretty special.
I have Asperger's.
Have you heard about it? And I have ADHD too, uh, but that's not as unusual.
-Many people think it's annoying.
-My hair… It's curly? Uh, yes.
Do you have any idea how long it takes to flatten it? I just can't.
- So don't do it.
- But I have to.
No, you don't, you look good anyway.
There! You're pretty! Come.
Follow me.
Fresh air is good.
- No, wait… - Hey, let me help you? Hey! Hey.
How are you doing? I'm good.
I, uh, gotta go.
Hey, wait.
Wait! Uh… I was about to go outside and, um… do you wanna come with? Over here.
That's my sister.
Is she friends with Felice? I… I didn't think so.
It takes a fool to remain sane It takes a fool to remain sane It takes a fool to remain sane What comes after that? Every morning I would see her Getting off the bus The picture never… What did you think? - About? - About when I sang it? It was nice.
I heard so many voices, you know? Like, everyone up there on that stage, like, they were standing there beside you and… they were, like, lost in their own voices, in their own music.
-Do you know what I mean? -Yeah.
And then you sang, like, kind of… like, you were almost the loudest.
And then I heard that you were, like, kind of… You were singing straight from your heart.
Do you like it here? Do you like it here? Yeah.
Wille! - Fuck! Down.
Get down.
- Wille! -I don't want to talk to him.
-Wille! Quiet.
- Down! - Wille! -What are you doing? -Shh.
He's probably making out with someone.
Forget it.
Making out? Did he leave with someone? Don't tell me he left with Felice.
- Be quiet.
- It was like a whole gang.
Wille! Wille! - Wille… - Shh! Stop! You mustn't.
- Wille! - Wille! I told you to be quiet! Turn it up, don't stop it Format it, I'm popping Turn it up, don't stop it Format it Turn it up, don't stop it Format it, I'm popping Turn it up, don't stop it Format it, and pop it I'm the cream of the crop I'm the queen of the pop I'm the best if you didn't know I'm the cream of the crop I'm the queen of the pop I'm the best if you didn't know I'm the cream of the crop I'm the queen of the pop I'm the best if you didn't know I'm the cream of the crop I'm the queen of the pop I'm the best You can't stall me, can't stop me Can't top me, I'm hot property Turn it up, don't stop it Format it, I'm popping Turn it up, don't stop it Format it, I'm popping I know that you're thinking about me They cannot stop talking 'bout me Guess it's something about the way I move and sway Turn it up, don't stop it Format it, I'm popping Turn it up, don't stop it Format it, I'm popping
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