Young Royals (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Nils on the table! Madison on the table! Madison on the table! Shut up! Who? Madison McCoy.
What happened? Maybe she went down a bit.
Yeah, but how was it? Nine out of ten.
Are you together? -Hell, yeah.
Now we're really-- -Enough.
You've said enough.
Nine out of ten.
It was great.
Is there anyone else that should stand on their chair? Huh? Anyone else had their dick sucked? No one? Surely, there's someone else? Right? Wille? You disappeared from the party yesterday.
-With a girl, maybe? -What? -Felice? -No.
-On the table! -No.
Calm down.
Going to math class? Yeah.
We're also going there, but… Did you enjoy last Friday? Yeah, it was fun.
Did you enjoy it? Yes, it was sweet.
Are you coming to the horror movie night? Yeah, it'll be great.
The big question is if I'll be there, right? So you have someone to cuddle if it gets scary.
See you in class.
When can I take you out to dinner? What, to the pizza place in Bjärstad? No, I'll fly you to Verbier.
Three Michelin stars.
You'll love it.
Trust me.
Think about it.
Okay? -Seriously.
-Yeah, I know.
Oh my God! I think it's romantic.
Romantic? Yeah, if you want to be with someone who thinks he owns you.
I know he used to be a player, but love can change you, you know.
I think she's jealous.
What's her problem? I don't get it.
Why make such a big deal of it? -There's always something.
How are you, Sara? Fine.
-Good morning.
-Good morning, Mr.
Please sit down.
You missed this test, but you can catch up later.
Thank you, sir.
When it suits you.
Thank you, sir.
What did you get? B-plus.
You need to learn to control your nerves.
The calculations are often correct, but the answers are not.
Thank you, sir.
I got an A in every test at my last school.
Yeah, but the average was lower there.
-Yes! -Good, man! Fuck, I got an A-minus! They pay for private tutoring before the tests.
What? They were revising with the teacher last weekend.
I revise with the teachers during workies.
Yeah, but he's more lenient with those who pay.
I see.
Let's go to page 211.
Geometry and algebra.
About private tutoring… Yes? How do I organize private tutoring? Come in.
You want extra tutoring? Yes, it may help you improve your grades.
Have you discussed it with your parents? Yes.
Good, come back later and we'll sort out a schedule.
The school will send an invoice.
Let's do it like that.
Come on.
Let's just move forward.
Come on.
Please, come on.
Please, Rosseau… I don't get what the problem is.
There we are.
-Shall I take him? -Yes.
Good boy.
There, there.
You know… Do you know how expensive Rosseau was? Dad will be so disappointed that I can't handle him.
You-- You have to stop pretending that you're not scared.
He can feel it, even if you try not to be scared.
Accept that you're scared, then start from scratch.
You may enjoy it again, and then he will enjoy it too.
How come you're so good with horses? I've always understood horses better than people.
Maybe because of my Asperger's.
In your case it seems like a superpower.
You never seem to care what people think or feel, or worry about having lots of friends.
I would like to have friends.
Can you take a picture of us? -You and Rosseau? -Yes.
A bit closer to him.
Yes… Just hold on.
You're in charge.
There we are.
Will that do? That's great.
It's perfect.
-Can you manage the boat? -Yes.
This one too.
It looks good, Simon.
Don't worry about balance.
It will come.
Make sure your strokes are as close as possible to the surface so you don't use too much energy.
-But it's-- -You haven't forgotten everything.
Yeah… Hey, socialist boy, you could become a great cox.
They need to be small.
No, it's okay.
-Where have you been? -Sorry, I have-- I had rowing practice.
-What? Rowing? -Yeah.
-What the fuck is that? -A sport.
Rowing is not a sport.
Yes, it is.
Football is a sport.
-So what do you do? -Well, you row.
-Like at summer camps? -Come on! What? It's something new.
Something fresh.
-What are you playing at? -What? -Seriously? -What? -Shit, man! -What? You're funny.
I do it for my grades.
It gives you an advantage.
Do you need good grades? Yes, you need good grades to get somewhere in life.
Where are you going? Well… I like Bjärstad, but I don't want to stay here forever.
What? Are you ready? Yeah.
There's pizza if you want some.
Hope you enjoy it.
What are you doing? Are you coming to the match tomorrow? Yeah, I'll try.
I'll be there.
Sorry! I didn't see anything.
I was just looking for you.
It's time for the morning workout.
No time for jerking off! I wasn't.
-Give me that.
Stop it.
Just don't use the school Wi-Fi.
It could be embarrassing.
-Hi, dude.
-How are things? -Fine.
I'm just trying to tell Wille that he needs to work out if he wants to make the rowing team.
-August… -Right? How's it going? To be honest, I'm not sure he has the same drive as you and me.
-He's a bit lazy.
-Let me speak to my brother.
-He was asleep, actually.
-What? But we'll change that, won't we? I've got to go.
Good to see you, as always.
-See you.
Wille, make sure you're done jerking off by 6:00 a.
Okay? Great.
Hi, Wilhelm.
Hi, Erik.
-How are you? -August is getting on my nerves! Is he always like this? Yeah, he's always been intense, but you have to accept that-- Intense? He's fucking hysterical.
No one cares about those things.
He's had a hard time.
That school is his life.
His mother sent him there after his father killed himself, remember? What? No.
I knew he was dead, but not that… he killed himself.
Maybe you were too young.
Too young? Or someone forgot to tell me, as usual.
Can we talk later? I'm late for the workout.
Apparently, I'm too lazy, but I'll call you after the workout.
Okay? -Of course.
-Okay, bye.
It's nice to be outside, right? It's probably for the best.
Twenty seconds left.
You can do it.
Ass in the air, Nisse! Three, two, one, rest! Good.
Fucking hell.
The money for the booze.
I completely forgot.
It's okay, but I've spent a lot of money.
Send me a text with the amount and I'll transfer it.
-Good morning.
-Good morning.
Vincent? Vincent? -Is Vincent here? -No.
-Vincent? -What's up? Can you get some more? What, already? How much of it do you take? Can you get some or not? No, I can't.
I've changed psychiatrists several times already.
I have nothing left.
So I-- I ordered some four weeks ago, but it must have got stuck at customs.
Come on, seriously.
You know how important this year is for me.
-I need to be in top form.
-Calm down.
Go to the counselor and get him to assess you.
I can't keep up.
That sandal-wearing socialist? I haven't even got ADHD.
It won't work.
Right… There we go.
We can use that again.
Well… Want something to drink? Sure.
I think I have ADHD.
ADHD? Why do you think that? I have problems concentrating.
I see.
Any special reason why you find it hard to focus? Here.
No, you know, sometimes my mind's just spinning.
I'm sure you know what I mean.
Right, do you-- Do you have trouble sleeping? Yes.
-Is your heart racing? -Yes.
-Boom, boom, boom.
-Yes, exactly.
And dizziness? Headaches? A massive weight on your chest? You see, August, all of those are only symptoms of stress.
And stress is unfortunately very common here at school.
Particularly in the final year.
You're also a prefect and a team captain.
But it's not stress.
No? So what is it, then? Isn't it obvious? I can hardly sit still.
Surely you can see that.
-Okay, I understand.
I want an assessment.
Well, we can do that.
That's not a problem.
Preferably now.
An assessment takes several weeks.
We also need to do in-depth interviews with people who know you, people who've known you since childhood, like your parents.
Okay, I don't think you understand what I'm trying to say.
I need an assessment.
This week, at the latest.
My family is very important for this school.
My results are very important to this school.
If it gets out that you've been unwilling-- Hang on, August.
I said I will do an assessment, but it takes several weeks.
It's a long process.
You can't avoid that.
That was all the time we had for today.
I've had this watch for 40 years, and it still works.
Just one thing, you know I'm here if you need to talk to someone.
For nothing.
This is the best thing about rowing.
It brings people together.
It's really beautiful, I think.
Class, ethnicity, it's all irrelevant.
Everyone has the same opportunities.
Right? Sure.
I'm going to the library.
Okay, but see you at practice later, yeah? I can't tonight.
You can't skip practice if you want to make the team.
You're letting your teammates down.
Okay, but I can't tonight.
I can't concentrate here.
Wait! You must come to the horror movie night on Friday at the Manor House.
Both of you.
"Hubba Bubba, Mega Long.
" You're too kind.
Looking out for the school freaks.
Be careful in case it rubs off.
Sara's no freak.
She's got her diagnosis, but she's-- She's the only authentic person here.
What diagnosis? Asperger's and ADHD.
Coming? Shit.
I don't think I can.
I'm not feeling well.
Can I get you anything? No, thanks.
It's okay.
I'll just have an early night.
I don't want to pass it on.
I've got a sore throat.
I can't include you in the main team just like that.
-If you don't join the practice sessions.
-I know.
Have a rest.
When you get better you'll get your fighting spirit back.
-I know you've got it in you! -Yeah.
Get some rest now.
See you later.
Sorry, we don't take cards.
Okay, can I use my phone to pay? No, you need to download the app like everyone else.
-How are you? -How are you? -I'm fine, and you? -Good.
Have you always lived here? Yes.
Is it nice? It's okay.
There's not a lot to do.
I mean, everyone's doing the same things and everyone knows everyone.
-So it's… -That sounds a lot like my life.
-Are you kidding? -Hi, Prince! Hi.
-How are you? -Great.
You? It's cool.
-Great to see you.
-You too.
-This is Wilhelm.
Nice to meet you.
Shit, do you want some? Well, I can go and get some.
I'll do it.
It's okay.
Ketchup and mustard? -Yes.
-Boiled or grilled? -Grilled it is.
-It-- Okay, thanks.
The Prince… What's going on? Do you like him? What? What do you mean? I can see it.
Bro, you really like him.
No, I don't know.
"Boiled or grilled?" He had to finish your sentence.
What's happening? -You really like him.
-Stop it! He's coming.
-Here you are.
No grilled ones left.
-Come on, Rosh! Nice work, Rosh! Awesome, Rosh! Rosh! Come on, Bjärstad! Good, Rosh! Come on, Bjärstad! Come on, Rosh! Rosh! Come on, Bjärstad! Come on, Rosh! You're great! Go on, Rosh! Get the ball! Come on, Rosh! Come on, Bjärstad.
Come on! Come on, Bjärstad! Come on! Come on, Ayub! Alexander? Thanks.
Check out my cards.
Come on.
I'm throwing this one away.
Fucking shitty cards.
I'll take that.
Was it educational? -Are you gonna throw that one away? -Yeah.
How bad are your cards? Hi.
Sorry, I felt a bit better.
I thought it would be okay to hang out with some friends.
I asked if it was educational.
What's that? Your socialist safari.
I'm sure you understand that I can't just let this pass.
You left the school area without permission.
Everyone needs permission.
You'll take Alexander's dinner duty for the rest of the week.
An apology might be in order.
Yeah, sorry.
What did you say? Sorry.
-Can I-- -You know what? You should be careful of the company you keep.
Okay? Fuck.
Especially if they're using you to get some views.
Come on, Bjärstad! Come on, Bjärstad! Come on! You know what happened last time.
Come on, Bjärstad! Come on! Go, Bjärstad! -Hi.
You missed dinner.
I lost track of time.
You lost track of time? How's that possible? You just check your watch.
What are you doing? Well… I showed Wilhelm around Bjärstad.
Wilhelm? Yeah.
You said it wasn't possible to be friends with any of those people.
Yeah, but people change.
Isn't the point of the Royal Family that they don't change? CAN YOU DELETE THE STORY SHOWING ME? SORRY… ETIQUETTE It's okay.
You can speak Swedish with me, Maddie.
It feels like August is trying to ruin my chances with Wilhelm.
Stop it.
August, can I have a word with you? Of course, Headmaster.
I was just wondering about the payment for this term.
-I don't understand.
-It hasn't been paid.
I can't get hold of your mother.
How strange.
You know what? She's away.
-I thought that might be the case.
-That's why.
I'll ask her to get in touch.
Take care.
-Hi, August.
I must… You've got ADHD, right? Yes.
I'm going to be assessed for that.
Well… Are you taking any medications? Yes.
-Are you? -Vyvanse, 50 mg.
This may seem weird, but could you sell me some? That's illegal.
Why would I do something illegal? I thought that, because Simon sorted out-- We need to talk about the rowing team.
Let's go outside, if that's okay.
I don't want you to talk to her.
But what about your contact? Is he selling anything? No! Who do you think I am? I just want my fucking money.
What if I double what I owe you, if you get me some pills? Come on.
It's a good deal.
Why don't you bring Sara next time? It would be nice to see you together.
I don't think she's ready.
This place looks nice.
You wanna stay and jam? Yeah, the thing is… I don't know how long I can stay.
Hey, about the money for the booze for your friends.
Yeah, right.
It's on its way.
I promise.
On its way? Surely you have time for a coffee? Yeah.
-Hey, Simon.
-Yeah? We should catch a gig sometime.
You used to like that.
Remember when you, me and Sara saw Eek-a-Mouse at Kolingsborg? Yeah, that's right.
-Did you grab two spoons? -Yeah.
Rotate! Fuck! When do I get my money? Gather round! Simon, as you know, is a non-res.
A real Bjärstad guy.
Nothing to be ashamed of.
He had to fight hard to get here.
Probably a lot harder than any of you guys.
That's quite remarkable.
We should learn from Simon.
He fought his way up.
Now he's here, among us.
Among the possibilities.
Simon is… an example of a class journey.
I'm proud of you.
What are you doing? Get moving! What the fuck was that? Call me when you want to be picked up.
-Thanks, Mom.
-Wait, where's my phone? Here it is.
It's great that you got invited.
-It's great, right? -Yeah.
-See you later.
-Have fun.
Don't you find it weird that Felice invited us? I actually think she likes me.
But I don't know what to talk to her about, except Rosseau.
You'll be fine.
-You call this a horror movie? -Cut it out.
Seriously, you find this scary? Stop ruining the film.
You don't have to be here.
You're free to leave.
-Stop being so uptight.
-Shut up! -Stop it! -Just cut it out! -Behave! -It's not funny.
Are you okay? Yeah.
It was getting hot in there.
I just needed some fresh air.
Now my toes are cramping up.
Are you okay? I'm fine.
I'm not… I'm not-- Hey, wait! I'm not-- Sorry, I'm not… Subtitle translation by:
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