Young Royals (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES -Do you really have to go? -Yes, I have to go now.
-Why? -Let go of me.
-No, don't leave me.
-No, but-- We'll see each other soon.
Right face! Ready! Lift! And march! THINKING OF YOU.
FROM ST JOHN'S CHURCH CROWN PRINCE ERIK'S FUNERAL You know, I was thinking, tomorrow, if you feel up to it, you could sit in on the morning meeting and learn how it works.
And then we can talk about your school situation.
Right? I was thinking that maybe it would be good for Wilhelm to return to Hillerska, a familiar environment.
How does that sound? Imagine… Ever since I was born, I knew I would inherit the Crown from Dad.
But I had time to adjust and adapt.
And so did Erik.
But now it's you and your future children who will succeed me.
So, it's really important that you are a role model.
No more mistakes.
And people will always compare you with Erik, in every step you take.
That's already the case.
It always has been.
Excuse me.
Prince Wilhelm will succeed the title of Crown Prince and future king.
NEWS SWEDEN'S NEW CROWN PRINCE The Crown Prince will be studying at Hillerska, as did his brother.
SORRY! Oh, poor boy.
Please change the channel.
Sara? An invoice from Hillerska? It's a payment reminder.
5,500 kronas.
What's this? I needed a tutor.
Why? I only got a C on my last math test.
-Then just study harder.
-That's not how it works.
They give you a better grade if you pay for a tutor.
It's like extra credit-- In real life, you don't pay to get ahead.
No, I know.
-How often have I told you? -I know, Mom! I get it.
And how will we pay for this? -I'll take care of it.
-How? How, Simon? UNKNOWN Yeah, who's this? August? Her Majesty.
-Yeah? -Outside.
-Just a minute.
It's important.
What is it? Chill.
We're playing.
-Hey! -I mean now.
-No, just Vincent.
-Why? -This doesn't concern you.
Wille is coming back.
Okay! The Queen has asked me, personally, to help look after him.
Wilhelm needs his brothers.
Gather all Society members.
It's time to welcome a new member.
Okay! I'm on it.
Welcome back.
My condolences.
I would like to say thank you to the choir for their beautiful song.
I'd like to thank everyone for extending your condolences at this difficult time.
It feels so wrong that I'm the one still here… instead of him.
I know that Erik would have said… "What's the point of having a backup if you never use it?" My brother was kind and thoughtful.
He was my role model.
I'm going to honor his legacy and become a crown prince that my family can be proud of.
How… How are you? Okay.
Did you get my texts? Yeah.
-I was going to text you back, but-- -It's cool.
-I totally get-- -I want you to delete all our texts.
What? I can't do this anymore.
WHY?! OMG?! DON'T REPLY! We have arranged for you to have a bigger room, sir.
And I'm always here if you need me, sir.
Wilhelm-- Sorry, Your Royal Highness.
The memorial was quite beautiful.
-It was brave to give that speech, sir.
Promise you'll let me know if there's anything I can do for you.
Thank you.
We're here for you.
REMOVE CONTAC Please! Please! Would you please leave me alone for just one second? Yes, I'm very sorry.
Wilhelm! Hi.
What's… what's going on? Oh, it's some kind of ritual.
A cleansing ritual that she made me take part in.
-I see.
-But, hey, you know, the Parents' Day lunch, I honestly don't know-- -Don't worry about it.
It's in the past.
-Are you cold? -She said the ritual would warm me up.
Here you go.
This might help.
My fault.
I guess, I'd better… You want to join us? Sure.
Why not? -Great! -If you'll have me.
I don't have any coal smeared across my forehead.
Here you go.
Hello? I want to talk to you about Sara.
Dad? You fucking drunk.
Don't push too hard.
I'm about to come.
You closed your eyes? What? No.
You did close your eyes.
Fuck! Were you thinking of someone? Is that it? No.
You won't even give me an answer? Is it Wille? But, August.
I just… I've just had a lot going on lately.
I don't know.
How sweet.
I haven't seen you smile in a long time.
-See you later.
Have I missed something? So, you're, like, a couple now? When did you, like, fall for him? Felice, tell us more.
Come on! Have you had sex yet? August.
You'll have to sell it.
I'll give you a chance to pay me back.
Are you kidding? -I won't.
-Yes, you will.
You will pay back everything you owe me.
I can't help you.
I guess it doesn't bother you that everyone will know.
What? That you're broke.
Or does it? You know what? Exams are coming up, so they'll be in demand.
Sure, I'll do it.
Then you can shut the fuck up! The last bus has gone.
I know.
I'm waiting for my mom.
Are you mad at me? Yes.
I'm sorry about the Parents' Day lunch.
I had no idea.
I never meant to-- I was just being honest.
Sometimes it's better not to say everything.
I want us to be friends again.
Me too.
See you tomorrow.
You didn't answer.
Did you call me? Sorry.
It was on mute.
Why have you got Wille's jacket? I bumped into him on the way to class, but I forgot to return it.
-I'll head over later on.
-No, I'll do it.
Are you mad? No, I'm not mad! I-- But -we just talked.
We talked about his brother.
Erik was like a brother to me, and you know that.
You should be comforting me so that I can comfort him.
Give me the jacket! Hello.
Can I help you? -I'm returning this jacket.
-This one? -We're family.
Nothing to worry about.
-I see.
I'll return it.
-I'll do it.
-Stubborn! I like it.
I'll take it.
Thank you.
-Tell him I was here.
-Of course.
PAYMENT FROM AUGUS I mean, it's so crazy! It's unbelievable.
-I need to find that video.
-Please do.
-I'm sure you look great.
-Here it is.
-Let me see.
-No, I look crazy.
Seriously? No, you look really cute.
-Too cute! -Oh God! Anyway… -Catch you later.
-See you.
Sara! Hi.
Where's Felice? I don't know.
-You don't know? -No.
She posted a picture saying she was here.
Yeah, she does that sometimes.
She posts stuff and adds a location, but she's actually somewhere else.
With Wille? She's somewhere else with Wille? What? Don't ask me.
Does she talk about Wille a lot? What? What do you really want? Has anyone told you you're really pretty? Huh? Really? What? THE PALACE AT MIDNIGHT TONIGHT.
AT 11:30 P.
What the fuck are you doing? -What the hell is your problem? -What? Have you started using? -What the fuck are you talking about? -My medication! You think I'm stupid? Where are they? I've sold them.
Tell me you're not using.
Why the fuck do you care? Simon, they're prescription.
You get what I'm saying? I need them in order to function.
They're not recreational drugs.
You know it's for my ADHD.
Do you think I'm stupid? I know you'll use anything to get high or drunk.
You couldn't even stop abusing drugs for mine and Sara's sake.
You're so fucking pathetic.
Crown Prince Wilhelm? -Thank you.
-No problem.
Let's go.
You should've received a key.
You don't have one? No.
Welcome to the Society.
Alexander, would you please… Sure.
We have unanimously voted in favor of offering you, Crown Prince Wilhelm, the seat that was formerly held by Prince Erik.
You only have to answer one question.
Yes? Do you, sir, solemnly swear, in accordance with the interests of our Society, to work to prevent the extinction of this Society's noble families? I do.
I swear.
Excellent! Alexander, we're ready to be served.
-Thanks, Vincent.
Come on! No! We'll do it like this.
Okay? No, it was water.
Fuck! -Oh fuck! -Okay.
This one.
And here's to friendship! That was booze! Refill! Fuck! Refill! Where the fuck is Nisse? -I think it's time to up the ante.
-Yeah! Alexander, could you go get the stuff that will take us to the moon? It's like this.
There are two criteria for becoming a member.
You need to be of noble birth and the first-born male.
Noble and first-born male! Take Pär, for instance.
He owns… Are you listening? 5,500 hectares of land outside Lund.
Not too shabby.
Hell, no.
And Krille owns 7,500.
Is that about right? -Actually, I think it's 7,555.
-Get over yourself.
And Nisse owns diddly-squat.
-Nisse is awesome.
-Nisse is nouveau riche.
I would say that… -Speak up! -What I'm trying to say is, all of us have one thing in common.
All of us here are equally loyal to the monarchy.
To you! -Never forget that! -Never forget that! And on that note, let's roll.
Don't just laugh it off! Number four.
This one's mine! Looking good! Alexander, pack the drugs and hide them carefully.
Do you need help? I'm just going to fuck everything up.
What do you mean? Do the wrong things, say the wrong things… And I'm lousy with names.
I called the King of Belgium "Rudolf.
" I said, "Hi, Rudolf!" That's why you have me.
I know everybody's name.
Just ask me anytime.
Wanna trade places? Why not? I used to egg him on to always… Why buy a fancy car if you don't want to drive fast and feel the wind blowing with the top down? I told him that.
I get what you mean.
I felt exactly the same way about my dad.
Everything's, like, upside down.
I don't know how to act, what to feel.
I shouldn't even be functioning as a human being because my… brother is, like, dead.
And here I am, partying.
It's not your fault.
It's not your fault.
Hey! So, you don't want to talk to me? Just because everyone knows who I am? You don't get to do that! Okay? Yeah.
I can do whatever I want! Fuck! Hello? Simon.
Hello? Who's this? I really like you.
-Wille, is that you? -Yeah.
I've found it out.
You see, everything is just fake.
It's all fake.
Everything in the world is fake.
That's just how it is.
The grass on the soccer field is not actual grass.
Wille… It's just plastic! I mean, it's really bright, even though it's the middle of the night.
It's night! I know that much.
-But why is it so bright? -You're on the soccer field? Exactly.
None of the people are real.
They're just pieces of metal.
But I really like you.
And that is very real.
Wille! What did you do? You came.
Are you high? What the hell are you on? -Sit up.
-Simon… -Sit up! -You came! -What did you do? -Thanks for coming.
-You're really… -Fuck! You're so beautiful! You're so beautiful.
Are you mad at me? -Just get up.
Come on! -Simon… You came! Okay, that's enough.
Pull yourself together.
I don't want you to be mad.
Come on.
-Thanks for coming.
-Yeah, okay.
Wille, get off me.
I'm sorry.
-Just hold on to me.
-Yes, please.
Don't go.
Sorry about last night.
It's okay.
I want you to hold me.
How are you feeling? Better.
Can you stay here until I fall asleep again? Yeah.
Do you remember what you said to me last night? Wille? It's okay.
Yes, I do.
I like you too.
Alexander? WHERE ARE YOU? The Crown Prince… Subtitle Translation by:
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