Young Royals (2021) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

How are you? Good.
And you? Good.
Except that you have… terrible morning breath.
Oh, damn.
-It's disgusting.
What does it smell like? What are you doing? Stop.
That's so gross.
Um… I'm awake.
May I just remind the Crown Prince that breakfast closes in five minutes? -Mmm.
" Shut up! I'm coming.
Thanks, Malin.
Thank you.
"Thanks, Malin.
" Thanks for rescuing me yesterday.
You're welcome.
We could cut class.
At my place, so we don't have to sneak.
-No, we can't.
Yeah, sure we can.
-No, we can't cut.
Shh! -Come on, of course we can.
Stop it.
Don't be stupid.
Stop it.
Oh, fuck off.
Ah! You can wait until the bodyguards and I have gone down.
Then you can follow.
Okay? But we have to make it look like you came from the bus.
Don't I get any breakfast? -No.
But I'm starving.
You should've planned ahead.
Didn't you bring a sandwich? Wow! I'm kidding.
So… so, um… See you later.
Can't you come see me in Bjärstad sometime? -Please.
Wille! -Good morning.
-How are you? About as well as I deserve.
Yeah, you dumbass.
- Last night was really wild.
- Yeah.
- I'm totally spent.
- Me too.
- Krille threw up this morning.
- No.
Really? -Really? -Yeah.
-Before breakfast? -Yeah, a big fucker.
So, um… what happened to you yesterday? You disappeared on us.
Well, yeah, who knows? I totally blacked out.
Memory loss, then? I woke up in my own bed.
That's always something.
Okay? So… Where have you been? I've been trying to reach you.
Um, well, you know, my phone died, so… 'Cause you didn't sleep at home.
No, I didn't.
- Good morning.
- Good morning, Miss Ådahl.
Please be seated.
Yes, Walter? Uh, we can't do our presentation today.
Alexander isn't here.
Just do the best you can.
Stella and Fredrika, you may begin.
Capital punishment.
Yes or no? We say yes.
Oh, Saint Lucia Bright apparition Shine in our winter night Beautiful vision Dream with the sound of wings Wille! -Hi.
Um, listen… We have a crisis.
Okay, what's up? Alexander's been suspended.
What? Why's that? He didn't let us in after the party.
They must have caught him outside.
But that wouldn't get him suspended, right? No, you're right.
They must have caught him carrying the stuff.
- Yeah, we had a shitload of drugs.
- Headmistress is onto us.
It's just a matter of time if we have to do urine tests and then we're screwed.
-I cannot be dragged into this.
-No, none of us can.
But Alexander can't have told them anything yet.
-If he's smart, he'll keep his mouth shut.
So if anybody asks, we haven't seen anything or heard anything.
We haven't been to any party whatsoever.
I'll see if I can talk to Alexander.
He won't be talking to anyone.
Hello, hello! Congratulations! You are this year's Lucia! What? -They announced it today.
It's you! -Look how pretty you are! Gorgeous photograph.
They posted it.
- Uh… - It's so cute.
- Hi.
- You look like a little angel.
But how? I didn't even submit my name.
Of course, everyone voted for you anyway.
Well, I voted for myself.
Wait, what? Is that wrong? No, it's not wrong.
Is it? I didn't know that one was supposed to sign up.
Sorry, I should have told you.
-What? Do you want to be Lucia? -Maybe.
A drum roll for Lucia.
And now it's time for Lucia and her mates to go riding in the stables.
-Let's go.
-So jump on.
Are you ready? No, just be care… No way! This much? You're kidding me? I wouldn't say that it's more than normal.
It's as if he knew it was my turn to clean and shat a bit more just to fuck with me.
What's going on? Uh… It's my dad.
I don't know why he's started texting me again.
He knows I don't want anything to do with him.
But… Don't you ever want him to be a part of your life? No.
That's the thing, I just don't want that.
I want him out of our lives.
He won't let him hurt me and Simon again.
And he makes you feel guilty for shutting him out of our lives, and that's, like, really tough.
You've got to put yourself first.
I mean, no matter what he thinks about it.
Listen… -this weekend… -Mmm? I was thinking, would you like to have a sleepover at my place? -Hmm.
Why? -Because that's something friends do.
It's going to be really cozy.
So when can I come over? You want to come on Saturday? You wanna know how it's-- Like this.
Like this.
If you jump in the water, it's like two degrees in there.
If they hadn't been here, would you've, uh, made out with me? What do you think they think we're talking about? That the water is cold.
The water is cold today! So you know.
No, no.
Oh, my God.
- You got it.
- Yeah, I do.
I got it.
Okay? Wait, did you get the… Oh, my God.
I'm out of breath.
Oh! Put it there.
That looks good! Here's a blanket, a pillow, and bed sheets.
There you go.
Thank you.
-And this package came for you, Felice.
-Oh? Thanks.
Are you girls all set now? Yes.
Thank you very much.
Then I'll see you at dinner.
It's from Mom.
She wants me to wear her old dress at Lucia.
God, she's so amped up about this whole Lucia thing.
-It's so beautiful.
-That's just how she is.
Everything always has to… …be so perfect.
You have to lose weight, and have the right things so you don't get bullied.
What are you wearing? Maddie, what are you gonna wear? Ooh, I'll be wearing my shaman dress.
-Hold on, let me show you.
-What do you mean? Well, we always dress up for our weekend dinners.
But I only brought this.
-Check it out! I know, right? -God! I only brought my riding clothes and pajamas with me.
Okay, I'll lend you something.
Yes, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Okay… I know just the thing.
This is so stunning.
-But are you sure? -Of course! But I can see you clear here - Good evening, girls.
- Good evening, Housemistress.
Let's say grace.
We praise you, oh Lord, creator of the world.
You bestowed food upon us.
-Hello, Wilhelm! -Hello, Linda.
Thanks for having me over.
You're always welcome here.
Would you like something to drink? Um, we're gonna start gaming.
- Yes, of course.
- I can take that.
Hold on.
Let me get it.
Okay, one, two, three.
That's good! But how? Show me! It's impossible.
Let's do it.
One, two, three.
-I can't do it! -Loosen up! This is my room.
It is what it is.
-Are these your fish? -Mmm.
What are they called? It's kind of hard to tell them apart, you know.
One of them is called Olle.
Um… The other one is called… um… Oski.
And… the third one is called, um… um… Felle.
-Wait, wait, wait.
-What are you doing? Why did you put that on? Um… So the others in the next room won't hear us.
Does this make you horny? Just shut up.
This is the lifeline.
It's short, which means that you have a hard time expressing your feelings.
And it's hard for you to get into relationships because of it.
Have you ever had a boyfriend? No.
But you've been in love? Never? Do horses count? Ugh.
August wants me to come over.
I'll tell him I can't because you're here.
Don't you wanna date August anymore? I don't know.
It's just not… It just wasn't what I thought it would be like.
There's something that just feels a bit off.
Hey, Felice.
Uh, there's something that I initially wasn't even gonna tell you about because it was just so insignificant, but now it would feel wrong not to tell you.
Um… August, he… he kissed me in the stable.
But it meant nothing.
I just thought you should know.
He's such a fucking idiot.
But aren't you in love with him? If I was in love, I probably would have been upset, but… What a fucking douchebag.
God! I know.
Come on.
Oh, my God.
Okay… I talked to Alexander.
He hasn't said anything yet.
But he has asked us to find a solution so he won't be expelled.
Or else he'll start telling on us.
Are you kidding me? He can't just… We all understand that you are in a very vulnerable situation at the moment and given your position, it must be terrible.
This is much bigger than any of us.
Okay? Now we have to protect the Royal Family.
We stand united, right? - Once a brother… - …always a brother.
So, Alexander has a meeting scheduled in a couple of days and we need to figure something out before that.
Any suggestions? Okay, so, who volunteers to, um… go down on the principal? Seriously, does anyone have a better suggestion? We could blame Simon.
Come on, he's a non-resident, he's the one who brought the drugs in to begin with.
So, it only makes sense, right? Absolutely.
What? He didn't tell you? I thought you two were buddies.
He's been dealing to us for months.
-But we need someone.
We need someone.
I'll take care of it, okay? Yes.
Sure, you're right.
I've got to get there ASAP.
Really soon I'll take you shopping too.
So, these five assignments.
Let's do them and then we can talk… -Hey, can we talk? -Hi.
Alexander got caught with drugs at the party.
Was it you? Did you sell them the drugs? Huh? It's my dad's medication.
I took it.
Dealing is so fucking low.
I'm not a dealer.
Are you kidding me? Why? Are you trying to be best friends with August? It's because he owes me money.
-August owes you money? -Yes.
-But how come? -Well, because I sold him booze.
It was for your initiation.
But, apparently, he's fucking broke.
Is August broke? Or maybe he lied about that too.
What do I know? You know him well, you ought to know.
Alexander is going to talk unless we find a way to keep him at Hillerska.
And the guys think that… we should blame it all on you.
You're fucking kidding me.
I can't be thrown out of school.
You realize what that would lead to, right? --I… It would… My mother… -So you're gonna do what they want? -No, I don't want to do that.
-But you have to, or what? -No.
-What then? You have to try to see it from my perspective.
This isn't just about me, but my entire family.
It will damage our reputation.
What about me? My family? This sucks.
I didn't fucking say that I think you should take the fall! I'm in a fucked-up situation and I'm trying to talk to you.
I'm not going to protect the royal family just because… the prince fucks up.
I'm just fine, thanks.
Um, could you maybe do me a favor? Uh, could you check something regarding my second cousin August? It's about his finances.
Ooh! Oh, one more bad move, Jan.
Five hundred on Monday.
August? Did you see how I beat Yan? Huh? -Nicely done.
-Total victory.
Hey, what sort of king do you think Wilhelm will make? Uh, well, I don't know.
Okay, I guess.
Think he's got what it takes? I think so.
He doesn't seem so into the royal life, not like Erik.
The headmistress wants to speak to you.
Come in.
Thank you for coming.
-Of course.
-Please have a seat.
-How are you? -Fine.
Do you want chocolate? -Sure, why not? That one? -That's the best one.
Take it.
-Promise? -Mm-hmm.
Well, concerning Alexander… I haven't heard anything yet, but I'll tell you as soon as I do.
-Good -I promise you.
But, um… that's not what I wanted to talk to you about.
It's about your tuition fee.
Here's the problem, the Board had to submit this case to the Enforcement Authority.
And now we, um… Well, we have made a joint decision that means you can't return to school after the Christmas break.
But graduation, I have to-- No.
No, August.
I've tried, but if you can't pay, even I can't do anything.
I'm sorry, but I promise you, there are good public schools… Please, August, wait! I GET THAT YOU'RE MAD.
I'm glad you all could make it to this impromptu meeting.
What's the status of Alexander? Alexander's meeting is on Monday.
Our task is to give him a good alibi and back Alexander's story.
We are gonna say that Simon tried to sell to us first and then he got frustrated when none of us wanted to buy anything.
And then Simon is done.
He'll get thrown out.
And Alexander stays.
I say we blame Alexander.
We'll say he tried to sell us drugs, but that we refused.
At that point, it won't matter what he says.
We are eight against one.
And he's the one they caught with drugs.
-Why not Simon? -Because this is easier.
Alexander will be fine.
He'll end up at some school in Switzerland.
The thing is, though… you don't call the shots around here.
How long have you been a member? A week? And how much longer will you be a member? - What? - You can't pay your tuition fees.
No matter what happens, you won't be here after Christmas.
It's a matter of my assets being tied up.
The matter is that you don't want to sell Årnäs.
Because if you do, you can't stay in this club.
We swore an oath to protect the royal family.
And I say… let Alexander take the fall.
Any objections? Well? No.
We'll do that instead.
Well, what did you want to talk about? Uh, it's like this.
I think it's important that you as principal know that Alexander… Alexander, the first-year, offered me drugs.
He was really persistent, and kind of initiated everything.
He told me he got hold of the drugs during a weekend at home.
He probably thought that it'd make him cool.
Obviously, I refused.
I have no interest in such things.
He was really pushy and aggressive.
I assume that he thought that it would make him popular.
So, I told him to get lost.
I'm not into that.
Obviously, I should have informed the principal immediately.
But I didn't want to get Alexander into trouble.
You don't want to be the one who snitches, you know.
Yes, thank you.
Thank you, Headmistress.
I'm so happy that Felice got elected to be Lucia.
It means so much to me.
Oh, that's gross.
-Ew! -Oh.
It's disgusting.
It's just mulled wine.
With a touch of shampoo.
It's delicious.
Yeah, but it sort of lingers… You have to pull your hair a bit.
Oh, God… -Okay, don't pull so hard.
-Please, I have to.
It won't work.
-It's glittery.
-Don't be so negative.
But you can't breathe.
No, this won't work.
Just take it off, please.
Hold on, I have an option for you.
Check it out! - It's so beautiful! - I know, right? Oh my God, yes! It's beautiful, but I don't think it's right for Lucia.
-Don't you start.
-No, it's really beautiful.
It's really beautiful.
My mom is gonna kill me.
Girls, you're running a bit late.
You've got to hurry up.
-I haven't ironed this one.
Damn! -I left my sash in the locker.
-Okay, hurry up.
-I'll see you there.
'Cause I'm feeling like I'm needing your body Making me impatient, patient, patient For you, oh! I wanna wanna know Wanna know your body, body WE NEED TO TALK.
I wanna wanna know, know, know Waiting on your body, body - Hello.
- Hi! Hi, sweetie.
I just wanted to wish you good luck.
-We'll see you down there.
See you, Smysan.
What's this you're wearing? Um… A dress.
Um… Can't you wear the one I sent you? Let's give it a try.
I know exactly how to make it work.
-No, it won't fit.
No, it's… -Sweetie.
-But… -I'll help you.
No, stop.
No, no, no.
Okay, no, no, no, no.
My mother wore this.
I wore this.
It's tradition.
So you just have to.
No! I don't even want to be Lucia.
I have to finish getting ready, so if you could please leave.
I just wanted to help.
I know.
So you blamed everything on Alexander? Nobody said anything about you.
And you expect me to thank you? Is that it? I just wanted you to know.
I just didn't want to lose you.
You're the only one here I feel I can actually talk to.
I am leaving, I'm unleashing I unravel to the leeches I'm unpleasant, I'm not loving I'm not loving Just call out the guys With the samurai swords Just call out the guys With the samurai swords Someone else Will love like a rainstorm Someone else will drown In your long strong arms I'm not present at all I'm not flawless, I'm not cautious I am blazing out the houses I am poison, I'm not loving I'm not loving I'm not focused, I'm not stable There's no patience, no salvation There's no heartache, I'm not loving I'm not loving, I'm not loving Just call out the guys With the samurai swords HURRY UP.
Light your white candle crown Oh, Saint Lucia Dream with the sound of wings Heralds of wonders' night Light your white candle crown Oh, Saint Lucia Oh, Saint Lucia Bright apparition Shine in our winter night Beautiful vision Dream with the sound of wings Herald of wonders' night Light your white candle crown Oh, Saint Lucia Dream with the sound of wings Herald of wonders' night Light your white candle crown Oh, Saint Lucia Come in your clothing white Angelic beacon Give us, you yuletide bride Joy for the season -Hi! -You are so beautiful! -The most beautiful Lucia we've had.
Oh, you should be so proud.
I am.
And of your son who has the voice of an angel.
-Yes, I'm very proud of them.
-And so you should be.
Yeah, hello? Hello, August.
This is Minou from the Royal Court.
I just want to inform you that Her Majesty has resolved the issue of your tuition.
But how? Well, it was Prince Wilhelm who asked me to look into it.
- She seems really nice.
- Yeah, yeah, she is.
I think you'd like her.
Wow, you look beautiful.
If that's the proper phrase.
What are you doing here? The Queen said to tell you that family comes first.
We have spoken to the Headmistress and the whole issue is resolved.
-Of course.
-Thank her for me.
-I will.
I'm sorry, Sara.
I get that you don't want to see me.
But when Simon started showing up at my place… I thought, everyone deserves a second chance.
Simon? Aren't they beautiful? Simon, I want him to go.
What the hell have you done, Simon? You promised me.
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