Young Royals (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

SO CLUMSY TO GET CAUGHT ON FILM! I KNOW WHERE HE LIVES! CLASS TRAITOR! LOVE FOR THE BOYS! THE SEXIEST VIDEO EVER! Your Majesty, I cannot express how sorry we are that this happened at our school.
We will issue a state-- You won't utter a word until we say so.
THE CROWN PRINCE'S SECRET LOVER? PARTY PRINCE'S SECRET LIFE AT ELITE SCHOOL You do realize this will have consequences? I'm sorry, Mom.
It looks like we can't make it go away.
We need to issue a statement.
We can still deny everything, say that it's not you in the video.
It's hard to recognize you, so what we'll do is this.
We'll pick you up on Saturday.
Rosenqvist will conduct the interview.
She will get the exclusive rights to the statement.
We can trust her.
I don't want you to be seen with Simon.
It will fuel rumors.
We have to sort this out.
Did it go okay, sweetie? Yes, Mom.
I am able to walk to the store.
We have to report it to the police.
I don't think you should go back to the school.
I really don't think either of you should.
I'll make a phone call and see if you can change back to Marieberg.
But I don't want to quit Hillerska! Think about everything he's done for you.
Like meeting Dad behind my back? You'll ruin my life because he's ruining his? Stop being so fucking stubborn! Put yourself in my position! The whole fucking world has seen me in that video! King Gustaf XVII and XVIII at the same time? Or what? And what about an heir? I mean, they can't have kids.
They can get a surrogate mom.
They'll have to find a surrogate mom who's a blue-blooded aristocrat.
-No one would say yes to that.
-I bet you would.
-Totally! -Seriously, drop it.
He's just been outed.
Yeah, but most people don't believe it's him in that sex tape.
We are the only ones who know it was shot in Wilhelm's room.
-Remember the movie night? -Yes.
-I told you my suspicions.
-That's right.
Everyone knows his room.
-And they just hung around his window? -I think so.
-No, who would do that? -It could be anyone.
-Maybe Lukas.
-Lukas? No.
No! I don't want to talk to you! -Hi.
How are you? How's Simon? He must be devastated.
He's upset and staying at home today.
Mom wants us to change schools.
What? She doesn't want us to go here after everything that's happened.
Wait a sec.
When? End of term.
-This is the computer.
Hey, look.
Is it turned on? Those guys are not from the IT department.
It must be because of the video.
We'll take this one with us.
-Have you ever seen anyone use it? -This is crazy.
What the fuck is your problem? Bro.
We tried calling you.
Are you gonna let us in? Yeah.
Everything's chaotic.
It's all they talk about at school.
They're just hyping it up because someone from Bjärstad is famous.
"Famous"? I mean, it's just a video.
-"Just a video"? -Lots of celebrities make sex tapes.
Sure, someone else leaks them, like Kim Kardashian.
And she's doing fine now.
-Did you watch it? -Which one? His or-- -Come on! Kim K.
-Yes, definitely.
-You haven't seen it? -No, I haven't! Simon, you must have seen it.
-You've watched it? -Have you both seen it? -Yes.
Not together, but I've watched it.
Just drop it.
-We're talking about your video.
-That's no problem for me.
I've seen it.
-Let's go back to his video.
What did Wille say? Have you spoken to him? Tell us.
No, I turned off my phone.
I can't take it anymore.
I get that.
So what will you do? I'm quitting that school.
-I promise.
-And start with us? I would love for you to study with us again, but why should you have to quit for something they did? Exactly.
They can just continue while you have to quit? -Fuck them.
-You'll be the one to pay for it.
You can't give up now.
You really can't.
Preach! Right.
See you this weekend.
Take care.
Yeah? I told the housemaster that I'd bring you dinner.
You don't need to hide.
If anyone's giving you a hard time, just let me know, and I'll deal with it.
Hey, August… I'd like to say sorry for that stuff with the Society.
I shouldn't have mentioned your finances in front of everyone.
I know you're trying to help me.
I know I let you down.
It's cool.
Okay? Thanks… thanks for helping me out with my tuition fees.
I wish Erik was here.
He would know what I should do.
I'm at a loss.
What am I supposed to do? I-- I think Erik would have wanted you to just be yourself.
I really do.
Follow your heart.
Come on! It's just school.
Thanks, Sara.
-Good morning.
Hey! Hi.
Did you watch the game last night? -No.
What are we going to do? They've asked me to issue a denial, saying it's not me in the video.
Seriously? They want me to make a statement on Saturday at the palace.
You're not going to, are you? I don't want to say anything.
But everyone can see it's me in the video.
What am I supposed to do? But no matter what, they can't dictate what you say.
We didn't do anything wrong.
We didn't.
You're right.
We're in this together.
I'll kidnap you if you leave.
I swear to God.
If you transfer to Marieberg, I'll… Hi.
Can I come in? What do you want? I know you leaked the sex tape.
Come in.
The cops confiscated the computer you used to post the sex tape.
You thought you'd start spreading false, unsubstantiated rumors? Then you won't mind if I tell Wilhelm that I saw you on that computer on Lucia night? Go for it! Okay.
Wait! Why did you do it? I don't even know myself.
It just happened.
I thought you and Wilhelm were friends.
So why? Wilhelm's got everything! But he just spits on it.
I've tried to help him several times, but-- At least Erik took his role seriously.
Wille doesn't care.
Wilhelm just embarrasses the royal family.
That doesn't give you the right.
And what about Simon? He's completely devastated.
What do you want? You're still here, so obviously you want something.
What? Well? You can have whatever the hell you want.
What are your dreams? To be just like you.
To be a resident at Hillerska and have my life here.
You mean… Right.
That can easily be arranged.
I can get you a spot in the Manor House.
The prefect and I are close.
-You can even skip the line.
-I can't afford it.
People like you get grants.
Everything's free.
I'll help you apply.
And in return you won't tell anyone.
Okay? Sara, dinner! -What, we're eating in here? -Yes.
-What's wrong with the dinner table? -This is cozy.
Can we buy linen napkins? Someone's obviously been inspired by all the posh girls at the Manor House.
-What's wrong with that? -Nothing.
You look pretty.
But why are you dressed up? Is it a special-- It's nice to make an effort and dress up for dinner.
I guess I'd better put my suit on.
I'm going to apply for a Hillerska grant so I can be a resident there.
I'll get out of your hair, and I won't be a burden to you anymore.
And I won't have to stay in this trashy house.
What the hell are you saying? Calm down! Hold on.
I'll handle this.
Have you lost it completely? She's done everything for us, and you just piss on her! -No.
-You do! No, if she'd done everything possible, she would've protected us from Dad! And his booze and drugs.
-She tried to! -Trying isn't good enough, Simon! She should've divorced him sooner! And we would've been homeless.
You have to give people a chance! Simon, you can't keep giving people a chance.
That's your problem! You always want to help people.
First you tried to help Dad, then me, and now Wilhelm.
You keep letting people piss on you! At least I don't piss on my family.
And I don't try to be someone I'm not.
No one likes me when I'm me.
I like you when you're you! You're doing it again.
Trying to take care of me.
I'm trying to be your friend again because I really need you.
So, what should I wear? Stop it.
I can't look like this when you're all dressed up.
I just look stupid.
No, you don't.
I'm the one who looks stupid.
You're beautiful.
So are you.
I'm just trying to find some kind of clue, anything that might catch the guy who did it.
Because if everything just settles down, maybe Sara doesn't have to quit school.
And I want to help Wilhelm.
WILL YOU COME AND SAY GOODBYE? OF COURSE Do they want you to stop seeing me? Yeah, I'm sure they do.
But I don't want to.
Will you tell them that? Yes.
I want to be with you.
You're right.
They can't force me to make the statement.
I'll talk to my mom.
She has to understand.
Fuck! They'll be here any minute.
How are you feeling? I feel like throwing up.
I'll call you later.
You'll do great.
You're brave.
Thank you for not leaving me alone with this.
I thought-- I wanted us to get a few moments alone.
How do you do? Nice to meet you.
Your Majesty.
See you later.
What? What if… what if I just want to be with him… and not say anything.
Just have a normal life.
You are the Crown Prince.
And that's a privilege, not a punishment.
I didn't ask for this! Nobody asks for this! You're the only one who can take over as crown prince after Erik.
Don't you see? You're so young.
When you're young, love feels like the most important thing in the world.
When I was your age, I too had an unfortunate romance.
This was before I met your father.
What I mean is, is it worth it? Even if you feel the attention you've gotten so far is unacceptable, it's nothing compared to what it will be like for the rest of your life.
We have one chance to make this go away.
I urge you to take it.
You may not get another.
Are you ready? Yes.
I'm gonna win.
You need to play a higher card.
-Is that higher? No.
-That one's higher.
Yes, I win.
My turn then.
I won! -You sure? -Yes! I'm sure.
You're not going to win.
Sara, pass me the bowl.
-Are you sure you're ready for this, Mom? -Yes, I'm ready.
I'm always ready.
Oh shit.
What? "The Crown Prince says, 'It's not me in the video.
'" What? "The Royal Court denies the rumors that the Crown Prince appears in the video that has gone viral this past week.
" "I started at Hillerska to focus on my studies.
" "I have chosen not to get involved in any emotional relationships.
" "Everyone should be allowed to live as gay or straight or whatever they want.
" SIMON, PLEASE ANSWER! Sweetie… do you want anything? Cookies, juice, soda? No, thanks.
Are you sure? You're strong, Simon.
Everything's gonna be all right.
Can we… I'm really sorry.
This was the only way.
But, this doesn't have to change what we've got.
We're still us.
It's just that we can't be seen together.
If I'm someone you have to hide… If I came out, all hell would break loose! How can you even ask me to do that? I'm not asking for anything.
But you expect everything to be on your terms.
You need to figure out what you want.
No matter how long that takes.
And I respect that.
But you need to do it on your own.
I don't want to be anyone's secret.
Which one is Wilhelm's room? Room 15.
Who is it? It's Felice.
Can we talk? Now is really not a good time.
It's really important.
What's up? I know who did it.
-Huh? -The video.
It's something with the pixels.
And, these are from August's Instagram.
See? It's the same thing.
He dropped his phone, and I guess it damaged the camera.
Here as well.
It's identical in every single picture.
Hey! I trusted you.
What are you talking about? I really trusted you.
Why? I'm sorry.
You're sorry? What can I say? Sorry.
You fucking told me I could always come to you! -Calm-- -Whenever I had a problem! You told me I was among my peers! You were the only one I could trust! You're no longer part of my family.
Hi, sweetie.
Mom, it was August.
August did it.
-I know.
-What do you mean you know? How long have you known? A couple of days.
-How? -Wille-- You knew all this time? Why didn't you tell me? Because I knew how you would react.
There are no winners if we make this public.
We said you're not in the video, and that's the story we're sticking with.
Shouldn't he be punished? He ruined my fucking life! Why are you protecting him? I'm protecting you.
I'm protecting our family, the monarchy, and our legacy.
That's the only thing that can give Erik's death any mean-- Merry Christmas, sir.
We look forward to seeing you in the new year.
Thank you.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
That was beautiful.
I'm sorry.
I love you.
I hope you have a nice Christmas.
Thank you, Simon.
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