Younger (2015) s05e08 Episode Script

The Bubble

1 - I’m nervous.
- I’m a little nervous.
We can’t go back to how we were after this.
I hope not.
You remember the first time I saw you in the office? You were wearing this beautiful navy suit.
You looked so tall and important.
First time I saw you, you were having lunch at your desk and reading "Look Homeward, Angel.
" And I thought "Who does that?" I do.
- I’ll call you Christmas Eve.
- If you can.
- I know you have the girls.
- Yeah.
And I’ll see you in ten days.
Safe trip.
- Bye.
- Okay, bye.
- Hey.
- Hey! Happy new year, Zane.
Happy new year, Liza.
It has been like that ever since Jake kicked him - off the book.
- Maybe he’d be less angry if he knew how much time you spent editing that thing over the holidays.
- Doubt it.
- Hello, ladies.
- How was everyone’s break? - It was great.
- Exhausting.
- I know exactly what you mean.
Enzo and I overslept and overate, so now I’m on a cleanse, which means no coffee.
So don’t expect me to be my normal, cheery self.
- Uh - Oh, look who’s back.
Hey Whoa Happy new year to you all.
Happy new year.
Very, uh, becoming, Charles.
Kelsey, I read the, uh, the Jake Devereux chapters.
- They’re excellent.
- Really? Candid, funny.
- Great job.
- Thank you so much.
Diana, I’ll send you the file.
You have to read it.
I think this one is worth rushing to publication.
I, uh, - I think it’s gonna be big.
- Then I can’t wait.
Oh, by the way, Sophia Bell is coming in this morning to pitch her book.
She’s like the new Dr.
I will, uh, see you all at the meeting.
- Dear God, that beard.
- You know what they say.
Men who grow beards are hiding something.
Yes, generally crumbs.
Liza, coffee No.
No coffee.
We need to talk.
We? Hmm.
I don’t need anything from you.
Okay, Zane We still have to work together.
We are working in the same office, but let’s be clear.
We’re not working together, Kelsey.
You used whatever you had to get Devereux all to yourself, all right? You screwed me, and then you screwed me over.
Wow Hi Hi.
I missed you.
I missed you too.
Can I see you tonight? Yes, of course.
So I’ll leave first, and, uh and I’ll wait for you in front of the the public library.
- 7:30.
- Okay.
Sophia Bell is in the conference room.
- Oh, yeah, I was just, um - Yeah.
I was just telling Charles that.
Uh, so I guess that’s it.
For too long, couples were told that open communication is the key to an enduring relationship.
Now they’ll know the truth.
Love is actually fueled by mystery.
Mystery is where the erotic thrives.
A healthy relationship should feel a little illicit.
Then the question is, what’s the line between dangerous and destructive? What? What is it? Chapter 12.
But, um, doesn’t real intimacy ultimately require real honesty and openness? No, think of intimacy as a place instead of a condition.
A place that you go to only with your partner.
And it’s secluded, it’s private.
It’s like your bubble.
And when you’re together in that bubble, then then what is more exciting than sharing your secrets? You’ll hear from us very soon.
Thank you, Charles.
- Thank you.
- Talk then.
Please tell me you’re going to Lauren’s for dinner tonight.
- Sorry, what? - Lauren.
She’s throwing a dinner for this girl that she’s crazy about, but Jake’s in town, so I can’t go.
Please tell me you can go.
- Oh, tonight? - Yeah.
Oh, um S-sorry, I’m busy tonight.
So where’d you meet this girl, anyway? Uh, you know, I was at a BAM event where, uh, Miranda July interviewed Natalie Portman, and the hottest little blonde just stood up And asked Natalie a question in the most beautiful Hebrew that I - I soaked my shorts.
- Bam.
Okay, um Panty lines? Stuff in my teeth? Uh, you’re good.
- Oh.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- I brought eggplant parmesan.
Thank you, Maggie, wow.
But, uh, I cooked.
I know.
But you want to impress - this girl, right? - Ooh hoo hoo! - Hi.
- Hi, Maggie.
- Place looks great.
- Yeah, right? Mm, yum.
- Hi.
- Hi.
We probably shouldn’t.
In fact, we should probably talk about how this is going to work.
We should.
But can I ask you a favor? Of course.
Can we stay in our bubble just for tonight? Oh, my God.
Yes, please.
Yeah? - Then I have an idea.
- Okay.
Come on.
What is this? The SeaGlass Carousel.
I love it.
You ready to take a ride? - Hey.
- Hi.
- Ugh, sorry I’m late.
- That’s okay.
- So, uh - I thought we were going to eat.
Are we going - to someone’s apartment? - Yeah, um, my apartment.
- What? - I put a bid on a place in this building, and I wanted you to be the first to see it.
’Cause, well, I’m hoping you’ll be spending a lot of time there.
Are you moving to New York? I am up for Charlie Rose’s old gig.
What? Oh, my God, that’s amazing.
- That’s that’s huge.
- Yeah Look, even if the CBS thing doesn’t happen, it’s you know, I think I should have a New York presence.
Uh, there’s just so much opportunity out here.
- Yeah.
- But, look, realtor gave me the keys, so, come on.
Jake, um I need to press pause.
You’re amazing but I’ve made this mistake before.
- What mistake? - Getting involved with people that I work with.
You mean Zane? I mean, I’m developing a pattern here that I would like to break.
Okay? Let’s just cool things off until the book comes out, and then we can see where we’re at after that.
You breaking up with me? Let me be there for you professionally.
As your editor.
Look, the book is so amazing.
I’m so excited about it.
It’s gonna be huge for you and huge for Millennial.
So let’s push this thing past the finish line together, and then we can see where we’re at.
Thank you for your honesty.
I know that’s probably a really tough thing to say.
Yeah, it was.
And I hope you understand.
You still want to grab a bite to eat? Maggie, what do you think? What do you think? Group or separate? I think you should down that red wine and take half a Xanax.
Okay, okay, no I got it, I got it.
I got it, I got it.
You made it, hi.
- Hi.
- Gosh, I love those shoes! - Oh, thank you.
- Come in, you look gorgeous.
- Thank you.
- You’re welcome.
Um, this is my roommate Josh, and that’s Maggie.
- Malkie.
- What is this? What, do you two know each other? - Yeah, we used to go out.
- Really? - Mm-hmm.
- Huh.
Oh, well, you know, it’s a small community.
Okay, let me take your coat.
And, uh, is red wine okay with you? - Mm.
- So, Maggie.
When do you plan to put your tomatoes in? Oh, I’m not doing the community garden this year.
I’m going to do a rooftop garden.
Oh, that sounds right.
- What do you mean? - Just that you seem to like doing the loner thing, that’s all.
What are you insinuating? - How’s the salmon? - Uh, it’s de Malkie, if you’ve got something to say to me, why don’t you say it to my face? Okay.
You’re a middle-aged woman who’s scared to let anyone in.
You love the fun of the chase, but you never want to get real.
I I I gotta go.
- Maggie - It’s what you do best.
Oof, uh You okay? Yeah, I just Call me tomorrow.
Hey, I I am so sorry.
- I feel awful, I didn’t - No, I’m so embarrassed.
I-I did not expect it to just, like Really, it’s okay.
It’s okay.
I mean she she really hurt you, huh? No, no, I’m I’m I’m over it.
So, um should we get some more wine, or just Let’s smoke a joint.
You wanna Josh.
I had the most magical night.
Don’t make fun, but there’s this carousel in Battery Park What’s wrong? Lauren is Malkie’s new girlfriend.
- Shiksa-in-the-Mikveh Malkie? - Yep.
Wait, I thought you broke up with her.
I know.
I know I did.
Oh, Maggie.
I know.
And and she said I had issues.
Do you think I have issues? We all have issues.
We’re all scared to put our hearts out there.
But the good things only happen when we risk letting the bad stuff happen, too.
I know.
So I cooled things off with Jake.
- Oh, is that a good thing? - Oh, yeah.
The next time I decide to sleep with somebody from work, - please slap me.
- Will do.
Good morning, Millennial Print.
Good morning.
Why is he in such a good mood? I just heard from Reese Witherspoon’s person.
They are moving our meeting today to lunch.
Awesome! Ladies who power-lunch, am I right? - What? - I am on a cleanse, that’s what.
Uh, excuse me.
I thought you weren’t drinking coffee.
I’m just smelling it.
I wanted to apologize for last night.
Oh, Maggie, it’s okay.
I mean, you did ruin my party, but you didn’t - do it by yourself.
- Well, I hope you had fun without me and that you keep seeing her.
- She’s a great girl.
- Maggie, she left right after - you did, practically in tears.
- She did? Yes! And I don’t see people who are stuck on their exes, okay? Really, I don’t think I’m the one you should be giving these flowers to.
Take them.
Go get her! Good luck.
My white tiger.
- All right.
- Go.
- Hi.
- Hey.
They knocked down the hardware store.
Last week.
Now I have to look at that ugly wall - until the ground thaws.
- Yeah, well, at least it’s not - a Duane Reade.
- It’s going to be.
Listen, I just I wanted to apologize about the way things ended.
I guess I just got scared.
Think you’d ever want to try things again? Maggie relationships are about doing the work.
I know that.
I know that, and I I’m ready to do the work.
I I want to do the work.
I know you think you do, but honestly I don’t know if you can.
The flowers are really beautiful.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Great to see you.
Yeah, you, too.
Thanks for meeting me.
Well, we uh we couldn’t be more excited about your book.
And, uh, I think America is ready for some political optimism.
I’m glad you said that, ’cause So, I was thinking.
The broad appeal of the book, it may be underserved by such a a niche imprint like Millennial.
- Really? - Yeah.
Look Kelsey she is not a bad editor.
She’s just she’s a little green.
And I Honestly, I I feel like the book belongs at Empirical.
Thank you.
I am so sorry I haven’t caught you guys up earlier.
Netflix development has stalled ’cause they’re just not sure - about a second season.
- But I thought they wanted it - to be a limited mini-series.
- Well, they do, but just in case it’s a big hit, they kind of want to see where it can go.
Well, that’s really more of a question for Pauline.
Yes, exactly.
Which is why I have invited her here for lunch.
- Hi! - Oh, hi! - So nice to see you again.
- Thank you.
Hi, Diana.
- Hello, Liza.
- Pauline, what a surprise.
Now that we’re all here together I am so excited to hear about these "Marriage Vacation" characters.
Oh, well, I I haven’t given it too much thought, but I guess a sequel would have to be all about divorce.
New York style.
- Kate and Karl would split up.
- What? Why? Well, Kate discovers that her husband is secretly in love with someone else.
Who? A two-faced young assistant in his company.
Oh my God.
- I know.
- Karl, with an assistant? Seems like he’d be drawn to a more accomplished woman.
You know, someone who is at least department head.
- Mm.
- Right, you might think so.
But this assistant is so cheerful and innocent-looking, she charms everyone in the company.
I mean, she’s the kind of woman who smiles right in Kate’s face; even pretends they’re friends.
And she steals her husband and takes him away from his children.
Oh, this is good.
Shailene Woodley - is gonna eat this up.
- Mm-hmm.
Maybe the assistant was actually trying to help Kate and Karl repair their marriage.
That’s a stretch.
- Uh W Go on.
- Maybe the assistant was doing everything she could to help them get back together.
But Karl couldn’t get over the fact that Kate left him and left her own children for an entire year.
Yes, well, that is the the comforting fantasy that the assistant tells herself at night.
Not just comforting, but truthful.
To the characters.
I’m not buying it.
I think my version is more believable.
And I think that when Kate finds out about the affair, she might want revenge.
- Yes! - No.
I don’t think that the audience would like that.
Think they might want it.
Liza, stop telling Pauline what to write.
Oh, that’s okay.
That’s okay.
It’s always interesting to hear another point of view.
Even if it’s hard to swallow.
You wanted to see me? Yeah, come on in.
I, uh wanted to run something by you.
Yeah, of course.
What do you think about making Devereux’s book an Empirical title? Makes sense from a marketing perspective, and it’s not as if Empirical wasn’t a part of the process.
I mean, and and you had a a big hand in the the architecture of the book, right? I would love to take credit.
But Kelsey practically invented that book.
She definitely rewrote it.
Yeah, this one’s hers.
Then it, uh, stays with Millennial.
Excuse me.
Hello? Hi.
We need to talk.
- Hi.
- I, um I have to tell you something.
I saw Pauline today.
I know.
I did, too.
She wants to make a deal.
She will keep quiet about us, and in return she wants the option to her sequel back.
She says she can get double at Random House.
Well, that can’t work.
What would we tell Kelsey? I’ll tell her it’s part of my divorce settlement.
Which is true.
I-I can’t believe you’re doing all this for me.
I just want to stay in our bubble.
As long as we can.
I just have I just have one question.
Do do bubbles have to be so scratchy? Oh Oh, s so the bubble has conditions, now? - A small one.
- Yeah, well Okay.
I can work with it.
- Looks good, yeah.
- Our first collaboration.
- Oh, yeah.
- Yes! Amazing.
- Thank you, - You’re welcome.
Yeah, babe.
Oh, she’s coming.
- Good luck.
- Later, thanks.
I can do the work.
- What do you think? - I love it.
- I got you, right? - You got me, girl.
You got me.
Get me three almonds and some hot water with lemon.
He shaved.
Wonder who he did that for?