Younger (2015) s07e04 Episode Script

Risky Business

Previously on "Younger"
I just can't believe it's really over.
Please allow me to present
surf legend, Kai Manning.
Told you it was gonna cheer you up.
I think we're gonna be great together.
The greatest thing about tattoos is,
they tell a story, right?
I think it's time for me
to start telling my story.
This whole book was
actually Charles's idea.
Can we really trust Quinn?
Liza, what do you think?
I don't know what to think.
Keep it moist, but let it breathe.
That's my motto.
So am I gonna see you again?
I definitely want to see you again.
Great. How about right now?
Okay. Wait, do you think that was it?
I hope so.
Have you ever googled turtle orgasm?
Um no.
- Stop.
- Now you don't have to.
You are so much weirder than
me, and no one knows that.
Oh, hi. Good morning.
Didn't know you had a guest.
Hi. KT, nice to meet you both.
- Wish I could stay.
- Yeah.
Me too.
Bye, bye.
KT seems loud. Nope. I mean nice.
- Was it that loud?
- Yeah. It was real loud.
Hey, were you guys doing ear stuff?
I mean, I know when
someone's going up on me
I then have a hard time
hearing the volume
- of my own love sounds.
- No, not ear stuff.
We were just doing the regular sex.
Okay, guys. Don't hole shame. Come on.
- Aural is considered regular sex.
- Oh, my God,
you are so much weirder than me.
Hey, I just want to remind you
I'm leaving early today for Montauk.
Right. Come in, come in.
There is something here, right?
I'm worried we literally just
judged a book by its cover.
So will readers, and
we'll get the content.
Good morning. Uh
I was just going over the budget.
You spent 400,000 on
the Kai Manning book?
It's part of my discretionary fund.
I didn't think I needed
to run that by you.
No, but we do have to get approval
for everything over
250,000 from Chicago,
so I am going to have to
go to bat for you on this,
and I am worried that
we don't have anything
beyond that cover.
Covers are what sell books,
and I'm really not
worried about it at all.
And, I'm going to Montauk today
to spend some time with Kai.
I'll make sure we have
something to show Chicago.
Okay. You probably want to leave early.
The traffic can get really bad.
Yeah, I remember.
So much for that silent Chicago money.
Yeah, first they take away Millennial,
and now we have to run
our budget by them?
If it isn't my favorite Empiri-gals.
No, I hate coffee breath.
So, should I bring something to Charles?
You know, strike that.
I don't know why women
constantly feel the need
to ingratiate ourselves.
Because we're smart and being
nice is social lubricant.
Am I gonna need lubricant with Charles?
- Please don't answer that.
- I think I already know the answer.
All right, gals, I'm out.
Love you like a sister.
Here comes the titty twister!
- No!
- Oh
I'm kidding. You're hilarious.
- She's just here working.
- I know.
It's a really strong, Quinn.
And it's accessible in a
way that "Claw" wasn't.
Everyone fails.
Uh, no secret to success.
It's just picking yourself
up and moving on.
Yeah, and the whole process
of going through my past failures
and realizing it's all part
of the same journey
it was so therapeutic.
Well, makes sense.
That's why a lot of writers write
to work out their real-life issues.
What do publishers do to work
out their real-life issues?
Good question.
Okay, back to books.
And since mine is in such good shape,
what do you think about a fall release?
It's, uh, possible.
We'd have to move quickly though.
Oh, good. I love moving quickly.
So if your team can
read it through tonight,
I can meet end of day tomorrow?
I will see what I can do.
You're the publisher.
You can do whatever you want.
So sad, yeah ♪
Never left ya ♪
Couldn't wait to get up ♪
Get up, get up, hey ♪
Thank me later ♪
'Cause I got ya back ♪
Yeah, I really mean that ♪
And I'm never ♪
Oh, hey, Liza.
Nice to see you.
You too.
Your home is so beautiful.
Well, it beats living out
of the back of my van.
Yeah, back in the day I'd just go
wherever the waves were
and just crash wherever.
I've slept in a banana shack in Oahu,
in the back of an oyster truck
in the south of France.
I even surfed Lake Michigan
and spent a week
in a sorority house at Northwestern.
Were you pledging?
I think I got pledged.
All right. You do have stories.
I do.
Well, maybe the book is a
collection of personal stories
from each place you've surfed,
kind of like a surf journal.
Oh, I also have journals,
pretty detailed ones too.
Amazing. Would you mind sharing them?
Would you mind if I read
your journals, Liza Miller?
Fair. Okay. Tell me this.
Tell me why.
Why travel around the world
and sleep in an oyster truck?
Why is surfing so important?
It's not.
No, that's what I love about it.
It doesn't matter. It's just enjoyable.
I mean, I literally get
paid to do what I love.
I get that. So do I.
That's an amazing feeling, right?
Yeah. I'd kind of forgotten
that recently.
I've had a lot on my mind.
Then, let it go.
Is that all I have to do?
Hey, for me that is the
key for self-preservation.
You want to stay on your
board with all the elements
crashing around you,
you have to stay present.
Let all your worries or your
fears or your self-doubt go.
Mm. It's not so easy for
me to get out of my head.
Well, then you have to do something
to get you into your body.
- You gonna say yoga?
- No. I was gonna say sex.
Well, I've been in my head
plenty of times during sex.
You haven't had sex with me.
Look, I don't want to
make you uncomfortable.
I know you're here for work,
but we could have sex and work.
Maybe I could help you
get out of your head.
Thank you for the offer,
but sex and work can be
complicated, so, um
I'm gonna put this down and grab this,
and I'm gonna say good night.
Sure. No worries.
Hey, drive safe.
I'll see you in the morning.
Navigation active.
Where would you like to go?
Where would you like to go?
I'm sorry. I didn't get that.
I was just wondering if I should
sleep with the hot surfer,
'cause the last person
who made me feel good
was also the same person
who broke my heart,
and I really, really
wanna feel good again.
I'm sorry. I didn't get that.
North Harbor Inn and Suites.
Destination confirmed.
Okay, you want to write
a book about a surfer,
you have to surf.
Well, I bodysurfed once
at the Jersey Shore.
I broke an ankle, not
mine, someone else's.
So I know the power of the ocean.
Well, I'll be right there with you.
We'll take it easy, ride
the white water for a while,
and then once you feel more comfortable,
- we'll move to the green.
- Okay.
Just give me the worst-case scenario.
I'm assuming it's somewhere
between water up the nose and death.
Well, you'll probably get rag dolled.
That just means when you fall off,
you might get whipped
around by the wave a bit.
That's what it sounded like.
Come on. What's scarier
trying something or
not trying something?
Ha ha!
I do like this as a follow-up to "Claw,"
but just to clarify, is the
message that we're sending
"Hey, ladies, climb to the top,
- but failure is inevitable"?
- Pretty much.
But failure is not the
opposite of success.
It's an important part
of learning to succeed,
so the message is don't
be afraid to take risks,
and it's not just for ladies.
I think it's an important message.
Yeah, I mean, I feel
like this is my story.
I mean, my whole life has been
about risks and look at me now.
Whoa, I'm sorry. I'm tearing up.
Excuse me.
- Hello?
- Are you with Quinn?
Yes, we're in a meeting. Who's this?
It's Quinn's assistant,
and this is not on her calendar.
I'm sorry. How can I help?
It's Quinn's birthday,
and there's a huge, expensive,
well-attended surprise party
for her at the Rainbow Room.
You're kidding.
Do I sound like I'm kidding, Mr. Books?
Uh, it's Brooks.
That's confusing.
Aren't you the publisher?
Y-yes, but
Whatever. I need you to make an excuse
to get the Rainbow Room with
Quinn in, like, 20 minutes.
I think we should continue
this meeting over dinner.
Ooh, I love a working dinner.
Great, so I got us a table
at the Rainbow Room.
- The Rainbow Room?
- Yeah, I'm sorry.
Is Diana Krall performing
an evening of standards?
Because I will need to tell my parents.
Whose musty idea was that?
No, no. This is my meeting,
I'll pick the place, and
I know the perfect spot.
- Dave & Buster's?
- Yeah,
I bring my C suite
team here all the time.
It's so fun, and they have food.
I'm gonna get us some power cards.
What is happening?
I agreed to help get Quinn
to a surprise birthday party
at the Rainbow Room,
so we have to get her out of here.
Oh, maybe we could club her in the head
with one of those giant pretzels
and just drag her out.
Diva would know what to do
in this situation, you know?
She'd be clever, but she'd also be firm.
She'd probably say
something like "Quinn"
- Yeah.
- "T-this is not conducive
"to a business meeting,
but yeah, we're here, so
let's just have some fun."
Kelsey, was complaining.
Look, I know there's a
surprise party for me
at the Rainbow Room,
but this is my birthday
and this is what I want to
do, so just give me an hour
and then I promise I'll go.
- Okay.
- Yay!
You got up your first time.
That's really impressive.
- I am impressed by myself.
- Here I got ya.
- Oh, thanks. Thanks.
- There we go.
- I was surfing.
- That was rad, right?
Oh, it's so rad, and the adrenaline.
It makes you feel, like,
alive and invincible and
Kind of like you can do anything?
Oh, here, let me help you with that.
Wow, you are really sexy.
I, um
I just went through
a really bad breakup,
and I don't know if I could
or should jump back
into bed with somebody.
Ah, totally get it.
You know what, there's
a shower in the house.
You can take that one,
I'll take the one outside.
But I guess it doesn't have to be a bed.
So you actually bring your staff here?
Oh, yeah, once a year for team building.
You're a really good boss.
I'm really good at a lot of things.
All right.
Oh, see, you've got to protect the ball.
You'd think for how tall you are,
you'd be much better at this game.
Thanks for the atrocity.
We both went in.
- Ringer.
- We both went in.
- Oh! No!
- Yes!
Aah! Yeah!
One, two, three.
That's how it's done, son!
- Oh, shit!
- Oh!
- Ah!
- Ah!
Oh, I love that winning has a sound.
I should have teamed up with you.
Oh, yeah. We could have run this place.
Probably would have had enough
points for like an iPad mini
or something.
No, in business,
when you offered to finance me.
- Oh, that.
- Yeah.
I went back to what felt safe
and I didn't take a risk,
and I think about it every day.
I understand why you stayed, Kelsey.
It's a wonderful group of people.
But you did blow a great opportunity,
and that would gnaw at me too.
Happy birthday, Quinn.
I'd invite you up, but this is work.
Hanging out with you and your
team, that was the real party.
Thank you, Charles.
You're welcome.
Oh! What's this?
Everything. What's that?
Oh, Quinn's birthday party.
It was just inner circle.
She hijacked a meeting and took us
to Dave & Buster's.
How was Montauk?
I got a lot of really good
content, and Kai is great,
so cool, so smart, and I went surfing.
- I even got up.
- Oh, did he get up?
- Of course, he's a pro.
- No, girl, I think she means did you
- Have sex with him?
- Yeah.
- Yes, a lot.
- Oh, my God!
- What!
- I know, I know,
I, like, I felt like I was on
a retreat for my body,
my mind, my soul. Mostly my body.
Oh, my God, tell us everything.
No, no. Did you get a book?
Oh, right. Yes, that's what I
really want to know, the book.
I got his journals, and if they have
the content I suspect they do,
- we could just publish them.
- What?
Wait, wait. We could turn
his handwriting into a font
and use it to print all the books.
- I love that idea.
- Me too.
Ladies, this is what
in the zone feels like.
I feel like Kai's journals
are a great way
to throw people right
inside the experience
of living this adventurous, nomadic,
sometimes lonely life where
he's doing what he loves,
but never creating any real
permanent Huh.
This is weird. It's just
like a bunch of doodles
and surf breaks and
- women's names.
- This is just women's names
and and doodles of people having sex.
Yeah, I'm looking at a bird's eye view
of a man surfing a muff.
- Boobs.
- Dicks.
- Dicks.
- Boobs.
This one's just a surfboard
with like a bubble butt.
- Um
- Nope, that's a dick.
No, no, no.
Okay, Liza, did I get screwed
too this weekend?
- Hey!
- Hey!
- Hey!
- Wow!
I got a, um, oh, I got
a thing to do, sorry.
- How was Montauk?
- Wow, work.
That Kai. He's not much of a talker,
but I ended up getting a lot of
really exclusive content that is
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
He gave me his journals,
in which he bears a lot.
- Can I see?
- No.
She needs time to organize
the great content.
- Tomorrow?
- Tomorrow.
- Sure.
- Oh.
Well, I hope you took some
time to enjoy yourself too.
A little.
- Ooh, hi.
- Hey.
Wow. Work was a doozy today,
my friend, and to top it off
I went too big with my brooch,
poked someone on the train,
and then I got called the C-word,
and that C-word was not chic.
Oh ho.
I'm sorry, dude.
Hey, um, KT and I, we
were going out tonight,
but she just texted and she's
coming over here instead.
Yeah. Okay.
Yeah. I'm going to go
put my headphones on
- and turn the volume up to 50.
- Shut up!
- Hey.
- Hi. Hi, hi, hi.
- I have to cancel tonight.
- Ugh!
I am so sorry. It's Flo DB.
Is everything okay?
A month ago, she decided
to paint the studio black,
which is not the problem.
The problem is she now claims
she can still smell paint,
so we have to record the entire album
in a different studio in Atlanta.
- Shit.
- Yeah.
So you're leaving tonight?
In a few hours.
But I wanted to see you
- and maybe
- Yeah.
Oh, my God, it never ends.
I'm going to be babysitting
her for the next two weeks.
It kind of sounds like you got a kid.
- You know that, right?
- I know.
Thanks to her I never,
ever want children.
I run from babies, and
apparently from hot guys.
I am so sorry.
I am too.
Oh, rays of
rays of dicks.
Wow, this guy, he slept
with a ton of women.
I know, it's making me itchy.
All it takes is one in-grown
hair to catch a crab.
Listen, is there anything
that you guys talked about
that could be spun off
into a book? Anything?
I think we're gonna
have to piece together
all the research I did,
the interviews and articles.
We could build a timeline of his life,
throw in some pictures,
maybe use the format
of the reality show.
Okay, that's a men's health article,
not a $400,000 book.
Like, this doodle of a frickin' dick
wearing sunglasses would
sell better than that.
I know, I'm so sorry.
Wait, did you do any of these?
Borneo twist? Rail bang?
Oh, wait, wait, log jam.
Those are surf terms, not sex terms.
Are you sure? Because these journals
read more like a sex manual to me.
I wish it was. That we
could probably sell.
Wait. Can we?
I mean, that's not the worst idea.
We could add little aphorisms,
like teachings on life and surfing.
W-we could use the surf
terms as sex positions.
You're going to need better pictures.
Maybe like silhouettes of Kai?
Would he do that?
He's definitely not shy
about being naked.
I mean, this is the best idea we've had.
- You're welcome.
- Okay, but what do we present?
I'm not going to stand up in front
of the office and demonstrate.
Well, I can draw if you can model.
You're going to need
to put down your wine.
I'm coming in.
Got the Kai Manning book proposal.
- We do.
- What, you do?
We do, Lauren.
Our goal was to capture Kai
in a way that hasn't been done before.
His journeys around the world
surfing are well documented,
but he has yet to talk about
his journeys around the world
in bed.
So it's a tell-all?
It's more of a philosophy.
"The Kama Surf-tra" by Kai Manning.
Now, there will be as much nudity
as the ESPN body issue,
and that sells double the amount
that the magazine normally sells.
We also believe that this
will double the amount
of the average sports autobiography.
Our target sales are
Andre Agassi's Open,
and we feel like this is
definitely more revealing.
Yeah, revealing is one word.
Um pretty explicit.
Maybe it's a Valentine's Day release.
Yeah. Or Arbor Day with
that big ole piece of wood.
Any day it's released, it will sell.
- Exactly.
- I will let Chicago know
that this is what we're doing.
It looks like you had a good time.
Hey. We missed you at the party.
Happy belated birthday, Quinn.
Thanks. I got you something.
- Great.
- Hey, I just wanted to check.
Are things really over
between you and Charles?
- Pardon?
- I Just wouldn't want to date him
if there was something still going on.
There's nothing going on.
Well, so you traded Charles
in for a celebrity surfer?
I didn't trade Charles in for anyone.
He's free to do whatever he wants.
Well, that's all I wanted to hear.
Thanks, Liza.
I just never thought you'd
be someone's rebound.
You've done a lot to
get back into publishing
and I don't know what's going to happen,
but when an employee doesn't get along
with the boss's new girlfriend,
guess who's out?
Next time on "Younger"
I just gotta get used
to her being around.
Happy breakup brunch, ladies.
The gentlest warriors always
carry the biggest swords.
It's Charles's problem now, not yours.
Liza, I need to apologize to you.
Sashay away.
- You have your eye on anything tonight?
- Sure do.
Liza Miller, is that you?
I used to have such a crush on you.
When you know what you want,
you don't apologize for it.
You go for it.
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