Youngers (2013) s01e01 Episode Script

South's Finest - Part One

1 Watch me getting it in straight out of the south I've got a Hot Spice sitting next to me on the couch Snapping with the kit Track you got them kicks I love them girls but I'm too young to get hitched New to the game but soon we be shining Young star with a future brighter than a diamond Yemi got the ham pizza Who wanna try a piece Nathan found a gang crew from South London's finest Kicking down the door Soon gonna be on tour I ain't got no time to waste What you might do to the block You see no fool Checking out all of this Do you know what time it is? Ah, please, Auntie.
Just need to get this track recorded.
Yemi, you have two minutes to close everything down and send your friend home.
If not, I will pack all your equipment and ship it to your cousins in Lagos! Quick, bruv, run that track.
Nah, man.
You heard my mum.
Quit being a mummy's boy and stop stressing.
All right, let's go from the top.
'It's 93.
2 Maximus FM with your boy Nitro Fyre!' 'Maximus FM.
' 'Once again, I'll be hosting the biggest talent show in the endz.
' 'That's right, Mic Star is back!' Come, my mum will be home soon.
All right, let me just forward this ting to Yemi, innit? 'Calling all budding rappers and singers.
Come get one step' 'closer to your dreams!' Is your mum working tonight? Yeah, but I've got a photo shoot.
I ain't too sure about that glamour modelling thing, you know.
Yeah, well, you ain't my man, so, boi.
Ah! You cut me deep! Ha-ha! Whatever, Jay.
Come on, out.
Today is the biggest day of your life.
Today we claim your exam victory! What if I've messed them up? I woke up this morning feeling a bit nervous.
Don't let any negativity come out of that mouth.
Let us give thanks.
You two, put that down.
Come and pray.
Father, in the name of Jesus, we give you praise in advance, for Yemi's victory over his GCSEs and for all the A's you will give him.
We thank you for his place at Chairwood College.
We thank you for protecting Yemi from those who would destruct his mind with alcohol, drugs, sexual immorality andand musical nonsense! And I also thank you for looking after their father as he continues to work hard in Nigeria.
Thank you, Lord, in Jesus' name.
Say Amen! Amen.
Ah, Dad, can you open the window? No, I want the aroma to fill the house.
Oh, nice.
You nervous? Excited? About what? Your results! Yo, Yemi.
Open the door, fam.
It's Jay.
AKA Linkster, AKA that pretty boy.
AKA A Yes, Yemz, what you say No? Yeah, I'll bell you as soon as I get my results, OK? Yes, Yemz.
Did you get the flyer for Mic Star? Yes.
This is our task, cuz.
You feeling it, yeah? No.
What? 'Lift going down.
' That's our GCSE stress talking, innit? Nah, bruv.
But like, if I flop, I can't go Chairwood, can I? Like you're gonna flop your GCSEs! Anyway, even if you did flop, that means you could do music full time with me, cuz.
Look, stop saying that, man.
I don't want to hear any negativity.
Well, that's positive chat, fam.
Hello, baby! Wa gwan, mandem? Wa gwan, Linkster? Yo, blud! Yo, brother! Yeah.
Bring it! Yeah, you cool, yeah? Aren't you gonna go get your results? Nah, man.
Who's got bare time for that, man? Bare time.
What's wrong with you lot, man? This is important.
Yeah, for you.
GCSEs can't help me in the industry that I'm going into.
What industry is that? The football industry or the music industry or the pimping industry! YOLO, baby! Ah, don't watch him.
He's just stressing out, like.
I'm not, man.
I laugh if you smashed it and you flopped it! Don't say that, man! Don't say that.
Football industry! Hey, in a bit, mandem, yeah? Hold tight, brother.
What's good, Louise? Oi, come here.
Oh, man, bruv, keep walking.
Oh, Jay? Jay! Stop acting dumb! Jodie tells me you two are friends but I think there's more going on.
There ain't, man, I swear.
Cos I'm known to take out man's kneecaps for trying it with my sister.
Get me? Sorry.
Wasteman! You should listen to him.
Nah, fam.
Jodie's my girlfriend for when man's is hungry, you get me? So, what about that Ayesha? She's for when man's thirsty.
Come on, man.
So, how long have you been pregnant? Get off me! Let's just go.
We can't let Ashley's girl get drag up like that.
But we've got to get to school.
Oi, fam! You can't be handling female like this, you know.
Don't tell me that this is the baby father, yeah? What, you serious, blud? Come test me, then.
Now look, bro, no disrespect, yeah? We don't want any beef.
Look at you.
Some fake Ne-yo wannabe! Oh! Oh! All right, bruv? Now you want to beat up little kids, yeah? Wait till Ashley finds out! You all right, little man? Come.
We'll escort you to Ashley.
We've got to go to school.
No, we've gotta make sure Louise gets to Ashley's safely.
And I thought you was a gentleman.
Ah, ain't you sweet? Yo, Ash.
Ain't you men meant to be getting your GCSE results today? Bun GCSE's, innit? We just see some bredder try do a Chris Brown on Louise.
Obviously, me and him jumped in and whatnot.
Was it Nathan? But don't do anything.
I don't want you getting back to jail over nothing.
I appreciate you youngers stepping in and that.
No worries, fam.
Whoa, one sec, Yemz.
Clean And Jerk selling tickets for Mic Star, yeah? Yeah.
What, you man looking to spit? Sayin'! What you doing? Might as well register and we get our tickets while we're here.
I told you I'm not on it.
ErJay, wifey's here.
Ha-ha! Oh! Jay! I'm so sorry, babes.
I tried calling you this morning to warn you, but you didn't pick up.
Yeah, I was asleep.
Ah wa di backside! You two again? Is weh yuh ah do een yah? - Sorry? - What you doing in mi shop? Oh, we were just Oh, they were just passing.
Then let them pass out! Out! Come out of mi shop! Yeah, but Mic Star Oh, no, no, you heard Uncle Errol.
Let's go.
I'll bell you, yeah? What, you deaf? Come out of mi shop! Out! This is not a creche.
Next you know, want table-tennis table and Teletubbies! I don't want either of them coming in the shop! Understand? Everybody welcome to come in and have a backchat! Here you are.
I'll open yours.
Three, yeah? One.
Three! Brap! You smashed it, bruv.
Really? Yeah, man, pure A's.
You're going Chairwood, fam.
I did it.
Bruv, I did it.
I told you, fam.
Oh, sweet.
How many A's did I get? Oh, well I'm joking, bruv.
Here you are, let me see the damage.
Erat least you got a C in English.
You can still apply for college and do retakes.
Long for that, man.
What, you think I need a piece of paper telling me what I can and can't do? You should go home.
Tell Mumsie the good news.
You sure? Yeah, man, do your ting, innit? I'll buck you later.
Hey, Yemi.
Proud of you, bruv.
Safe, Jay.
Hello, Dad.
'What is the outcome?' ErI got He got all A's! 'Glory to God!' 'You can now study to be a doctor or a lawyer.
' Or a music producer 'A music what?' Yemi, after years of hard work, you've now been blessed with excellent grades so don't throw it back in God's face by wasting time on music, and don't you allow friends to rob you of your future.
'We've all made sacrifices to give you this opportunity.
' 'Life isn't a joke, Yemi.
' 'Do you understand?' Yes, Dad.
Well I can't say I'm surprised.
Ah, safe, Dad! All you had to do was knuckle down for a few months.
Who said I didn't? Anyway, man's got plans, innit.
Man don't lie.
What, you expecting a call from Alan Sugar? No, from now on, you work with me.
Nah, there ain't no way man's working on no boilers.
Having to drag you along doesn't exactly fill me with joy either.
But I ain't having you dossing around here.
I did warn you! What's up, rudeboy? For me and Yemz.
Mic Star.
You men need to stop chilling on walls, get some of this.
I have to say, she can get it! Whoo! What you tryna do to my eyes, blud? What? You fools, man.
No, I was just sending it to Ayesha, innit? How else you think man gets her to send me stuff? Check the college boy! Still gotta buy the basmati! You gonna hook me up with some jollof, yeah? Oi, Yemi! Come join the university of life, bruv! Don't need no GCSEs! Oi, it's just jokes, Yemz.
Life ain't a joke, fam.
He's moist, man! Oh! I can't get the picture out of my mind, blud! What? It's just stuck in my mind! Yo, Yemz! Where you going, man? Fam! You did dent that trolley, cuz.
Need to look ghetto for Mic Star.
Ha-ha-ha, you're not funny.
And for the last time, I'm not feeling Mic Star.
Well, I've signed us up now, so, boi What? - Didn't I tell you I weren't on it? - Ah, that sounds like your mum talking.
Nah, that was me giving you an answer.
I weren't gonna let you dilly-dally on it.
Like you do when you wanna draw a girl.
Oh, you're something else, you know that, bruv? Stop worrying.
I'm focused and ready.
You're not ready, Jay.
How am I not ready? Because you're not good enough, that's how.
Do you know how many years we've been waiting for something like Mic Star? When the chance finally comes, he wants to go on like this? Doesn't know what he's talking about.
Know what? Bun him.
I'll do Mic Star on my ones.
He's back early.
What? When they take your picture, make sure you smile with all your teeth.
Remember, this is the first step in your adult life.
Look, I'm sorry for switching on you, man.
All I was trying to say was that I feel we're not ready.
Why are you dressed like Chris Eubank, fam? II've got to go enrol and take pictures and that.
- Mm.
- But do you get what I mean about us? Nope, I think we're ready.
It's time we made movements, man.
That's the thing, though.
I'm not sure it's a we ting any more.
What, cos you got options now, innit? Nah, nah, bruv.
It's not even like that.
It's Oh, it's complicated.
But even you've got to admit we're not on the same wavelength any more.
As in music? Life? Or, er garms? Look, I ain't forcing you to hang around, you know? If you wanna go off and do your own ting, it's fine.
I came to give you this.
Can't let you do Mic Star without a beat.
Just make sure you tear it up tonight, man.
Good luck.
I've got to go before I miss my bus.
Hello? Hi.
You're scholarship, aren't you? Yes, that's correct.
We'll be five, ten minutes.
You can take a look around your new college if you want.
One man on a lonely platform One case sitting by his side Two eyes staring cold and silent Shows fear as he turns to hide Ah, ah We fade to grey Ah, ah We fade to grey.
Whose beat's that? Ermine.
No lie.
I've got loads.
What, are you a producer? Yeah.
Well, sort of.
Well, I produce when I'm not in school.
Well, now sixth form.
Mm, new boy, yeah.
I can tell.
Was it you I heard singing? Yeah, and I saw you spying.
- You were good, though.
- '80s music isn't really my thing.
I'm into more like hip-hop, R&B, grime.
Actually, I got my first ever gig tonight.
Where's that? It's an open-mic competition called Mic Star.
It's just the shock of someone from Chairwood doing Mic Star.
Well, I ain't your typical Chairwood girl.
You get me, blud? Seen.
Well, I've got to go.
Oh, sorry, erm by the way, what's your name? The Diva.
Or just plain Davina Foster.
One man on a lonely platform One case sitting by his side Two eyes staring cold and silent Shows fear as he turns to hide Shit buff.
You look shit buff.
You look shit, man.
Yemi! What happen to you hoovering? I'll do it in the morning.
Hey? I'll do it in the morning.
I promise.
I've got to go out.
It's important.
Yemi? Introducing the new up and coming MC from the endz, C Blud Linkster! Yeah! You're born to do this stuff! Get me? It's you, Jay.
It's you.
Who is it? It's me, man.
Who is it? It's me, it's Jay, man.
It's Jay.
You don't need no-one, fam.
You're sick, bruv.
That's good.
Wa gwan, Linkster? What's really good, patna? I was looking to box this door! Real talk? Real talk.
Fam, it's gonna be a madness! Trust me.
I remixed that Screwface track and took it to a next level, cuz.
Seen, seen.
Yeah, true, this is the ting, fam.
Trust me.
I heard your dad might be spitting tonight? Oh, is it? Cuz, why did I hear your mum's gonna be break-dancing? In a singing competition, yeah? Yeah, in the break.
That was def.
That was def.
Nah, man.
Not what you've got, you've got! Oh, no, my brother.
I swear down I'm gonna smash it, cuz! I wanna welcome you to Mic Star, for the biggest talent competition! - What's your group name? - Don't have one! Who is she?! Who are you? Are you nervous for your performance? Bring to the stage, The Diva! If this is all we're up against, we're gonna walk it, cuz! Linkster! Yeah!