Youngers (2013) s01e02 Episode Script

South's Finest - Part Two

1 Amy, open the door, it's Jay.
Did you get the flyer for Mic Star? - Yes.
- Feelin' it, yeah? - No.
- What? I'm known to take out a man's kneecap for trying it with my sister.
Jodie's my girlfriend, you get me? - What about Ayesha? - She's for a man's thirsty.
I'm out.
Just seen someone try to do a Chris Brown on Louise.
Was it Nathan? No-one told me that this here is the baby father, yeah? Actually, I've got my first ever gig tonight.
It's an open mic competition, called Mic Star.
Going to be a madness! I tell 'em don't hate the player, better hate the game The star's here Linkster's the name Me and Yemz came to change the game Rep the endz as we change the fame So I really couldn't care what a hater say I hope you choke on your hatorade Brap! While I'm sitting here winning with a wavy mate Didn't think I could get it but I know I'm gonna make the grade No matter what my exam papers say.
That is peak, fam.
I'm so gassed, Yemz! This beat's big, you know.
Next stop, bruv.
Press the bell.
Yeah, man.
Old Kent Road, East Street.
You nervous? What? Nah, man, nah.
Are you? No.
Safe, safe, safe, safe! Artist coming through.
You all right, buddy? What, is it number time, yeah? Done, done, done! Linkster, 'bout to shut this show down.
What are you saying? Good evening, gents.
Um good evening.
Are you registered for the open mic? Yeah.
Your queue's over there.
We just cut out, man.
Just do what he says, Jay, all right? Good evening, gents.
Registered for the open mic? Yeah.
Just checking you're in the right queue.
ID, please.
What do we need ID for? We're performing.
Still need to see ID before I can let you in, mate.
Look, I've paid money and everything.
How old are you two? Club's 18 and over.
Why are you being difficult? I don't make the rules.
It's the Avengerz Krew.
Right, I got here a Mr Boss Fury plus 200 guests.
Ha-ha! You know we gotta roll deep, my brother.
Yeah, all right! He's in.
I got it, man.
Thanks, Dad.
What time's pickup? I'll text you and let you know.
Don't forget.
Dad, stop it.
It's just a regular music night.
If you say so.
Listen, be safe and be good.
Bye, Mr Foster.
Bye, Meleka.
Dad! Go on the internet, yeah, find me a lawyer.
Sue that meat-head bredder for like a million! Matter of fact, let me look right now.
He got the wrong guy, innit, with me, fam.
Hello, ladies.
Performing? She is.
I'm just her hype girl.
And what's your name? The Diva.
Step right in.
Hey, you know that's sexism right there, blud.
You know that girl? Don't watch that, man.
Ha-ha! Yemi! You move away from the entrance! I'm gonna leave.
We're not getting in.
We will and we're gonna tear it up.
Trust me.
Don't forget you're still on probation.
What, so man can't reach nowhere now? I'm not saying that.
But you know Nathan's girl group's gonna be performing, innit? So? I'm just here to support my youngers.
"I'm just here to support my youngers!" Louise! What, do you want to dance? Come on, then, if you're bad, innit? What? Hey, Yems, coming back for more.
Let go of me, Yems.
Wa gwan, Victor? What's going on? This bouncer won't let us in.
There's no trouble here, Ash.
Just these ones don't have ID.
They don't need ID.
They're performing.
But it's club policy.
Hi, Ashley.
How many of you, please? How did you know Nathan was gonna be here? Oh, my God.
It was one drunken mistake.
How many times have you messed up? Good to see you back.
Hey, don't try to switch things on me.
I'm not the one carrying a yute.
Look, just forget about Nathan.
Let's just have some fun.
Are you performing with your friend? Yes.
OK, what's your group name, please? Oh, we don't have one.
So, you're registered individually and you're performing individually? No, we paid individually, but we're performing together.
As a group? Yeah! If it makes it easier for you, as a group.
If you're performing together, you only needed to register once.
So, I could have paid Ј5 instead of Ј10? Mm.
Boss, man! What's your group name? We don't have one! Look here, just cos you know Ashley, don't think you can chat like you know me.
Well, go, then.
Bye! Ash! Nathan.
I know tonight's only about the music, but I'm just checking that we're cool, yeah? What's going on? Nothing, babes.
Whoa, spotlight! It's Fyre! Ha-ha! Yo! I want to welcome you lot to Mic Star IV, the biggest talent competition in the endz! I want to shout out all my students celebrating their A levels and their degrees right about now.
And some of you youngers out there with the fake IDs who are probably celebrating their GCSEs.
I see a couple up the front right there.
Say no more! So, as you know, tonight's gonna be judged by a guest star, innit? His group are previous winners of Mic Star.
Yeah, but there's still time before the competition starts so get that drink, take that leak or draw that gyal quick-fast! Jay! Are you nervous? About what? About your performance.
No, we don't do nervous, innit, Yemz? I'm gonna be cheering like mad.
Yeah? You you do that.
We don't need this right now.
Go and find your friends, yeah? I'll link you tomorrow.
Hey, hon.
Who is she? Who are you? He's my man.
He's not.
Yes, he is.
He's been my man from a time.
So what was he doing spending the last two nights with me? I thought we was now linking at lunch times because you was getting early nights.
Go after Jodie and calm her down before we get called up and before he finds out.
Yeah, real tall, fam, real tall! Pure gyal! Pretty-eyed gyal! Big batty gyal! Long-legged gyal! Mandem are gonna eat tonight! Sorry, babes, you're on your own.
Someone's feeling this tune! What happened to your friend? I know him.
He lives on my estate.
I wouldn't leave him with her for too long.
He's cool, but he's a bit nuts.
I won't.
Where's your friend? Oh, he's gone toilet.
I saw that argument he had with his girlfriend and that other girl.
Nah, none of those girls is his girlfriend.
That boy is 100% single.
Like I am.
Are you nervous about your performance? A little.
Would you like a drink? To cool your nerves? Yeah, thanks.
- What drink would you like? - Just a Coke, please.
I really didn't mean to hurt you.
It's just, I got these needs.
So when you're not there, I you know.
- So, I'm not enough for you? - I didn't mean that.
Just I don't want to break your heart.
Do you mean that, Jay? Come.
Let's link tomorrow and I'll show you exactly how I feel then.
Let's do it now.
Whoa! Not outside toilets.
What what I mean is, let's do it properly.
Yeah? We can we can come round and I gotta go.
Wait for me! Big tune.
Bun her, man.
Big tune, man, big tune! Ha-ha! You got one minute left before the main event! You dare! One minute! - That's mine, yeah? - No.
Don't watch that.
You know that track will get reloaded at the after-party, innit? Yeah, but we got to move on with the show.
Nearly forgot why I was here.
Same here.
How you feeling now? I'm all right.
I'm ready.
This time I'm gonna big up the sponsors, you get me? Tonight they're Armshouse Records, Clean And Jerk Caribbean Takeaway, and my people, Maximus FM! So, as you know, tonight's show is being judged by a very special guest.
He's the creator, brain, producer extraordinaire, he's manager of the two-time winners of Mic Star, it's the Avengerz' own Boss Fury! You don't say? Right here! Thank you.
The Avengerz Krew are big, boy.
Yeah, like we will be in a couple of hours, truss.
Yo! This feels good! Like to be back where it all began! I look forward to judging the next ones coming through.
Big up all the AK members that made it today, yeah? We got MC Banner! Captain Badman! Iron Badman! Inceptor! Silencer! D'low! Yeah, basically big up all the Krew inside, innit? All right, let's go with the show, you get me? Remember, Krew, be nice! Let's not make anyone cry up in there, you get me? All right! Bring it to the stage, the Anti-Thug Alliance! Guns and knives, I don't care about the guns and knives Guns! Guns and knives I don't care about the guns and knives I don't know why they pull them out What? They just full of chat Talking about us, innit? Half of them ain't got scratch Half of them ain't that guy Half of them Just ain't that guy Ain't that guy, ain't that guy! That ain't fly, yeah the Virgin Mary with the Gun tonight I don't care about the guns tonight Put it down tonight I don't care about the guns tonight Bring it down! Off! Off! We're better than Christina We're better than Britney We're better than Whitney We're better than everybody And nobody gonna stop us now They can't stop us, stop us Stop us Mandem for Jesus! You can call me a Bible basher But you'll see in the final Rapture Are you ready for the final chapter? I can see there's souls here for the life hereafter You sure we're ready? They'll tear us apart.
Trust me, Yemz.
If this is all we're up against, we're gonna walk it, cuz! Hope so, man.
Are you gonna disrespect the Lord Jesus Christ? All right, listen, it's time for Nathan B and his honeys to do their thing.
Welcome to the stage, the Harmonistas! Yeah! Watch the suit.
What you doing? Hold up! Hold up! Whoa.
Ah! Ha-ha-ha! You got caught, rude boy! Hold up, hold up! See that? That's what you call zero tolerance, innit? You had something to do with that, didn't you? Same old, same old.
Up next on Mic Star IV is MC Bangs! Yeah, warboy, warboy, yeah, yeah.
Bang's in the place, you get me? All part of the DJ! Get me? Bang's in the place! Inferno! Where's all my pack mandem? For the gyal dem only! Yo! Bangs! You know he's Bangs! You know he's Bangs! You know he's bad! When you come to facing my gang! Bang's in the place! Inferno! Uh! Uh! Bang, bang! Got it in my pocket! Bang! You have got it bad! You have got it bad! Don't eat the porcupine Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Go on! Go on Bang! Bang! Bang what? What? What you say! You say Yo, bun this, man! I didn't want to win it anyway, man! Bun it! Bang! Right, that was emotional.
Still big up Bangs, yeah? Ha-ha-ha! All right, next up tonight is the Diva! Come on, Diva, show your face.
I said next up, the Diva! No Diva? She get drawn by man? Is she out there in the car park doing Diva business? All right.
We'll just keep the show moving, innit? Up next is the best beat here, trust me.
These guys taking far for joke, innit? Youngers, where you at? Oh, my days, man! What is this? Linkster! Yemz! Youngers, where you at? Yeah, boss, that's us! Jay, I can't.
Listen, yo, we'll smash our performance, bruv.
Stop longing the thing, man, come on.
Let 'em run with the thing, bruv! Hey, Yemz, run the track, fam.
A new track for you peeps.
Stern Visage.
Don't watch no face Yo We make the change Gwan ever see the day that will fade away From the streets to the charts We pave the way Shouldn't be the bestseller 50 Shades Of Grey Hey, it's your day today I got paper, mate I'm on a paper chase Nobody but I can make me wait I want my team to get paid in a major way I tell 'em don't hate the player Better hate the game The star's here, Linkster's the name Linkster Me and Yemz come to change the game Rep the endz as we change the fame So I really couldn't care what a hater say I hope you choke on your hatorade When I'm sitting here winning with a wavy mate Didn't think I could do it but I know I'm gonna make the grade No matter what my exam papers say.
Yo, fam! Listen to this! Yemz not ready, fam! Don't watch no face! Don't watch no face! Turn around, punk, watch this space and I ain't got time for what's-his-face For no what's-his-face Don't watch no face Watch no face Don't watch no face Don't watch no face Watch this space I ain't got time for what's-his-face No what's-his-face I told you, stay away from my sister! Jay! JDon't do it.
I can't just leave him.
He's gonna get battered.
Get off me! My phone! Oi! Look, man! If you're bad, then make me! Give me my phone! - Where's your manners at, Jay? - He's trouble, Ash! - I gotta shop him to the police! - I've got this, OK? - She's jacked my phone, Ash, man! - Let's go! That's it, get involved and get locked up again.
What? You know, if I have to do this as a single mum, I will.
Nah, we all know who would take my place.
Get in now! Where were you, man? I was trying to get to you, but there was bare olders in the way.
Olders? I couldn't get to you, bruv, honest.
We flopped, man! Nah, man, our moment got hijacked because of your girl.
Safe, Ash, yeah? Jumping in and backing manz.
No worries, fam, it's a minor.
You know, here the thing, right? I've got at least three hours to wait before wifey cools down.
I might just open up Clean And Jerk and bust a munch.
Still, you man hungry, yeah? Starving, right.
Is your uncle gonna be there? Uncle Errol? Nah, man, he's bound to be at some Lovers Rock boat party or something.
Yo, that's Ayesha.
I'ma catch you man in a bit, though, yeah? What? I might still be able to give a full performance.
Oh! Oh! Babe, babe, babe, babe! Ayesha! I'll walk you home! Ah, Jay! You idiot! Beauty! My reputation's getting mashed up before it's even begun.
Get off me, Jay! I want my phone, man.
Am I your bredrin? Oonoo come out of mi shop! Loose chicks ain't the way forward.
Loose chick? Who you calling a loose chick? Come here, boy.
It really is your colour! What?