Youngers (2013) s01e04 Episode Script


1 I'm gonna prove to you that Davina sings on point.
- So you do like her then, eh? - Is this you singing? Her vocals and my bars are a perfect match.
She's good.
From now on, you work with me.
Ain't no way I'm working on no boilers.
Bra, you're getting cussed out, boy! Our reputation's getting mashed up before it's even begun.
I'm gonna show him I ain't no idiot young gun! Oh! That's your reputation sorted! Wakey-wakey, bro! Tonight, Yemi, my brother, it's gonna be a perfect opportunity for some promo work.
Oi! Look, our reputation's getting killed, yeah, so we need to be reaching Meleka's party with our best tunes, cuz.
I'm on that, but can we discuss this when I've woken up properly? I don't know what time this man's gonna let me finish work, so we need to sort this out, yeah? We want people talking about our music, and only our music.
There you are, bam, this will do nicely.
Nah, man, Enigma's not ready.
How's it not ready? Well, for starters we need to re-record it in a studio with Davina.
I know that, but we need music that'll blow everyone away, fam.
Nice one.
Jay, man! I'll listen to it, let you know if it's ready for Meleka's, yeah? Fam Look, I'm on my way down, man, chill.
Who's that, MC Crash Bang Wallop? What do you know about grime? I know it didn't just fall out of the sky.
I was there the whole '90s, mate, sneaking into DJ EZ concerts and that.
I was hittin' all the house, jungle, drum'n'bass raves.
So? So I witnessed garage give birth to grime.
So? So you need to step up on your musical history.
The only musical history I need to know about is DMX.
That's my boy right there.
Yeah, yeah, truss, truss.
DMX? Some fake Tupac wannabe.
Don't talk about DMX like that, blud.
And I can add Ja Rule to that list too.
Ooh, my days, blud! Leave Ja Rule alone! It's all bare stuff, man, you're like 90 years old! Hey, don't get a book to toss at me for any overdue apology I'm sorry I got busy with chicken or egg philosophy I couldn't possibly mature methodically As a kid I was busy robbin' all the money from Monopoly But honesty, it just wasn't me But honestly, all I want is to honour my promises properly But me, act responsibly, I just can't seem to do it I never wanted to be in this thing again It's like dragging my mother through it "Oh, no"s turn to "I told you so"s Young folks give stern looks as you live and grow.
Lift going up.
Oh, are we, er are we good to go? Course we're good to go.
I've been waiting ages.
Oh, are we getting down with the youth? Hey, why you hating for, blud? And remember, boys, grime is dead.
Look, I don't see why you didn't just use a permit machine.
Why would I pay for parking when I can park for free down the road? This ain't down the road, Dad.
Look, Jay, right, be professional and don't embarrass me.
You're here for the boiler! Oh, come on in.
No, no, it's just the boiler guy.
It's Kalisha from Galaxy Gold! Who? Galaxy Gold, the group.
Oh, they were amazing.
Oh, you kids know nothing about music.
Here, Dad, this is the track we're gonna launch at tonight's party.
Sounds bedroom quality to me.
Now you're just saying that.
No, hang on.
Yeah, I can hear a washing machine in the background.
I'm sorry.
Whose song is that? Me and my group.
We're called Youngers.
OK, well, what have you guys done so far? Have you got a manager? Well, we've done bits here and there.
Management, we ain't got one.
You're gonna need a manager if you want to make it in this industry.
Galaxy Gold were lucky.
We had our dad managing us.
You hear that, Jay? Keeping it in the family.
For the last time, you're not managing us.
Do you know any managers? My brother Earl is a manager.
He's doing all right as well.
Yeah? Uh-huh.
Who's he managing? Have you heard of La'trice? The R'n'B singer from New Cross? Yeah.
She's movin' up, innit? Mm-hm.
Um, how would I get in contact with Earl? He's got a website.
I could give you his address later, but, like most managers, he won't accept unsolicited material.
Well, um, cheers, thank you.
Where am I gonna get a manager, then? It's all about who you know.
Like, right now, the only reason you're holding that screwdriver is because I know you.
If you'd come up to me on the street with your empty CV asking for work, I would have told you where to go.
Thanks, Dad.
Welcome to the world.
It's Fyre Friday! The only way to start your weekend.
Everyone keeping it up tonight.
Shout out to Selena and Stacey getting ready to hit the O2.
And yo, big shout out to Lady Meleka and the Diva who are doing their house party thing.
Y'all shout out my mandem on the wall.
They told me they gonna be on their wall tonight, so the guardians will pass by and say YOLO! Up next, new Avengerz Krew Bun the Avengerz Krew, man! Yes! That's what I'm saying.
Strings, it's all about the strings, man.
Nah, that's enough of that.
Ugh! What's that smell? Don't worry.
Now, what do you want? Mum wants to know whose house party you're going to.
Is there going to be drinking? And smoking? - Go to bed.
- Is there going to be drinking and smoking? No, Mum! It's not even a house party, just some friends of friends meeting up.
If it's not a house party, then be back by 10.
Mum! We'll be watching the clock.
You mean to tell me, yeah, if Davina was to lay it out on a plate, you'd say no? Look, that's not what tonight's about.
Yeah, but you still wanna get in with her.
If you continue, you can go home.
You can't make me.
Don't forget, Davina invited me, not you.
That's what I'm saying, cuz.
Yeah, she invited you, bruv, she's on you.
Why else do you think she followed you to your bedroom? And don't say to record music.
What, you think she really likes me? Yemi listen to a veteran in the game.
I'll be your wingman for tonight.
Just make sure you get our music on that stereo, bruv.
Pouring the ice Firmin' the cold Manz looking from afar Not feeling bold, I'm fresh to death And my swag's controlled Gyal dressed to impress Ears hung with gold Gyal dressed to impress, is it? Oh! I'm just messing about.
What? Someone special coming tonight, is there? Hey, some of my work friends are here, so no foolishness.
You hear that, Yemz? Be on your best behaviour.
Hello, boys.
She's clocking you, fam.
She's clocking you.
All right, bruv? Do your ting.
But we just reached.
I knew you was gonna do this, man.
It's still early, man.
Early? No such thing, fam.
Whoa, say, say, say, baby.
Don't go on like you didn't clock man.
Yemz, put this on.
Didn't I tell you Enigma ain't ready? Did you? Look, I've prepared this one.
Just claim the music system before next heads come, yeah? Good man, good man.
Hey, what's up? Yeah, I'm blessed, still Hey, D, you look right You look really good.
Really good.
Yo! Yo! Yo! Greetings, bredrins and sistrins.
Someone show me where the drinks are at, man! Avengerz Krew gonna bless you with new material from our upcoming mix tape.
So hold tight for the Krew on this one.
Big tune, yes! Told you we should claim the stereo.
Wa gwan? This is Yemz, innit? Yemi, Yemz, yeah, that's me.
And it's you and that breder over there that's in the group, innit? Linkster and Yemz, yeah, that's us.
And there's Davina.
Well, the Diva.
So, you're the only one responsible for the beats? Yeah.
Heard you at Mic Star.
You got talent, my brudda.
Safe, man.
I strain my ears, but all I hear is something Yeah, so here's me tryin' to spit this positive message about put down the knives, and there's jokers in the background pulling faces.
Ah, Yemi.
Let me introduce you to the rest of the AK Mandem.
No, you don't have to do that, Boss, I know all these man.
Ha-ha! MC Banner, Captain Badman, Iron Badman, Silencer, Interceptor, D'Low.
What, man's got some FBI report on us or something? Banner wants me to be in their next music video.
Oh, great.
You didn't pass this by me.
Boy, you move too slow, innit? What's really good, patna? We got business to chat about.
What business? I was talking to AK and it looks like they Whoa, whoa, whoa! AK? Avengerz Krew? Duh! I know.
What do they want? Boss Fury invited us to use their studio.
Really? Yeah.
Said I can come down this weekend.
What, you? Or us? What well, he said me, but I'm sure he meant us.
I don't think so, bruv.
They got, like, a hundred MCs.
If Boss Fury wanted me, he'd come direct.
How can he when you've spent all night with a girl? Everyone know she ain't my wifey.
Babe You going toilet, yeah? Bro, don't worry about AK.
Leave things with me.
I've got a plan, Yemz.
S'up, Kalisha? Hi.
Yo, since I met you, yeah, man just can't get you out of my head.
Do you have any idea how old I am, Jay? Look, don't get it twisted, you are peng and that, but that's not why I'm here.
Never work me out You'll never work me You'll never work me out You'll never work me You'll never work me out You'll never work me.
That's a good smile, yeah? Yeah.
You're not bad.
I like the rawness of your material.
It's truthful and sincere.
I'll pass this on to Earl, no worries.
You're not gassing, though, are you? What? You promise? Yes.
He's very busy, so it'll be a couple of weeks.
I'll give you a call, let you know what he says.
Safe, Kalisha, yeah? You know that it's true I specialise in good What are you doing? Choosing which track to take to AK's studio.
It's so exciting! Yeah, props on getting studio time, fam.
Whoa! Everyone slow their roll.
Yem, who said we're going to the Avengerz Krew studio? I ain't said yes to that.
Well, I have.
So get with the programme! Fam.
Fam, that's some next level disrespect.
Hey, wait up, Linkster.
Hey, bro, I didn't mean to sound all militant, man.
You lot ain't taking me seriously.
Sorry, look, I should have confirmed with you first.
I'm a serious guy, you know.
Underneath all these garms is a future boss, you get me? I've been conversing with some big people, yeah? And right about now, our music is being listened to by a top boy manager who wants to sign us like that.
Safe, bruv.
You don't need to thank me, Yemz.
We're doing this ting as a unit, yeah? Does that include studio time with the Avengerz Krew? Look, I'm not happy about it, yeah, but for the sake of the group, I'll reach.
Safe, proud man.
Clap clap, bravo! Yo choice is rippin' it Halfway through the first one I don't know why I'm splittin' it Let me get far I'm just hittin' ten bars And I'm thinkin' memoirs of a hypocrite And I'm sick of it People come to listen I just spit 'em contradictions Now they're calling me a lyricist So I'm sick of it There's a point and I'm missin' it Lyrics are legit But living's kind of different Behind the stuff that I state in rhymes It's like I'm stuck in between Gwan! Oi, what's going on? Who's this breder? Ah, it's cool.
This is Linkster.
He ain't no player.
He'll give you a corner kick.
Can't play the field He's too busy between sticks Like a desperate yute So he goes and sends a pic One night, one mirror one phone, all lonely But gyal be clear this yute's for mandem only.
Hold up, hold up.
I respect you, Banner But I think you'll agree I best don't expose the pictures you sent me.
D'you know what? Send them youngers next door till they learn some manners.
Fam Did I stutter? It's cool.
Innit? Hey, jump into studio two.
Have some fun, Yemz.
Boys, boys! Is that funny? That's not funny.
Shut up, man! Hey, Banner, pose! Right I ain't got a clue what everything does, so don't be expecting no Auto-Tune or anything.
This is all on you, guys.
They can't work me out See a pretty ting and I turn around And ask her straight up If she's heard about me Gameplay is easy I get the numbers and letters to her BB She can come to my yard and watch TV But she can't come play Xbox with me Cos I was born an enigma That's my life and my hustle Wifey girl screaming "Linkster" And it weren't even a struggle.
Who knows what's around the corner? Here you are, Dad.
Nice one.
Here you are.
What's all this? Bacon sandwich.
I thought I'd treat you, big man.
Seeing as it could be my last day You've got a job interview?! Don't play with my emotions, boy.
Whatever, Dad.
Expecting a call from one of your many? Er, not this time.
I'm actually waiting on a business call.
Business? What do you know about business? Ah Good to hear the old school making a comeback.
I think it's time to just accept that era's done, Dad.
'There's the new tune from the future of British R'n'B, La'trice.
' This ain't new.
Where have I heard this from? From me.
Actually nicked my Youngers' Enigma.
They thieved my track.
Who? Well La'trice.
Oh, Kalisha! But how would they get it? I don't know.
Must be that Kalisha woman.
But how did she get it, Jay? I dunno! But if it weren't for you, I wouldn't have met her in the first place.
What are you going on about? You and this stupid job, man, and it ain't even me.
'I predict big things for this track.
It's called Enigma 'and it's off the hook.
' Jay! Hey, Kalisha, come out, man! What, you really think I wouldn't find out? Right! I've got your plant, yeah, and I'll feel no way to dash it through your window.
Look, I ain't playin'! All right All right, I'll allow your window, yeah? But I will find you! Oi! If it isn't Puff Daddy.
Allow it, man.
Take a seat.
Enigma, by La'trice.
Look hand on heart, I did not mean for that song to get jacked.
I was just trying to get us heard, man.
I told you, Ash, excuse after excuse.
It's not good enough, Jay.
You've given away our best track.
Look, I made a stupid mistake.
A stupid one.
You believe me, innit? I'm with Yemi on this.
It ain't good enough.
Why are you agreeing with him? Because she knows I speak the truth.
Or you've been sweet-talking her to make her think the same.
Look, I ain't gonna get in the middle of you two arguing, yeah? I'm gone.
Sorry, Ash, I tried.
Take it easy, yeah? What, you all just gonna up and leave, yeah? Well, you get why I did what I done, don't you? I don't know why you're botherin' with dere music when you know my music is much better.
Boi if you'd have taken a tune that I'd done and given it to some next breder you and me would have beef.
Have you apologised to Yemi and Diva yet? I've got an idea of how I can make it up to them.
Old, man.
Youngers! I'm not doing a hood video.
I'll do this ting on my once.
Check the mixtape out.
Pon dis! Show this breder how we do! Hey, fam, give me back the camera.
This is your hood video, yeah? What, you think I can't do this? Watch.