Youngers (2013) s01e05 Episode Script

A to B and the Apology

1 It's you and that breder over there that's in the group.
You got talent.
Boss Fury invited us to use his studio.
You're not bad.
I like the rawness of your material.
I'll pass this on to Earl, no worries.
Right about now, our music's being listened to by a top boy manager who wants to sign us like that.
This ain't new.
Where have I heard this from? That's Enigma, Youngers' Enigma.
They thieved my track.
I was just trying to get us heard.
I told you, Ash, excuse after excuse.
If you'd have taken a tune that I'd done and given it to some next breder you and me would have beef.
Maximus morning madness Nine to the three to the two I'm a legend-ree Lyrical G Where's the boss man? His auntie mash up her foot or something.
So I'm filling in for the day.
What can I get you? Oh, I'm just here to chat to Ashley, still.
Don't worry, your first customer will soon come.
Have you apologised to Yemi and Diva yet? Well I've got an idea of how I can make it up to them.
Go on.
I was thinking you know our track, A to B? Well, it's time Youngers released their first music video.
That could be a good look.
I've always wanted to do a music video.
Really? Yeah.
And I don't mean like all them girls shaking their batty and that, like, I like filming and that.
So, er, have you got any ideas on what you want to do? Fam.
Man's looking to go in, you know? Yeah.
The streets, the blocks, the bits, the manor, the endz.
Road, man, mandem, olders, youngers.
It's the grimy urban world that I want to represent.
All through the eyes of the man in the hood.
A hood video? Dead that idea, fam.
Ai, man.
I can't see Yemi looking ghetto.
It's become like some comedy video, boi.
Fam, don't get it twisted.
Yemz is a road man.
Like me.
I'm doing my project on Le Onde by Ludovico Einaudi.
As a modern pianist, he really inspires me.
And I think Le Onde is an underrated classic.
Well? Huh? What are you doing? Oh, um, maybe one of the classics.
Such as? You know Um Oh Everything all right over here? Yes, fine.
Yup, yes.
Oh, Miss? Mm-hm? Um, I really like the music of John Williams.
Is it OK if I use one of his compositions? Remind me what he's composed? Oh, well, like, Superman Theme, Star Wars, ET Um, OK.
Just a gentle reminder.
This is a music class, not A-level film studies.
OK, yep.
Jay text you? Yeah.
"Board meeting".
I know.
What do you think? I think he should be trying to arrange an apology meeting.
With him apologising.
Yemz what happened with Enigma really annoyed me too.
But we're more than just a one-song group.
But it's not just Enigma, that breder can never say sorry.
He can never, ever apologise for anything he's ever done wrong.
I've rolled with that guy from the first year of primary.
So why you still rolling with him, then? Come, he's still your best friend.
Yeah! Don't remind me.
I ain't a pop star I ain't a pop star Just so happens my face is ever so popular I ain't a pop star Wa gwan, college peeps? How you get here so quick? I've cycled through these posh parts before.
Trying to scrape up that WAG, you get me? Why's your hoodie up, bruv? Listen, Diva's neighbour's a nosy boi.
Bare curtain twitching and that.
Man, I had to tell them, "Don't watch no face.
"Don't watch no face.
" Come.
Diva, you got a camera I can borrow? Break it and I'll kill you.
All right.
You got any biscuits or anything? Man's well hungry.
Just get on with it, man.
Calm yourself, blud.
Calm! Right.
The streets the bits, the blocks, the manor, the endz.
Yeah? Road man.
Olders, youngers.
I'm not doing a hood video.
Let me finish my speech, bruv.
It's a dead idea.
What do you think? How does the idea relate to our A to B song? What do you mean, how does it relate? How many music videos do you know that relate to the songs? Stop trying to avoid the question.
Since we're looking to do a video for A to B, and using my camera, I think we should do something like I'm going out to the club, trying to get from A to B, and then maybe your mandem thing are troubling me on my way.
What do you think? I think I was brought here under false pretence.
What does that mean? It means I thought you were going to say sorry about Enigma.
Enigma's done now, man.
Now, I'm trying to move on.
Don't you want to move on, Yemz? Yeah, after you say sorry.
I was the one who got robbed of it.
No, you're the one that gave it away.
Guys, please.
I've got to get back to college, man.
I'll see you later, D.
All right.
Go on, then, Yemz.
Just get off, innit? Yeah, I'll do this ting on my ones.
Where are you going? Look, he always gets off on manz, it's a minor.
I've got an idea.
Yeah, G! Ain't in the hood now, G.
Two ovens! Double the cooking time.
This is the crib that man like Linkster's going to live in when he gets signed.
Tunnel, ah! Got got art and tings, you get me? Yeah, man, when I get that record deal, I'm going to get myself a crib like one of these bad boys.
When I get signed, I'm going to get two bathrooms, yeah? No more queuing, fam.
Ha-ha, look at the little face! Diva's looking to take things old school, baby.
Ha-ha! Looking peng, Diva.
But you know what? I know enough men out there that love to pull down zips.
Oh, you don't need this either.
Aw, Linkster, are you getting all protective? All right, man, I just don't want my Diva gettin' jacked.
Come, let's go.
I'mma cause a ruckus Got me kicking up fuss Now you're chasin' that dust And you're running after Dotty I'm a little red bus, yeah I'mma cause a ruckus I'mma, I'mma cause a ruckus Back up on that grade Me, I spit fire Like a dragon on the mic Penny for my thoughts Oh Yeah, shake, shake.
Go on.
Say something for the camera, Diva.
Check the mixtape out.
Fr from the top? 'All right, you, man, what I want you to do is when you see Diva,' holler at her.
She's going to walk past, and just brush her off.
All right? Yeah, man, simple things, simple things.
You good, D? Yeah.
All right action! Yolo, baby! Jay! Stop, man, cut, cut, cut! What, fam? No-one told you to jump off the wall and start whinin'.
Hey, we're showing her the realness.
Don't care, fam.
Oh, don't be like that, Linkster.
I don't care.
Aw, bun this! Show this breder how we do.
Chicken skank time.
Hey, fam, give me back the camera.
What? Stop grabbing my camera! So this is your hood video, yeah? Yeah, me man, you're seeing things out of context, bruv.
Yeah, right, man.
What you laughing at? What, you think I can't do this? I didn't say that, man.
You think I'm some eediat breder, yeah? No, man, it's Watch.
I'll show both of you.
Jay? Where are you going with my camera? Relax, you'll get it back.
Oh, look, he rides off all the time, it's a minor.
It suits you.
Your dress.
I bet it's easy to take off.
In that it's easy to zip up.
I mean, zip it off quickly.
Yemi? Yes, Mum.
Where are you? Here.
Oh, hello.
Davina was just passing.
Right, I've got to go.
Nice meeting you again.
I'll see you at college.
God is watching you.
For the last time, nothing happened with me and Davina.
Are you sure she's not your girlfriend? Yes, Mum.
How is, er, college going? It's all right.
You're not spending all your time talking to girls, are you? No.
I've got no time for that.
I've got this music project that's jarring my head.
What is it? About classical music - you wouldn't understand.
Hey! Is that how you judge your mother? I didn't mean it in a rude way, it's just it's cos it's classical music.
That I won't understand.
I've been playing classical music before you were born.
I even played it to you when you were in my belly.
It helped develop your brain.
After I had you, your father and I got deeper and deeper into the Church and everything was gospel from then.
See if that helps.
A to B, take one, you bunk.
Yo, it's plain to see All I wanna do is get from A to B Cos in a few years I'll be wastin' P Can't drive yet But I wanna spacey Jeep And a maid to clean But I'm not there yet 'I've invited some of my friends to come and see if we can succeed' Have you sorted things with your group? What do you mean, no? I allowed you the day off.
Look, just stop the stubbornness and apologise.
Is there anything else on? Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake theme in moderato gave me an emotional anchor to compose what the class hears now, the Swan Song.
And the fact that the Swan Lake theme does not sit in perfect or imperfect cadence was a challenge for me to replicate.
And as a whole, how did the piece make you feel, as a young composer? Born again.
It's true.
With the music that I create I feel like I have to have some kind of connection with it.
My philosophy is, if I can't feel the music, then there's no point listening to it at all.
Six for a pound, blud.
Gangsta savings! Now you know why I didn't wanna do a hood video.
Whoa! What was that? Oh some some olders, innit, must have tried a ting.
I had to grab the camera and just breeze.
Minor, though.
Is that why you ain't got your bike? Nah.
Nah, nah, nah.
You know what happened? Er what happened was, yeah, imagine that I must have just been chillin' and that, and then You got jacked.
Ohhh It's cool, bruv.
We all know it can get a bit grimy out there.
Yeah, well Back to why I'm here and that.
I was just wanting to say, Yemz, that that I'm you know? Man's sorry, innit? What are you sorry for? For losing Enigma.
Yeah, it was my fault.
I should've listened or waited.
Or just done things together as a group.
But I was gassed, fam.
Plus, Kalisha's got these mad eyes, you know.
It's like Megan Fox, yeah, crossed with Medusa, fam.
She got me, bruv.
I think you should check into rehab.
- Why? - Your addiction to girls! Is it that bad? Mm, you've got to lick it out.
Or scoop it with your thumb.
You get more flavour, though.
Mm! Sorry for mandem yesterday, D.
It all got a bit out of hand.
Have you got my camera? Yeah.
Mm! There you are.
Whoa! What's this? Well, whatever it is, Jay seems to be in apology mood.
Aren't you, bredrin of 12 years? Yeah.
Sorry about the scratch, D.
It really weren't his fault this time.
Oh, come on, Yemi, this is typical Jay.
What really happened is he nearly got jacked for the camera, so he had to give up the bike to save it.
Come on, D, Jay's apologised.
You can carry on filming now, innit? So, er what are we gonna film next? Forget about the hood video.
Forget about MTV, just make a video for you.
Look, from what I've heard, A to B should be a simple thing.
Right, and so what do you suggest, my dear? Well Now, watch the ride.
Everyone quiet! And action! Just gettin' up I'm about to get my shine on Just gettin' up I'm about to get my shine on Shine on, shine on, shine on Shine on, shine on Just gettin' up I'm about to get my Grind on Just started my day About to put my shine on I'm gonna get this P I know my daddy don't understand me And my need for designer things You can say what you want But you won't get the time of day Cos I don't do this for no-one Me, I got my plans Well, I'm gonna do things my way Nobody can touch me Nobody will get me I'm on a next ting Tryin' to get from A to B We're closed! What do you mean, we're closed? It's not 10.
30 yet! What is dis? What you mean about we're closed? Uncle.
Oh, no, no! Oh, don't tell me you're running some kind of shebeen No, no, I'm just showing the Youngers a video I made.
Video? What video? Grind on, grind on, grind on Just gettin' up I'm about to get my grind It's plain to see All I wanna do is get from A to B Cos in a few years I'll be wastin' P Can't drive yet But I wanna spacey Jeep And a maid to clean But I'm not there yet Just tryna get by in the endz I rep Tryna stay fly for them girls I check And I've gotta get mine Cos my flows are my cheques Nobody can touch me Nobody will get me I'm on a next ting Tryna get from A to B You should get to know me I'm fly Shine Shine Shine Shine Shine, shine Grind, grind All night All night.
Oh, very good.
Very good indeed! You see now, Ash, she's a very talented woman.
I've got to give props to my cousin for all the fancy editing and that.
F'real, that was amazing! Nah, man.
My hood idea was much better still Whoa, whoa! Where you breezin' off to? Business, fam.
Is it beefs? Blud! You think you some bad man cos you drive through the endz in this? Tune in to Maximus FM from seven.
Might hear some familiar voices.
You're gonna be on the radio - that's big, man! Let me introduce the Youngers! What's going' on? We're fine, thank you.