Youngers (2013) s01e06 Episode Script

Money Mad

Oh, so you do like her then? She's clocking you, fam, she's clocking you.
Hey, D.
You look really good.
- Thanks.
- Really good.
I was thinking the Youngers release their first music video.
- Yeah.
- I'm not doing a hood video.
Diva's looking to take things old school, baby! Let's go.
'I've always wanted to do a music video.
' From what I've heard A to B should be a simple thing.
Action! Very good.
Very good indeed.
For real, that was amazing.
34 views? It's better than none.
It's all right.
I've got a plan.
Have you been refreshing the page? - Bare times, man.
- I said I've got a plan.
So 34 views and half of that is probably you.
- It's only been three days, bruv.
- Come 2099, we might have a hit! It's because nobody knows it's there! Sick! Did you do this? Just a little something I threw together.
We hit the streets, sell them for what we can and the link for the video is on there too.
If Mohammed won't come to the mountain, let's take the mountain to Mohammed.
Yeah, man - for real.
Shouldn't forget about our Muslim fans.
Let's get hustling! Are you in there? Open the door and we can discuss your payment options.
Are you in? How come we're so broke? I see mums in these flats with, like, three, four babies.
How d'they afford that? Because their men don't serve oxtail and curried goat for a living.
No, Ashley.
What? You ain't going back to doing none of that.
I could just make some quick paper and then bounce.
And then the baby can visit her daddy once a fortnight? All right.
I'm going now.
But I will be back! I should get to work.
I'm gonna be late.
Don't worry, babe.
Look We're rich! I could get some corned beef or some tuna.
Do that with rice? It's cool.
I'll just eat at work.
You're not sick of chicken yet? Nah.
You know man loves his chicken.
Good luck! Yeah, man - it's the Linkster, innit? Check it out.
Yo! You're casting spells on me, sweetness! A girl like you's got to have Who was that joker? I don't know.
Look I live on the 15th floor.
Seen, seen.
That's well high.
You guys must get dizzy.
Excuse me? Hi.
No, you're all right, thanks.
Anyway, Princess, ain't you on the wrong side of the tracks? Hey, bruv - you look like you're into your tunes.
Want to buy some new music? What's wrong with you? Nothing.
The food's just The food's just what? It's gone a bit cold.
Oh, well Warm it up, son, warm it up! Uncle, man! I see dem Youngers up yours earlier, trying to sell their CDs and failing miserably.
When are they gonna start making you your millions, eh? - All right then, Benny.
- Take care, yes? Good to have you back, man.
One special CD has a golden ticket in it where you win a date with the MC.
That's me, by the way - So, you into grime? - Yeah.
We're just asking for some small donation, like five pound, maybe.
All proceeds go towards banging tunes that make the world a better place.
Safe! I actually sold one! How does it feel? Is it nice? It's all right! Oi! Let's go.
Hey! So patties on me, though, yeah? Hey, blud.
You think you're some bad man cos you drive through the endz in this? What's good, bruv? All good, Mr Radio! Well, it's been a long time, soldier.
What if you slipped a CD to everyone that buys, um a chicken roti and some Guinness punch? I don't want my customers listening to your music while they eating - it might put them off me food.
Please, man.
It won't cost you nothing to put a CD in a bag.
All right, all right, here's my Dragons' Den proposal for you, yeah? I'll unload your CD with every meal, but I want 51% of any future profits.
Come on, man.
So, you're looking to break into the music business, like Solomon? Don't you mean Mr Boss Fury? It gets ratings, though.
Maximus listeners love their Avengerz Krew, boi.
Yeah, man.
They're big round here, too.
I mean, if Youngers get even half the success AK's got they'll be overly happy.
So what else you doing with yourself? Man I'm just working for Uncle Errol at the moment.
I remember when he used to chase me and you out of the Clean And Jerk! Yo! Dem times.
And still till this day he's running yutes out of that shop, you know.
OK That's my man at the station.
They're on at seven.
I appreciate this, Benny, man.
What? Is everything cool? Yeah.
Better get back to work.
- Thanks, man.
- Any time, fam.
Any time.
Hey, Mr Man.
I saw that Benny driving around earlier.
Is it? Did you chat to him? No.
He was driving.
You lot! You're on Maximus FM tonight at seven.
They want an interview and then to play your track.
How'd you swing that, fam? I know the man that bankrolls it.
- Tonight? - Can't we get a later slot though, fam? - No-one really listens at seven.
- I've got rehearsals.
- This is too late notice, man.
- Can we make it half past? What sort of questions they gonna be asking? I ain't answering nuttin' about no 'Mandem only' picture, fam.
Seriously, I'm supposed to be rehearsing.
- Please can we get more time, Ash? - Oi! I'm doing you a favour here and you lot are taking liberties.
Ain't nobody lining my pockets to get you airtime, so you want to stop your foolishness before I switch on you, blud.
Pick-up's at 6:30, understood? Good.
Hello, babe.
What?! OK, I'm coming now.
Maximus FM! What? You're mad.
Unprofessional and that.
I don't believe it.
Our TV, my CDs The bailiff said once we get cash to settle the debt, we'll get it all back.
They even took my charger.
It ain't your fault, Lou.
What? Ashley, no.
Ash, please don't.
We'll cope! I'm sick of coping! Benny! Just this once, yeah? Understood, bro.
Hey, Linkster - where you man breezing off to? Business, fam.
What? Is it beef? No, man.
Tune in to Maximus FM from seven, though.
Might hear some familiar voices.
You lot gonna be on radio? That's big, man! Hey, bruv - you see MC Gyalist, tell him to follow me back on Twitter.
Come on.
Hold tight.
Yeah, yeah.
Hey! You'd best give a man a shout out! Hey, and I want to hear some yolos! Yeah, man - exactly! You're listening to the sounds of Maximus.
Wa gwan, people? Stay tuned.
In half an hour, we've got a new group from the endz in the studio.
They're called Youngers.
Y'all understand me? Davina, phones away! Come on, now.
Let me try Ash.
'Where are you, Ash? 'Can't free Davina from rehearsal.
' I'm sorry, I have to bail out, man - I have a, um thing to do.
'Oh, shame.
' But you need to get Davina out of there, pronto.
You've gotta smash it up, yeah? Don't let Jay cuss.
And make sure Davina don't put on no accent, man - tell her to be herself, yeah? 'Yeah.
' And you, Yemz, say something.
'OK, I'll try my best.
You OK, yeah?' No, I'm good.
Don't worry about it.
'Are you sure?' Yeah, yeah.
Bless, bless, bless.
What, are we on our own? Come, fam.
Where you going? Take all that guilt and confusion and be Romeo's rage.
I want to see real anguish in the movements.
Painful, yet aggressive.
The face is a tool of dance, remember? Again.
Stay with us, Davina - it's not home-time yet.
Bun this, man.
Now where you going? Yo, D! Did you have something to do with that? Moi? I can't believe you'd think such a thing! Come, let's go! Hurray! When you get there, do the exchange and don't touch what he gives you, you understand? Same old procedures.
Just like the old times.
It's good to have you back, bro.
All right, phones off.
Always remember it's my show, yeah? Don't touch the mic.
Yeah man, we know.
You ain't dealing with no eediat amateurs.
Eediat, yeah.
Right, that was a big tune from Tempa T, and right now we got a three-piece in the studio from the roads, yeah, so I want to give a big Maximus FM shout out to the Youngers! Boi! So what's gwan on? We're fine, thank you.
OK! Um OK, cool.
I've got a couple of interesting BBs here.
Something about "for the Mandem only" - what's that all about? I hope they mean me! So what, you one of them chicks, yeah? 'What do you mean? You know what I mean! You know, one of them chicks that kind ofhangs out with nuff man and that.
Nah, I can't do that, I go college.
All right, so let me get this straight.
Have I just exposed you three as one of them groups that chats about the endz, but really are singing about it from the safety of your ivory tower, yeah? Fam, you're trippin'.
The only ivory tower me and Yemz look down from is the 15th floor of his balcony, you get me? There's nuff man repping endz, yeah? But us We rep London, let the music do the talking.
You know what? Let's play the track.
We'll let the music speak, yeah? No No, no, no, no! Stupid, stupid idiot! Sorry, baby.
Oh! Grind Shine Fly Grind Shine Fly Cablimpsy, all right, yeah! 'I'm involved! Gwan! 'Hey you dere, Youngers.
All right, look - we've got a couple of interesting feeds here.
Bobby T from Camberwell was saying this sounded sick and that diva sounds hot as well! Yeah, and she looks even hotter, fam! Yo, jump on our Twitter and check her out.
Zuga! So look, you guys got management, yeah? 'Yeah, man, we got a manager.
'Brings the advice.
He'll be listening now.
' Yo, Ash, we on the radio and I ain't done no cussin', fam! He don't think Linkster can keep it together.
Oh, what, is he a strict manager, yeah? No, not too strict, but he does help keep us on point.
Cool, cool.
But safe, Ash, man, yeah? Props for the gig and that.
Zuga! All right, so guys, tell me.
Where do you guys make dese riddims? My bedroom.
Yo, listeners, I just had to give Yemz a little spud there, you see it? Let me tell you guys something.
If you guys are making riddims like that in your bedroom, you guys are gonna go far.
'Trust me - at my end, I see a big future for the Youngers,' you see it? Trust me! You lose your bottle? Nah, man.
I'm done.
Yo! Presenting the newest celebrities I'm so proud of you guys, man! Ah, thanks! We had the guy eating out of our hands, man! I have a likkle someting for you! Watch him try and pull out a can of Coke, fam! No, no, no! You get upgraded - orange juice! And they're on the house! Hey, where's the straw? Oh! Oh! Oh! It's good.
You hear your little shout out on the radio? Yeah, I was trying to call you lot afterwards.
I saw that Benny - again - speeding through the High Street.
Yeah, I saw him too.
You talk to him? Yeah.
But just briefly.
I won't be seeing him again.
Who left you all them voicemail messages? My mum! I'll catch you guys later, yeah? Yo, Yem - be on your best behaviour! I gave them some orange juice, but it out of date, don't worry.
Did you give that guy your number in the end? No! He was supposed to be presenting a radio show, not "drawing gyal!" Lucky it wasn't MC Gyalist's show.
I've heard stuff about that guy, you know? Real talk.
I'd have had to just slap him away from you! Yeah, like I mean, I know I'm a dog, yeah, but he's like some super-dog.
Not even a dog, a wolf.
Shh! It's nice to know I have my protector in case of anything.
Yeah, man.
Any time you need protecting, just holler, innit? Any time? Any time.
Hello? Yeah, I'm just outside.
OK, I'm coming in right now.
You know how Yemi feels about her.
I just can't stop thinking about her, as much as I try.
Look, I'm sorry for putting you in this situation, bruv.
Are you falling for him? They wanna hear the Youngers with a view to putting them straight on the schedule, fam.
Sake! It's mixtape season, man.
And I wanna bring you on board on a track.
Fallen soldier, blud.
Fallen soldier.
Yeah, well, I'ma get some ghetto girls to come for you, yeah! Watch your back! Enough!