Youngers (2013) s01e07 Episode Script

It's All About Love

1 You're not bad.
I liked the rawness of your material.
I'll pass this on.
No worries.
I will find you! Right now, we've got a three-piece in the studio! Are you one of them chicks, yeah? One of them chicks that hangs out with men? I'd have had to just slap him away! 'You're listening to the sounds of Maximus.
' We're going out anyway.
So even if he is like, "It was a mistake," we could just leave.
It was just a kiss.
It's not like he proposed or we done tings.
Exactly! So just, y'know, relax, play it cool.
Let him make the first move.
If it wasn't for his Linkster persona, he'd be a sweet boy.
Are you falling for him? No! It was just an observation.
He can be a sweet boy when he wants to.
You sure about that? Who's going to this party? Me, Kiah I know.
Anyone else? Failia, Baker, Tinie Winie Count me out! Wa gwan? I might get a patty.
D'you want one? It's all right, I've lost my appetite.
What are you girls looking to do tonight? Might be reaching a house party in Brockley.
No, I ain't reaching.
Come on, Yemz! Nah, you're good, man.
What you saying? We're saying no.
Well, we got plans already.
We gotta meet the Mandem.
Why are you always rushing to meet the Mandem? I'm not rushing.
Don't get jealous, babes.
You're my number one.
I know! Man's got no standards, innit? Man, we need to roll to this party! Yeah, yeah! What's that nastiness, cuz? It's big people's brew, fam.
And that's the only drink we're bringing to this ting? I thought you was gonna smuggle some of your dad's drink.
Are you mad? He'd chop me up, bruv! Urgh, man! Yolo, baby! Can't one of you just go to the shop? No-one's got any fake ID on them.
Ain't you 18? No.
Are you sure? Damn.
Plan C, then, innit? What's Plan C? His grandma's got a bottle of rum.
For when the pastor comes round.
We appreciate your sacrifice, bruv.
His grandma will dash him when she finds out! If you don't make it back, we'll draw gyal in your honour! So are you looking to have a girlie night out, or are you looking to get drawn? We don't go out looking for boys.
I didn't mean that, I just Ah, I can imagine, when you and Jay go out, I bet it's all "I gotta look fresh for the gyal dem, see who I can pull!" I'm not like that.
And what about Jay? Well, we all know he can be a bit of a hoe.
Just a bit? Oh, we're going left.
Oh, OK Are you all right? Yeah.
I mean no.
Well, you know how much I like you.
I like you too, babes.
Yeah, I know, but that's not what I mean.
I think you're amazing.
I just wanted you to know that I like you.
A lot.
You're sweet.
Have a good night.
Ohhh "You're so sweet"? "You're so sweet"?! What's wrong with you? Bruv, you gotta come better than that.
"You're so sweet"? Hello? What's good, yeah? Yemz? Fury! Er, I mean Boss.
Boss Fury.
Yo, what's up? It's mixtape season, man.
I'm looking to try out a few new things.
And I wanna bring you on board on a track.
Really? What?! Linkster and Diva are gonna be happs! Nah, not with the Youngers, blud.
I want you.
Look, I'm willing to help take your wonderkid sound to that next level.
Trust me! Together we can make a monster! What d'you think you're doing?! Your phone was off, so I decided to throw stones at your window.
Just go away, Jay.
All right.
All right.
This good enough? No! Go home! But I want to speak to my Diva! What, you get bored of that loose chick already? Oh, I weren't serious about her.
I'm not interested, Jay.
But I'm interested in you, D.
More than that.
I'm caught up.
Man can't stop thinking about you.
I said, I can't stop thinking about you! Ssh! You're gonna wake up my parents! Come down, then.
I can't stop OK, OK! I'm coming down.
A girl's just a game to you.
Or do you have some unresolved issues with females? No! Well, I don't think so.
But I meant what I just said, D.
Yeah, until the next girl comes along.
Look, Kiah was just protection.
Protection from what? From us.
Taking it any further, you know? Hurting Yemz.
You know he likes you, innit? I guess we can't, then.
I mean, we could see each other like secret agents.
Y'know, behind back and that.
I'm just saying to protect Yemz.
It's not just him, y'know.
This is gonna mess us up as a group.
I can't do this right now.
I've got my dress rehearsal coming up.
I've got to get my head into that.
But what are we gonna do? It was just a kiss.
You know how Yemi feels about her.
I ain't done nothing wrong.
Well, you gotta talk to him, though.
Why? Do I actually have to explain? Can I have another Coke? I ain't a charity, bruv.
Safe, Ash.
Fam? Talk to Yemi.
It's cool! Jay, sort this now, or it will all end dark.
You get me? Yes, blud? Whoo! Yeah, no, I'm with one of them now.
Yeah, that's cool.
No problem.
I got that.
All right! Yeah, safe.
You heard of L2K? Yeah, course.
They wanna hear the Youngers with a view to putting them straight on the schedule, fam.
Sick! Fam, I ain't even joking.
What, so Youngers are going to L2K? Youngers going to L2K! Youngers going to L2K! Youngers going Jay! Yes, brudda? Talk to Yemi.
Tiefing my Coke, man! Jeez! That must be Ash is a chief, though! Go on, do it again! All right? Try it again, bruv, see what happens, yeah? What's good, fam? What are you doing here? Ash got us a try-out for L2K.
Yeah, I know, I got his text.
It's a sick gig, bruv.
Yeah, we're gonna smash it.
Believe, man.
What's up? Are you all right? Well, Yem, so I wanna I wanna chat about Davina.
What? I know! Man should be putting Youngers first, no matter what.
But I just can't get her out of my head, bruv! As much as I try.
That's exactly it, Yemz.
We need to put Youngers first.
It's like me.
Why d'you think I had to dash away Kiah? Really? Yeah, man! It's time to get serious! And as for Davina Look, it's gonna hurt, seeing her all the time, but she's part of our crew.
You need to get used to it.
Look, I'm sorry for putting you in this situation, bruv.
Oh, man, stop that chat.
No, man, you're a true friend.
No, I'm just doing what any other bredren would do, yeah? Yeah, I'm I'm gonna get off, though, yeah? Catch you later.
Boss Fury? Um, it's Yemz I mean, Yemi.
Yeah, I'm good, I'm good.
Um, listen, um I appreciate your offer, but Youngers is taking up all my time right now, so I'm gonna have to say no.
You ain't being straight with him, though.
Ash, it's cool.
If Yemi can stop thinking about her, so can I.
What about Davina? Well, she ain't that into me.
Stop stressing! We'll tear this audition up, bruv! Enigma! They can't work me out See a pretty ting and I turn around And ask her straight up if she's heard about me Game play is easy I get the numbers and letters to her BB She can come to my yard to watch TV But she can't come play Xbox with me Cos I'm an enigma, a myth and a par Won't come unless I'm getting a lift to the yard All I really care about is spitting them bars Can't wait for the day that I'm spitting with stars I was born an enigma That's my life and my hustle I had your girl screaming "Linksta!" And it weren't even a struggle They say you have the most That was a really good rendition of La'trice's song.
La'trice?! Blud, that was our song, yeah? She stole it and gave it to her! Oh, no, darling, that wasn't my intention.
Stop lying! Hey, whoa! Easy, man! She's the ho, yeah, that stole Enigma, fam! You asked me to pass it on.
That's what I did.
Listen, yeah All right, Jay, calm down! Come off me, Ash! Jay, man! That's the sket I was telling you about, fam! Yeah, well, I'mma get some ghetto girls to come for you, yeah! Watch your back! Enough! She tiefed our track! What else was I meant to do - just let her bop pass? Look, you don't get it! We lost our gig because of you! Ash, man! Can I come in? You need some discipline! Allow it, fam! Look, we came as a team, yeah? We leave as a team.
Where you going? Fam? I ain't got no Oyster card! Yemz? Tell him, fam! What's up, Yemz? Where you going? Diva's in a play.
Where's Failia? He got nabbed by his grandma.
Fallen soldier, blud.
Fallen soldier.
Mmm! Eugh! Oi.
Look, I know you've got your play and that, but we need to talk.
Right now.
Well, this whole situation with you, yeah, just got me vexed! That's why, obviously, when I see Kalisha Oh, so it's my fault you wanted to beat up a grown woman and throw away our gig?! I can't believe I even You know what? You're just a waste of space.
What, is that what Mummy and Daddy call me and Yemz, yeah? No.
Course it is! "Oh, you shouldn't hang around with them! They're a waste of space!" No.
So what is it, then, Diva? Me and Yemz just a bit of rough? Get yourself some council estate before you settle down with a banker and squeeze out some public-school kids? Meesh! How you doing, beautiful? Yeah, I know, I ain't belled you in time.
Well, we can still link and that.
I know you miss manz.
Nah, what? Nah, I ain't met nobody.
No-one special, anyway.
Light reflects from your shadow Sorry! Can I start again? Light reflects from your shadow It is more than I thought could exist You move through the room Like breathing was easy If someone believed me They would be as in love with you as I am They would be as in love with you as I am They would be as in love with you as I am They would be in love, love, love And every day I'm learning about you The things that no-one else sees And the end comes too soon Like dreaming of angels And leaving without them And leaving without them Being as in love with you as I am Being as in love with you as I am Being as in love with you as I am They would be in love, love, love.
363 to Crystal Palace.
All right, what's with the silent treatment all this time? Have I done something, Yemz? Yemz? Yemi! It's always you, innit? What? Why have girls always gotta be watching you? What's wrong with me? I don't get you, fam.
Look, I've liked Davina from day! I met her first, I brought her in, so why's she watching you for? She was just performing, fam.
Look, I'm not blind, bruv! I saw her! She's on you! I can't be bothered with this any more! Bruv! Where you going? Yemz! Can't come between mates, trust, we all make mistakes.
But the way she's got me feeling, blud, it must be fate.
Acting up, but I ain't to blame.
Smell bare gas, but I ain't the flame.
I ain't got time for none of this stuff.
I can't stop thinking about you! Yo, come up! My dad ain't even in.
Oh hi.
This is gonna get complicated.
I know.
Oh, Yemz! Bro, I thought it was I thought it was five-o or sut'ink! Change your mind? Hmm.
Step right in, fam.
The Mandem are gonna be happy to see you.
I got something special for you lot! I swear, if you don't get out now Don't try and talk like you care about me, Jay.
Just go away.
I thought you guys could get somewhere.
Make some noise!