Youngers (2013) s02e07 Episode Script

Hotter Than the Sun

1 Oi.
This is you.
Safe for the lift, Dad.
You are a good MC, mate, right? So, are you going to walk in that studio crying, or are you gonna smash it like a boss? - I'm gonna smash it like boss.
- I can't hear you.
Smash it like a boss! That's more like it.
Now, bring it in.
Come on! Yeah, I'll see you back at the house.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Don't lie.
Looking good, Ash.
Yeah, it's just the start as well.
You know, he's already getting massive air-time, YouTube clicks going through the roof It's happening, man.
Then let's make sure this is where we keep the focus then, fam.
All about the money-maker now, yeah? Yeah, for real, man.
Stick around though.
Enjoy the show.
A bit more gangster yeah, boys? You're supposed to be ghetto superstars not the Chippendales! - Sorry I'm late, man.
- You seen this madness? Looks like we're going to have to wait for studio time.
Where's Davina anyway? Yo, Ash.
What's up? I can see you're busy and that but me and Yemi were wondering - if we could get some studio time today? - Yo, Bangs, put your clothes back on.
Dunno what you're doing.
We've been making a proper track, yeah? A proper hit, like, monster one.
- So, what do you reckon? - I wish I could but I've got to take Bangs to this Maximus FM thing later.
Don't worry, just give us the keys, innit? All right, well, what about when you get back, then? Why don't I just give you a call later.
I've got Bangs, put the baby oil down, man! Come on, man! Yo, Yemz, you ready? Ready for what? Aye, yo, where's my badboy producer?! Yemi, please tell me you're not involved.
Look, he said he'll pay me if I come down.
Oh, so, you just thought "Forget Youngers", then? Jay, I need the money, man.
Bun it then, innit? Bun you and bun Davina.
Go and have your fun.
Yo, Jay! What's going on, bruv? All right? Wa gwan? Thought you'd been polishing off that track? Yeah, you and me both.
So, what's the problem? Manager not making time? - Something like that.
- Bruv, my offer still stands.
Get me? Yeah, man hears that still but, you know, can't just boy off Ashley cos he went mad for a second.
All right, cool.
But, look, as long as you're sure he ain't the one boyin' you off.
- Do you understand? I'm gone.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Do your ting.
Oi! What you doing? Well, come on, then! Well? Urgh.
See?! What do you lot know about fashion, anyway? - Onesies are the ting! - Yeah, in prison! What's going on? Careful! That is merchandise from our sponsors.
Yeah, and you're taking it back to them.
Right now.
But, what about the Maximus FM gig? I can do it on my ones.
Plus, I got the mandem with me.
- Yeah.
Sure, sho.
- Innit, boys? If you go to that gig without me, we are over.
Do you understand? Yeah, like Scarf ace, only harder.
Scup 'em where you like your Prada.
Mad! Ha! - Mad! - No, it's not.
No, it's not.
- Go on.
- I'm not an MC.
Then sing it, then.
Don't have to be good, you know.
Just have a go.
Have a go.
All right, all right.
Check it, check it.
Yeah, I'm the Diva.
Harder than a cleaver.
I chop you Brap, brap, brap! In the puddle.
Ah! It's still sick though.
That was jokes! - Whatever.
- No, I'm serious.
Forget about the Youngers.
You're too good for them.
Finally come to get a proper trim, rudeboy.
What's all this? Um, we're just messing about.
So, why weren't you answering our messages? Me and Yemz were waiting for you at the studio.
I've been busy.
Doing what? Sitting around in here with him? Thought you was serious about us.
Blud, how can she be serious about a joke ting like the Youngers? She rollin' with the big boys now, ya get me? Ah! You know what? Keep her, mate.
- I'm done with Youngers anyway.
- No, Jay Dee.
If you want to be some next man's side chick then that's your business, innit? Looks like you're a free agent now, Diva.
Why do you got to be like that? Relax, babe, man.
It's better this way.
My redeemer My re-deeeemer.
Thank you, Abraham.
And may God continue to multiply his blessings on you.
Amen! It is now testimony time.
- Amen.
- Amen! Who would like to share first? Please step forward.
Praise God.
All the time.
- Praise Jesus.
- Amen.
Lately I've been experiencing some financial problems.
First, the cost of food went higher, then, my daughters needed new shoes for school, and then, the devil influenced the energy companies to raise their prices again! Eh, pure wickedness.
I looked to the sky, and I asked, "Father God, how can I begin to pay all this?" Hm.
Then, I went to my purse, and, lo and behold, what did I see there? What did you see, sister? £50! Praise Lord! And who would like to share their testimony next? Please, madam, step forward.
Fam, I think I'm just going to call them up, you know? Chill, bruv.
If they said it's coming, it's coming.
You want to have a little more faith, Ash.
Thank you, driver.
What's going on, bruv? Ey, mandem.
- I don't know if I can.
- Forget Jodie, bruv.
Yeah, bruv.
It's like the man said.
It was all a dream.
Mandem on the wall in a limousine.
Yo, are we rollin'? YOLO, baby! YOLO! Stop it.
Listen, Abena, you can't keep doing this in front of people, OK? Take me somewhere private and I won't have to.
We're in church.
What What's with all the whispering? Um We were just discussing how well you sang.
And to think, you only caught the end of it, brother Yemi.
It was my best performance to date! Yeah, sorry about that, Abraham.
So, how come you were late? You weren't involved in any worldliness, were you? Don't worry about me, OK? I just hope your good mother isn't too disappointed.
Listen, leave my mum out of this, OK? - I didn't mean to cause of fence - Well, know your place and shut your mouth.
A coke.
Can you just get a coke? Please? What? I said please.
So, where's my princess Diva? We're not joined to the hip, you know? Got my own tings to deal with.
Yes, yes.
I love girls with an appetite.
Ooh, careful with that hot sauce, babe.
I mean, you lot are like, hot enough, innit? Smooth.
Really smooth.
You see that? He didn't even pay for the coke! Just gone.
Don't trust dem boys.
Thief y little sh So, how's the Youngers? Yeah, good, man, good.
Must be annoying, though, having Ash getting all excited over my brother.
Don't feel abandoned, do you? Nah, you're mad.
Bangs cannot touch Youngers.
Ash knows that.
And what about Davina? - I heard she's with that Marlon now.
- So? It's her business.
I ain't got no claim to her.
So, you're a free agent? Yeah, with a license to thrill.
Glad to hear that.
Whoa! What you doing? What does it look like? But what about Failia? It's over between me and him.
Um, sorry, I thought I was talking to the Linkster.
You are.
Then show me.
You are locked into Maximus FM 93.
I got my boy in the studio right now.
Ladies and gentlemen, I got Bangs! Yo, what's happening, people? Listen, everyone here at the station is absolutely gassed about having you, yeah? How you feeling, brother? Bruv, I'm just grateful for the opportunity to be spreadin' message to the fans out there, you know? Tell em again, rude boy! All right, all right, clam down, listen, OK.
Let's give the fans what they want, OK? - It's my boy's brand-new single - Bangs's Riddim! Check me at the party Thanks for coming in, my brother, man.
Do you mind hanging around for more banter and some of the tweets? Of course, farda! I'm there, bruv.
Love for that, bruv.
You need anything to eat or drink? - How about some M&Ms? Yeah.
- M&Ms? We ain't got none of that in the studio, you know.
I can get someone to come and get some for you.
- I appreciate that, man, bless.
- Don't worry, man, we got you here, B.
But I only want the blue ones though, yeah? I can't be dealing with them mad colours man.
- Yo, Bangs, man Relax, bro.
- Wa gwan? Listen, the M&Ms are going to be in the green room, straight for you, - after the show.
Is that cool? - Safe, B.
No worries, man.
Hello, Jodie speaking? Yeah, no, he does do private events but it's cash only and you have to go through me first.
Hold the line.
I better I'm going to go.
This ain't happening ever again.
Yeah, yeah, standard.
So, walk me through your proposal Dee, why don't you go get us suttin' to eat? Why do I have to go? Ah, come on, babes, you know it tastes better if you bring it.
But you better make it worth my while when I get back.
I got big plans for us.
And that's how you school your gyal.
Why? Don't you like me any more? It's not about what I like.
Abena, if my mum found out what we've been doing Your mum?! Your mum? If my dad found out, do you know what he'd do? Yeah, why take the risk? Cos I can't spend the rest of my life doing what I'm told.
Then maybe you should try talking to him or something.
Yeah, I should.
The way you talk to your mum about slipping her money? That's different, Abena.
It is different.
Cos I make one little mistake and my dad sends me back on to a plane to Ghana.
But you, you can do anything you want with your life, Yemi.
So stop acting scared and start living it.
Onwards and upwards.
Yes, Benny.
- Yes, Benny.
- Ta-ta-taaa! "Hey, you're through to Ashley's answerphone, just leave a message or" - Thought he sounded good, you know? - I know, man.
You sound surprised.
Nah, but, if you'd asked me who I'd make it this far with, I never would have said Bangs.
Well, you're here now, cuz.
Let's do a launch night and showcase our acts to the endz.
We can go all out, red carpet and everything.
All right.
Sounds good to me.
Yo, fam, wa gwan? Yeah, yeah, you busy? Allow this.
I got to go.
What, you're going to bounce while I'm eating? Oh, sorry, was I supposed to tidy up after you, yeah? Nah, I'm just saying, you're my girl so I expect you to be loyal, like.
Nah, there's a difference between loyalty and obedience, you know.
Oi, where you going? I thought you was supposed to be my princess.
Then start treating me like one, Marl-on.
Yemi! Oh, nah, sorry, I've got to go back out.
Well, dinner is ready.
I know but Jay's waiting for me at the studio.
Yemi, just go and wash your hands.
Yes, Mum.
KNOCK AT DOOR Wassup, bruv? So where's the rest of the group, bruv? Coming.
And Ash? I rang him but he never picked up so, you know, I got tired of waiting.
Well, I'm here now, bruv.
You get me? Let's make music.
Let's make music.
What you got here? Abraham? Hello, Auntie.
Erm, I'm so sorry but I am concerned my brother, Yemi, is being corrupted by worldliness.
What's going on here? Just working on some new bars.
I can see that.
Where's Ashley? Exactly, mate.
Where is he? Cos he ain't here.
But Fury's here and he wants to help.
- No, Jay, he wants a cut of the action.
- Whoa, Dee! If you just calm down for a second At least hear what we've been working on.
If you don't like it after, I will bounce.
Just Just give it a chance.
All right, what is it? Well, it's the same verse we was working on before but, well, I've got a new verse.
And it's pretty sick.
I'm not going to lie.
Dee, what you saying, you going to give it a listen? Please? Yes! But we don't take no prisoners actually It ain't easy when it comes so naturally They say three's a crowd but they're crazy Loud and proud and we're out of this galaxy Got to move with the time I ain't that younger you once knew I've made up my mind about you I was blind now I'm leaving them Girl, there my hand cos this is our time Talking about a dream We're living it Our names on the streets They're screaming it All the kids in the endz They're tweeting it If you're looking for a banger You're hearing it Fire in the booth, doing our ting The phones so rusty they can't go ping We fold cos this is our music This is our life so we won't take our eyes off the prize, so tight.
Yes, Yemz! Nah, something's missing.
Yo, don't forget the horns, bruv.
OK, Jay, we'll go for a take, yeah? Um, Davina, do you want to try your idea for the chorus? Let's go for it.
For all of my life I felt I was winging it Licking girl when I weren't even feeling it Drawing the girl then my rhythm would fail I didn't care about all of them links cos I knew very well I see my one, don gone done The realness she brings? I can't carry on Thirsty movements That's all our song Living this feeling I's breaking the ceiling Bigger than bling and all of them tings The youngers are here and you better listen You might call us youths but there ain't anything missing If you looking for hype then we ain't the type When it comes to the bars we don't need to fight This ain't Compton or NYC This is south London, bruv You get me? Hotter than the sun The sun, the sun You know we are one Are one, are one Hotter than the sun The sun, whoa-oh Hotter than the sun The sun, the sun You know we are one Are one, are one Hotter than the sun The sun, who-oh Yes! That's what I'm talking about, fam! Real emotion, you can't fake that, bruv! Well done, guys, man.
So, what now? Well, we can't show it to Ash.
So we keep that shtoom, yeah? Until we figure out what to do about Boss Fury.
Until then, we've made a hit.
I'm talking proper hits, boys and girls.
Yeah, I best be off before my mum notices I'm gone.
Listen, I'll bell ya later, Yemz.
See ya.
So, um, how's things with you and Marl-on? You good? It's OK.
Just Just OK? I better be going.
Tonight, I'll be celebrating the launch of this fine studio.
He's a criminal.
He's a changed man.
I am not performing without Jay.
Yeah, neither am I.
This is the last time you'll see Abena.
You said when we did what we did that you two have already broke up.
- Did I? - Cos I know you love me really.
I don't love you.
I warned you about troubling Davina again, didn't I? You might just fall off the roof accidentally, innit?