Z Nation (2014) s03e01 Episode Script

No Mercy

1 This is a Z Nation flashback movie.
Flashback flashback flashback flashback flashback Enjoy.
[heavy breathing] (Warren) Some days you try to do good.
Some days you survive.
Then there are other days when you pray pray to forget there's no mercy for the living.
Like so many billions of souls, the past is gone.
But you try not to think about it.
But sometimes our darkest moments hold the key to our future.
[smooth jazz music plays] [music playing on radio] [beeping] [beeping] [beeping] [beeping] [beeping] [beeping] [beeping] The Man.
Just one more.
24 hours.
That depends on the locals.
I'll try.
But mercy has a different meaning out here.
This will all be over soon.
Afternoon, fellow survivors.
There's no need for your weapons.
We mean you no harm.
I'm looking for a Doctor Harold Teller.
Perhaps you know him.
He's five foot eight.
As you can see, he's the last name on my list.
All the others are accounted for.
It's very important I speak with him.
Doctor Harold Teller.
We don't know anybody by that name.
Well that's odd.
He was the Founder and CEO of Mercy Sciences here.
Same company you all seem to work for.
You're him.
The Man.
You're the one who's kidnapped all those people.
Nobody's ever seen them again.
All those people off your list.
You're nothing but an executioner.
That's totally uncalled for.
I've been completely professional up to this point.
My methods have been exaggerated, my motives misunderstood.
I just need to speak with the good doctor.
How bout some ID? You got a badge? Badge? It's the Apocalypse.
I don't need a badge.
I work for very serious people.
It's important to them that they speak with Doctor Teller.
So important, I'm authorized to do whatever it takes to make that happen.
You're the one that killed all those engineers.
At the power plant.
They chose their fate.
I just delivered it.
There's still time for you to make a different choice.
Bring me Doctor Teller.
[gun cocking] [gunshot] [thunk] [thud] Cleanup on aisle nine.
Don't worry about that.
Just a little recycling.
As I was saying.
It's imperative for your sakes, and for humanity's, that I speak with Doctor Teller.
He's dead.
Really? Was he mercied in the last 24 hours? Because I have this drone photo showing him standing right about where you are now.
Taken yesterday.
[grunting] [gun cocking] [gunshot] [thump] [thud] [crow cawing] Does this belong to any of you? He's my brother.
Sorry to hear that.
If you hurt him, I'll kill you.
[crows continue cawing] I've been instructed by the people I work for to be merciful when possible.
That's not my forte, but here goes.
Tell the good doctor I'll be back in 24 hours.
If he's not waiting for me, Nature-Boy here is the first one to die.
24 hours, Doctor Teller.
Or be held accountable.
[crow cawing] What are you gonna do when he comes back tomorrow?! What then, Doctor Teller?! Are you just gonna let them kill him?! [snarling] [growling] - [screaming] ‭- [growling] - [screaming] - [growling] [grunting] Hey guys, look what I found.
Puppies and kittens.
[growling] [growling] [growling] [growling] [slice] [slice] [growling] [growling] [gunshot] [splorch] ‭[splorch] [growling] [gunshot] [growling] [growling] [stab] [thwap] [growling] [growling] [smack] [growling] [growling] [splorch] [splorch] [growling] [splorch] [splorch] [splorch] [growling] [munching] [growling] [crying] [growling] [crow cawing] Ok.
Alright, there you go.
Where'd this come from? Get away from him.
I found him.
Was anybody with him? He said something about a doctor.
The Man gonna kill them.
What? He's gonna kill them.
You kill man.
Oh no, no, no.
We no kill man.
We on mission.
Scram, kid.
He just caw at me? Murphy.
Get Lucy some water.
Can you get this one some too? Your thirsty, sweetheart? Poor kid doesn't even know how to drink out of a cup.
Must've been four or five when all this started.
Apocalypse is all he knows.
Where's your mama and your papa? Just sister.
Is she with the others? The ones that are in trouble? Yes.
The Man will kill them if the doctor won't talk to them.
Doctor? Who's this doctor? Did I mention that we are on a mission? Yeah.
We got Lucy to think about too.
Yeah, but we can't just let some man kill a whole bunch of people.
Sure we can.
We do it all the time.
I vote we help the kid.
As much as it pains me to say it, Blue Face is right.
We're on a mission.
Okay, we don't know what we'd be walking into.
And we can't take a chance like that.
So what are we gonna do? Just leave him? Can we talk about this? Hey! [smack] [groaning] You much as twitch, and brains will be the last thing you think about.
We're good.
I swear.
I just want my gun back.
That little thief over there stole my gun.
Ask him.
That's mine.
That his gun? Caw.
He was raised by crows.
I mean really, he was raised by [thwap] [groaning] Now you freeze.
Tell him to drop my gun.
[groaning] [hitting] Get off her! - [grunting] ‭[groaning] - [hitting] 10K in the middle of all that? Stop it! Get off of her.
Hey, hey, hey.
That's enough! Fight's over! Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, Fight's over.
Fight's over.
Girl, you better Ok? Calm down.
Leave him alone.
He's just a kid! He's more like a wild child.
Time out, Mowgli.
Stop struggling, okay? Stop.
Stop struggling.
Okay? Nobody's gonna hurt you.
Stop trembling.
We're good.
Okay? You're safe, okay? Okay.
That's it.
Alright, that's it, right? Everybody, just chill out.
Nobody's gonna get hurt.
Nobody's gonna get mercied.
We're just gonna talk.
Okay? You wanna tell me what this child is so afraid of? There's a man going around with a list of names looking for people.
One of the names is a scientist hiding among the survivors we're with.
Doctor Teller.
What does The Man want with the people on the list? Nobody knows.
They disappear.
So where's The Man now? I dunno.
Said he was coming back in the morning.
If this Teller guy wasn't waiting for him, he would kill my brother.
Then all the rest of us, one by one, till he finds the doctor.
How'd you get away? Caw! [hitting] Caw, caw caw.
Did you catch any of that? No.
He lost me at caw.
So what does this Man fella got against doctors? People say he's some kind of avenging angel.
Making people pay for the Apocalypse.
Well somebody should pay for all this.
Where are the survivors? Yeah, they got vehicles.
We could use some transpo.
And we're down to puddle water and orange peels.
Is this the part where I drop my pants and show you the tattoo on my ass? You know, the one that says, "never get off the boat.
" Keep your pants on.
Okay? We're just gonna check it out.
She said The Man's not coming back till tomorrow, which gives us plenty of time to get out of Dodge if we don't like what we find.
[growling] Hey.
What's wrong with them? You better just stay away from those two.
Next guy I see with an ink gun, I'm getting that tattoo.
[whistling] Hey, stop right there.
Who are they? Friendlies.
They've come to help.
We don't want any trouble.
We're just delivering the kid home safe.
You shouldn't have brought them here! I'm afraid you guys are gonna have to leave.
That's gonna work out cuz we ain't planning on staying.
Is he okay? He escaped from The Man.
These people saved him from a z-pack.
Are you okay? Thank god.
So, you're the man on the list? The girl told us.
She thought we could help.
We don't get many visitors out here.
A few traders used to stop by.
We had enough chemicals and tools to trade for seeds and cooking oil.
Some weapons.
But live humans have been fewer and farther between.
Starting to feel like Black Summer again.
Why don't you leave? And go where? This is all we have left.
Can you help us? I'm not sure how much help we can be.
I mean we're actually in the middle of some very urgent matters.
Lives are at stake for us too.
We can't take on these men alone.
We don't have the weapons or the skills.
But you do.
I know you have other priorities But we can help you too.
We have vehicles and fuel.
[cawing lightly] Was he really raised by a murder of crows? For almost two years.
He brought them water, and they brought him food.
Crazy, huh? Poor kid.
Alive, isn't he? Besides, I'm not really his sister.
I found him almost a year ago.
Picking through trash with the rest of the crows.
I didn't know he could talk for the first month.
What happened to your real family? Besides zombies? Right.
Kind of a dumb question.
Got a name? It's Ten Thousand.
But everybody calls me 10K.
Ten Thousand? That's not a name.
That's a number.
I made it up myself.
It's how many zombies I'm gonna kill.
And how's that going? I'm already on 3,225.
And a half.
What's the half for? Zombie dwarf? No, just the torso.
No legs.
I usually leave them be if they don't have legs.
Waste of ammo.
Well this one was crawling after me.
I once had to mercy a head rolling after me, still chomping away.
Hate when that happens.
So what's your name? Red.
That's not a name.
That's a color.
You asked me my name.
That's my name.
Doc says red is an unlucky color.
He says if you see some dude in a red shirt that he's a dead man.
Well your friend's wrong.
Still alive, aren't I? Besides, I don't wear red for the zombies.
I wear red to scare off men.
Nothing says, "I'll kill you in a heartbeat" like the color red.
How's the working? Hey, kid.
Say goodbye to the Old One.
Time to go.
We're gonna get some food.
You can come with us.
Just don't try anything.
Or you'll be wearing red too.
That's it, my little snickerdoodle.
[cooing] Off to dreamland.
Leave the nasty Apocalypse behind.
[hollow whispering] You say something? [cooing continues] Not you.
[hollow whispering] [hollow whispering continues] [hollow whispering continues] Keep an eye on the poop factory.
[hollow whispering continues] [cooing] [hollow whispering] [hollow whispering] Mercy.
[hollow whispering continues] [hollow whispering continues] [hollow whispering] Hear me.
[hollow whispering] Help us.
Help us.
[hollow whispering] Mercy.
[hollow whispering continues] [rattling and thumping] There you are.
We were worried sick.
When we popped the trunk and you weren't there, we thought maybe the zombie had eaten you.
Glad to see you're A okay.
Unfortunately, one of your guards misunderstood our intentions when we came back to check on the boy's welfare.
So we had to show him mercy.
How 'bout we avoid any other misunderstandings by you turning over the doctor to me.
You said we had 24 hours.
I know.
I lied.
Tell the doctor to present himself right now.
Or bad shit is gonna happen.
It's time for you to step up! I am Doctor Teller.
I am Doctor Teller.
I am Doctor Teller.
I'm Doctor Teller.
I am Doctor Teller.
I am Doctor Teller.
I'm Doctor Teller.
I am Doctor Teller.
I am Doctor Teller.
I'm Doctor Teller.
I am Doctor Teller.
I am Doctor Teller.
I'm Doctor Teller.
I see the doctor has made some new friends.
Spartacus is one of my favorite movies.
You all remember how it turns out? Spartacus and all of his clones are crucified.
Upside down.
Got to admit, the Romans did have style.
Why don't you let these people be? And you are? Doctor Teller.
All right.
If that's how you want to play this, I'll give you a little more time to think through the consequences of cooperating.
I'll return at the originally scheduled time.
Have the real Doctor Teller waiting.
Or I will find him through process of elimination.
Don't be a hero.
Don't come back.
[crying] Come on, Lucy.
That's it.
Come on.
No more splainin' to do.
Go to sleep, honey.
[crying continues] Finally.
Keep an eye on Lucy.
Feed her if she gets hungry.
Feed her.
Be careful out there.
We'll be careful.
Caw! What happened to you? Who the hell are you supposed to be? 5K? [Doc and Addy laugh] We should get moving.
What did he use to black his hair? You don't want to know.
So this is the only road in and out of here? The only entrances are the main entrance here and the emergency exit you came in through.
How secure is your perimeter? Chain link and barbwire mostly.
It keeps the Zs out.
But I'm not too sure about humans.
We can scavenge the sheet metal off the shelters and build a more defensible barricade.
Still time to make a run for it.
They'd only catch us out in the open.
At this point we stay and fight.
Use home court advantage.
Thank you.
We wouldn't stand a chance without you.
Yeah, well don't thank us yet.
There's at least four men that we've seen.
They're heavily armed.
That's what I don't understand.
Why haven't they just come in, taken you hostage, killed you one by one? He said the people he worked for wanted to show mercy.
He's got a funny way of showing it.
And who are these people he works for? Nobody knows.
What do they want with you? I dunno.
Really? Really.
I don't know.
We were a small pharma lab.
A startup developing new pain drugs.
Unless you're interested in the healing power of mold, it was pretty boring stuff.
We hadn't even brought our first product to market when the lab was overrun.
Seems like fortifying the lab is the best bet.
That won't work.
The lab is contaminated.
It's a no-go zone.
Let's see what you got in the way of manpower.
I know they aren't much to look at.
Show of hands.
Who wants to live to see tomorrow? All right.
If you do exactly what I say, you might just live to see another day.
Ready! Aim! At ease.
Get your weapon up.
Head shots only.
Anything else is a waste of ammo.
I need you to be tough.
I need you to stand your ground.
I need you to show them that you can fight so that they will back down.
Head shots only.
[gun cocking] Well we got some raw materials here.
You remember Kansas? Cement truck full of zombies? No.
That was Iowa.
That was pretty cool too.
I meant Kansas.
The silo full of zombies and fertilizer.
Fertilizer, gasoline, zombies.
Zombie dynamite.
There's a bunch of rope and a shit load of red paint if you wanna get all Home Alone on them.
You know, it seems like The Man likes messing with people's heads.
Maybe it's time somebody messed with his head for a change.
Any Clint Eastwood fans? I like where you're going with this, ma'am.
[hollow whispering] [hollow whispering continues] [hollow whispering continues] [hollow whispering continues] [hollow whispering] Kill us.
[hollow whispering continues] [hollow whispering] Hear me.
Please kill us.
[hollow whispering continues] [hollow whispering] Hear me.
[hollow whispering] The pain.
[hollow whispering] Mercy.
[hollow whispering] Please kill us.
What happened to you? [hollow whispering] Come closer.
[hollow whispering] Hear me.
[hollow whispering continues] [hollow whispering becomes louder] [hollow screaming] [hollow whispering] [hollow screaming] What are you doing here? Get away from there.
Who are they? That's none of your concern! Get your hands off of him now! You heard the lady! What's going on here? Please.
That's none of your concern.
The good doctor here's got some sort of zombie freak torture chamber going on in there.
That's a lie.
I heard them! Crying in pain! That's insane.
[hollow whispering] [screech] I can hear her.
She's begging for mercy.
She can't speak.
[hollow whispering] I've never felt such pain.
Why hasn't this zombie been mercied? Goddamnit, she's not a zombie.
There's a human being trapped in there.
[hollow whispering] Harold.
Is your name Harold? Yes.
She wants you to mercy her.
How did you know my name? She told me.
I can hear what she's thinking.
What all of them are thinking.
Who is she? My wife.
Her name is Sarah.
She's asking you a question.
A name.
She wants to know about somebody.
Somebody she can't see.
She needs to know.
Where is Andrew? [hollow whispering continues] Who's Andrew? He was their son.
[hollow whispering continues] She hasn't been able to speak for years.
Not since she was exposed.
How did you know? I guess you could say I'm just sort of a zombie whisperer.
But you said she wasn't a zombie.
To be honest, I'm not sure.
Seems impossible they're still alive.
But they aren't zombies.
They have wants and needs.
They still have souls.
Does this have something to do with why your name is on The Man's list? I was the Founder and CEO of Mercy Labs.
My wife Sarah was also my partner.
Brilliant scientist in her own right.
Mercy was developing a new class of antibiotics to fight super infections.
We were genetically modifying a fast growing super fungus to to kill germs.
When the HZ1 virus broke out, we shifted everything toward finding a fungus based cure.
But nothing worked.
We were able to stop the virus from spreading.
But the side effects were too horrible.
Zombies overran the lab.
[muffled growling] Complete chaos.
[muffled growling] There was an explosion.
And the lab was contaminated with the experimental anti-Z fungus before everybody could be evacuated.
They were exposed to a virulent form of fungus.
It stops the zombie virus from killing you, but the side effect is that the fungus spreads uncontrollably throughout your body.
I had no choice.
I could not let the fungus escape the lab.
I had no choice.
We've been trying to take care of them as best we can.
Nobody can bring themselves to mercy them, so I've been feeding and trying to keep them as comfortable as possible.
We thought that they wouldn't live long.
But it's been four years now.
If you leave, they'll die.
Won't they? [crows cawing] [crows continue cawing] [swish] [crack] You know, my dad gave me one of these when I was just about your age.
Right there.
[swish] [plink] [groaning] This time, don't aim.
Just look at exactly what you want to hit, and the gear's gonna follow.
[crows cawing] [crows cawing] [swish] [thwap] Caw! Yeah.
Like that.
[crows cawing] [baby crying] [baby crying] Seems like a lot more going on around here than a local bandit problem.
Maybe we should get the hell out of here while we still can.
I agree.
Those poor souls trapped in that lab are begging for mercy.
I say we move on and let Darwin sort this out.
So we're all just okay with abandoning the people.
This is the definition of a lost cause.
We take what we need and go.
I've got a baby to think about.
You're being awful quiet, Chief.
You and Lucy are our priority.
But if we leave now, these people will die tomorrow morning.
And we will not be far behind, without food or a vehicle.
So we just stay here and go out in a zombified blaze of glory? Listen.
I'm not saying that either.
But we have a good plan of defense.
Maybe if The Man sees we intend to put up a fight, we can reason with him.
Cuz he seems like a perfectly reasonable guy.
You know what? There's still a lot to do.
And there's only a few more hours left of daylight.
We need to be ready in case The Man decides ‭to come back again early.
You really think we're gonna be able to scare that guy off? He's not insane.
He wants Dr.
Teller alive.
Yeah, but what what if he won't leave well enough alone? Then shit gonna get crazy.
Uh uh.
That's so Z whack.
Somebody was hungry.
How is this even physically possible? It's the Apocalypse, baby.
Roll with it.
Don't you two have someplace to be? Something to blow up? Yeah.
Caw! Stand down.
It's just me.
Hey, boss.
[swish] [splat] Nice shot.
Mmm? That's all you.
You deserve it.
You deserve it.
How's it going back there? It's going.
You should probably get there.
Find yourself a nice spot outside the perimeter.
So we can set up a crossfire.
What about you? I'll be along in a bit.
I'm going to check around the perimeter to make sure The Man doesn't come back early.
Hey, guys! [crow cawing] [crow cawing] If you so much as move, I'll shoot you in the spine and leave you for the zombies.
I said damn it I'll shoot! [growling] [gunshot] [smack] [beeping] [ring, ring] [ring, ring] [ring, ring] [ring, ring] [ring, ring] You know that's completely up to them, right? You just make sure you have the transport standing by and ready for x-fill.
This will all be over soon.
Except for you.
You are not going anywhere.
You know they're gonna kill you.
The doctor will go with you.
He just doesn't wanna leave his wife.
She's dying.
It's the Apocalypse.
Everybody is dying.
I have a schedule to keep.
It doesn't have to end this way.
[knife opening] Let's see how much your friends love you.
Don't go away.
Judgement is upon us.
Ultimately it's not gonna make any difference.
[power tools operating] Keep an eye on the inventory.
When I call, put the woman on the radio.
But keep her shackled.
She's tricky.
That's enough screwing around.
Sun's coming up.
[stab] (Doc) You think they got her? Yeah.
All right.
What's the move? We stick with plan A.
If he's got her and she's alive, he's gonna want to trade her for Teller.
We don't have much time.
I'd trade a kidney for a cup o'joe and a quaalude.
We're gonna get her back.
What is she trying to say? She's saying you can't leave Andrew.
You have to be here when he comes back.
He's not coming back.
You don't know.
She's saying you don't know.
What am I supposed to do? If I leave, I'm abandoning my wife and the others to a fate worse than death.
But if I stay, people might die.
Well, boys.
It's time.
Where's Warren? She went out on patrol, but she hasn't come back yet.
Wait, what? She's not here? What about the plan? We just got to stick with plan A.
Full Tilt Boogie just like we talked about.
Without Warren? Are you insane? We'll get slaughtered.
I don't have time for your bullshit right now, Murphy! Now we're sticking with the plan that Warren laid out.
Now just get where you're supposed to be.
A simple please.
All right.
All right.
[crying] Give.
[crying] Put these on.
Past this point, it's contaminated.
It looks like the good and the bad are about to get ugly.
(Teller) ‭I don't want anyone to get killed over me.
Just tell me what you want me to do.
You just stay out of sight till I call for you and let me do all the talking.
Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of humanity.
They're coming! I know you're nervous.
But as soon as the ball starts rolling, you're gonna know what to do.
Despite our best efforts, it seems these people intend on putting up a fight.
Remember why you're all doing this.
May you all meet again soon.
In Zona.
In Zona.
‭ln Zona.
(Red) Damn it.
Where the hell did he fly off to? [crow cawing] Fall back! (Doc) Everybody in position! Nobody fire till I do! We might just get out of this alive.
[truck horn honking] Open up! Just like the 300.
Minus a few hundred.
I like the paint job.
Cut the crap, Mister Clean.
If you hurt our friend, there will be consequences.
I'm not interested in her.
She's not on my list.
Doctor Teller is on my list.
Bring him to me, nobody gets hurt.
He is here, isn't he? He's here.
We're making progress.
Bring me the doctor, and I'll give you Spartacus.
Her name's Warren, Buzz Nuts.
And nobody's going anywhere until I know she's safe.
You know we've got a whole truck load of pain here for you right? Well you have no idea what we've got waiting for you.
Right? Now I need proof of life.
Of course you do.
[ringing] [crows cawing] [ringing] [The Man on radio] It's me.
Put Spartacus on the radio.
[crows cawing] Put the walkie by her mouth, so we can hear her say a few words to prove she's alive.
In case we need to kill her later.
[crows cawing] [crows cawing] Just get her to tell them she's alive and well so we can make this swap.
This is Warren.
I'm alive all right.
But your man, not so much.
Hey, I'm coming for you next.
It's hard to get good help these days.
You heard the lady! There'll be no kidnapping today, Kojak! And if I were you, I'd be gone before she gets here.
Send in the clowns.
[small explosion] [small explosion] [small explosion] [small explosion] [small explosion] [small explosion] [small explosion] [small explosion] [small explosion] [growling] [growling continues] Incoming! Open the barricade! [growling continues] [growling continues] Head shots only! Save your ammo! And wait for my signal! [growling continues] Everybody, look out for Warren! Know who you're shooting! [growling continues] Let's rock and roll! [gunshot] [splorch] - [growling] - [gunshots] (Addy) Head shots only! Stand your ground! (Doc) Keep shooting! - [growling] - ‭[gunshots] - [growling] - ‭[gunshots] Where have you been? [muffled gunshots and growling] He saved me.
I saw the others on the list.
We got to get down there.
Come on.
- [growling] - ‭[gunshots] Wait till you see the skin in their teeth! [growling continues] Fire! [splorch] - [growling] - ‭[gunshots] - [growling] - ‭[gunshots] [snarling] [snarling] [gunshot] Hurry up! [growling] - [yelling] - [swish] [splorch] [muffled sounds] [growling] [growling continues] Too many puppies and kittens.
Come on.
[growling] - [growling] - ‭[gunshots] Where are they? 10K's got him.
Come on.
They'll find a way back.
Come on [whistling] (Doc) Roberta! How'd you get away? The kid saved me.
5K? Chip off the ol' block.
Miss anything fun? Oh, loads of fun.
But if I know the Apocalypse, and I think I do, I'd say you got back just in time for all the crazy shit to start happening.
[truck horn honking] [truck horn honking] [truck horn honking] Release the Kracken.
[growling] [growling continues] [crack] [growling continues] [crack] [growling continues] [crack] [growling continues] [crack] [growling continues] [crack] [growling continues] [crack] [growling continues] [crack] [growling continues] [growling continues] Fire! [gunshots] - [gunshots] - ‭[growling] [crack] - [gunshots] - ‭[growling] I can't get a head shot! - [gunshots] - [growling] Steel plates bolted to their heads.
They've been mercy-proofed! Mercy-proofed? That's not fair.
- [gunshots] - ‭[growling] [crack] - [gunshots] - ‭[growling] Prepare for impact! - [gunshots] - ‭[growling] Can't hold them much longer! Doc! - [gunshots] - [growling] Addy! Red! - [gunshots] - ‭[growling] Get ready to open up! Seriously? - [gunshots] - ‭[growling] Ready! Oh shit! Now! Fire in the hole! [growling] [explosion] Yeah! I'd pay money to see that again! Get em? Got em.
Good! [crack] [crack] [growling] [growling continues] [gun cocking] [growling continues] [crack] [growling continues] [automatic gunfire] [growling continues] Save your ammo! Fall back to the lab! [growling continues] Fall back! [growling continues] They're still out there! Come on.
Don't worry.
10K's got him.
[growling] [growling continues] [hollow whispering] [hollow whispering] She says we'll be safe here.
Where are you going? [hollow whispering] To help the others.
[hollow whispering] [explosion] [gunshots] [growling] [growling continues] [growling continues] [gunshot] [growling continues] [growling continues] - [growling] - [yelling] [slice] Come on.
Don't run away again.
[growling] [growling continues] [electricity crackling] - [growling] - [electricity crackling] [growling continues] Doctor Teller! It doesn't have to end like this - [growling] - [electricity crackling] [breathing heavily] There's still time for you to stop this madness.
[heavy breathing continues] Hey! Spartacus! Just send out the doctor and all is forgiven! [swish] [splat] I take that as a no.
[hollow whispering] [snarling] [splat] [splatting and grunting] [growling] - [growling continues] - ‭[splatting] [growling] [growling] ‭[groaning] [slice] [thump, thump, thump, thump] It's your wife.
What happened? Oh god.
[crying] I'm so sorry.
[crying] [crying] When will this end? She's saying you can end it now.
[crying] [crying] I love you.
[crying] [crying] You need to mercy her.
[crying] [crying] Have mercy.
[gunshot] [crying] [crying] [explosion] [growling] Stay with Lucy.
What is your problem? I got no problem with you.
You're not on my list.
It's him I want.
I'm not going anywhere with you.
No! [click] [click] [click, click, click] Goddamn Apocalypse.
It's time to go.
[thwap] And that's why they call him The Man.
[growling] [gunshot] [clank] [growling] Eat this! [clang] [gunshot] [snarling] [snarling continues] [punch] [gunshot] [yelling] [crow cawing] [growling] [growling] [growling] [growling] [growling] [growling] [growling] [clang] [slicing] [splorch] The Man got Teller.
Time to GTFO.
Do it.
[gasping] I got you.
Keep moving! [growling] [gunshot] [gunshot] [gunshot] [growling continues] [gunshot] [growling continues] [gunshot] [gunshot] [growling continues] [gunshot] [growling continues] [gunshot] [growling continues] [gunshot] [growling continues] [smack] Where's everybody? Survivors? Nobody? I told you, never get off the boat.
[helicopter blades rotating] Son of a bitch.
Where is he? He's not dead.
He's not.
You're lying.
I tried to get to him.
You're lying.
There was too many.
I don't believe you! 10K! No! (Warren) Sometimes we forget the worst thing that can happen to you in the Apocalypse.
The worst thing than can happen to you isn't dying or turning zombie.
The worst thing is surviving.
But sometimes, that's all we got.
[muffled growling] [growling] [helicopter blades rotating]