Z Nation (2014) s03e02 Episode Script

A New Mission

1 Previously on Z Nation.
Lieutenant Roberta Warren.
Missouri National Guard.
We have the package here.
Lot of people been looking for you, Mr.
Maybe I'll actually enjoy doing some good.
I'm counting on you.
10K? Oh shoot.
I've been shot.
It's gonna be okay, kid.
They've got a real surgeon.
A new world is rising.
Where the seeds of the next human race have been planted.
[slam] I did not spend three years fighting my way across 10,000 miles just so I could be a human blood bag for a few billionaires [alarm sounding] Need a ride? I got enough food, ammo, and z weed for a month.
I'm in.
It's Murphy.
[explosion] Tell me 10K is on that boat.
[jet engines roaring] [guns cocking] What do you suppose they want? What do you think? Say goodbye, pup.
Cuz we ain't coming back.
[wind blowing] [wind blowing] [muffled sounds] [muffled sounds] You okay? Good.
Shoot me or get that damn thing out of my face.
[speaking Mandarin] Careful.
[speaking Mandarin] [speaking Mandarin] [speaking Mandarin] Roberta Warren Well look who's world famous.
You in charge? [speaking Mandarin] That's Murphy for you.
Causing trouble when he's not even here.
[speaking Mandarin] English.
Do you speak it? I don't think she understands you.
[speaking Mandarin] You'd better take me out quick because I'm real good with faces if you know what I mean.
I don't see any blood under those fingernails.
You sure about this? We could still talk about this.
I hate this part.
Now! Thought that was gonna go a different way.
[snarling] [snarling] [speaking Mandarin] [snarling continues] [speaking Mandarin] [speaking Mandarin] [snarling continues] You and me are gonna have some words.
[snarling continues] [speaking Mandarin] [rapid gunfire] [muffled gunfire] [gunshots] [muffled gunfire] That's it, Captain.
Put your back into it.
In two minutes, I want this place in my rearview mirror.
Exploding submarines tend to attract the wrong kind of attention.
Captain? Captain.
It'll heal.
Clock hates us, people.
[claps] Let's move! What happened? Where is everybody? This way, kid.
Let's go.
We gotta find Doc and Addy and Warren.
I already said thanks.
We're going our own way now.
We kept you alive all the way to California.
Where are you going? To start a new world.
[electric guitar theme music plays] Have mercy [three gunshots] Oh, have mercy.
[whistling] I'm not going anywhere with you, Murphy.
Hold still.
So you do speak English.
Lieutenant Roberta Warren.
And who the hell are you? There's no cure in that blood.
Addison Carver.
Does it mention that I don't play well with others? Cuz I don't.
Steven Beck.
You can call me Doc.
I'm not actually a board certified physician.
I just Nevermind.
Now I know how Murphy feels.
Let me know what you find.
I've been having some weird dreams.
Murder, kidnapping, battery, public indecency Career opportunities in my neighborhood were somewhat limited.
We get the friends we deserve.
Operation Bite Mark.
Where is Murphy? Who wants to know? Murphy's blood is our mission.
(voice on radio) [speaking Mandarin] [speaking Mandarin] [speaking Mandarin] (voice on radio) [speaking Mandarin] [speaking Mandarin] [speaking Mandarin] Have you seen a kid with black spiky hair and brooding good looks? He was on that submarine with Murphy.
[speaking Mandarin] [pop] [pop] Try to avoid the sharp stuff.
[gunshot] [muffled grunting] [muffled screaming] There.
[muffled screaming and growling] Zombies carrying weapons? [thwap] [muffled screaming and growling continue] Those aren't Zs.
Back in the vehicle.
[muffled screaming and growling] [slice] [gunshots] [slice] [hitting] [punching] [screaming] Kill them.
[gunshot] [splat] [gunshot] [splorch] [gunshot] [splat] You two will have to do better.
The Apocalypse has gotten worse.
Starvation and killing is all that's left.
Last stop for humanity.
Everybody off.
[frantic breathing] [frantic breathing] Relax.
We have work to do.
[airplane engine roaring] [airplane engine roaring] [airplane engine roaring] (voice on radio) [speaking Mandarin] [Warren] That yours? [screaming] Hurry.
We must reach the supply drop before anyone or anything else.
[screaming continues] [speaking Mandarin] [whistling] [splorch] [screaming and growling] [howling] [growling] [wind blowing] [gasping] [wind blowing] [gasping] [wind blowing] [gasping] [groaning] Hey, pup.
You good? Okay then.
[smack] Hey! It's not easy when your hands are zip-tied behind your back.
Try it sometime.
[snarling] [speaking Mandarin] [snarling] [speaking Mandarin] [snarling continues] [speaking Mandarin] [rapid automatic gunfire] You got silencers? Why are they wasting so many bullets? I guess they've never heard of a "kill shot.
" Well I'm happy to let somebody else do the zombie slaying for a change.
I'm getting a little tired of being somebody's prisoner.
[snarling] [speaking Mandarin] It would be super cool not to be hand-cuffed right now.
[snarling] What are they waiting for? Wait.
[beeping] [snarling] [snarling continues] [electronic humming] Zombie rave.
Pass the Z weed.
[loud electronic humming] [explosion] [multiple splorches] [electronic humming] [snarling] [thwap] [snarling] [stomp] [snarling continues] [splorch] I give you mercy.
We're better when we can use our hands.
Can we get our weapons now? [speaking Mandarin] You have me at a disadvantage.
You know me, but I don't know you.
I'm Dr.
Sun, a virologist from Laos, trained in Beijing.
Beijing survived? No.
Only 200,000 citizens remain.
That's why they call it the Apocalypse.
We fell back behind the walls of the Forbidden City.
The best scientists and leaders from all over Asia.
You have supplies, an aircraft, an army, but no cure.
Our efforts to create a vaccine have failed.
We must harvest anti-bodies and platelets from The Murphy.
There he goes.
[frantic breathing] What's happening? I don't understand.
Get in.
We need to keep moving.
The further we get away from the humans, the better.
[trees cracking] What is that? 10K.
[trees cracking] [snarling] [snarling and munching] What is it? [snarling and munching continues] Zombies eating zombies.
[snarling and munching] But why? They're starving.
Not enough humans left to eat.
[snarling and munching continues] I can't watch.
Don't turn away.
Face the future.
[snarling and munching continues] Without me, this is how the world ends.
No humans.
Just starving Zs.
[snarling and munching] What about Zona? Without my blood, the flatulent rich of Zona will meet a less dignified end than these poor bastards.
They won't give up so easily.
Nor will I.
What will you do with me? Merch, my good doctor.
You will help bring Murphy to the masses.
You'll be part of history.
The Age of Blends is inevitable.
My gift to this cesspool of a world.
[snarling and munching continues] Cheer up, 10K.
Put our brothers out of my misery.
[snarling and munching continues] [snarling and munching] I give you mercy.
[gunshot] [snarling and munching continues] [gunshot] What? You've stopped counting.
What is mercy? You don't do that in Asia? No.
It's a ritual that we do for the dead and the dying.
But you mercy zombies.
Yeah, well we give them mercy for the life that came before, as a reminder that they used to be human.
And I used to be human too.
[speaking Mandarin] [speaking Mandarin] Wow, brother.
I was parched.
I've decided to return your weapons.
Don't make me regret this decision.
We've learned many things from surveillance.
We saw Ms.
Carver's modified bat and designed one of our own.
What's this? We have made some modifications.
[electric zapping] Thank you.
[electric zapping] Oh.
I feel better already.
High Noon at the OK Corral.
Thank you.
Move out.
I didn't see you there.
Morning, sleepy head.
Uh, hi? You're up.
Uh, yeah.
It happens in the morning sometimes.
Who are you? Kaya.
Hi, I'm Simon.
I also go by Citizen Z.
I know.
I'm a huge fan.
Not in a Kathy Bates with a sledgehammer kind of way.
Though I do love "Misery.
" So scary.
Do you? Uh, yeah I guess.
I'm pretty excited.
How are you feeling? Better.
How long was I out for? Two days.
Two days, wow.
I'm, I'm still a little hazy.
But was that you I mean did we Get naked? Yep.
You had hypothermia, dude.
Skin-on-skin contact is the best way to warm your core temperature.
It was either me or nanna.
Uncle Kaskae wasn't gonna do it.
Who? I'm just playin'.
Who are they? Uncle Kaskae and my nanna.
This is Citizen Z.
How long have they been sitting there? A while.
They live here.
Thank you so much for your hospitality.
Want your shorts? Yes, please.
Why don't you just toss them to me? Okay.
I may be your biggest fan.
I've listened to you since Day One.
You were our only connection to the world.
And I love your taste in music.
Though I could do with more booty shaking hip-hop.
So where are all the zombies? The Tornaq hate the ice and snow.
Tornaq? The evil undead.
The brain-eating freaks.
The Zs.
Very few choose to make a living up here.
That's why there were very few Tornaq to banish.
Isolation has its benefits.
So do friends.
You've been with Murphy since the beginning, haven't you? Pretty much.
You know him better than anyone.
I don't know if anybody knows the Murphy.
But you will help us find him.
When we find him, you'll make a vaccine? Yes.
I'll need to get Murphy's blood back to my lab on the ship so that I can You have a ship? An aircraft carrier.
We required all the available fuel in Pan Asia for our journey here.
My people sacrificed greatly for this chance at a cure.
And this supply drop we're chasing? We will have what we need to complete the mission.
We cannot fail.
This is our last hope.
And the cure, It's for everybody, right? Of course.
[snarling] [snarling] [snarling] [thunk] [slice] [growling] [growling and munching] The drop was blown off course, but we are close.
Hey, is that a piece of parachute? (Doc) Did it get shot down? The supply drop must've crashed through the factory roof.
Let's hope my gear is intact.
Those Zs are fast.
They sure don't look like Zs.
What? Enders.
They some kind of hyper crackhead zombies? They're worse than zombies.
They're humans, but their brains are fried.
[screaming] [gunshots] We're not the only ones that see the parachutes.
Put your dancing shoes on.
It's gonna be a party.
[snarling] [snarling continues] It's that way.
[speaking Mandarin] [snarling] [snarling] [rapid automatic gunfire] 800 meters.
Be very cautious.
Lady runs a tight ship.
Nice to have a little muscle between us and whatever.
We miss all the fun? Some had more fun than others.
The zombies want brains, but [snarling] what do the enders want? [gunshot] To put us out of our misery before we put them out of theirs.
How much further? We close? That way.
(Addy) Which way? I don't see anything.
[beeping] Enders! [electronic humming] [explosion] [groaning] No.
No! Lieutenant Mong?! Sun Mei! Get down! [screaming and grunting] Addy! Heads up! [grunting] [screaming and grunting] [slice] [slice] [screaming and grunting] [gunshot] [screaming and grunting] [gunshot] [screaming and grunting] [gunshot] I failed our people.
[speaking Mandarin] You guys okay? It's gonna hurt.
You ready? [groaning] [yelling] [breathing heavily] Iwill be okay.
I'm responsible for the deaths of these men.
I swore to their families that they would return with the cure.
Nothing you can do for them now but stay alive, okay? Keep your head in it.
You sure? You good? You okay? Okay.
[growling] [yelling] [growling] [yelling] [munching] [screaming] No, Lieutenant Mong, No! [yelling] Get off him! [electric zapping] [smack] [electric zapping] [growling] Dammit! [electric zapping] [growling] [growling] [gunshot] [breathing heavily] Too close? [breathing heavily] Lieutenant Mong.
Lieutenant Mong! Lieutenant Mong! [snarling] No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Mong, not you.
Do it.
Do it.
Do it.
[snarling] I give you mercy.
[gunshot] [crying] [crying] Let's go see about the supply drop.
Come on.
These supplies better be damn awesome.
I need a pick me up.
The drop is this way.
Somebody beat us to it.
My supply drop has been stolen.
They got everything.
Even the vehicle.
And they drove that way.
I have failed.
My ancestors will never know peace.
Well at least it wasn't our fault this time.
There's a reckoning coming.
What do you think? Time for a new plan.
Call in another supply drop from your aircraft carrier.
I can't.
There's nothing left to send.
Besides, the radio is destroyed.
When you drew our blood, what were you hoping to find? Your journey with Murphy defied explanation.
How have you survived for so long? Perhaps a biological anomaly is the answer.
[laughing] Murphy didn't rub off on us.
We rubbed off on him.
We kept him going.
Come on.
Why? I don't deserve to live when my failure have caused so many to die.
My mission is over.
Your mission failed.
Get up.
You're part of my mission now.
Does this mean there's a new mission? What about the Murphy? We're gonna find Murphy.
And when we do, you're gonna use his blood to make a vaccine and save this sorry assed world.
You're my scientist now.
This mission belongs to us.
Not Hammond, not Garnett, and not the CDC.
We survived for some cosmic reason.
And I'm naming it.
I have faith that you, you, and you, and you are here for this reason.
It's up to us, nobody else.
I got goosebumps.
I'm in, Chief.
I'm at your service.
Alrighty then.
Let's find this blue son of a bitch.
[horn honking] [whispering] Thank you.
Speak of the Blue Devil.
Well Look who's still alive.
Roberta Warren.
The Murphy? Murphy! Where is 10K? Well, looks like you've been busy making friends.
Looks like you've been making friends too.
El Scorpion.
It's not El Scorpion anymore.
Just Hector.
A little "Road to Damascus" moment there, eh Hector? Me too.
I have seen the light.
What happened to the submarine? Total shit show.
I got the hell out of there before the damn thing sank.
You blew up the CDC lab? There is no CDC, no government.
Only Zona.
A bunch of rich bastards trying to game the system.
They can get their cure from someone else's blood.
Plus, I took their doctor.
That's close enough.
Wake up, Warren.
This world is over.
Come with me.
Start the next world.
And be your bitch blend? I don't think so.
You make it sound so cheap.
Murphy, we need you.
We still can complete our mission.
This is Dr.
She traveled from Beijing just to find you.
She can manufacture a vaccine And save humanity.
Blah blah blah.
You really should hear yourself.
Murphy, my people are waiting for us aboard a ship with a fully equipped lab.
Well that explains the broken radio.
(voice on radio) [speaking Mandarin] It only plays Chinese.
Well, thanks for letting me borrow your ride by the way.
That's my medical equipment.
Borrowing that too.
You can save my people, save everyone.
I need to make this vaccine.
Help me.
No one is poking holes in me ever again.
Unless I say so.
Murphy, don't be an idiot.
You cannot do this alone.
Yes, I can.
But you can help me.
All you have to do is get in the car.
Forget about humanity, Warren.
It's over.
Join my mission.
Heck, you can even bring Dr.
Sun along too.
Even Saint Hector there.
Get out of the car.
Seriously Roberta? Okay.
[gunshot] 10K? [screaming and grunting] Time to choose.
Me or what's left of humanity.
[screaming and grunting] Shit.
Have it your way.
It's Blend time.
The humans lost the race.
Just ask 'em.
[screaming and grunting] [thump] [screaming and grunting] [screaming and grunting] [gunshot] [gunshot] [gunshot] And yet you've survived.
Am I your prisoner now? How 'bout I try trusting you and let's see how that goes? The warning shot, the Enders, that had to be 10K, right? Who else can shoot like that? We have to let him go.
We are going to drive ourselves crazy.
I hope the keys are in there.
It's just us now.
And we are going to stop Murphy from creating his damn race of Blends.
Onto the new mission.
It's so beautiful.
Better than TV.
I'm really glad you're here.
Me too.