Z Nation (2014) s04e01 Episode Script

Warrens Dream

1 I didn't do nothing.
[screaming] The new world is rising from the ashes of the old.
A better world.
Zona? Zona's real? They are the only one with enough power.
I'm looking for a Doctor Teller.
What do they want with you? We were able to stop the virus, but the side effects were too horrible.
They are losing their immunity and starting to turn, including the founder of Zona.
Forget about humanity, Warren.
It's over.
Where are you going? To start a new world.
We are going to stop Murphy from creating his damn race of Blends I think I'll call her Lucy.
Murphy has a child? She could've inherited his immunity.
We got to get to Lucy before Murphy does.
The Man has Lucy? Help me, Warren.
This ends right now.
[muffled gunshot] [muffled sounds] Addy! [muffled sounds] [growling] [growling] [screaming] [smoldering] [sizzling] [screaming] [muffled screaming] [gasping] [gasping] [gasping] [breathing heavily] [clack] [muffled clanking] [muffled clank] [muffled footsteps] [muffled footsteps] [screaming] [muffled sounds] [screaming continues] [muffled sounds] [screaming continues] [muffled sounds] [electric guitar theme music plays] Have mercy, [two gunshots] [thunk] Oh, have mercy.
Well, look who's back in town.
Murphy? Holyzompocalypse I cannot believe it.
I thought you'd never wake up.
I mean literally, I thought you were dead.
Would you excuse us? What the hell, Warren.
Are you okay? Not sure.
I love what you're doing with the hair here.
YouYou You aren't blue.
I'm cured, baby.
Apparently you are too.
You know the bullet that wounded you? Passed through me first.
Looks like a little Murphy blood is good for what ails you.
What? How? What? Where are we? You're not gonna believe it.
Are we dead? [laughing] No.
We are very much alive.
What about everyone else? You've been gone a long time.
Gone? What do you mean by gone? You've been in a coma.
A coma? [muffled gasping] I was dreaming.
Terrible nightmares.
How long? In the coma? Two years.
Two years? The others? Doc? 10K? Addy? [whispering] Lucy? They They didn't make it.
[whispering] Goddamn Apocalypse.
[whispering] Help me.
Just take it easy.
You haven't use these gams in two years.
I need to move.
I got to get out of here.
[laughing] There's nowhere to go.
The Apocalypse got a lot worse while you were napping.
There's nothing left in the old world but rotting Zs and the last of a few Enders.
Where are we? You really don't know, do you? Surface, please.
(female voice) Of course.
Right away, Mr.
The elevator knows your name? Around here, everyone knows my name.
[ding] Welcome to Zona.
[peaceful music plays] [laughing] Bitchin', right? What's wrong, Roberta? Smile.
We made it.
We beat the Apocalypse.
We lived.
I know.
I just can't believe they're all dead.
I didn't want to believe it myself.
But from what I hear about how bad things have gotten in the old world, they're probably better off dead.
I miss them everyday.
Even 10K.
Can you believe that? But hey, we're alive.
Feel that sunshine on your face? We owe it to everyone who didn't make it to enjoy every second of that.
Come on.
Let me give you a tour.
I'm gonna need some clothes.
Don't worry.
Thursdays are clothing optional day.
Follow me.
Thursdays? They have the days of the week here? [laughing] I haven't known the days of the week for eight years.
Can that really be true? Eight years since Day One? I know.
Can you believe it? We've got all seven days here, just like pre-Z.
They've got everything here.
Except zombies.
And the clap.
They got rid of the clap.
[laughing] I love this place.
[electric humming] Morning, Murphy.
Morning, Chester.
How's the ankle? I tried that CDB oil like you said.
Oola says hello! Oh, tell her I said hi! You're awfully quiet over there.
Just taking it all in.
Murph! Hey! When are you joining us for that foursome? Soon.
I promise.
I swear.
Don't make us force you like last time.
[laughing] Right.
What? Tennis.
We play tennis.
Uh huh.
Yeah huh.
We have tennis here.
Like real people.
And golf.
And bowling.
And it's all free.
Everything's free when you're with the Murph.
Man, I can't go two years in a coma without you going batshit crazy.
Look, I can't help it if these people owe me their lives.
So the vaccine worked? Of course it worked.
With my blood and the best scientists that Bitcoin can buy, what could go wrong? [whispering] Yeah.
Remnants of civilization.
Zona is like a giant museum of humanity.
I mean they saved as much as they could.
The best of the best of everything.
Oh, don't touch it.
Don't lean on that.
That's the last remaining Elvis Eagle suit.
It's like living history.
Over here they have Marilyn Monroe's dress and a Gutenberg Bible and the last case of Pop Rocks.
Oh, come here.
I want to show you this.
Murphy? Excuse me? I'm gonna need to see your barcode.
Barcode? Please? No code? Security Detail 142.
We have a possible UN-VAX on G deck.
Something wrong? It's okay! It's okay.
She's with me.
Murphy, we didn't realize.
It's cool.
It's cool.
This is Roberta Warren.
General Warren? The one and only.
I am so sorry.
I had no idea.
We thought you were in a coma.
It's okay.
I just woke up.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
General Warren? You were in a coma.
I embellished a little.
[whispering] Murphy.
What? I wanted to make sure they took good care of you.
(Warren) Zona must be treating you right.
You clean up nice.
You look handsome You look pretty hot yourself.
I never trusted these things.
I like a man behind the wheel.
I can't wait for you to meet The Founder.
Zona's his baby.
He started prepping for this thing back in the 80's.
He saw it all coming, you know back before it was all coming.
Well, even paranoid whackjobs get it right sometimes.
He's the one who was sending people like our old friend The Man to collect scientists from the Apocalypse.
You mean kidnap.
Say what you will about the behavior of his employees, The Founder saved what's left of civilization.
And without him, all this wouldn't be here.
My blood, his vaccine, he saved humanity.
Or at least the richest .
0001 percent of humanity.
And us.
What about the rest of the planet? It was too late.
And look around, Warren.
Small boat.
Can't save everyone.
[breathing heavily] [growling] [growling continues] [breathing heavily] [growling continues] [swoosh] [swoosh] Now is the time for all good men, to kill some puppies and kittens.
[growling] [splat] [growling] [thunk] [thunk] [growling] [thunk] [thunk] [growling] [slice] [smack] [growling] [thunk] [thunk] [thunk] [thunk] [thunk] [thunk] [growling] [thunk] [stab] [growling] [splorch] [swoosh] [swoosh] [thud] 10K, it's Doc! Doc! What the hell? I could've killed you! [growling] This way! [growling continues] (10K) Sorry about that, Doc.
(Doc) That's okay, kid.
It's gonna take more than a headbutt to bring this ole Billy Goat down.
You know, I've never been tree camping.
Pretty nice little set up you got here.
We call it home.
[groaning] Hold still.
I don't want to get the z-weed sap in your eye.
Yeah, can I get a little bit of that? A little squeeze? Yeah, just one more.
Mmm hmm Thank you, darlin'.
Sure is good to see you both.
How long has it been? About a year? Almost two.
Time flies when you're killing Zs.
So what brings you out here? Well actually, I've been looking for you two.
This is about some mission to find Murphy? Oh, no, no, no, hell no.
That bite still hurts.
Let him finish.
I'm here to talk to you about Newmerica.
Are you selling something? What? No.
Some kinda religion thing? Have we just met? No.
I'm not selling insurance, and I'm not thumping the good book.
Newmerica is a place.
It's a safe zone in Northern Canada where it's too cold for the Zs.
Red and I have it pretty good here.
Well I see that.
But for how long? I mean you saw those Zs after me.
Something has got them on the war path.
There's been so many rumors and false hopes.
It's hard to believe anything.
I know.
But something about this feels right.
The US Government is involved.
The government? I thought the last of the government collapsed after the nukes.
Well apparently there's a few feds left.
There's some scattered platoons of Marines, and they're trying to get everybody to Newmerica before the new snowfall.
How are we supposed to get to Northern Canada? They set up a refugee camp for the survivors that want to go.
A convoy of trucks is gonna pick them up.
I dunno.
This is a good spot.
It's defensible.
Fresh water.
Didn't see another human until you.
But there's been more Zs lately.
I tell you, these Marines mean business.
They set up this camp with medical supplies and communication.
A year from now, there's not gonna be much in the way of humans left.
You guys, I I just don't know if we're gonna get another chance like this.
You got any scissors? [growling] [screaming] Daddy, help me! [growling] [screaming] I only got one bullet left! Save it! I got a clear shot! [growling and screaming continues] [engine running] There's someone coming! [growling and screaming continues] [rock music plays] [rock music plays] Back off or I'll shoot! We're here to help.
Tell her to get back! Wait! Let her help! [growling] Hang on.
We'll get you out! [growling] [shink] Take her.
Thank you.
[growling] [growling] Thank you.
We're going to Newmerica.
Marines are up the road.
You still got time.
[gunshot] Why did you do that? That was our mom.
Have mercy.
Have mercy.
[engine running] Are you sure you want to go to this Newmerica place? I don't think we have much of a choice.
Time to jet.
[tires squealing] [engine running] [growling] [electric humming] [electric humming] (female voice) Arrived.
Shall I wait at the curb? Uh, no.
Go park somewhere.
Enjoy your evening, Murph.
You too, General Warren.
You look stunning.
Did your car just hit on me? The Founder's gonna love you.
He's actually really cool for a guy everyone calls The Founder.
But uh, don't let his appearance spook you.
His appearance? Let's just say he's been through a lot.
You know, he developed the original vaccine using his own blood.
Unfortunately, it failed.
[doorbell chimes] Not everyone has the corpuscles it takes to be The Murphy.
You know what I'm saying? Evening, Khan.
Boss in? Murph.
[laughing] Founder.
[respirated breathing] ‭Thank you so much for having us.
Murph, is that you? Wow.
You look great.
Thanks to you.
You're too kind.
Founder I would like you to meet a very special friend of mine.
This is Roberta Warren.
Everyone on Zona knows who General Warren is.
I had forgotten how how beautiful she was.
Roberta, please.
It's a pleasure.
We've met before.
We have? All of us here on Zona owe you our undying gratitude for delivering The Murphy to us alive.
It wasn't easy, considering half the time I wanted to kill him myself.
[laughing] [respirated breathing] She's funny too.
[laughing] We'll want you in the gene pool.
I have some friends I would like for you to meet.
[door squeaking] I would like you all to meet our hero's hero and my new best friend, General Roberta Warren.
[clap] [clap] [clapping] [all clapping] How long do you expect us to stay in this hellhole? The convoy should be here in a few hours.
That's what you said yesterday.
We all hate this.
But that's the best information I have.
If that's not enough, ask the soldiers.
They're in contact with the convoy.
Find any empty tent.
Latrines are over there.
Stay inside the perimeters at all times, especially after dark We have been out here in the open for a week like zombie bait I left everything to get here.
There's no reason to raise your voice.
You have my attention.
No reason to raise my voice? I promise you.
The Marines take your safety very seriously.
I think somebody needs a hug.
How long has it been? Since what? Since you had a hug.
Come here.
Come here.
Human contact is very important.
I feel better already.
How 'bout you? Try it again and I'll shoot you.
Fair enough.
Yo, Doc! Doctor Mei Mei! Doc! I made it! Hey, look who I found.
Sun Mei! Red.
Yeah, we all made it.
What happened to you? Oh, 10K thought I was some kinda Gandalf zombie and he coldcocked me.
Gandalf? Lord of the Rings, Gandalf? You know, long hair? Pointy beard? History was never my best subject.
Yeah, I know, kid.
That's what gives me hope for the future.
Chance to start over from scratch.
Cricket? What, it's protein.
[laughing] But talk about badassery.
This girl here.
No one more badass than Generalisimo Warren here.
I swear, I would've been dead twenty times over if it wasn't for her cut throat killer instincts.
This one time, she actually chopped off the head of a mutual friend of ours.
He was already dead.
Well, comm-ci comme-ca We hardy knew each other.
So much death.
But I haven't even seen a Z in years.
You must've killed a lot of zombies.
My friend here, he exaggerates.
[laughing] A ton.
Violence, it's a virtue.
There's no need to be humble here, Roberta.
You are among friends.
I can see that.
So now that you're cured, you're gonna need to learn how to fight zombies yourself [laughing] Not me, sister.
Zona is zombie free.
So this is where I'm retiring.
My traveling days are over.
How many citizens do you have here in Zona? Fewer than 10,000.
And if my reports are correct, we are the last of civilization, in the Americas.
That's not many out of what, 900 million? [laughing] We've been here before.
50,000 years ago homo sapiens were almost extinct down to a sickly population of fewer than 10,000.
But we clawed our way back.
And we will do it again.
Here, here.
Here, here.
[knocking] [ringing] [groaning] [respirated breathing] It is time, my friends.
Time for renewal.
Time for action.
Creative destruction to make way for the New World.
It is the end of the world as we know it.
And I feel fine.
[laughing] [knocking] Here, here.
[knocking] As I speak, the last of the un-vaxed homo sapiens are self-destructing.
We cannot wait another decade for the last zombie to die of starvation.
We must hurry history along.
The moment is here.
The window of opportunity to save humanity is rapidly closing.
Here, here.
Here, here.
[knocking] Now, with the shield of the vaccine and the sword of our wisdom, it is time for The Reset.
To The Reset! To The Reset! [laughing] [laughing] [engine running] [snarling] Careful! [thud] [splat] Tell that to the Zs! Are they still back there? They're getting closer! Zona's still out for your blood! [engine accelerating] [moist rumbling] Look out! [moist rumbling continues] [thud] [growling] [growling and moist rumbling] [laughing] That's not funny! Zombies could've been hurt! Sorry.
[growling] [growling and glass cracking] Mother.
[crash] (Murphy) The manager asks the guy, what do you call yourselves? So the guys says, we call ourselves the aristocrats! [all laughing] You look fabulous.
Thank you.
You as well.
So, who did your hair? It umm, kinda did itself.
Do you play squash? Uh, I haven't in a while.
Well, we'll have to get you back on the court.
It's like riding a bike.
Besides, you want to stay in shape for that special man.
[whispering] We're fine.
I understand that your two favorite things are chocolate and killing zombies.
[laughing] So, I had my pastry chef bake a special dessert in your honor.
It is a chocolate volcano zombie head cake.
[laughing] It was my idea.
Cut into it.
The brains are cherry custard.
[laughing] Please do us the honor of cutting the cake.
[stab] [stab] [stabbing and yelling] (Murphy) Warren! (Murphy) Warren! [frantic breathing] [frantic breathing] Warren? [respirated breathing] [muffled laughter] Nice to see them laughing.
They've been through a lot together.
We all have.
Doc tells me you and 10K live in a tree house.
A tree tent, actually.
It was Tommy's, I mean 10K's idea.
We had it all fixed up.
Very defensible.
I hated to give it up.
It's hard to let go of any shred of security.
Do you think this is real? Newmerica? Yeah.
Yeah, I do.
But maybe I just need something to believe in.
I think that's why everyone's here.
You know, I was afraid to ask the last time I saw you.
What happened to the kid, 5K? I never heard.
You don't have to talk about it if you don't want.
No, it's okay.
When we finally made it to the bottom of that mountain, there was this huge flock of crows swarming where he fell.
I thought I saw him in the middle of this cloud of birds, but he was gone.
Still hope I'll see him again someday.
Crazy, huh? It helps.
(Murphy) Well, you sure know how to make a first impression.
I'm sorry.
Something's wrong.
Well two years in a coma with no one to talk to but yourself, that's what's wrong.
It's more than that.
I can't stay here.
I have to get out of here.
And go where? I don't know.
I uhhh Are you okay? Something's wrong with me.
I can't stay here.
I'm sorry.
[door opening] I got to go.
Warren! [thud] How are you? Afternoon, General.
Tell Murph I said hi.
I will.
(female voice) Where would you like to go, general [electric humming] Excuse me, ma'am.
Barcode? I have somewhere I need to be.
Ma'am, I'm gonna have to ask you to stop.
[groaning] [electronic noise] [groaning] [smack] [smack] [muffled sounds] [motor running] [waves crashing] [muffled sounds] Hey, it's okay, buddy.
I got this.
Where were you going? I just knew I had to get out of here.
You know, you could've killed those guards.
I mean what the hell were you thinking? This is not the Apocalypse.
You can't just go around killing things like you used to.
You're lucky they're just sending you for a psychiatric evaluation and not tossing you to the zombies.
You don't understand.
Enlighten me, please.
I don't understand.
The mission is over, Warren.
There is no one else to save but ourselves.
So don't go all PTSD on me and blow the first good thing that has happened to us since Day One.
[engine starting] [engine running] Oh, I got some ammo for you.
Courtesy of the US Government.
The Lieutenant wants us to be ready in case the shit goes down I'm more worried about some of our fellow refugees than I am about zombies.
Yeah, tell me about it.
What if we get there and it sucks? Life's a crapshoot, kid.
Just look at the bright side.
You're a young man.
You've got your whole life ahead of you.
Maybe you and Red might even want to start a family.
Yeah, I dunno about that.
Trouble in paradise? What? No, nothing like that.
No, she just doesn't want kids.
Not after what happened to 5K.
Yeah, what did happen? You never told me.
Well, we went to go search for him where he would've fallen, but there was this huge murder of crows in a black cloud.
Red thought that she saw him standing among the crows.
Then the flock cleared, and we saw him.
He sacrificed himself to save Addy and Lucy.
You know for not being blood kin, that kid was an awful lot like you.
Is that supposed to make me feel better? No.
(Addy) Three Zs.
Two humans.
(Lucy) Why bother their just humans We got to work on a new attitude for you, missy, before we get to Newmerica.
I don't know why everyone's in such a hurry to get to Newmerica Just sounds cold to me.
[faint growling] Addy, wait.
Something's wrong.
[growling] There's no zombies here.
[radio static] Rolling Thunder One.
Rolling Thunder One, do you copy? [radio static] Keep trying.
Rolling Thunder One.
Rolling Thunder One.
This is Rendezvous Papa Whisky November.
Do you copy? [radio static] [engine running] Let her go! I'm the one you want! Hey! I'm talking to you! I'm talking to you! You're the only one in here! I'm talking to you! (Addy) Leave them alone.
Why should I? Save your energy.
We're gonna need it later.
You're no fun.
Just keep your eyes on me and be ready to move.
Yeah, yeah.
[engine running] [crackling and sizzling] [rumbling] [rumbling] [brakes screeching] [muffled footsteps] Hey! [struggling] [taser clicking] [whispering] Warren.
Warren, wake up.
We've stopped.
[whispering] Get me out of here.
Doctor Teller? Come with me.
There's no time to explain.