Z Nation (2014) s04e02 Episode Script

Escape from Zona

1 Previously on Z Nation.
Where are we? Welcome to Zona.
I can't wait for you to meet The Founder.
We've met before.
Without him, all this wouldn't be here.
As I speak, the last of the unvaxed homo sapiens are self-destructing.
We must hurry history along.
It is time for The Reset.
[smooth jazz music plays] [thud] [snarling and munching] [snarling and munching continues] Leave? Are you insane? You don't have a choice.
Like hell I don't.
I don't know if you've noticed, but I'm kind-of a big deal around here.
I can see that.
But it's my duty to get you out of here.
How could I possibly expect you to understand? Can you back me up here, please? Teller, what is this about? No time to explain.
Things are changing.
This is a terrible idea.
You're no longer safe here.
Looks safe to me.
Compared to what? A raging Apocalypse? The situation has progressed to a point where Measures need to be taken.
I don't know what the hell he's talking about.
Murph! Hey! Surf and Turf Tuesday, am I right? I'll call you! I'll explain later.
No, please explain now.
I am missing appointments as we speak.
They're no longer important.
Well, that's very easy for you to say! You don't get invited to the things I get invited to.
Oh! Hey! Where are the whites, M-dog? Oh, I still need to change.
Hey! Terribly sorry, Mr.
Winslow, but Mr.
Murphy and I have a very important engagement.
Well, surely it can wait.
He's up third.
I'm up third.
We can't hold up the entire event.
Terribly sorry.
You should be.
I'm reporting you.
Let's go.
Should we hold your spot? Absolutely! I'm getting my whites.
[indistinct talking] Come on.
How long do we have? I'm afraid we're already too late.
It's going to be leaving any minute.
What's gonna be leaving? Please, you just have to trust me.
This will all make sense eventually.
That's very encouraging.
Do you have any idea how many people I'm disappointing by missing this lawn bowling tournament? It's the back half of the season, you know.
I liked you better when you were blue.
I just don't understand why everything always has to go straight to shit.
It's called entropy.
Arrived to safe house.
[on radio] Copy.
Stand by for new coordinates.
[groaning] Let go of me! Keep them quiet.
[groaning continues] Move it.
[groaning continues] Get her in there.
Now! [groaning continues] Get a scope on those vehicles.
[electric guitar theme music plays] Have mercy, [two gunshots] [thunk] Oh, have mercy.
We have no information regarding its whereabouts or its position.
What we do know is that the convoy is overdue.
It's possible they're lost or have run into mechanical difficulties.
This, however, does not change our objective or our time frame.
You've been telling us to be patient, to stand by, to stay put.
But what if this convoy isn't coming? Then we're staying put, wasting our resources that we could be I understand your frustration.
How can you? We've survived this long by moving, hiding, trusting only ourselves.
Now you want us to trust you.
But here, out in the open, exposed to the elements, we're sitting zombie bait.
We don't have a choice.
Now we can sit and complain about the state of things or we can be proactive and find a solution.
And that's what I intend to do.
The convoy was headed down this road.
Based on our last contact, it would have to be between here and here.
That's almost ten miles.
It is what it is.
The convoy has munitions and supplies necessary to feed and protect us on our trek North.
Without it, we are at a severe disadvantage.
I am calling upon two able-bodied volunteers to join myself Sergeant Czarnecki, and Private Lilly on a search party to track down the convoy and help lead it to camp.
It's dangerous, but not acting is more dangerous.
We'll go.
Mm hmm It's okay.
I'll be back.
I promise.
I'll see to it.
Well I ain't got nothing else to do.
Leave in 10.
The rest of you need to rotate standing guard until we return.
Sergeant Czarnecki will give you ammunition if you need it.
Let's just all take a moment to consider what you're proposing, so we can all be crystal clear.
We need to leave this life of martinis and fine dining and limbo parties for a swift return to the zombie-infested nightmare because of a few changes? I mean, I for one, feel amenable to change.
It's not going to be the Zona you've come to know much longer.
What the hell does that mean? What's really going on, Teller? Everything will make sense in time.
[laughing] Teller.
There's a helicopter leaving in the next 15 minutes.
And if we're not on that chopper, we don't survive.
Is that definitive enough for you? No, it's not.
What the hell is going on? Degenerative brain function.
They're all rapidly deteriorating.
They're losing their minds.
They're going batshit crazy.
Who is? Everyone.
Everyone who had the new vaccine.
It's failing.
My vaccine? No way! Why? We don't know.
There must have been something else in your blood, something we didn't account for.
Okay, wait! Just, just wait! Okay? Because this cannot be happening! Because I just, [panting] I've had sucha wonderfultime here.
Let me finish.
All of these great people.
I mean, the friendships.
[panting] Casual sex.
I mean I haven't had it this good since (yells) What the hell? Ah, Mr.
Spears! I thought I recognized that fade shot.
My man, Murphy.
Where have you been, ya scoundrel? Well, um, you know.
You missed the tourney! Apologies.
I apologize.
It seems that's all I do these days is Oh.
I had to partner with Beardsley.
Possibly the worst croquet player on the island.
That is unfortunate.
It does seem, however, that you've moved on.
Thank god we still have golf.
A gentleman's sport.
This is a new 4 iron.
Very difficult club to hit well.
As I've been trying to explain to Reynolds over here.
Well, some people just aren't great listeners.
Some people aren't great golfers, Murphy! Some people spend all their time thinking about backswing.
Here's some free advice, my friend.
You'll thank me later.
It's all about the follow through.
Oh, well Yes, of course.
I knew that.
And keeping your elbow straight.
And your damn head down.
Goddamn, it's frustrating! Well, it really is a mental sport.
Christ, Murphy.
You missed the tourney.
Well, we already covered that.
I had to partner with Beardsley.
As you can imagine, first round exit.
[crying] [crying] If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times.
[crying] I told you not to grab my wood! You son of a bitch! Do you believe me now? This way? So long, Bill.
No sign of a struggle.
Like they vanished into thin air.
Supplies are all still here.
Even ammo.
It makes no sense.
Why am I not surprised? We need to get these vehicles started and get back to camp.
Czarnecki! What do you see? There's a [gunshot] Take cover! Take cover! [groaning] [gunshot] Private! Down! [gunshots] I gotta get Czarnecki! Stay down! That's an order, Private! [gunshot] (groans) [gunshot] Damn it.
Where's it coming from, kid? (groans) [gunshots] [gunshots] Think I got him.
Son of a bitch.
(groans) Czarnecki! Can you stand? [moaning] That's a negative, sir.
I'm bleeding out.
(coughs) Hold on! [gunshots] Lieutenant! I'm good! The kid's a helluva shot, sir! If you got it, take it! Mayday, mayday.
Doc, this is Red.
What's happening over there? We're pinned.
We got a man down.
Everybody's gone.
The trucks.
There's no convoy.
What do you mean? Damn.
Red, everybody's gone.
They left the trucks behind.
What are your coordinates? We'll send help.
Every [static] Doc? [static] EveryGone.
Doc? (10K) Red? 10K! We're coming to help.
Where are you? Stay put.
Don't worry.
I'll be seeing you soon.
Was that the Lieutenant? Yeah.
We got cut off.
Did they find the convoy? They're on their way.
I got to talk to the doctor.
Wait, did they say when? We're fine.
Don't worry.
I just heard from them.
They're under attack.
Did you get their position? They cut out.
There's no convoy.
They found the vehicles.
But they were abandoned.
I couldn't tell the others.
I can't let them lose all hope.
You did the right thing.
Hand me that.
We need uniforms.
Is this really the best time to be thinking about fashion? To get on the helicopter.
They're only evacuating a few unvaccinated soldiers.
Otherwise, they'll never let us leave willingly.
Who won't? Everyone.
What did you mean when you said that everything will make sense in time? [crash] No! [whimpering] [yelling] Come on.
What's wrong with the vaccine? It's failing.
That's why they're all losing their minds.
The first indications are mild dementia, soon followed by homicidal psychosis.
Well that's quite a leap.
There's no in between phase? I'm afraid not.
Apparently in addition to the antibodies for the zombie virus, your blood contained contaminates.
Contaminates? Says who? We don't even know what it is yet.
The first people vaccinated are already suffering side effects.
Within the next 72 hours, everyone who's received the vaccine will descend into complete predatory madness.
That seems to be a pattern these days.
What about us? Are we infected? You're the only ones who never received the vaccine.
Murphy didn't get it because he's Murphy.
He already had the immunity.
And you because you were in a coma.
What about you? [crash] [growling and yelling] Let's go.
[growling and yelling continues] Well that's unpleasant.
Wait a minute.
I know these people.
These are my people.
My Blends.
It's Leon.
Oh, not little Tommy.
Did they bring them here for their blood? Before we had Murphy, yes.
Trust me, these are the lucky ones.
Let's go.
We're running out of time.
Come on.
[coughing and groaning] Come on, man! You got to crawl! [groaning continues] I doubt he can hear you, sir! Looks like he's losing consciousness.
Sir, let me get him.
That's a negative, soldier.
I can't afford to lose two right now.
He's gonna die if we don't get him.
Well even if we do, we got to get all the way back to camp.
We may need to take the merciful approach.
[gun cocking] How many, kid? Just one shooter.
But I'm seeing movement.
He's not alone.
[gunshot] [ricochet] [glass shattering] [gunshot] [groaning] [gunshot] [gunshot] Turn that cabin into swiss cheese, kid.
[gunshot] [gunshot] [gunshot] [radio static] [radio static] [radio static] 10K will be okay.
I know it.
I know.
But it's hard to sit still here, knowing what I know.
Hope is contagious.
So is the opposite.
Doc said the people from the convoy disappeared.
Like they were never even there.
He sounded shook up.
Nothing is worse than not knowing.
10K? Doc? [radio static] Can you hear me? Over.
[radio static] Anyone.
[radio static] [water running] Oh, that's unpleasant.
Oh, hey there.
[laughing] [taser clicking] [sounds of struggle] [taser clicking] ‭[screaming] [muffled sounds] [muffled growling] [muffled sounds] [smack] Damn rotator cuff.
You okay? The uniforms.
Put them on.
[gun cocking] [coughing] [groaning] He's suffered enough! Show him some mercy.
[gunshot] You all right, kid? Goddammit.
[gunshot] [splat] [thud] You! Get over here! Get on that gun! [gun cocking] Pick it up.
You kill him or we kill you.
[gunshot] [glass breaking] [gun cocking] [gunshot] [gunshot] [bang] [muffled thud] Damn.
[snarling] Are they even zombies? No, something else.
We don't know what yet.
What, another plague? I can't.
I just can't.
[snarling and munching] We need to go through the residence to get to the helipad.
Is he even still here? [door creaking] Oh, that's not good.
[respirated breathing] Teller? What do you want? We need to get through, sir.
To the stairwell.
Why? The next flight out.
They need to get on it.
Says who? Reset Command, sir.
They needed more men.
Nobody told me.
I I understand.
We didn't want to burden you with everything that's happening And what is happening? Well, sir, I'm not sure how much you're aware of.
But things have taken a turn.
I'll tell you what I am aware of.
The spreading of misinformation.
It's insidious, and quite frankly, it has to stop.
These are problematic times.
You think you know what's happening.
But you don't.
About what, sir? The bigger picture.
Which makes you precisely the most dangerous man on the Earth.
Are you aware of the Dunning-Kruger effect? Excuse me, sir? It states that the most ignorant ten percent of a group believe that they have comparable knowledge to those around them.
They don't understand that, that they don't know.
They don't have that information so they assume that they do have the same information as those who actually know! Are you following me? Sir, we need to get on that helicopter.
I don't think you do! Alvin! Hey, buddy.
My beautiful boy.
We missed you at bridge.
I've been missing a lot of stuff lately.
It's disappointing to say the least.
What brings you here? Oh, you know.
Little chopper ride.
I love chopper rides.
You're not going to leave, are you? Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
Not for good.
Well, whois going to host thethe show? Oh, the talent show? Yes.
That's still a few weeks away.
But we have preparation.
You know, I'm sure Eisenrich can handle all the basic preparations.
I'll just come in the end to clean it up, you know? Oh.
Do you remember last season? Maybe it was the one before.
We accidentally lit Robertson on fire.
[laughing] [laughing] How could I forget? He was a good sport about it.
It was the most fun I've ever had.
I think that was the same night that we drank all of Sichting's cognac and drove the Bentley into the lake.
[laughing] That was the second time.
[coughing] [respirated breathing] Perhaps you're right.
My memory [groaning] It fails me.
Yeah, you know I wonder how he's healed.
You know it's been some time.
Who cares? True.
I have big plans for you, my boy.
And I want you by my side at all times.
And I mean at all times.
And I want to be there.
Whether I'm enjoying a lovely meal or passing water, I want you right there.
And I will be.
But right now, we got to go.
You have no idea what's in store.
Such glorious things.
In time, it will all be new soon.
But first, The Reset.
The Reset.
Alrighty then.
Well, I'll be seeing ya.
[laughing] [respirated breathing] [gunfire] Damn, there's no end to this.
[gunfire] [groaning] We got to show him some mercy! On three, everyone lays down fire.
Lilly, you got a clean shot on him? Lilly! Yes, sir! On three.
All right, here we go.
One! Two! Three! [gunfire] [gasping] [gasping] [gunshot] Look! [growling] [growling] You mercied him?! Yes, sir! That was a head shot, man.
What the hell is going on? [growling] [gunshot] [growling] Damn.
[growling] What the hell? [gunshot] [growling] [gunshots] [growling] [growling] [gunshot] [muffled gunshot] What the hell? [gunshot] [muffled] No! [gunshots] [growling] Fall back! Fall back! Fall back! We're going to the trucks! Go! Go! Go! Go! [growling] [growling] [moaning] Go.
Go, I'll find you.
Get to Newmerica.
Get outa here! [moaning] [muffled sounds of struggle] [groaning] [screaming] Let go of me! [grunting] [groaning] Let me go! [groaning] [grunting] [cracking] [smash] [grunting] [struggling] [smack] [breathing heavily] (Lucy) Addy.
(Lucy) [crying] Addy.
(Lucy) Addy.
(Addy) Go.
(Addy) ‭Find the others, Stay together.
I'll find you.
(Addy) ‭Get to Newmerica.
(female voice) Of course, right away.
What happened to you back there? You looked like you went somewhere.
I don't know.
I don't know if it's a dream, a vision, or a memory I can't hold The more I think about it, the farther it recedes.
It's possible that something is triggering these visions, interrupting your reality.
It's totally common with people waking from a comatose state.
Where are we going anyway? I mean what the hell are we gonna do out there? It's the Apocalypse, for Christ sake.
There's something that I have to tell you.
Your daughter's alive.
Lucy? Murphy.
How do you know that? Murphy.
The population has been depleted, but there's a small group of survivors, and they're led by military personnel.
They've set up a refugee camp.
There's an outpost in the North, and they're all heading there.
How do we find them? These are GPS coordinates.
The chopper will get you to the mainland.
But from there, you'll have to find your own way.
What about you? I'm staying here.
Why? [coughing] You better get going.
Why? These visions that you're having, Don't ignore them.
The unconscious is a very powerful thing.
The vaccine, you took it too? Get going.
[yelling] [muffled roaring] [breathing heavily] [muffled sounds] [screaming] [struggling] [gunshot] [thud] [both breathing heavily] Thank you.
We got to move.
[gun cocking] Where the hell is everyone? Red.
Red! Red! Red! They're gone.
All the gear is still here.
Just like the convoy.
Makes no sense.
Red! Hey! 10K! Red! 10K! What are you doing, man? Damn! Do you believe Teller? About Lucy? I believe it.
I can't feel her.
At all.
I can.