Z Nation (2014) s05e09 Episode Script

Water Keepers

1 Previously on Z Nation We are at war.
We don't even know who the hell we're fighting.
The one drug I never tried.
This stuff is strong, ain't it? We use it to guide us spiritually.
The kid needs antibiotics.
The Water Keepers will have something.
Yeah, we know all about that Native American medicine.
But we were nowhere near the Grand Canyon.
I sure hope these Water Keepers are friendly.
[GASPING] You got to be kidding.
Doc! It's the chafing that really gets to you after a while, you know? Or the butt sores from sitting all day? You'd think they could turn a guy once in a while, right? And of course, there's the constant decay.
Wake up.
But that's what they do to saboteurs.
And I am, you know, a saboteur.
Sounds rather continental.
Saboteur, c'est moi! Ow, quit it.
Your friend there looks a little pale.
Just transitioned, has he? I'm not a Talker.
Then how come your hand fell off? Hey, who did this to you? Warriors.
Fierce and quick as lightning.
You don't see them, but they see you.
And then, phht phht, arrow in your arm! Saboteurs! Saboteurs! Saboteurs! You! You! You! [SCREAMING] That's enough out of you.
[WHISPERING] Gotcha, buddy.
[GROANING] [SWISHING] I've never been so glad to see you, Chief.
I'm not the chief you need to worry about.
- Oww! - [MOANING] Keep your heads down! We're not here to fight.
We're not your enemy.
Doc? [WHISPERING] Put your hands up.
[ELECTRIC GUITAR THEME MUSIC PLAYS] Have mercy [SWISHING] Oh, have mercy Hey, zombies? [WHISTLING] Good lookin' out, Little Foot.
We did kill a couple Zs over at Redbird Rock.
What we got here is worse.
- Bombers.
- Could be.
I'm bringing them in.
Hey, precious.
You were bombed too? Lotsa times.
Got hit by a zombie ball too.
Hey, little sister, listen.
Uh, easy.
Okay? Patience.
They haven't hurt us.
Speak for yourself.
Killed us yet.
Look, if she wanted you dead, something tells me you'd be dead.
We need to wait and watch.
All right? [GROANING] They'll see we're not the enemy.
[CROWD WHISPERING] Still think we're the ones who need patience? Hang in there.
I know a few natives down south.
It may take some time to sort this out.
Hopefully we won't get our asses kicked in the meantime.
Oh! Doc? I mean Steven, is that you? Death knows my name.
- [CRACK] - [GROANING] It's me.
I thought death would look meaner.
[LAUGHING] [KISS] Kuruk? Of all in the gin joints in all the world Ow.
That hurt.
It would hurt a lot worse if that long arrow got caught on something.
- Kuruk? George? I know you.
Lieutenant Warren.
You're also Doc's people.
A little help? Hmm, two noted military leaders and champions for Newmerica.
Wise elder.
Young warrior.
Something tells me you're not here by chance.
Unfortunately not.
Yeah, we came about the water.
What we came about was keeping the peace.
It always begins with the word peace.
You know me.
Your father knows me.
I'm true to my word.
And you know me.
The apocalypse changes people.
Yeah, not that much.
Look, what George started was working.
It was working.
Before the bombing.
But the idea, that we're stronger together, can still work.
We'll argue politics later, my friend.
Right now, we just want to know why you shut off the water.
We didn't.
Come with me.
[GROANING] Neeznáá Mííl.
I know you.
Ayalla? You're here.
What happened there? You know, zombies.
Come on.
You want me to help you or not? There have been attacks.
- Zombies? - Old ones.
Long walkers.
They came here from far away.
But they're just a distraction, trying to divert attention from more sophisticated sabotage.
- Talkers? - Like that saboteur dude that we were tied up next to.
They're lethal.
We've lost most of our strongest warriors.
And now, the whole dam is failing.
It's time for us to go.
We can't stay here.
Kuruk, you can't do that.
You control the dam.
You have stewardship of the water.
Your people are vital to Newmerica.
- We had a - Don't say treaty.
We had an agreement.
You father made an agreement.
He's a friend, an ally.
Was? Kuruk, is he? Up at the powerhouse.
He keeps trying to fix the damage from the attacks.
But they're coming faster and faster.
If another one comes before he fixes the damage from the last attack, the whole dam could fail.
And all of us would go with it.
We'll talk to the chief, he's a reasonable man.
Hey, what was that you called me back there? Neeznáá Mííl.
It's Navajo for Ten Thousand.
Well, what's Navajo for girl that just led me in a circle.
I wanted to see if you trusted me or not.
I thought I could trust you, and then you led me in a circle.
Too late.
You followed me, so you're cool.
It's done.
Just don't get a big head about it.
It's looking a lot better.
Were you the one who bandaged me up? But you didn't untie me.
It's been a while.
I wanted to make sure you were still you.
Hey, shouldn't you be back at camp helping pack up? No.
What I should be doing is helping the best shot in the apocalypse so he can help us not get run off our land for like the billionth time in history.
Sounds like a fair deal.
Don't you think? Who are you? And why are you here? I'm Georgia St.
This is Lieutenant Roberta Warren.
We're friends with the chief.
We need to talk to him.
He's busy.
He'll want to hear what I have to say.
You know our chief? Then you'll know his name.
He told me to call him Eddy.
Everybody knows that.
That's his name.
He who goes to the water.
Aha-Edohi! [MULTIPLE VOICES] Aha-Edohi! What's with all this racket? I'm trying to work here.
Oh, for Great Spirit.
George? Is that you? Here? Now? Why? No time for that.
What are you doing here? We came because the water was cut off.
Kuruk told us about the attacks.
She said your people are leaving.
That you need to abandon the dam.
Fear, that's what that is.
The young ones are afraid of everything.
Zombies, Talkers, the power of the water.
Pretty healthy fears these days, don't you think? Sure.
You have a healthy respect for the forces that can harm you.
And then you learn to work with them.
Live with them.
Our ancestors are here.
You mean your Talkers? Talkers, Zombies.
This was Dakelh ancestral land.
It was flooded when they built this dam.
Ancestors here.
New generations out there.
I'm not abandoning any of them.
So what, you want to go down with the ship, er, dam? Not if I can help it.
[HISSING] These acts of sabotage have stopped the turbines.
There's too much pressure building up, so we have to open the spillway gates, but there's still time! If anyone can fix the dam, he can.
What if he can't? [RUMBLING] What do you think? It's got a lot of sharp edges, plus a fish scaler, toothpick, corkscrew? I'm trying to kill zombies, not take them out for a picnic.
Fair point.
We need you killing zombies.
You just need the right hand.
I'm not a cook.
Pick me.
Maybe this isn't such a good idea.
- Here.
- What is that? Deer antler.
The deer is known for its intelligence, energy, and speed.
See how this part hooks out right here? A perfect place to put the barrel of your rifle.
- You shoot left handed now? - Yeah.
The antler could also hold a slingshot.
The tips are pretty sharp, could be made sharper.
You think I should choose this hand? No.
The hand must choose you.
How does that happen? First, you must strip naked.
Free yourself of all worldly attachments.
Then you stand in the sun for a whole day.
And if you're still standing when night falls, the hand is yours.
Wait! Kidding.
You white boys are so gullible.
Hold still.
[WHIRRING] Working your magic again.
I wish there was something I could do to help you stay.
I wish there was too.
Maybe there's something you haven't thought of yet.
You sound like my father.
- Did I meet him in Arizona? - No.
He was in Minnesota when the Apocalypse came.
I only found him about a year ago.
Now it looks like I might lose him again.
You know it's kinda strange to say, but I kinda miss the simpler times when we were running away from plain old fashioned zombie hordes and sending them into the Grand Canyon.
I thought you were nowhere near the Grand Canyon.
No, you're right.
That was not us.
But kinda near the Grand Canyon, I met a pretty special lady.
You'd probably have to ask her, but it seems like we shared something kind of spiritual.
We did.
You know, I never thought I'd see you again.
I lost that necklace you gave me.
I didn't mean to.
But you know, zombies.
But then, the necklace found me.
It was weird.
Kind of a miracle, really.
And it got me thinking that if I ever found you again We could What? Settle down? Grow old together? Yeah.
A man can dream, right? And where would we settle in this dream? Here seems nice.
It was.
Before the attacks.
And now we don't have enough warriors to defend ourselves or the dam.
Let us help you.
This could be a nice place again.
All of Newmerica can be.
But not if you leave and let your enemies win.
I'm not letting anyone win.
[GROWLING] [GROWLING] [GROWLING] Wilma! You have to give Mika a shot! [GROWLING CONTINUES] On three, Shove! One! Two! Three! [GROWLING] [MUNCHING] [GUNSHOT] [GASPING] Gloria.
Hold her! Help her! [GASPING] [SIGHING] [GASPING] She has changed.
You know what you have to do.
Where do you take them? Every living thing has its place and purpose.
Every dead thing too.
Things will get better here, Kuruk.
I promise.
I'm not gonna stay here and watch our people get wiped out for some pie in the sky idea.
We have to save ourselves.
Finish gathering your things.
We need to leave before nightfall.
Will you just leave your father behind? Cuz it doesn't look like he's going anywhere.
Then we're just gonna have to change his mind.
Good? Then stop looking at it.
Try it out.
Whoa! I see him.
[GUNSHOT] What was that for? I was gonna make that shot.
We need him to talk.
Follow him.
Don't shoot unless you have to.
I'll alert the others.
Tell my father I'm leaving.
If he doesn't come out now, he might never see me again.
[WHISTLING] [CLANK] [METAL SCREECHING] You're leaving? It's the only way.
May the Great Spirit watch over your journey.
Dad, please.
Come with us.
Our people have run enough.
I'm not running anymore.
- Our place is here.
- We can help you.
I know there's a way.
Somebody's trying to stop Newmerica from coming together.
They're tying to drive us all apart.
Drive you and your people apart too, by the looks of things.
Everything you say is true, George.
But Newmerica is about hope.
My people are choosing fear.
We're choosing to live.
There aren't enough of you.
The only way our people survive is to come together with all humans, all our relatives.
Dad, please.
He's my elder.
I should be following his guidance.
Not the other way around.
Okay, so maybe there's a way we can help him.
Kuruk! Outsider, a new one.
10K's following him.
He's headed inside.
We got to find a way in.
We've tried.
Everything's guarded or blocked.
Hey, maybe we should do like we did before.
A Spirit Walk.
Doc, what happened before was a fluke.
Or a miracle, like you said.
Well it's worth a try.
I could probably do it again.
Yeah, I think I could.
Okay, wait, Doc.
What did you do? Kuruk gave me some medicine.
And I left my body and I spirit walked, and then I killed a zombie and I saved 10K.
What do you think happened? We got really stoned, and Doc had a hallucination.
Yeah, well it worked.
Okay, are you saying you think you can, what, separate your spirit from your body and get inside the powerhouse that way? Well, unless somebody's got a better idea.
Doc, I want to help.
I do.
If there's anything I can do to save my dad.
But if you're asking me if I can make some concoction so your spirit can go where your body can't, my medicine isn't that strong.
Well, what about Ashki? Who's Ashki? Our medicine man.
Well where is he? Sleeping, probably.
[SNORING] Wake up.
[YAWNING] I wasn't sleeping.
I was dreaming.
Grandfather died before he could finish my training.
How else am I supposed to talk to him? Who are these people? So, you want me to betray the lineage of my people and induct you on a vision quest that you aren't prepared for or even entitled to? And then guide you through the spirit world so you can protect the water for a nation that just keeps breaking its treaties with us? Well when you put it like that What we want is to find a way into the powerhouse so Kuruk can talk to her father.
And you told them I could do this? I know it sounds crazy, but I can't think of another way.
You wouldn't have to bastardize your rituals.
I mean, last time all it took was some good peyote.
I don't have peyote.
Look, the old ways never took account of Zombies and Talkers.
This is a new world we're living in.
Maybe it's time for a new ceremony.
Say I do what you want.
- What then? - We help you save the dam.
Find out who's behind the attacks.
We stop them.
Yeah, your people keep control of the water.
And you believe them? I do.
Grandfather says to give it a shot.
But she has to come too.
Why me? He says he knows you.
From where? From the spirit world.
Here you go.
All right.
It ain't gonna take you anywhere you ain't prepared to go.
Promise? I'll be here the whole time.
Don't worry.
Cheers, guys.
[MOANING] [GROANING] What? Just in case, you know.
It'll be fine.
[MOANING AND GASPING] Give them a minute.
[MOANING AND GASPING] See? It's all good.
That's right.
I got to do this psychically.
10K! Wake up! 10K! Wake up! Wake up, man! [RATTLING] [HISSING] Wilma! Pom! Where's my father?! I need to find my father! Hear me! See me! Please.
Something is here.
Wilma, listen.
I'm here.
Spirit, come.
This way.
How long are we supposed to leave them in there? I dunno.
I've never done this before.
[GUNSHOT] No! Oh, no, you don't.
[GASPING] [GASPING] Warren? She's not breathing.
Help! Come on, Warren.
Come back to me.
Give me the paddles.
[GASPING] I found the saboteur.
What? I know how he got in.
[MOANING] Hey, hey, we need to make sure you're okay.
We need to save the damn dam, damnit.
Dad! [MOANING] Good.
You're alive.
Keep breathing.
[SNIFFING] Kuruk? I'm here.
My daughter, is that you? It's me.
Please, see me.
[GROANING] I'm going now.
I'll see you on the other side of the river.
[MOANING] Kuruk, will you sing me, sing me along the trail? Will you? - [CRYING] No.
- [GASPING] [CRYING] Dad, please.
We need you here.
- [GASPING] - [CRYING] We need you here.
- There you are.
- He's over here! There you are.
Oh, come on! [BREATHING HEAVILY] [YELLING] Wake up! [YELLING] It worked.
[YELLING] [YELLING] [GASPING] No wait! Ashki! I gotta go back! It's starting to work! Wait, what happened? What's going on? No, Doc! That's too much! You can't drink that much.
I don't need to spirit walk.
I need to spirit fly! [BREATHING HEAVILY] [DOC] Here we go, 10K.
[DOC] Right.
[DOC] Left.
[DOC GROANING] [DOC] Up we go.
[DOC] Oh, there you go.
[DOC] [whispering] Okay.
[DOC] Now we're walking.
[DOC] One more step.
Come on, you got this.
[DOC] Good, good, we got it.
[DOC] Grab it.
Good, good.
[DOC] Heave! [HISSING] [DOC] Far out.
It worked.
I saw it.
This way.
[METALLIC CRUNCHING] Ch'iidii! [METALLIC RUMBLING] There's to much pressure! The dam is failing! [HISSING] - [SQUEAKING] - [GRUNTING] [HISSING] Who's there? The water stopped then started again! I'm trying to stop it! Stop it? You started it! What?! Dad! He's not an outsider! He's George's people! Kuruk, you made it.
Oh, and sorry, Chief.
I guess you didn't.
10K? Oh, no, it's me, Doc.
10K's still unconscious.
I'm just borrowing his extremities.
[DOC] Oh, to be 20 again.
We can't open the spill gates from here.
The saboteur must have gone to the emergency panel.
I've never seen a Talker kill their own kind before.
This way.
Stop right there! [TWO GUNSHOTS] [GUNFIRE] Who are you?! [TWO GUNSHOTS] He's in here! [HISSING] You see my daughter, yes? Take them outside.
Block the exits.
Don't let him escape.
Lever number one, Doc.
See it? Crank it to three.
I feel old.
Kinda stoned.
[DOC] 10K, you're awake! Doc? Where are you? [DOC] Oh, I uh, sorry.
I was just See you soon kid.
- What happened? - Saboteur.
George and Warren are after him.
Hey! Where are you going? I need your help! I know.
You need my gun.
We are stronger together.
You brought your Talkers back into the tribe.
Now we need to do the same.
Ashki had a vision for a new ceremony.
It's derived from the Ghost Dance of the 19th century.
It's a dance that will reunite the living with the spirits of the dead.
Bring the spirits of the dead to fight on their behalf, and make the white colonists leave.
Oh, no it's cool.
I've been getting a lot of that lately.
Anyway, it's meant to bring peace, prosperity, and unity to all the native peoples throughout the region.
The new ceremony includes everyone.
A man after my own heart.
Does that mean you changed your mind about Newmerica? Yes.
We will come to the new Congress.
And we will vote for a country that includes everyone.
I'm not exactly sure what you did inside there with 10K.
I still feel a little weird.
Good weird or bad weird? Weird weird.
Well, better weird than dead, kid.
Thank you.
You helped save the dam.
You helped save our home.
Well it really does feel like a home.
Like a place people could settle down.
That is, if settling down ever comes back.
You'll always have a place here.
And here.
I'll meet you there whenever I can.
A little something, from Ashki.
- Thanks for this.
- So it works then? Pretty damn good, actually.
What will you trade me for to keep it? Nothing in life is free.
If you want to keep your hand, you're gonna have to trade me another body part.
I'm kidding.
- [LAUGHING] - [LAUGHING] Take your hand, and use it well.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
Grandfather gave me a message for you.
He said the knowledge that you seek is buried under the past.
But beware.
It is guarded by demons with sharp claws.
Buried under the past? What does that mean? Umm, did you hear the part about the demons with the sharp claws? Sounds like another Tuesday in the apocalypse.
You see.
Well, you tell your grandfather I said thank you.
You're welcome.