Z Nation (2014) s05e10 Episode Script

State of Mine

1 We're not here to fight.
We're not your enemy.
Previously on Z Nation So why the big mystery around these bizkits anyway? Nobody likes to talk about the fact that they contain human brain matter.
Well where they getting the brains from then? The secret ingredient must be in the flour.
The chief says what we seek is buried under the past, but beware, it is guarded by demons with sharp claws.
Buried under the past.
What does that mean? Umm, did you hear the part about the demons with the sharp claws? [RHYTHMIC MARCHING] This is unacceptable! I don't care how freaked out these Ts are! Keep them working! You! Come on! I want these barrels full of raw by dark! [ALARM SOUNDING] [HISSING] Hey.
Hey, look at me.
Welcome to the party.
[ALARM SOUNDING] Pick it up! Come on! Pick it up, Talker! Damn, these things get stupider by the minute.
Move! Pick it up, Talker! This place should've been picked clean a week ago! Put it in the barrel.
[GUNSHOT] Let that be a warning.
Now get back to work! All of you! What? We got another one? [MOANING] [SMACK] [THWAP] [SMACK] - Weapons on the ground.
- Do as he says! All of them! All right, easy.
Easy now, easy now.
It's all good.
Oh, we are far from all good.
You just shot my friend.
He was already dead.
I was just making a point.
No, you were inflicting pain on a fellow being.
How dare you! You're no better than us.
I see that so clearly now.
Your heart still beats, but so what? You bleeders destroyed this world.
You have forfeited your right to live! Now it's our turn.
Talkers! Rise up! Listen to me! Our time has come! Freedom is here! - Freedom for all of us! - [HISSING] No longer will we be oppressed, exploited, or murdered! - [HISSING] - We will live out our deaths as we decide! [CHEERING] Yeah! Brothers.
Join me.
No more will we be slaves to the living! [CHEERING] Our time is now! [CHEERING] We will be free! - [CHEERING] - Now! [CHEERING] And we will free every Talker enslaved in this mine! We will bring them out into the light by any means necessary! [YELLING] There's nothing to fear if we stick together! [ECHOING] [ELECTRIC SAW CUTTING] - [ELECTRIC SAW CUTTING] - [SCREAMING] Fire! - [AUTOMATIC GUNFIRE] - Fire! Damn it! [AUTOMATIC GUNFIRE] [SLOSH] [SPLATTING] [SCREAMING] Have mercy.
Another one of those recycling trucks.
Somebody's burning gas like there's no apocalypse.
Yeah, what was in that crate? What it is, I'll bet it's headed to Altura.
I think you're right.
But where is it coming from? Warren? [CRASHING] Knowledge is buried underneath the past.
Guarded by demons with sharp claws.
The ancestor's prophecy? Worth checking out.
Stay quiet.
Keep low.
Well, cool, at least we're sticking together.
North American Recycling.
Quite the operation.
What are they up to now? They're Talkers all right.
Talkers? What are they doing? They're scavenging.
No, they're mining something.
Hazardous materials.
Of course.
Why can't the signs ever say anything nice? Like, baby goats, this way.
Should we be worried about this stuff? It's the apocalypse.
Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
Well then I'm superman.
Want me take up a position? Good to have you back, baby boy.
But I need to figure out what's going on before you start shooting people.
We're gonna split up.
You and Doc go figure out where they're loading these trucks.
And we are gonna check out these miners.
That didn't take long.
[SCREAMING] [SPLORCH] What happened? Damn.
Something sucked him right in there.
Creepy, right? Yeah.
Let's go find those trucks.
Come on.
More of this! Faster! Come on.
Move it! More.
This or this.
[GROANING] Come on! [MOANING] Oh, my God.
Worthless! If I had bizkits, I'd have this place picked dry in 24 hours! But no! You need to pick up the pace.
Where's Henley? This or this.
There'll be enough time for that.
These Talkers are pretty far gone.
No bizkits.
Maybe the toxic stew around here is what's keeping them from turning.
Check this out.
[HISSING] Do not go down there.
The metal is alive.
Back to work.
Not safe.
Oh, you're a talkative Talker, huh? Come on.
Back to work! Did you see how that Talker snapped out of it? Like somebody threw a bucket of cold water on him.
Whatever they're mining affects the Talkers.
The secret ingredient? We got to get our hands on whatever's in those barrels.
There's only three of them.
I've got an idea.
Cover me.
Thank you.
What are you doing over there? Huh? [SNEEZE] You got barrels to fill.
Cease fire! Get those Talkers back to work, so we can get the hell out of here.
Warren? Warren? [WHISPERING] Oh, no.
[MOANING] [GASPING] [GASPING] I'll be damned.
[WHISPERING] What the Whatever they're guarding must be important.
Doc? Someday, kid, this is gonna be all that's left of us.
Mountains full of crap and oceans full of plastic.
We'll all be dead, so who cares? Yeah.
It's more of the same junk.
One man's junk is another man's treasure.
Yeah, no, that didn't come out right.
[WHISTLING] Wait, wait.
Stay, stay.
[WHISTLING] [CRASHING] What are they doing with all this? Who knows.
[BUBBLING] They're melting down parts? [BUBBLING] [HISSING] What the hell is that? Silver? I don't think you have to be that careful with silver.
Whatever it is, they're afraid of it.
[MUFFLED AUTOMATIC GUNFIRE] Those militia bastards, probably killing more Talkers.
[MOTOR SPINNING DOWN] What happened? Did you push something? Oh.
Well they know something we don't.
Come on, let's split.
[WHISPERING] Warren? [WHISPERING] Warren? Hey.
What are you doing up there? Get down from there! Move or be mercied.
[SMACK] I got a special tunnel just for you.
Send this one down too.
Shoot 'em if they resist.
Hell, shoot anything that doesn't move right.
[SCREECH] I don't like this.
Keep your eyes peeled.
Ten more barrels! Then we roll out! Move it! Come on! Get them in there! Go! Zombies? We'd a heard them.
Talkers did this? Nah.
No, they're too, I dunno, stoned.
What, did they shoot each other? Well they fired out.
But at what? Whatever it was, it was big.
No baby goats.
No baby goats.
We were just following orders.
- [ELECTRIC SAW RUNNING] - [SCREAMING] Don't go down there.
[WHISPERING] Do you have bizkits? [HISSING] Brings you back from the abyss.
Doesn't last long though.
I'm still alive.
I'm looking for my friend.
Don't go down there.
[ALARM SOUNDING] More barrels! Move it! Come on! Move! Check this out.
Maybe we can find Warren and George.
What does this button do? [YELLING] [THUD] Hmm.
Try that thing.
I guess we know what that one does.
Maybe we shouldn't be doing this.
I know.
But it's kinda fun.
Uh oh.
Close the door quick! [SLAM] [BANGING] Open up! All okay here.
Yeah, situation normal.
Where's Cooley and Hood? What's going on? Who are you? I'm Siegfried.
This is my partner, Roy.
The boss sent us here to speed up the operation.
Estes sent you? That's right.
He's not happy.
He needs you to make more of them - Bricks.
- Bricks.
Yeah? Well screw Estes.
He has no idea what we're up against here.
I got four men dead or missing this last week.
Even the Talkers are spooked.
Any idea why? This place ain't just hazardous.
It's haunted.
Yeah well, haunted or not, you're gonna need to keep feeding them conveyor belts or you're gonna end up with them Talkers digging up truffles.
Yeah, well listen.
You tell Estes this mine's been picked dry and he's wasting our time.
Well you're wasting my time.
Now if you'll excuse us, we got work to do.
Don't have to be such a dick about it.
Haunted? As if zombies weren't bad enough.
Let's go find Warren and George.
- Oh.
- Warren? You're okay.
What is this? This is the man cave from hell.
Zombies? No.
Whatever it is, it eats batteries like they're Twinkies.
Batteries? Yeah.
The Talkers are eating batteries like they're bizkits.
What's in these? Lithium? What if lithium is the secret ingredient to the bizkits? Well if they're scavenging for lithium, why aren't they making bizkits? Okay.
That's what we gotta find out.
But first, we gotta get out of here before our rechargeable friend comes back.
Is that the way? Yeah.
Really? [GROANING] I hate the apocalypse.
What do you want from us? [RATTLING] [CLANG] Not so tough without your guns now, are you? Found em! I'm getting the hang of this now.
[GUN COCKING] [ELECTRIC SAW RUNNING] [SCREAMING] [SPLORCH] Let's get the hell out of here.
What is that thing? [SAW RUNNING] It's gaining on us! Run! - Warren! - Oh, God.
10K! That way! Hurry! Move! Hurry! There's a thing behind you! [SAW RUNNING] Come on! Come on! Let's go, guys! Come on! Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on! God.
Where'd it go? Nothing's getting through that door.
Well it looks like it's already been here.
It? What is it? Something super weird and super pissed.
Is it gone? For now.
What does it want? To be left alone.
It has a lair of dead bodies and batteries.
It's been mining this dump for a while.
Mining for what? Lithium.
Might be the secret ingredient to the bizkits.
Bizkits, huh? Well that makes sense.
We just found out that Estes is in charge of this whole operation.
Estes? Whoever controls the bizkits controls the Talkers.
Whoever controls the Talkers Controls Newmerica.
If that's true What now? We get that last shipment of lithium, and we get it to the Talkers in Limbo.
Oh, crap.
Looks like they had the same idea.
They're loading up and bugging out.
Yeah, not if we can help it.
You thinking what I'm thinking? We're gonna hijack that truck.
I'll drive.
I'll be glad to leave this place in the rear view mirror.
Tell me about it.
What are these two up to? Get in the back.
The rest will fend for themselves.
We got new orders.
We're taking this truck.
Direct order from Estes.
Aren't you gonna open up? Something's not right here.
[GROANING] [GROANING] [GROANING] [GROANING] You got the keys? - Yeah.
- Hurry.
You're flooding it.
You're flooding it.
Get back.
Everybody get back.
[SAW GRINDING] What's happening to him? [SAW WHINING] The battery's dying.
Wear him out.
You're still in there.
Is it dead? He's trapped.
Who is he? A Talker.
I recognize him.
He was one of the first miners here.
Went missing months ago.
Too much lithium? An overdose or a power surge? Maybe both.
What do you want? Let us help you.
Where's he going? What the hell is he doing? He's going home.
[MUNCHING] Is it me or is this apocalypse getting weirder and weirder? It ain't you.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
You've given us back our life.
Our soul.
You're welcome.
We need to load this truck up with as much lithium as we can get our hands on.
And we need to get these Talkers to Limbo.
I've got some questions for Roman Estes.
That's gonna be a problem to get to him.
I think I know some guys that can get past Altura's high tech security system.
Come on.
Where we headed? Hacker town.