Z Nation (2014) s05e11 Episode Script


1 Previously on Z Nation The secret ingredient to bizkits is lithium.
Whoever controls the bizkits controls the Talkers.
Whoever controls the Talkers Controls Newmerica.
We just found out that Estes is in charge of this whole operation.
I am calling for the quarantine of all Talkers.
I've got some questions for Roman Estes.
That's gonna be a problem to get to him.
I think I know some guys that can get past Altura's high tech security system.
Come on.
Where we headed? Hacker town.
When you're ready I can apologize about losing those weapons.
It's fine.
Just my favorite knife.
It's fine.
In the meantime, watch your step.
Now some of these wires could still be hot.
That the tower we're looking for? That's what Kaya said.
[CLANG, CLANG, CLANG] Anything? Nope.
Try again.
It's me.
You were late, so I fell asleep.
So glad you made it.
I made it, just barely.
Estes has Altura locked up tight.
Dodging zombies and patrols all the way here.
How's Kaya? Mad.
She didn't want me to go.
But she gets it.
We're in a war.
She's right.
Where to next? Just over there.
What was this place? Telephone switching center.
Goes back to like 1905.
Was on about its tenth iteration of technology.
They just kept building on top of old hardware.
From party lines to fiber optics.
And now it's Hackerville.
More like Hacker-house.
Not too many hardcore digital malefactors left.
But they're pros.
If my guess is correct, they spent many many man hours trying to crack Altura.
Let the games begin.
That some kind of code? We supposed to guess the next number? Correct.
It's a series of primes.
They want us to prove ourselves worthy by entering the next number in the series.
[BEEP, BEEP, BUZZ] What is the meaning of 42? I took Philosophy 101, but I don't get it.
It's an old hacker joke.
The meaning of 42 is "to be.
" It's from The Hitchhiker's Guide.
It's the total of the numerical value of the letters in those two words.
Trust me, it's funny.
[BEEP, BEEP] [BUZZ] Or not.
I also took Hapkido 101.
We come in peace.
Uh, hey, dude.
It's Citizen Z here.
The real one, in the flesh.
We're looking for Ghostking 2.
[THROUGH MEGAPHONE] Prove you're Citizen Z, and answer this question, dude.
So what, you the troll under the bridge? Silence! [WHISPERING] Got it.
What is the number one rule in hacking? Information wants to be free.
That is okay by me.
The judges say cool.
You Cruller? Yeah.
You Ghostking 2.
0? - Yes, indeed.
- Cool.
I've got something for you.
For me? What's that? [THUD] Kaya in the Skya says hello, bitch.
You got knocked the f [ELECTRIC GUITAR THEME MUSIC PLAYS] Have mercy [FIVE GUNSHOTS] Oh, have mercy [MOANING] - What was that for? - He knows.
That's my wife you're trolling.
Dude, it's not my fault she's hot.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey, hey! How'd you guys even get in here? We passed your test.
For the most part.
Can everyone please be quiet?! I'm trying to meditate.
Look, what do you guys want? We need your help.
We don't do help.
We need to see the contents of Estes's computer.
[LAUGHING] That's impossible.
All right, it'll take a few hours.
Or more.
- I told you he'd do it.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
No one said yes yet.
I mean what do we get out of it? What you want? What do we want? Well, I'd love to have a new laptop.
I'd like a new car.
Twelve inch shotgun.
Just kidding.
All right, look.
How about In the unlikely event there is a Newmerica, we get full immunity in perpetuity worldwide for any cybercrimes we might, or might not, commit.
How bout that? Don't hold it like that cuz the bullet - Whoa, okay.
- What kind of cybercrime? Little bit of this, little bit of that.
You know, nothing too bad.
Do you want my help or not? That's making me uncomfortable.
All right.
All right.
If you help us now, I will try to get you a pardon in the future.
Oh, wait, let's shake on it like a man.
[SPITTING] You don't have to do that.
Don't do that.
- Don't do that.
- I won't do that.
Come on.
Let's go.
Fair enough.
Let's get it started.
I don't know how much longer we can wait for Finn and the others.
We should've never split up.
If we don't get these Talkers some bizkits or brains or something, they're gonna start turning Z fast.
Oh, really? Tell me something I don't know.
And then Doc shows up with these battery lickers? What the hell's up with that? How are the miners doing? Great.
Super great.
As long as your definition of great is starving for brains - and slowly turning zombie.
- [CLINK, CLINK] [CLINK, CLINK] Dude? I think your fish are dead.
Man, they ain't fish in there.
Those are bricks made of pure lithium.
It's what they're using the Talkers to mine for.
That's why they eat the batteries.
It's the lithium.
Yeah, I saw this before on the black market.
Altura militia were feeding it to Talkers like crack.
They were slicing it like truffles treating it like nitro.
It's super flammable.
That's why it's in the liquid.
They eat those? Yeah, just a slice on the tongue.
It worked like the brains.
Uh, how's your truffle slicing skills? [BANG, BANG, BANG] - I'll get rid of them.
- Yeah.
It's Estes.
Welcome to Limbo! [LAUGHING] Ramon, what a pleasure to see you again.
And I see you brought your backup dancers.
It's Roman.
Open up, Murphy.
Oh, sorry.
But we're closed to the public.
You're sheltering escaped Talkers.
[LAUGHING] What are you talking about? We know they're here.
Open up.
Don't you need a search warrant or something? Warrant? This is the apocalypse.
Oh, yeah, I keep forgetting that.
Stand back.
[GROANING] I really should clean up a little bit before you [LAUGHING] Welcome to Limbo.
Or at least what's left of it.
[SIGHING] Take it one at a time.
One at a time.
It has to be here.
- [KNOCKING] - One sec.
Lock the door.
It's locked.
I'm the only one here.
This is my friend, Becky.
She came to me for help when she got sick.
I've been hiding her ever since.
Is she a Talker? Yes.
I'm so hungry.
I bet.
Let's see how dead you are.
It looks like toxic shock.
Some infection overwhelmed her immune system.
I came as soon as I could.
There were so many militia.
It wouldn't have mattered.
Everything is becoming antibiotic resistant.
There's nothing you could've done.
[GROWLING] None of that now.
She needs bizkits.
I know.
But I don't have anything.
The militia took it all.
Every crumb.
[THWAP] [MOANING] Keep looking.
Mini reunion? How touching.
What's the occasion? It's Thursday.
Hey, Doc.
It's Thursday, right? I dunno.
Doc, from what I understand, you are quite the maverick when it comes to strip poker.
Strip poker.
Yeah, I got one word of advice.
- Layering.
- Mm-hmm.
Join me, Murphy.
[LAUGHING] Of course.
But there is a two drink minimum.
There were dozens of Talkers here.
[LAUGHING] Says who? Everyone.
I don't see any Talkers here.
Seeing is one thing.
Believing, another.
I believe they are here.
Well, who you gonna believe, me or your spidey sense? Maybe I'll just wait it out, test my theory.
About that two drink minimum.
Water for everyone.
That's two bullets per glass.
Put it on Altura's tab.
Altura doesn't have a tab here.
I'll be right back.
Pardon me.
Should I deal you in? No.
While we're waiting, have you seen George and that friend of hers, Lieutenant Warren? Nope.
But you were such good friends? Well, I don't have her chipped now, do I? Go fish.
Okay, guys, let me introduce you to the gang.
Right here we have GrrlBoom's node.
It is awesome.
Look, it's a fine setup.
She did it all herself.
And this is GrrlBoom.
She learned to code at the young age of eight.
Her dad taught her, man.
- And guess what? - Who's that? Oh, this, this is Skip Brickel, Brickel, Brickel.
Weighing in at 220 pounds.
He is the richest man in the world.
He specializes in crypto-currency accounts, man.
He's been finding and harvesting Bitcoin mines that are still in operation for a long time now.
Bitcoin? Where you gonna spend that? Hey, man, sometimes hacking is the journey.
What about him? Oh, that guy.
That is Bones.
He is old school.
He is from the old freak phone era.
You know when the Cap'n Crunch whistle was the keys to the kingdom.
I remember it well.
Like a ninja on a keyboard.
Sweet and sexy.
Why hasn't he turned? Well, you know when you got one Talker, a bag of bizkits goes a long way.
So what can we do you for? Rumor has it, you've been trolling Roman Estes for quite some time now.
Yeah, we've been having a running battle back and forth since he tried to shut us down when we first got here.
Kaya said you bragged about cracking his password.
Can you hack into Altura's network? We can totally get through the firewall no problem, like a hot knife through butter.
Getting to the laptop, that's gonna be tougher.
We've tried.
He has his own air-gapped email server, the full Hillary.
So we're gonna need someone on the inside with access to the laptop.
We got someone on the inside.
Huh, who? Dude, put the phone anyway, man.
We Relax, we're not on their network.
We just hijack their infrastructure for our own unlimited plan.
Excuse me.
Kaya in the Skya reporting for duty.
Whoa! Who's the babe? The mother of my child.
Show some respect.
All right, all right.
What's the plan? We got to jump that air-gap and gain control or possession of his laptop.
I can do that.
Just get me inside.
Hey, baby.
If anything happens to her, I will kill you.
I am on their surveillance system.
That was quick.
Took a month the first time.
Nice thing about Surveillance States, you can always see what everyone's up to.
There she is.
All right, so I'm just gonna replace their live feed with a little loop de loop, and boom.
No more Kaya in the Skya.
I'm at the rear service entrance.
Looking at a card reader and keypad.
Ooh, Bones has Altura's employees file, which include the card key data.
Hey, Bones! Shoot up those IDs! You'd never know it from looking at him, but he is quite the Catfisherman.
We need somebody with a high clearance.
Uh, thank you, Captain Obvious.
Oh, here we go.
This one looks perfect.
Speaking of obvious.
Estes's ID.
Really? Very funny.
What's the key code? We don't need that, all right? They didn't do an update on the maintenance.
So swipe your card, hold down pound and asterisk, and just wait till something happens.
[BEEP] [BEEP, BEEP] - I'm in.
- Booya.
Be careful, baby.
[SOFT BUZZING] Screw you, Ghostking 2.
Excuse me? Nothing.
Just some former employees turned vandals.
You have a cell phone? My apologies, Mr.
It seems all your Talker friends have vanished.
[CLAPPING] I really do wish you would reconsider my offer and come work for Altura.
We could really use your sales experience.
Time to go.
So soon? We've got an intruder.
Search every inch of the control center, but keep it quiet.
Okay, punks.
You wanna hack? Let's hack.
[CLINKING] [BEEP] [GROWLING] Somebody just killed the power to our door locks.
Maybe Estes?! [ALARM SOUNDING] He must be onto you.
Get Kaya out of there now.
I'm working on it.
I'm working on it.
[ALARM CONTINUES] We've got company.
Every corridor has been breached! [ALARM CONTINUES] Execute order six hundred sixty six.
Now! GrrlBoom now! [WHISPERING] Guys? Hello? Anybody there? [WHISPERING] CZ? Warren? [WHISPERING] Where are you guys? I could use some situational intel.
[ALARM SOUNDING] Uh, any chance you guys are gonna help here? We got this.
[ALARM CONTINUES] You have drones? Okay.
[ALARM CONTINUES] Didn't know about this, did you? Okay, well GrrlBoom, we're gonna go in from each side, okay? Hey, Skip, what's the probability of success for this? Hold on.
Gimme a sec.
I'm getting 32.
That's repeating of course.
All right, nice.
That's better than usual.
Very nice.
[BUZZING] [WHOOSH] Oh, you're killing me, Bones! [MUMBLING] - [BUZZING] - We've made a few modifications here, as you can see.
[GUNFIRE] Ooh! Battle cries! Snootch to the Nootch! [GUNFIRE] [BUZZING] [GUNFIRE] [BUZZING] [GUNFIRE] Ooh, nice.
Right? That's brutal.
That was bloody.
[BUZZING] [BUZZING] [GUNFIRE] [GUNFIRE] [LAUGHING] All right, GrrlBoom, I'm gonna wrap around to the back, you're gonna come to the front, and we're gonna go for the bookends to the around the neckpiece up front.
Hey, Skip, get in on this! [GUNFIRE] [GRUNTING] [GUNFIRE] [LAUGHING] Ooh! [LAUGHING] [GUNFIRE] [GUNFIRE] [LAUGHING] [LAUGHING] Ooh! I didn't even expect that.
I mean it just happened.
It was like watching an autopsy.
Yo, is everyone out of ammo? Time to improvise! [BUZZING] [BUZZING] [SPLORCH] - [BUZZING] - [SPLISH] [BUZZING] [SPLISH] [BUZZING] [SPLISH] [BUZZING] [SPLISH] - [BUZZING] - [SPLISH] [BUZZING] Woo! - Oh, yes! - Dang! Just in How did I think of that? [LAUGHING] [BUZZING] No, no, no, no, no, no.
GrrlBoom, look out! Dammit! Snoogins.
It's up to me.
- What happened? - Crash, but finishing strong.
Told you we got this.
That was crazy, man.
- We've been doing this the hard way.
- Yeah.
This is you know, and this is only Okay, wait.
How many zombies were - Look out! - [GROWLING] Whoa.
Time to pull out the big guns! [GROANING] [GROANING] [WHINING] I don't have a shot! [WHINING] Dammit, dude! Sorry, it's not as easy as it looks! [WHINING] George! [WHINING] I wish that thing would hurry up and do whatever it is it's supposed to do.
[WHINING] [GROWLING] Everybody get down! Fire in the Z! [BEEP, BEEP] [SPLAT] [KISS] [WHISPERING] Yes.
I want that.
Do you know what you're doing? No.
However, I saw the Altura Militia sell them for ten bullets a slice.
You just have to be really careful when cutting it.
It's like nitro.
But it melts right in your mouth.
Murphy! Doc says you gotta come.
Apparently somebody's kid is missing.
Kid? It's like one thing after another.
What's up? Murphy, this is the kid's parents.
His name's Mason, and they haven't seen him since this morning.
All right, we'll go look for him.
- We'll find him.
- Mason.
We'll find him.
Mason? Mason? Looks like it's gonna hurt a while.
I'm fine.
She didn't mean it.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] What's this? You're analyzing blood samples? Yeah.
By hand, when I really need a computer.
What are you looking for? An anomaly, a mutation.
Something that gives deceased humans the immunity that lithium gives them.
Any luck? Not really.
Well, actually, there's one sample that shows the anomaly I'm looking for.
But it won't do us any good.
Murphy? That's great.
First, I would have to isolate the positive gene.
But Murphy's blood is so full of crap that I wouldn't know which gene has what effect.
[GROWLING] - What do you want? - Brains! [GROWLING] There must be something we can do for her.
[SCREAMING] Mason? Mason? Still looking? Yeah, still no sign of him.
He's got to be around here some place.
These Talkers blend into the furniture.
- Mason? - [THUMPING] Shhh.
You hear that? - I heard a knocking.
- Yeah.
It's coming from the back door.
Maybe it's the kid.
Found him! Found him! I believe I have something that belongs to you.
How we doin', Girlfriend? We in? I'm right outside Estes's door.
You've got three militia coming up the stairs.
Card swipe coming your way.
[BEEP, BEEP-BEEP] Did you really think you'd get away with this? Get away with what? I'm just trying to help them.
You know, I'm hearing this, but I'm seeing this.
What, with the roundups and the lockdowns and unleashing the vigilantes, not very supportive quite frankly.
It's for their own good.
Oh, come on, man.
Even for the zombie apocalypse, that's lame.
What do you really want? All the Talkers you have hidden away in there.
I don't have any Talkers hidden in Limbo.
But even if I did, which I don't, I couldn't just give them to you.
They're not mine to give.
I don't own them.
Then you won't mind if I just take them.
[GUN COCKING] Look, I'm just a simple businessman trying to make an honest bizkit.
Well Cut the crap, Murphy.
So is this you and your band of merry men trying to be supportive? I'm done wasting my time.
Disarm them.
Hang on.
[LOUDLY] Very sorry, little boy, but you see, nobody's here.
Your parents are gone.
They left you.
Look at you.
You're shaking.
Hey, you know what, I'd be scared too if my parents abandoned me.
[LOUDLY] But we have to go now.
And you're never gonna see them again.
[MUFFLED CRYING] [CRYING] Is that the thanks I get for saving your little boy? You're welcome.
Tell them to send more trucks.
- [STRUGGLING] - Do something! There's only one thing left to do.
[SCREAMING] We can't.
Not yet! [SCREAMING] Please! She's already turning.
What about Murphy's blood? It cured 10K and Warren! It also drove everyone in Zona mad! Murphy's blood might save her.
What's stopping you? I can't torture any more Talkers.
[SCREAMING] We've got to try.
Inject her.
That was wow.
Red, I'm so sorry.
What are you talking about? Your eye.
[CRYING] You didn't mean it.
Thank you.
Thank you.
What's happening? She's burning up.
[MOANING] The infection that killed her, it's come back.
[SCREAMING] She's dying all over again.
[SCREAMING] I'm inside Estes's office.
I have eyes on his laptop.
Password? Hold tight, all right? This might take a minute.
As you guys can see, we all have our favorite algorithms.
So we're gonna run them simultaneously.
Meanwhile, Kaya, do you have that thumb drive I gave you? - Right here.
- Cool.
Soon as you get to Estes's computer, deploy it.
You got it, baby.
Uh, that wouldn't be your NSA toolkit, - that thumb drive, would it? - No.
Uh, bro, come on.
Can you get me a copy of it since we've done you a solid? No.
Professional courtesy, bro.
One information liberator to another.
Dude, there's no more secrets, right? NSA don't care.
I care.
You know what, I'll just get it from Kaya.
Do you want to get punched again? Hey, nerds.
I got the second letter.
It's E.
That's nice.
All right, we got another letter.
Way to go, Bones! We got a C! [MOANING] First letter is an M! Nice.
Okay, guys, these last couple of letters always take forever, so hold on.
The password is mercy.
She's right.
Well, look who has a future in hacking.
Good job.
Hey, Kaya, the password is mercy.
- Copy.
- You know, in leetspeak.
I'm inside.
What's gonna happen to them? Don't worry, we'll take good care of them.
I promise.
They'll be safer in their own space.
I'm going with them.
- Murphy, no.
- I got to.
Probably just as well.
Technically speaking, you are a Talker.
Vigilantes might get the wrong idea.
You'll be safer under our protection.
I feel safer already.
You sure you won't reconsider my offer to come work for Altura? We have more in common than you think.
No, we don't.
Well, if you change your mind, we have excellent dental.
[CRYING] Red, help me.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] Hold her down.
[SCREAMING] What's happening? She's stuck in some kind of loop.
The infection kills her, but Murphy's blood rehumanizes her, which makes the infection kill her again, starting the cycle over.
[SCREAMING] [SCREAMING] Make it stop! [CRYING] Every file on here looks suspicious.
This is gonna take a while to upload.
How's my little black drive working? Like having Edward Snowden on a keychain.
Hey, do you have any files about any lithium mining or bizkit supplies? It's all decrypting now.
Lots of reports about that mine running out of raw lithium, looking for new sources.
Anything about Dante? I'm still looking for the video files CZ shot of the blast.
Hang on.
I think I found it.
Got it.
It's in an editing program.
Looks like he was trying to edit it to make Dante look guilty.
What? Why would Estes do that? Guards are coming your way.
Hey, Kaya, upload that footage now and GTFO.
Got it.
Hang on.
Watch your step.
There you go.
Don't overdue it.
Is that everybody? Just those three.
Sorry, we're human.
Leave them.
Altura has no problem with humans.
Move em out.
Umm, did I mention that I am claustrophobic? No, you didn't.
Don't worry, though.
It's just a short ride to the nice air conditioned busses that'll lead you to your new lives.
New lives? [STRUGGLING] Her only peace is in death.
[STRUGGLING] What should we do? I know what I'd want to do if it was me.
[STRUGGLING] [CRYING] Hey, hey, don't be afraid.
[CRYING] Thank you.
You tried.
[CRYING] [CRYING] I love you.
[GUNSHOT] [WHISPERING] Come on, come on.
You would think the leader of Altura would have faster Wi-Fi.
Wait a minute.
What is this? Guys, anybody know what this is? Hey, baby, use the restore python script.
Document un-redacting now.
What does that mean? Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Kaya, you gotta get out of there.
You got some guards coming to you right now.
Go! Kaya, get out of there! [CLICK] Final mercy? What's final mercy?