Z Nation (2014) s05e12 Episode Script

At All Cost

1 What do you really want? All the Talkers you have hidden away in there.
They're not mine to give.
Then you won't mind if I just take them? Previously on Z Nation.
What's gonna happen to them? Don't worry.
We'll take good care of them.
I promise.
They'll be safer in their own space.
Do you have that thumb drive I gave you? Right here.
As soon as you get to Estes' computer, deploy it.
Wait a minute.
What is this? Guys, anybody know what this is? What's final mercy? Hey! Hey there! Estes! Hey! Yo! Hey! Estes! Hey, I'm talking to you! Murphy.
This is what they used to call a show of good faith.
Me and my Talker friends coming along nice and easy.
You had a choice? There's always a choice.
Roman! Roman! Roman! Listen, listen, listen.
My friends here, they are tired and could use a couple of bizkits.
So I am asking you, undead super demigod to dweebing megalomaniac, how long you gonna make us stand here in this hot freaking sun? I have a vote to prepare for.
A vote?! Great! I'll help pass out ballots to my friends here.
They live for democracy.
They live for democracy, cute.
Problem is, Mr.
Murphy, my democracy is only for the living.
Well let's put that to a vote! Huh?! - Put them on the busses.
- Hey! This is voter suppression, you know! Ugh, God, I'm going.
Take it easy.
You know, you guys need to watch out for these Talkers.
They get a little iffy when they're hungry.
How long is this ride? Hey, stewardess? Will there be bizkits? Need a little help with that tire there, scout? I'm going.
I'm going.
Where's the driver? Hey! Wait.
Hey! You can't just lock us in here! They're going feral! [MUFFLED] Hey, what's going on? These busses aren't going anywhere.
[MUFFLED] Why did they shut up? [MUFFLED] Keep your eyes open! [SOFT TWO BEEPS] [SOFT TWO BEEPS] [SOFT TWO BEEPS] [LOUD BEEPING] Traitor! - No, wait! - [GUNSHOT] [SOFT TWO BEEPS] - One down.
- [SOFT TWO BEEPS] - All right, George, it's your turn.
- [SOFT TWO BEEPS] [LOW SOFT BEEPING] Come on, come on, don't do this to me now.
[LOW SOFT BEEP] Try again.
Maybe lift martial law before voting day? Estes is unreal.
It's fear at work.
Estes for Supreme Leader.
Not letting that happen.
All right.
Remember, no matter what, we stick to the plan.
I'm gonna go find Kaya.
All right, stay alive.
[WHISPERING] Kaya? Kaya? Come to mama.
Hey, baby.
- Did you get it? - Yeah.
The computer keys to the kingdom.
[MUFFLED SLAM] [SIGHING] Every password and key in the network.
Altura is at my fingertips.
Tapped directly into the node.
It's a perfect setup.
Power moves only, babe.
Let's rock.
Estes' office is this way.
When the time comes, I'll deal with Estes.
Justice, not vengeance.
You! Stop right there! [SMACK] [TWO GUNSHOTS] Freeze! On your knees! [WHISPERING] Ready to do this? You traitors got a lot of nerve showing up here.
Yeah, you're gonna regret this.
All the blood is human.
[THUMP] I'm supposed to believe a bunch of strung out Talkers did all this? Don't shoot! Don't shoo Wow.
Uh, hello.
[LAUGHING] Loved you in Phantom of the Apocalypse.
What happened to my men? Your men? Oh, you're Estes' mascot.
And you're the Big Red One.
Proprietor of Limbo.
Well, I was until Estes' goons forced me out of business.
Friend to Talker and Talker lovers.
Friend to traitors.
[LAUGHING] Sweetheart, I have been called much worse.
I'm sorry, where do I look? The real eye or the pretty one? You really love listening to the sound of your own voice, don't you? Well, I've been told I could've had a career.
What happened here? The Altura scum forced us into this bus.
The Talkers went batshit.
[LAUGHING] You honestly expect me to believe that my armed militia was overrun by a few starving Talkers? Well your guys weren't exactly Seal Team Six.
Know what I'm saying? And where are the Talkers now? Umm, I dunno.
They ran off.
North by northwest? What? Or is that east by eastwest? I dunno.
I could just eat your brains.
Find out everything I need to know.
Can I take a quick peak under that mask? I am just dying to see what [CHOKING] Hey! All right, sensitive about the mask.
I get it.
Stop stalling.
I got knocked out during the fight.
I woke up here, and every one was gone.
It doesn't matter because you can't protect them anyway.
[MUFFLED MUSIC PLAYING] Where is everyone getting these phones? I should take this.
Do you have a phone? Yes? Yes.
I understand, Roman.
I'm on my way.
Hold on.
You're not taking me to Altura? No need.
Estes has already arrested your little friends, George and Lieutenant Warren.
The election is happening.
And you will never be welcome in Altura.
I don't want to go to Altura.
They'll find us.
[WHISPERING] They will.
Anything? Not yet.
Still checking cameras.
We need eyes on them.
I don't like this.
The Talkers are in the wind.
George and Warren infiltrate Altura the day before the election.
They're up to something.
Let me find out what they're up to.
What about the Talkers? They need to stay lost.
Don't you worry.
The Talkers won't be voting.
And I'll make sure George tells us everything we need to know.
This it? I think so.
Yeah, it's right where Warren said.
Let's get to it.
Let's go, everybody! You got your orders! Here, guys.
Just a little bit.
There it is.
Pass it back, okay? That Swiss army claw really works.
Hello, George.
- Lieutenant Warren.
- Save it.
What happened to you? Have you been lying to me this whole time? Unbridled idealism is rather easy to direct.
I think the word you want is manipulate.
I see, I saw.
Final mercy, Estes? That's your idea of democracy? So you hacked me? We know everything.
How do you think your fellow Alturans are gonna feel when they find out you're behind the blast? And who's gonna tell them? You? The truth always gets out.
Does it, though? While you're locked in this cell, Altura's gonna elect me Supreme Commander of Security Forces.
And you'll be convicted of treason.
Treason? Harboring fugitive of Talkers, theft of Altura lithium, and the illegal hack of Altura computers.
We take a very dim view of election interference here.
Why, Estes? Why? It's not personal, just evolution.
Bring her.
Hey, wait.
Where are you taking her? Just to answer a few questions.
Don't worry about her, George.
I'm playing good cop.
I could never get used to that.
The zombie virus is singularly focused.
It wants brains.
I feel so bad for Becky.
She's at peace now.
The only thing making her hand move is the virus.
After all the trials and horrific tests, it all comes back to where my mission started.
Murphy's blood.
The virus works in mysterious ways.
Something in the primordial ooze that runs in Murphy's veins binds to the same neuro-receptors as the zombie virus.
It can be any one of a hundred unidentified antibodies.
But the other ninety nine could kill you.
But you're close, right? Maybe we'll get lucky.
Hold it still.
Another moment.
What should I do? Let go of it.
It wants something.
What does it mean? Some mysterious contaminate in Murphy's blood killed the virus and re-humanized Becky's hand.
The cure.
You found the cure.
Welcome back to Altura, Lieutenant Warren.
Your return is unexpected and your timing curious.
Thank you for the warm welcome.
I gotta say Altura's hospitality still needs a little work.
Where are the Talkers? Hmm? What Talkers? You and George are planning something with the Talkers which is doomed to fail.
Haven't we mercied enough already? You can't stop the vote, but you can stop the bloodshed right now.
Think of your kind.
You willing to decide for every human in Altura that your way is right? Isn't that what you're doing? Where are the Talkers? [LAUGHING] Okay, Warren gave the high sign.
Go back to George.
That chick with the creepy mask makes me nervous.
What are they doing? They're torturing her.
- What happened? - I don't know.
Must've been a power surge.
Is there a signal? The system rebooted.
I have to find my way back in.
[CLINK] [CLINK] [MUFFLED] What the hell? - Damn thing stole my money.
- [BANGING] [MUFFLED] Come on, man, you gotta be kidding me.
[CLANK] [MUFFLED] Finally.
[WHISPERING] This could take a while.
[SINGING] I'll break your fingers.
I'll break your toes.
Or Or, I'll break your nose.
[MOANING] Oh, did you not learn that when you were a kid? What's it like being Estes' pet? Jealousy does not become you, George.
He's using you.
We're using each other.
We have big plans.
I'm his queen.
You keep telling yourself that.
Why are you and Warren in Altura? We're sight seeing.
Where are the Talkers? Well you rounded them up.
You tell me.
I'm actually glad you're not cooperating.
[ELECTRIC BUZZING] Why are you siding with Estes over your own kind? - [ELECTRIC ZAPPING] - [MOANING] They are not my kind! You're a Talker.
[LAUGHING] I I am not a Talker.
There's no shame in being dead.
My best friend is was a Talker.
[LAUGHING] Oh, yes, the poor rebel Dante.
He was so helplessly devoted to you.
Don't talk about him.
Oh, I think I've earned the right to say whatever I want about Dante.
What's that supposed to mean? Oh, you really don't know, do you? Oh, that's precious.
This is gonna be way better than electricity.
What? You see, George, it was me that killed Dante.
Not some random vigilantes.
He did ask me to give you a message though.
His last words, so to speak.
Now what were they? Hmm.
Oh, yes.
" "George, please help me.
" "Why did you leave me all alone?" "George, I need you.
" "Please.
Oh, no, stop.
" - "Please don't do that.
Please stop.
" - Shut up.
"Just, just stop.
Don't do that please.
" "Just stop.
No! No!" You freak! - [ELECTRIC ZAPPING] - [SCREAMING] [LAUGHING] Now you're getting it! Dante was the best person I ever knew! Oh, he wasn't a person.
By the time I got through with him, he wasn't even a Talker.
All that was left was a bag of garbage.
I'm gonna ask you one more time.
Where are the Talkers? - [ELECTRIC ZAPPING] - [SCREAMING] [LAUGHING] Ever notice how Murphy's never around for the heavy lifting? He's clever that way.
Why can't I be clever that way? Cuz you are a good man.
- Thanks, Doc.
- You're welcome.
Nice to know a compliment still means something in a world like this.
You know, kid, there's no telling how this is gonna turn out.
But whatever happens, you keep going.
You're resilient.
You're my damn cockroach, right? I know your dad would be real proud.
I sure am.
I love you, kid.
Like you were my own son.
Thanks, Doc.
You too.
You think this is gonna work? Well it better.
A whole lot of lives depend on it.
Hey, can we get some more cable over here? It's gonna be all right.
- [WHISTLING] - Get down.
Get down! [WHISTLING CONTINUES] Murphy! - Hey! - Hey! It's just me.
Everything's okay.
- Everyone okay? - Yeah.
They're almost ready.
So umm, back there at the busses.
You got a lot of issues to work out.
I did it for them.
Not for you.
Look, I'm just trying to say you you got a way with that Z-Whacker.
Are you trying to give me a compliment? While I can.
Any attack on Altura by the Talkers would be folly.
I sense you know that.
I think you're confusing me with someone who scares easily.
Hmm, am I? Tell me where the Talkers are hiding.
You tell the people of Altura what you did to their friends and their neighbors.
You let the Talkers come back and vote, and then maybe I'll let you live.
I find it amusing that you think there's still a debate to be had.
Goodbye, Lieutenant Warren.
There comes a time when everyone turns Talker.
Remember that, Estes! Everything? Everything you can carry.
Where can we go? Anywhere to get this out of Estes' hands.
Even zombie territory.
My friend has access to an Altura truck.
Maybe I can get it.
But be careful.
Red? Hurry.
[DOOR SQUEAKING] That was fast.
Estes? Going somewhere? With my lab? [GROANING] Oh, you know what Where's George? [BANGING] Where'd you take her?! The power surge corrupted the password generator.
I'm trying to patch a work-around.
Want me to try? - No, I got this.
- Okay.
We're back in.
Go back.
It's Warren.
You can get the door.
Any second.
Hang on.
Hang on.
[MUMBLING] Okay, got it.
She's out.
One down.
Now where's George? There's Sun Mei.
And Estes.
Does that feel funny to you? That dude is seven kinds of wrong.
Find George and go back to that.
Oh, no.
This is bad.
All right.
I'll get with Warren and we'll find George.
Keep an eye on Sun Mei.
Be careful, baby.
Hand me a Diet Coke.
- [ELECTRIC ZAPPING] - [SCREAMING] You can tell me, George.
Are the Talkers planning an attack on Altura? I'm sorry about earlier.
Is your hand okay? I hope you didn't break your little bird bones on my face.
- [ELECTRIC ZAPPING] - [SCREAMING] [LAUGHING] What are you and the Talkers planning? Tell me now.
Ruin all your fun? Come on.
I can do this for as long as it takes.
[CLAP, CLAP] [GROWLING] Oh, come on.
[GROWLING] [GROWLING] What's the matter? You okay, Sun Mei? We were just sanitizing the lab so the samples don't get contaminated.
Why don't you have a seat? You've been working so hard lately.
I suppose that's true.
The trials have taken a toll on me.
But I have I insist.
I haven't seen you in days.
You look tired.
How do you keep all this straight? VN 5.
What's this one? Just another failure.
Why keep it? To learn why it failed.
Ah, yes, the scientific method.
What's in here? Careful.
That's pure zombie virus.
Well, look at that.
Impressive work with that zombie hand if it means what I think it does.
You're spying on me? Is that a real question? What do you want? Another question you already know the answer to.
Lean back.
Get comfortable.
Estes, you don't have to do this.
What are you doing? Compelling the witness.
No, no, no, no, no.
You don't have to, okay? [YELLING] No.
[MOANING] Now maybe you'll tell me.
Is this the zombie cure? This one? Pick the right one.
I want to watch the cure work on a live human subject.
[MOANING] [BREATHING HEAVILY] Which one is the vaccine? Never.
Okay, I'll just find it myself.
I have no shortage of human subjects, starting with your friends.
[THUMPING] - You had one job.
- Sorry, boss.
You let Warren escape? Don't go anywhere.
[MOANING] [GROWLING] When are the Talkers planning an attack on Altura? Election day? I'm not telling you.
So they are planning an attack? - Pandora.
- Where are the Talkers hiding? I can't.
[YELLING] Where are the Talkers?! [GROANING] I'm gonna kill you.
Oh, please.
I barely touched you.
Now hold still.
Or don't.
Don't do this.
[MOANING] Such exquisite bone structure you have.
And those cheeks marvelous.
And your eyes are so exotic.
[MOANING] Pierre is gonna find you delicious.
Where are the Talkers? Pierre? He's French.
Through the face is the long way to the brain.
But the nose cartilage and the eye cavities go down so easy.
Where are the Talkers? Don't do this.
[LAUGHING] Oh, we are well past the point of listening.
Besides, I couldn't possibly disappoint Pierre, now could I? Oh, who's a hungry zombie? You're a hungry zombie, yes you are.
[GROWLING] Who does? Yes, you.
Who wants to eat the face of the dirty rotten disgusting traitor? [GROWLING] [YELLING] Where are the Talkers?! [GROWLING] - [CRYING] - Yes.
Good boy.
You know, George? I really would recommend you telling Pierre where the Talkers are before he eats your lips off.
[GROWLING] Where are the Talkers, George?! [CRYING] Get him away from me.
Get him away.
- [GROWLING] - Oh, good boy.
Down boy, down.
[CRYING] I'm gonna ask you one more time.
Where are the Talkers? Hey.
I got the truck.
I don't know if there's enough gas.
Sun Mei? [GROWLING] Sun Mei, what happened? I don't understand.
The vaccine turned the hand back.
Which one is it, Sun Mei? Uh, this one? VN 8? Uh, VN 4? This one? This one has no label.
Why would you remove the label? [GROWLING] Right.
This is it.
Sun Mei, no.
Even if the Talkers get the vote, do you think they'll ever fit in? Fit in about as good as you or I, I guess.
Just about.
I just feel like Estes is never gonna let it happen.
Warren and George will take care of Estes.
Yeah, but what about the next Estes.
There's always gonna be another one.
Humans aren't evolving.
But we are.
I'm just afraid there's no place for us, Murphy.
Wanna take these Talkers up over the hill? Start over.
I don't know.
I don't know.
Double the perimeter security.
Take a couple men and find Lieutenant Warren.
I don't want her skulking about today of all days.
George broke.
I hope that was fun for you.
She spilled her guts, literally.
It seems they set a staging area for the Talkers near Pacifica.
I'll activate the security force and the reserves.
I'm gonna send every available Alturan to wipe their kind off this godforsaken Earth.
Everyone? - But what about guarding Altura? - I've accounted for that.
Of course, Estes.
I only meant Where is George? Well she and Pierre, well they're having a little snack.
Good for Pierre.
[GROWLING] [GROWLING] Which one was it? They all look the same.
No kidding.
Down here.
Open it.
Kaya? Almost there.
Almost there.
Oh, hurry, Kaya.
George? George? It's me.
It's me.
It's me.
It's me.
Hey, it's me.
A little close for comfort? A little.
How did you do this exactly? Hey.
Did you give it up? All of it? All of it.
Good girl.
We need to find Sun Mei.
Last I saw, she was alone with Estes, and that can't be good.
- Let's go.
- All right, let me help you.
No, I got it.
Leave it.
It's holding in my guts.
[THUMPING] Oh, no.
What happened? - Where's Estes? - He's coming back.
This does not look good.
I did it.
The vaccine works.
Zombie and back.
Zombie and back? Like a bizkit booster shot? Can you restore Talkers? Talkers, zombies, fresh ones anyways.
It's a cure.
It's a start.
Uh, we can't let Estes find out.
Let's grab your research and let's go.
I can't go with you.
I can't.
But what you need for the cure is right up here.
One last smoke? Now, now, don't be a fatalist.
I'm gonna go hide the truck.
All right, be careful.
Last smoke my ass.
- They seem nervous.
- They are.
Hold tight, guys.
It's almost time.
The vote is waiting for you.
Citizenship is waiting for you, if you want it.
But you're gonna have to take it.
And we're gonna be there with you.
Arm up! Pierre? No! The lab.
They went to the lab.
[SCREAMING] Sun Mei, we can't do this.
I'm dying.
I'll be the first death since the Black Rain.
If this is this about Murphy's blood.
We can get more.
The antibodies in Murphy's blood are evolving daily.
The only way to be sure is to take my brain and preserve it before I die.
Maybe we could sew you up, give you a transfusion, something? I've lost too much blood.
If Estes gets ahold of me I won't let him.
Get the syringe.
I can't inject you with poison.
Yes, you can.
The poison will leave a dead end for Estes.
He'll have nothing to work with.
Tie me off so the injection doesn't interfere with the vaccine in the brain tissue.
You'll have what you need to recreate the cure.
Hurry before Estes comes back.
Sun Mei.
Sun Mei, please.
This is my part.
Have mercy my sister.
Give it to Murphy.
He'll know what to do.
I need in this lab now! Spiteful.
You are spiteful! What did they do? The last time I saw this woman, she was a zombie.
I infected her myself.
Looks like they took her brain and the cure with it.
They think they can keep her discovery from me.
Drain every drop of blood from her.
Maybe I can recover some traces of the vaccine.
Yes, Commander.
I want you to go to that camp.
I want you to mercy every Talker, every traitor.
No one stands against Altura! - Yes.
- Find them and kill them all! Yes.
Where did your little brain go? [ACOUSTIC GUITAR MUSIC PLAYS]