Zoo (2015) s02e11 Episode Script

The Contingency

1 MITCH: A year ago, the animals started acting strangely, but no one noticed until they began attacking, coordinating, evolving.
The animals were mutating, and it was happening faster than anyone expected.
(screaming) The government came up with a plan.
PSA NARRATOR: Thanks to the Noah Objective, in six to ten years, the world's animal population will be thriving once again.
You cannot exterminate every animal on the planet and then repopulate it.
MITCH: But messing with Mother Nature could be catastrophic, so a group of us are trying to save the animals.
Jackson Oz and Abraham Kenyatta, animal experts.
Dariela Marzan, army ranger.
Jamie Campbell, a reporter who's been following this story, found me, Mitch Morgan, a veterinary pathologist.
Together, we're going to find a cure for the animals.
Time is running out.
Previously on Zoo - Jackson! - (gunshot) He ran to the vehicle bay.
He's gone.
We can't do anything without Jackson.
I found something in your blood results I thought you should know.
ALLISON: Those horses in England weren't ignoring everyone else, they were targeting you.
Because you're pregnant.
You gonna tell everybody? That is what I was going to ask you.
Everything you said lined up with a Noah Objective scientist we spoke with two days ago.
His name is Dr.
Robert Oz.
It is a scary thing to realize the mutation has jumped to humans.
I must convince the Cabinet of Ministers.
They're meeting in Washington in two days.
I need you to come with me to the embassy and convince the Minister of Defense that we're close to a cure.
Your father has something I need.
And he won't give it to me unless he sees you.
I'm willing to turn myself in, but I need proof that you've got him.
Sir, the field team just called from the safe house.
Robert Oz is gone.
I want Jackson Oz dead.
DAVIES: If we kill his son, Robert Oz will find us.
We should run.
Any sign of Jackson? No.
(sighs) There are reports of shots fired at IADG HQ.
- Great.
Any casualties? - Unclear.
Story's not being picked up by the news outlets.
I'm piecing things together from social media.
MITCH: We're gonna need surveillance at the IADG and surrounding traffic cams.
Working on it.
Here we go.
Says here shots were fired at 4:23 p.
Is that? Robert Oz.
Go to traffic cams.
So that's 12th Street.
There should be another camera at G.
ABRAHAM: They're heading north.
Where is Robert taking him? We should be able to pick him up at New York Avenue.
Maybe they turned.
Try Massachusetts.
13th and M? They're gone.
So, the Great and Powerful Oz.
Crazy son of a bitch is still alive.
And now he has the one thing that he has coveted the most.
(helicopter whirring in distance) You lost Robert Oz? He disappeared, sir.
He's a scientist, not a sorcerer.
You understand that without him, we can't fix the TX gas.
All the clean DNA in the world won't help us if we can't first wipe the slate clean.
Yes, sir, I know.
There's more.
We just got word from the Russians.
It looks like they're voting to reject the Noah Objective.
They're making the decision today.
Don't you worry about the Russians, I got that covered.
You just find Robert Oz and his mutant son.
(door opens) JAMIE: Abe, you've been up all night.
- You need to get some rest.
- No.
We're running out of time.
The Noah Objective launches in less than 48 hours.
ALLISON: Maybe not.
I just got off the phone with Leonid Ivankov.
He believes he's convinced enough ministers to vote against Davies to pull out of the Noah Objective.
Will that shut Davies down? JAMIE: In a heartbeat.
His plan is to drop the gas in the Siberian jet stream and spread it all over Northern Europe.
Without Russia, the Noah Objective's done.
Thanks to you, and your little talk with Ivankov.
- Nice nice work.
- ALLISON: Jamie was very useful, but the ministers still need to hear from the architect of the cure.
The, um, tie-wearing architect.
Nobody who ever saved the world needed to wear a tie.
Change into whatever people who save the world wear, and meet me in the vehicle bay.
No, I'm just gonna stay here and continue looking for Jackson.
But we have Vera Salvon secured in a safe zone.
She can synthesize the cure.
- So? - So we don't need Jackson.
I'm not going anywhere until I find Jackson.
And I'm staying with him.
MITCH: All right, how about this? Divide and conquer.
You guys go crash the Oz family reunion, and we'll go restart the Cold War, okay? Sounds like a plan.
I I just can't help thinking that if I had told Jackson about my history with his father earlier, we could've avoided all of this.
You were trying to protect Jackson.
Sometimes it's hard to find the right moment to share a secret.
Secrets are just another kind of lie.
That's not the way you treat people you love.
Coffee? Sure.
(rumbling, whirring in distance) Dariela, did you hear - Jackson.
- (tires screech) Jackson, I'm-I'm sorry, rafiki, - about everything.
- No, Abe, I'm-I'm sorry.
- I-I did not mean - What happened? We saw you with your father, and then where did you go? He knew where to go, where-where Davies couldn't find us.
And everything was fine, but then he tried to poison me.
- What? - I don't know what happened, but, Abe, we got to get out of here.
We got to get this plane up in the air, because Davies is gonna be looking for us.
Jackson, Jackson, where is your father? Right there.
Did Davies do this? I think I did.
On my count.
One, two A little heads-up on the takeoff would've been nice.
Is this Jackson's car? We need to get out of U.
airspace before General Davies can find us.
Okay? You Jackson.
- You were supposed to put me - Jackson.
Jackson, come.
- We need to restrain him! - (grunting) Jackson, no, stop! We had a deal.
You were supposed to put me down, not just shoot me.
You didn't do it, you coward.
I want you to see what you've done.
Go over there, see what you've done.
(grunting) (Jackson snarls) The defiant pupil.
(grunts) We're trying to help you, Jackson.
This isn't Jackson.
We're doing this for your safety.
We'll be right back, rafiki.
Help me.
JACKSON: Where are you going? Abe, don't do it! Don't help him! He's evil.
Don't trust him.
He did this to me.
You hear me? Don't trust him.
(growling breaths) (door closes) ALLISON: The Russians have to believe that we have the cure.
Which would be a full-on lie.
I could tell them we're close.
But we're still short one animal An animal that's been extinct for 14,000 years.
So we're really not that close, are we? I told them that, but I left out the extinction part and the mysterious island of Pangaea.
Just get up there, smile, and tell them that we can fix it.
We'll figure out the rest later.
Says the woman who doesn't have to figure it out later.
Mitch, some people are born great.
Others have greatness thrust upon them.
This is your chance.
To become one of the thrusted? JAMIE: Minister Ivankov.
This is my wife Sabine, my daughter Tasha.
- (clears throat) - Ms.
And you must be Professor Morgan.
I am.
Thank you very much for having us.
Don't thank me.
Just convince my cabinet that your cure is our only option.
That's exactly what we'll do.
Not "we.
" You won't be attending, Ms.
You're a high-ranking U.
government official.
It cannot appear as though we are pushing the U.
Very well.
I will meet with you both after the vote is called.
Good luck.
These are the people who are going to make so you can ride a real horse again.
You are going to fix the animals? Uh, that's the plan, yeah.
How's Jackson? He's calmed down, but he's still not himself.
- (animals calling) - (rumbling) (hissing) (animals chittering) Do you think they are reacting to Jackson? (electricity zapping) Hard to say.
You ever hit your old man? If I had tried to hit my father, that would have been the last thing I had ever done.
I got mad at my pops, plenty of times.
Never enough to hit him.
Jackson says he tried to poison him.
- Poison? Really? - I wouldn't put it past him.
This man is not to be trusted.
(grunts) Abraham.
You've grown.
Hello, Professor.
Where's Jackson? He's in the other room.
We had to restrain him.
Who are you? Not important.
Ah, very well, Not Important.
Can you bring me my bag? Now, why would I do that? It's for Jackson.
His brain chemistry's betraying him.
He doesn't have control.
You have to trust me.
Trust you? After all that you've done? That's right.
If you want to help Jackson, then you have to trust me.
Now, please, bring me my bag.
Sir, Dulles tower just reported an unauthorized departure matching the tail number.
- It's them.
- You have confirmation that Robert Oz is on board? They're not responding to radio signals.
Take that as a yes.
Keep talking to Dulles tower, track the plane, and then get me Admiral Rader.
Yes, sir.
- What the hell is in here? - (quiet growling) Easy, easy.
(gasps) Oh, that's disgusting! Oh (hissing, growling) Is that a badger? It is.
And it really doesn't like Not Important.
Badger's spray and saliva are some of the most acidic compounds on Earth.
Can you find a home for our little friend? How's this gonna help Jackson? In nature, acids accelerate decay, breaking down organic compounds.
In Jackson, I'm hoping to restore balance to his brain chemistry break down the spreading tendrils of the mutation.
A mutation that you inflicted upon him.
And you tricked me to inflict upon his mother.
I know you're angry.
But please don't let your anger get in the way of helping Jackson.
His anger already cost me one dose of this.
The poison.
Did you try to give this to Jackson when you were with him earlier? It did not go well.
Look, I can't fix him, but I can help him if he'll let me.
If you'll let me.
Abraham, whatever you think of me, you have to know that I'm a man who loves his son.
(sighs) (growling breaths) Hello, Jackson.
(grunts) You're gonna have to trust me.
Why would I ever trust you? Because I'm your father.
I buried my father two years ago.
Take this, and I'll explain why.
There you are.
Dad? TROTTER: We've got an incoming call.
From who? General Davies.
He's asking to speak to Robert Oz.
Patch him through.
DAVIES: Professor Oz? You're mistaken.
He's not here.
Smart choice to leave U.
Small snag, you are headed straight for the USS Kettner, and all its F-18s are fueled up and itching to get in the air.
I'm here, Davies.
There's no need to do anything rash.
We had a deal.
Now, you have your son back, you give me the real formula for the TX gas or your little reunion will end up on the bottom of the Atlantic.
(line clicks) You will explain in detail how the cure is being made, how you will disperse it into the world.
The Cabinet will take a vote, but it is symbolic.
I've already convinced the majority that the Noah Objective is short-sighted and aggressive.
Well, when the Russians think a plan is too aggressive, you know something's wrong.
The meeting is about to begin, sir.
Thank you.
This DNA bank they plan to use to restart the animal population Can they prove it's viable? Even if it is, the ecosystem will be destroyed.
90% of all plants rely on animals for pollination.
What would humans eat if all of the animals and 90% of plants are just gone? It would take decades to restore balance, if we even survive that long.
Davies has said none of this.
(elevator bell dings) Well, somebody's been paying attention in class.
- (animal growling, man screaming) - (gunshot) (crowd murmuring) What the hell was that? (gunfire) (crowd clamoring, screaming) (roaring) Sabine! Tasha! Get back! Tasha! (pounding, growling continues) We have to go back down there! We will, sir! Hold on! There's security everywhere.
I'm sure Tasha and Sabine are safe.
There's no one picking up.
No signal.
Which should be expected, 'cause we're in a metal box.
Yeah, well, we got to get out of the metal box.
(gorilla howling, roaring) This is where being in a metal box works in our favor.
(roaring) (men grunting) Fighter jets? How long will it take him to find us? F-18s 15, 20 minutes.
Why does Davies think that you have the TX gas formula? But he can't shoot us down, not when he needs something from Robert.
Because I created the TX gas.
You created the TX gas? You want to kill all the animals and 2.
2 million people? It's complicated.
Think again Davies is firmly in the "shoot now, ask questions never" camp.
We need to turn off our transponders.
But we're too close to standard flight paths.
It'd be different if we had an EMP on board.
I could build an EMP.
Now you want to kill the pilots? The electromagnetic pulse won't kill them, it'll kill their planes.
That's what ejector seats are for.
You really think that'll work? It's just as cuckoo as every other plan we've had.
We cut the power to the plane, fire the EMP, - then turn our power back on.
- ROBERT: Jackson, I know you have a lot of questions, and I will answer them all.
But first, we have to build a bomb.
We need alligator clips, batteries, copper wire.
I am not doing anything with you until you give me answers.
All right, what would you like to know? Everything.
Why are you working for Davies? Why'd you fake your death? Where have you been? I know this may be hard for you to believe but everything I've ever done was for you and your mother.
You are a lying piece - I understand that you're upset.
- You understand nothing! I killed her because of you.
- Who? - Mom.
I killed Mom because of you.
Because you turned her into something horrible.
So I put an end to it.
Jackson, I had no idea.
- I never meant - Yes, you did! You created what she became.
What I am becoming.
I am so sorry.
I was trying to protect you.
You can't expect me to believe that.
I knew what was coming.
And when the animals changed, I wanted to know that you and your mother would survive.
I had no idea that you would experience these side effects.
The lab burned down.
My research was cut short.
I burned down the lab, so it's my fault? No, of course not.
I'm not blaming you.
Quite the opposite.
You saw a situation that troubled you.
And you took a drastic action to protect someone you love.
We're not so different, you and I.
And you and I will both be falling out of the sky soon if we don't get this done.
(gorilla roaring) Hurry up! We're trying.
Not all of us are built like you, Mr.
New plan.
Get back! Is he dead? I think so.
(screaming) (gunfire) Shut that! (Sven screaming) (gorilla roaring) We have to get out of here.
(gorilla growling) (electricity crackles) This reminds me of your third grade science fair project, do you remember? No.
You made a crystal radio, so you could try to hear the aliens.
It was a hell of a radio.
What I do remember is getting a phone call telling me that my dad had gone crazy and thrown himself overboard while deep-sea fishing.
Oh, and that he drowned.
That was years later.
So what happened? Why'd you do it? I had a lab in Japan.
On the island.
Off of Fukushima.
Yeah, I know, Abe and I were there.
Your dear old dad at his finest.
I was discovered by a group of people who thankfully looked past the eccentric nature of my work.
They recruited me to be part of a para-government organization.
I didn't know exactly who these people were at the time.
All that mattered was that they believed me.
They suggested that my research could be done more effectively if I was off the grid.
Meaning dead.
Well, then how'd you wind up with Davies? When the animals changed, these people that recruited me told the government that I wasn't quite as dead as they'd assumed.
I started working on what became the Noah Objective.
Of course, everything changed when I learned what was happening to the A3GC carriers.
- A3GC? - The gene responsible for your mutation.
We call that the ghost gene.
That's a much cooler name.
When I learned the ghost gene carriers were experiencing side effects, I sabotaged my work on the gas.
I demanded that Davies find you, and I started working on ways that I could help you.
Mom and I thought that you were crazy.
Turns out that you were right all along.
"Those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music "" You had that written on a Post-it note in the Subaru by the radio.
Now, that you remember.
(roaring) (pounding) We got to get these doors open.
(gorilla roaring) Just in case we can't, have I thanked you lately for dragging me into this adventure? Come to think of it, no.
- Thank you.
- Been a real treat.
- Come on! - You know, I could've waited out the animal apocalypse from the comfort of my couch.
But where's the fun in that? You two should get bigger room! (grunts) (gasps) - Let's go.
- (gorilla roaring) (people murmuring, screaming) Let me help you down.
Oh, oh, excuse me.
D-Do you know what's happening? The animals are still in the lobby.
The police are here, but we don't know if they've contained them, we don't know where to go.
If that gorilla gets out here, he's gonna slaughter all these people, and us.
Fireman key.
There's no fireman or key.
If we can jam the key, we can send the elevator back down to the lobby, it'll take the gorilla with it.
Uh - Can I borrow your shoe? - What? Oh.
Give him your shoe.
All right, we got to get back in there.
Back in? You can't do that.
It will kill you.
Just we'll be fine.
Just get these people someplace safe.
Everybody, follow me.
All right, I've got to get all the way back into the elevator, jam the key, and then get back out before it cuts me in half.
Sounds good.
I'll watch.
(gorilla howling, roaring) You're gonna have to hoist me up.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I know the drill.
Well, try to do it before King Kong - rips my throat out, okay? - Uh-huh.
TROTTER (over intercom): Got two inbound aircraft heading our way.
100 miles out.
Be on us in five minutes.
Five minutes is generous.
You're sure this thing isn't going to fry our plane? EMP's directional if it's wired right.
Let's just hope Jackson's dad knows what he's doing.
Say this thing actually works.
Davies will just send another plane, or have men waiting for us when we land.
And even if we do actually escape, Jackson is still sick.
And we're nowhere near a cure.
We're just putting a Band-Aid over a hatchet wound.
What's wrong with you? What do you mean? When we met, you were sunshine and bubble baths.
We found a cure once and we'll find it again.
Perhaps you were right all along.
I don't want to be right.
I want to be wrong.
Uh, it's just that taken all that has happened, you have to ask, you have to wonder, why should we believe that our future is any better than today? You cannot do this to me.
You, of all people, cannot give up on the future.
(distorted, echoing): Dariela, are you all right? Oh, my God.
Dariela! Oh, my God.
Dariela! Dariela.
I need help! What happened? I don't know.
She just collapsed.
Of course.
I should have known when the badger sprayed her.
Known what? That she's pregnant.
- Pregnant? - ROBERT: Yes.
The carboxylic acids I harvested from the badger, they attack duplicating cells.
They don't distinguish between cells that are duplicating towards death and towards life.
Dariela is pregnant.
Uh, it would appear so.
Any idea who the father is? Yes.
Quite a good idea.
Could she lose the baby? Not if we act fast.
- Please, do something.
- Of course.
Dariela, it's okay.
We're going to fix this.
Maybe we shouldn't.
Animals are drawn to me.
I'm a target.
I'll just I'll keep bringing heat to the team.
We can handle it.
(groans): What about what you said? About the future? Do we really want to bring a child into this mess? Yes.
Yes, we do.
You can't answer that quickly.
Before, I was wrong.
But now I have something to fight for.
Unless you don't want to.
I do.
I think.
But only if you're sure, Bubble Bath.
'Cause I can't do this alone.
Please can you do what you can? Let's see if we can't neutralize the effects of the acid.
TROTTER (over intercom): They found us.
(jets whooshing) You need to put the EMP in place.
I'll be back.
(gorilla roaring, pounding) You ready? Yeah, as ready as I'll ever be.
(gorilla roaring) (grunts) (roaring) Okay, that's it.
I'm pulling you out.
No, I can almost reach it.
(grunts) Okay, now, now! (elevator bell dings) (roaring fades) (panting) (chittering) They weren't kidding about maternal instincts kicking in and all that.
How so? 'Cause all of a sudden, I'm more worried about this potion working than the F-18s turning us into a fiery afterthought.
Welcome to parenthood.
The word "I" will disappear from your vocabulary.
You'll never go to sleep without thinking of your child first, never again blow out birthday candles and make a wish for yourself.
Got to say, you talk good game for a guy who ran out on his family.
Not every parent knows how to share their truth.
Doesn't make their love a lie.
Yeah, but you also kind of turned your family into mutants, didn't you? I'm afraid this isn't gonna be pleasant.
Now, that I believe.
Welcome to parenthood, right? Yes.
Welcome to parenthood.
(groans quietly) (sighs) Abe, you're gonna be a father.
If we can manage not to get shot out of the sky, I'm going to be a father.
- And you, you have a father again.
- Yeah.
If we manage not to get shot out of the sky, then I guess I do.
TROTTER: They're coming in for the kill.
You better work your magic.
We need to go, now.
- Okay, open the gate, I'll finish this.
- Okay.
(alarm blaring) (gate opening) (quietly): Okay, okay, okay, okay.
It's great to have you back, rafiki.
Good to be back.
We need to go.
We need to power it up now.
Trotter cut the power! Now! (electricity pulses) (electricity whirring) It worked.
ROBERT: You feeling better now? Be better soon.
(panting) Your lab's a little short of seat belts.
I thought it would be best to buckle up, just in case.
Are you - are you all right? - Yeah.
Let's just get one thing straight.
Just because I'm pregnant, we're not gonna turn this into a whole overprotective thing, right? JACKSON: Great.
So you're still Knocked up? That's what the doc tells me.
I think the baby's gonna be fine.
I was able to reverse the effects of the acid.
Just steer clear of badgers.
And otters.
Actually, to be safe, let's give a wide berth to the entire Mustelidae family.
Copy that.
Robert I don't know what to say.
(sighs) I know that you may never be able to forgive me for Elizabeth.
Both of you have the right to hate me.
But I hope eventually you'll believe me when I say all I wanted was the best for her.
And you.
Nice work.
I wish I could say the same.
You panicked.
You almost pulled me too soon.
Well, you've already lost a toe for this team.
I think losing an arm or a head - would just be showing off.
- (chuckles) You know, when we can manage to be civil, we still make a pretty good team.
Yeah, but where's the fun in that? MAN: Anybody up here? Lobby's been secured.
It's safe to come down.
(sizzling) You know, no one's used the stove since we've been here.
Microwave, yeah, but stove, no.
Can hardly blame you.
With all the globe-trotting and world-saving.
But after the stunt we pulled, we deserve a home-cooked meal.
Or at least some melted cheese on bread.
We've changed courses, away from the carrier, so we should be okay.
Davies will have trouble finding us.
But we're gonna have to go back at some point.
Find the others, refuel.
And Davies will probably find us then.
We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.
First, please tell me you remember me making you grilled cheese sandwiches.
What's with all these questions about what I remember? Guess I wanted to see where I stood in your memories.
Is it all mad scientist? Or if there's still some good in there.
Like crystal radios.
Crystal radios.
Grilled cheese sandwiches.
I remember chess.
You were good at chess.
I was not good at chess.
You beat me every time we played.
Not every time.
Pender Island? That's right.
I did beat you once.
You didn't let me win, did you? No, not even close.
I always told you that you needed to think Five moves ahead.
I remember.
And I did.
And it was never good enough.
It was enough that day.
You were thinking five, six, even seven moves ahead.
And you demolished me.
That was the happiest loss of my life.
I was so proud of you.
I am so proud of you.
The man you've become.
The work you've done.
This is all very impressive.
What are you talking about? The sloth, the snake.
All Triple-Helix, I'm guessing.
You figured out the cure.
No one in the government's even come close.
Yeah, well, that's just it.
(sighs) We're close, but that's not good enough.
We, uh we have to find a saber-toothed cat.
Ooh, that does present a challenge.
What with their being extinct.
There's a rumor that we can find one on an island.
Called Pangaea.
(jet whooshing) (rattling) How'd Davies find us? (indistinct police radio chatter) ALLISON: I'm so sorry.
Are you okay? I-I came back as soon as I heard about the attack.
His daughter was killed.
Along with 14 other people.
They're not, um they're not still on board, are they? Would you be? Well, this doesn't change the facts.
The Noah Objective is still gonna cost many, many more lives - in the long run.
- Try explaining to a man whose daughter was just murdered by a crazed gorilla that any plan to rid the world of crazed gorillas isn't a plan worth pursuing.
I gave everything that I have to this team.
I believed in what we were doing.
But we lost.
We just played our last card.
The gas is going to drop, and the world is never gonna be the same.
We made the animals our enemies, the monsters.
But we're the monsters.
And now we're gonna punish them for our mistakes.
Look, we'll find another way.
Find another way.
For the first time in my life, I wish that you were right and I was wrong.
The plane is all yours, but I have to get back to work.
I couldn't help you save the animals, but I can help the people of this country try and survive whatever comes next.
I, um, wish the best for you both.
Jamie, would you mind? Could I have a minute? Um Allison, listen, I It's okay.
It is.
I see the way that you look at her.
I know that you think that she's special and you're meant to be together.
But as someone who knows you very well you're not.
You're going to destroy each other.
Good-bye, Mitch.
DAVIES: Excellent work.
The attack was more effective than I expected.
You didn't tell me there would be children there.
If your conscience is bothering you, feel free to donate this to the widows of the Russian officials.
That's one problem solved.
We may have solved another one.
You have an incoming call.
From Robert Oz.
- Excellent.
- Sir.
What about the security guard? Take care of him.
I've just e-mailed you the correct formula.
Test it.
I assure you it will work.
Now leave me and my son alone.
(beep) How could you do that? We underestimated him.
He'd just send another plane and then another.
You just gave him the TX gas formula.
You are killing all the animals and me and anyone else with the ghost gene.
What I'm doing is thinking seven moves ahead.
How can you say that? I need you to turn off the plane's transponders and give your pilot this.
What is this? I'm taking you to meet my friends.
- Your friends? - That's right.
They've been waiting to meet you.
Together, we will fix you, fix the animals and save the world.
After everything that we have been through, how do you expect me to believe a word that you are saying to me? It'll all become clear in Pangaea.
- Pangaea? - That's right.
I'm taking you to meet my friends, the Shepherds, who live on the island of Pangaea.
(beep) Trotter, I need you to turn off the transponders and go to the following coordinates.