Zoo (2015) s02e12 Episode Script

Pangaea / Clementine

1 Previously on Zoo We have to find a saber-toothed cat.
There's a rumor that we can find one on an island called Pangaea.
She just collapsed.
- I should've known.
- Known what? That she's pregnant.
Any idea - who the father is? - Yes.
Quite a good idea.
You were working for Davies the whole time! You made the same choice that I made that you're gonna survive in this new world, whatever it takes.
- (silenced gunshot) - Good luck opening your chute.
Why does Davies think that you have the TX gas formula? Because I created the TX gas.
PSA NARRATOR: Scientists have been collecting DNA samples.
Every species on Earth will be recreated from this healthy DNA.
Killing the animals? Play God and repopulate the planet? This is ridiculous.
I'm taking you to meet my friends, the Shepherds, who live on the island of Pangaea.
Welcome to Sierra One.
Nerve center of Pangaea.
From the air, you have no idea any of this is here.
Yeah, that's the idea.
You okay, son? Why'd you bring us here? To get the saber-toothed cat, complete your cure and save the animals.
Yeah, you gave Davies the formula for the TX gas.
That gas will kill all the animals.
And over two million people.
Not if we do what we came here to do.
And what is that exactly? You've told us nothing.
What is this place? What have you been doing here? The same thing you and your team have been doing.
Trying to save the world.
My son, Jackson.
His teammates, Dariela Marzan, Abraham Kenyatta.
It's a pleasure to meet you all.
We've been following your progress.
I understand your apprehension.
Explanations are in order.
If you'll follow me? Pangaea was established in the mid-19th century by a consortium of scientists, the Shepherds, who feared human progress would one day be the undoing of our planet.
So this is where you've been since you died two years ago? Yeah.
Working with the other Shepherd scientists to stop the animal mutation.
Well, if that's true, how did you end up with the Noah Objective? We placed him there.
It was the only way to control Davies.
“Control Davies.
” Davies has everything that he needs to move forward with the Noah Objective because of this guy.
That was the only way to save you and your team's work.
How do you even know what we've been doing? We've had our eye on Dr.
Morgan for quite a while.
When the two of you started working together, well, we expected great things.
Then you know he should be here.
We're trying to locate him and Jamie Campbell as we speak.
SOLDIER: Clear! Move it! (distorted voices speaking indistinctly) Decoy convoy just left.
We know we're gonna get hit.
So once we step through that door, we are weapons-free.
SOLDIERS: Sir, yes, sir! We are less than 12 hours away from the release of the TX-14 gas.
The start of the Noah Objective.
After TX-14 has wiped out the mutated animals, the DNA in this crate will repopulate the world with clean, healthy animals.
So, right now, this is the most important cargo on Earth.
Safeties off! SOLDIER: Let's go.
SOLDIER 2: All right.
(whispering): Shouldn't this stuff be in Fort Knox or something? It was.
There have already been three attempts to steal it.
So this is the backup to the backup to the backup? Yeah.
With all that moving around, at least we have a chance.
But stealing this DNA is our last shot at stopping the Noah Objective.
Come on.
(radio crackling) What's that smell? It's like cotton candy.
Cover your mouth and nose.
It's halothane.
Knockout gas.
Whoever's chasing the DNA is still here.
(radio crackles) (coughing, wheezing) There it is.
Let's take it and go.
Drop your weapon.
Logan? Hello, Jamie.
ROBERT: The best thing you can do for Mitch and Jamie is to work with us to prepare the cure.
Now, even if Mitch's protocols work, we haven't finalized a way to distribute it.
But we have.
This is our aviary.
We've developed a genetically enhanced strain of the avian flu.
The perfect vector.
But instead of disease, this virus will be carrying your cure, which 40,000 birds will deliver into the animal population.
- Birds? - Yes.
DARIELA: There's just one thing.
We still need a live DNA sample from a saber-toothed cat.
And that's where I come in.
Who are you? This is Reece.
Head of security.
Knows the island better than anybody else.
The saber-tooths are in Quadrant Six.
But knowing where they are and how to find one in the open so we can collect a sample, two very different things.
Well, we have experience tracking animals.
Not like these.
They're reclusive, secretive.
I've lived on this island for half my life, and I've only seen one in the wild.
What if we lure them out? Sure.
But it's not like we can tie a side of beef to a tree and just wait.
I'm the only side of beef you need.
Excuse me? I'm pregnant.
- The animals are drawn to me.
- She's right.
- Absolutely not.
- Abe.
What are you proposing? This could endanger your life and the life of our child.
It's the only way.
If we don't get this sample, there is no cure, and there won't be a world left to raise our child in.
Besides, I'm a better shot than you anyway.
(weapon fires) Dude I'm wearing Kevlar.
(over P.
): Attention, all personnel Not on your face.
there is a breach in Zone Eight.
We have a breach in Zone Eight.
Jamie, get in the truck.
(alarm continues blaring) It's too heavy.
You're not getting out of here without my help.
(over P.
): Attention, all personnel, there is a breach in Zone Eight.
How are you here? I watched you fall.
(grunting): Yeah.
Out of the back of a plane - with a tranq dart in my chest.
- (grunts) Thanks for that.
We got to go.
Lucky for me my altimeter deployed my chute.
(engine starts) You in? Yeah.
(siren blaring) (tires screech) Freeze! Don't move! (indistinct chatter) Step out of the truck! (indistinct radio chatter) Step out of the truck now! I'm gonna buy us some time.
Make it count.
Mitch! Mitch Morgan.
Why am I not surprised? Only you would be arrogant enough to doom the entire planet by stealing that DNA just because your cure didn't work.
Well, I got news for you.
You've failed again.
Not yet.
We rigged up a little something in the back of the truck.
My thumb comes off this button I'd back up if I were you.
Absolutely not.
I need this DNA.
Why? So you can sell it? Do you even have a soul? I don't need one after the check for this job clears.
If Davies gets ahold of this DNA, it is over! We need to destroy it.
You're killing me right now.
What are you doing? According to you the right thing.
I know you, Morgan You're a coward.
Cowards don't fight, cowards don't sacrifice.
Cowards bluff.
And then they get shot.
Well, apparently, you haven't been paying attention.
Because if you think that after all we've been through, after all we've lost, that I'm not willing to die to stop you you're wrong.
It's a little trick I learned from a guy.
As the lace unwinds, it slowly undoes the knot, - which releases - I don't care how it works, just tell me what it's gonna do.
It's a delayed fuse.
How much time do we have? 20 seconds.
Well, you may have the gall, but you don't have the means.
He's bluffing, take him.
Secure the cargo.
- 20 seconds? - I think.
What is this, a laser pointer? How pathetically appropriate.
He called my bluff.
Wasn't a bluff.
DAVIES: You just killed the Noah Objective.
(birds singing, insects trilling) REECE: Well, this is a first.
In the heart of the saber-tooth's hunting ground, walking around with a pregnant woman who's supposed to be like catnip for the big cats and, uh, oh, yeah, no live rounds.
We need a live sample.
She sure doesn't make things easy, does she? Never.
You guys know those tranqs you're carrying won't slow 'em down, right? Not even a little bit.
Don't worry about us.
Just focus on getting those samples.
Oh, Lucy and I got this.
You named your crossbow.
That's quirky.
Yeah, she's custom-designed for sample retrieval.
Nonlethal, of course.
Plus, she looks cool, I even wrapped her stock up like a hockey stick.
When you spend all year sweating your ass off in the jungle, the ice starts to look pretty appealing.
The birds.
They've stopped calling.
We must be getting close.
Or they must be getting close to us.
You notice any environmental anomalies? No.
What are you guys talking about? The other Triple-Helix animals all affected the environment.
Earthquakes, acid rain, ice.
So you're wondering what the big cats do, right? Yes.
Well, you're standing on it.
When Leonard Pierce and the Shepherd founders first arrived, this island was barely 200 square miles.
Now, it's 20 times that size, thanks to the saber-tooths.
How is that possible? You should ask Dr.
All I know is that every couple months, there are underwater volcanic eruptions around the island and when the lava flow cools more beachfront property.
(growling) What was that? (low growling) What's wrong? We're not tracking this cat.
It's tracking us.
Get 'em! Do you have any idea what you've done? Pretty sure we just ruined your little genocide.
You just destroyed humanity's last hope.
JAMIE: Now you have no choice but to try and cure the animals.
Sir, what do you want to do with them? - Secure them for transport.
- Yes, sir.
I never thought it would end this way.
The Noah Objective, a failure.
Sir? We have to abort the mission.
You said it yourself.
The Noah Objective is the only solution.
You can't just surrender.
Sergeant, we are not gonna kill all of the world's animals if there's no hope of ever bringing them back.
- But, sir - It's over, son.
Time to go home.
This is General Davies.
I'm requesting a secure channel to the Noah Objective command center.
My clearance code is Foxtrot, Tango, Lima, Six, Delta, Three, Three, Niner.
Command, this is Alpha (crack) Noah Objective is a go.
Repeat, Noah Objective is a go.
You and Davies have a nice cry? Shut up.
You gonna kill us? I said shut up! Oh, my God.
There's a car wash on the corner of Lincoln and 223rd Street.
I'll meet you there.
I'm taking you to your friends.
Who are you? Someone who wants to see the world back to how it's supposed to be.
What about Davies? What about the Noah Objective? I'll take care of it.
Now go before Davies comes back.
Well, Mitch is not gonna be happy about this.
No, he'll be fine.
Especially if we complete the genomic fossil serum.
Isn't this all, um, too little, too late, Dad? I mean, you gave Davies the TX gas formula.
He has the combined air forces of the IADG to distribute it.
And we have birds.
It will take them time to manufacture the gas.
And at the drop zone, it will take at least 12 hours to take effect.
Which means that we not only have a chance, we might actually have an advantage.
But I can't do it without you.
You really, uh, enjoy being the underdog, don't you? “Against all odds, a hero still makes it home in time for supper”" Your mother used to tell me that whenever the pot roast was getting cold.
Now, if these calculations are correct, the serum will not only eliminate the mutation from your DNA and create a by-product in your blood that will allow us to cure the animals.
No pressure.
You're gonna do great, son.
You used to do that before my track meets.
Pat me on the back of the neck.
I loved to watch you run.
You always started so damn fast.
It was like a lion was chasing you.
Made me feel like you were out there with me, pushing me to run faster.
So I was a lion? Yeah.
Yeah, I guess so.
Well, today I am not leaving your side.
We're doing this.
(birds chirping) (electrical humming) What is this? That is Section K.
What's Section K? Let's just say not all our experiments go according to plan.
And when they don't, they end up in there.
But nothing gets through that fence.
It'll protect our flank from the saber-tooth.
(roaring) - Abe - I know what you are going to say, - that you don't want me to protect you.
- Yes.
- But I'm going to anyway.
- (roars) - Look out! - (growling) (grunting) Reece! Reece, shoot it! Come on, Reece! (snarling, yowls) Back of the net! (growling) (screams) Reece! (roaring) (Reece screaming) Reece! Reece, where are you? - (growling) - (Reece screaming) Reece! - (snarling) - Reece! (growling) (screaming) (screams) Another man down on the way to the cure.
We have the final piece to the puzzle.
Now let's go finish this.
Did you prep that sloth sample? Right here.
Thank you.
What is it? It's nice to see you doing good work in the lab again, Dad.
It's a relief to be able to do my work in the open, finally.
With you.
No secrets.
And into the centrifuge with you.
TROTTER: Abe and Dariela are on their way back.
They have the saber-toothed cat DNA.
- (chuckles) - We'll be ready.
(beep) Why Dr.
Morgan made the protocol so complicated is beyond me.
I know a simpler way to prep the DNA from the saber-tooth.
Please don't do that.
Took me hours of trial and error to get that protocol right.
It's about time you guys showed up.
Come here.
(grunts) Logan.
Mansdale, you brought one of Davies' men here? Considering we just destroyed the Noah Objective's supply of clean DNA, I'm pretty sure I'm off of Davies' Christmas card list.
You did what? It's gone.
We blew it up.
No clean DNA, no Noah Objective.
That's unbelievable.
Well, what's unbelievable is that we, uh, intercepted him trying to steal it.
Nobody's perfect.
He's a liability.
Oh, don't look at me.
I don't even know your real name.
And frankly, I don't care.
- Do what you want with him.
- Jamie.
You heard her.
I don't want him anywhere near the compound.
You understand me? Yes, sir.
Jamie! Dr.
Morgan, it's an honor.
The work you've done here is exemplary.
Looks like you've been busy.
Yes but now the real work can begin.
I followed your protocol to the letter.
Then why aren't we seeing any reaction? I don't know.
Maybe there are problems - with the protocol.
- The protocol's fine.
What the hell's going on here? Ask your dear ol' dad.
Your DNA is not interacting with the serum the way we need it to.
I'm telling you, something has changed.
And if it wasn't the protocol or the DNA or the genomic fo What-what is that? It's nothing.
It's, yeah My dad has me on a medication to control the symptoms.
It's obviously time for the next dose.
What medication? The badger acid.
It's interfering with the serum.
How long is it gonna take to clear his system? 36 hours? What? No.
We-we don't have that kind of time.
But you said that the Noah Objective planes are grounded, so we're not fighting against a clock.
Yeah, but the animals don't know that.
The mutation could change (snaps fingers) again in 36 hours, so our window is now.
No more medication until we figure this out.
But without it, the symptoms of the mutation will come back, unabated.
I can handle it.
But can we handle you? I'll talk to Dr.
I'll see if there are any other drug candidates that may help mitigate the symptoms.
(breathing heavily) How are they doing in there? They're working as fast as they can.
How are you? I feel like, uh there's a dam inside me about to crack wide open and there's nothing I can do to stop it.
Mitch, your father, and the Shepherds they're working on a solution.
I don't know, Abe.
Even if they do figure it out, there's no guarantee that the serum will work.
It will work.
Yeah, well, what if it doesn't? Jackson Abe, listen to me.
Whatever's happening inside of me, it is happening very fast.
So, I need you to promise me that you will do what Dariela couldn't.
- I can't.
- You have to.
- Rafiki - Please.
- No.
- Listen to me! I don't want to hurt anybody else, Abe.
Okay? This isn't you.
But pretty soon, Abe, it's all that's gonna be left of me.
Jackson, it doesn't have to come to that.
What if it already has and we just don't know it yet, Abe? I can't end up like Kovacs like my mother.
It can only be you.
You're my brother.
You have my word.
You wanted to see us? I was evaluating the medication that your lab sent over.
One in particular caught my eye SM-117.
One of our most promising neuroprotectants.
You think it could help Jackson? This isn't about Jackson.
The reason I'm interested in SM-117 is because I've seen it before in an experimental drug used by Reiden Global to treat my daughter's Glazier's disease.
Do you care to explain to me how your neuroprotectant ended up in a phase three drug trial? We should have been open with you from the beginning.
We gave SM-117 to Reiden Global.
Why? Stopping the spread of the animal mutation's been one of our top priorities.
We've had some success but there have also been setbacks.
You created Glazier's disease? I know this is little consolation for the suffering your daughter endured Shut up.
Shut up.
This mistake was it based on your work on the ghost gene? Yes, it was.
And the-the fact that my, my daughter was affected? That means she has the ghost gene? I'm afraid so.
Morgan Get out.
Just get out, please.
No, no, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
The gene that you injected Jackson with, did you inject yourself? I did.
Exact same synthetic version? It was.
Why? You want to make it up to me? To my daughter and to all the families of all the people that you killed with Glazier's disease? Roll up your sleeve.
How are you feeling? Peachy.
Make sure the straps are tight.
I've seen a lot of improvised field medicine, but this is something else.
You know, it's crazy enough it just might work.
I wish I'd thought of it.
We don't have to completely eliminate the badger acid from Jackson's system, just reduce it.
If we can increase his blood volume with some genetically analogous whole blood cells.
So, Robert's providing a kind of genetic transfusion.
And we're only gonna get one shot at this, so everybody ready? Ready.
(monitor beeping) What's happening? He's hypertensive.
Is his blood pressure still within range? Barely.
I'm fine.
Keep going.
Be strong, rafiki.
(monitor beeping) Okay, the transfusion worked.
The acid shouldn't interfere with the serum.
Home stretch, son.
Thank God.
(grunts) Jackson.
With the acid diluted, there's nothing holding the mutation back.
We have to hurry.
I need that serum.
MITCH: Come on, come on, come on.
All right, I'm not gonna lie, buddy.
This is, this is gonna hurt.
Just do it! Jackson.
You still with us? That wasn't so bad.
What is that? That would be our cure.
(chuckles) We have a problem.
Well, what now? Jackson's not producing enough of the cure compound.
No, you're right.
There should be twice that amount by now.
Well, what does that mean? Hey, you said no more secrets.
What does that mean? At this rate, there's a good chance you'll die before you produce enough of this.
Okay, then bleed me dry.
Take as much of the compound as you need.
Did you hear what he said? Okay, that'll kill you.
Yeah, I heard him.
I at least this way, I die for something.
- No.
- No, listen, Dad, we tried everything.
No, no, we haven't tried everything.
Give me the genomic fossil serum.
Uh, you don't have the mutation.
You can't do that.
This isn't about me.
This is about Jackson.
With my body pre-staging the serum, Jackson won't have to work so hard to synthesize the cure.
It'll be like that Mother's Day when you were five.
You wanted to make your mom an omelet.
Oh, come on, no omelet analogies.
Indulge me.
I cut the bell peppers, the mushrooms, cracked the eggs.
And you poured everything into the pan and finished the omelet.
- Remember? - JACKSON: No.
What I do remember is Mom coming (chuckling): downstairs and saying that she was craving pancakes.
She did, didn't she? The dog got the omelet and we went to IHOP.
Hey, Mitch, will this work? Yeah, I think so.
Get the injection ready.
And I think, um, I think that was probably one of your mom's favorite Mother's Days.
JACKSON: Oh, I don't know about that, Dad, but the dog sure got a kick out of it.
What-what-what will the serum do to him? Oh, I'll be fine.
Wait a second.
- Hey.
- Jackson.
Wait wait a second, Mitch.
- Jackson, there is no other way.
- No, no, no.
- No, there is another way.
- What is one life - compared to the millions of lives - JACKSON: Put that down.
- That will be saved? - Mitch! I don't care.
Mitch, stop walk - This is the way that it has to be! - Mitch, stop walking over there! Put that down! Put that down right now! Okay?! Just everyone Cr just everyone calm down.
I'm sorry, Jackson.
No, no! No! Thank you, Dr.
Thank you.
(breathing heavily) (sighs) Poor Jackson.
Poor Robert.
ROBERT: All right, I got one for you.
Why did the cow become an astronaut? (laughs) Because he wanted to walk on BOTH: The moo-oon.
You realize how odd it is that all of our jokes are animal-based? (laughs) Of course.
It was always about the animal.
(chuckles) How you feeling, son? Better.
- I'm sorry, Jackson.
- Oh No, let me finish.
I never got a chance to say this to your mother, and she deserved to hear it, so let me at least say it to you.
I thought that I knew best.
I always thought that I knew best.
Truth be told, lying here in this chair, dying, fluids draining from my body, amidst an animal apocalypse that I may be partially responsible for, I I still think that I know best.
But that's my arrogance.
The same arrogance that assured me that I could save all of us, that you and your mom would finally understand and come back to me.
But instead, I almost lost both of you.
Jackson, I thank God I finally had the chance to make it right.
If not with your mother, than at least with you.
Mom would have loved to have known the truth about you.
You were always such a mystery to us.
To me.
Well, I hope you solved it by now.
“Against all odds, a hero still makes it home in time for supper”" Hey, I got one for you.
You ready? What did the aardvark say to the taxi driver? Dad? Mitch? I'm sorry.
Untie me.
Please untie me.
It worked.
I'm right here, Dad.
I'm right here.
(birds singing and cooing) (wings flapping) (birds cooing and singing) You did this.
We did this.
All of us.
(birds singing and cooing) Look at them.
They're normal.
It's been a long time since I've seen animals behave as an animal should.
(birds cooing) (bird chirping) This will activate the release switch on all the cages.
There are seven launch points around the island.
The birds are ready when you are, Professor.
I wish Chloe were here.
Chloe would have loved this day more than anything.
To see the animals, the world, back to the way it once was.
Well, what are you waiting for? Push it already.
(beep) (birds singing) (birds singing) Hey, you ever been to Maine? No.
Would you like to go to Maine with me? There's, um, somebody there I'd like you to meet.
Clem? Oh, yeah.
Yeah, I-I would love that.
Then can we get out of here? (laughs) Yeah.
Yeah, I'll call Trotter.
So what's next? I don't know.
And to be honest, not knowing feels pretty good.
I miss Africa.
So do I.
Assuming all will be well from now on.
How does Botswana sound to you? Sounds like home.
Trotter? Yes, ma'am.
Hey, we did it.
Let's get the plane and go back to the mainland.
No can do.
The air space has been closed.
What? Where? Everywhere.
Standing by.
(computer trilling) (excited chatter, cheering and whooping) If air space is shut down all over the globe, then that means Oh, my God.
My fellow Shepherds, the Noah Objective has launched.
The gas has been released.
And the birds have left the beach.
Our work is finally complete.
(applause and cheering) They're dropping the gas.
They're dropping the gas! The Noah Objective The Noah Objective it's on.
They've cleared the air space.
The planes are in the air already.
You said you took care of the Noah Objective.
And I did.
The planes are doing exactly what they're meant to do.
You did this? (gun chambers clicking) We just released the cure! What are? That gas is gonna kill all the animals, Mansdale.
And Clem.
- (grunting) - Hey! Hey! (indistinct chatter, grunting) What have you done?! It makes no sense! It'll all be clear to you, to the entire world, very soon.
(grunting): Son of a bitch! (grunting) Get them out of here! - Hey! Hey! - What did you do? (indistinct chatter) What did you do, Mansdale? What did you do? Don't You son of a bitch! What did you do?! (yelling) (grunting) JACKSON: Damn you! You killed them all! - (grunts) - ABRAHAM: Calm down, Jackson.
We got to find a way out of here.
ABRAHAM: Let's look over here.
MITCH: I got to get to my daughter.
We'll figure it out, Mitch.
Well, that's easy for you to say.
The serum cured you.
Clem still has the ghost gene.
Once they drop that gas over Maine, she's got less than 12 hours to live.
Why would the Shepherds help us make a cure to save the animals and then drop a gas that will kill them? Check these out.
What what is that? What the hell?! What's going on? (grunting) ABRAHAM: Logan? What happened to you? Some kind of animal gets in here.
I barely made it into this crevice.
- Otherwise I'd be dead.
- Well, you're just one lucky son of a bitch, then, aren't you? How did the animal get inside? - (alarms wailing) - No, no, no, no.
It's feeding time again.
That gate opens.
They come in here.
This cavern is their food bowl.
As soon as that gate opens, I say we run like hell.
All right.
That's crux The southern cross.
Which means south is that way.
The Shepherd compound was at the southernmost tip of the island.
And that's where the plane is.
- (grunting) - Abe, what are you doing? We need to protect ourselves.
Logan, give me your arm.
- Leave him.
- Best idea ever.
- No.
He's gonna slow us down.
I'm not leaving him.
MITCH: Less talking, more running.
- JAMIE: Come on! - Now we go.
(growling, roaring) Come on! (panting) Come on.
Come on, you got this.
(growling continuing) JACKSON: You got to keep moving.
- We're in Section K.
- What the hell is Section K? Reece said it's where the Shepherds keep their mistakes.
- Mistakes? - Yeah.
- They have mistakes? - DARIELA: Apparently.
And a lot of them.
(roaring in distance) Okay, look, get back.
Get back.
- All right! - Go! - We need to move! We need to move now.
(siren chirps) MAN (on P.
): Freeze! Stay right where you are.
Stop! Do not move! Do not move! Command, we got a problem at Section K, gate three.
(roaring) Aah! What the hell are those things? - They're the Shepherds' mistakes.
- (screaming) Move, move! Let's go, come on! (screaming) Those wolf things are taking over the compound.
We have to secure the plane.
Let's just get out of here.
The Shepherds might be on board.
(alarm blaring) DARIELA: Mitch! - Hey, hey.
- Mitch, wait! The Triple-Helix animals They're gone.
The serum.
Oh what happened in here? Trotter.
Oh, thank God it's you.
I've been hiding under my bunk for hours.
What happened? Hey.
Your Shepherd friends took everything back to their lab - and then all hell broke loose.
- Is there anyone else on the plane? No, just us.
I'm gonna go start pre-flight.
- Ow! - You know, for a mercenary, you have the pain threshold of a first grader.
A mercenary? After all we've been through, that's all you think I am? I can think of a lot of other things to call you.
Genomic fossil serum's gone.
Mitch, I know that the serum cured me, but it killed my father.
Are you sure it's safe for Clem? The drug that Reiden gave Clem is a neuroprotectant.
It'll stop the side effects from the serum.
Reiden did something good for once.
Trotter's safe, plane's secure.
Once that gas drops, we'll have less than 12 hours to get the serum to her.
We are not leaving here without it.
You want to go back out there? That is exactly what we're gonna do.
- Hold that there.
- Ow! What was my father doing, working with the Shepherds? Trying to heal the animals.
Did those hybrid wolves look healed to you? This doesn't make any sense.
What was he doing here? DARIELA: If we're going after the serum, we'll need a way into that bunker.
- (line ringing) - Somebody answer.
Come on, just answer.
Answer, answer, answer.
Come on, come on, come on.
Somebody there? Hey.
Hello? Hello? Hey, yeah, uh, I'm looking for Audra Lewis? Sir Audra Lewis do you know her? Oh, God, I'm so sorry.
Why What-what happened? The safe zone was attacked by animals.
I'm sorry.
Audra and Justin were killed.
I liked them both.
They were good people.
Where's where's Clementine? Nice people.
Audra in particular.
Sir, where is my daughter? Clem was evacuated along with my son David.
They took all the children.
Evacuated where? Where'd they Where'd they take 'em? I don't know.
Dozens of temporary shelters were set up along the coast.
- (alarm starts wailing) - Um what what is that? What's-what's that noise? I'm sorry.
I have to go.
They're dropping the gas, thank God.
Are those the Noah Objective planes? Hey! No, no, don't-don't go! I'm sorry, Mitch.
She could be anywhere.
We're gonna find her.
- And get her the serum.
- How? Well, to start, we found a way into the bunker.
Oh, my God.
Those razorback wolves are no joke.
They didn't leave anybody alive.
Let's just find that serum and get out of here.
Hey, Moe.
Clashes between civilians and the military continue in Moscow, where, nearly 14 hours after the release of the TX-14 gas, animals continue to roam the streets, unaffected.
- As tensions flare - (TV clicks off) So the gas didn't kill the animals? And we're out of the 12-hour window Robert talked about.
It should have affected the animals in Russia by now.
And what about the people like Clem, with the ghost gene? Why no reports of human deaths? Because people die all the time.
Almost 250,000 people die every single day.
That's just life.
So, unless all 2.
2 million people with this ghost gene drop dead in Times Square at the exact same time, it's not gonna be on the news.
When did you start paying attention? I'm smarter than I look.
You'd have to be, just to hold a fork.
Look, just because we didn't leave you to die in that cave doesn't mean we have forgotten about how you sold us out to Davies.
I get it.
But I can make it up to you guys.
How? I can find Clementine.
You? Me.
How can you do that? Because I have military contacts, and not the regular channel kind that Dariela has.
I just need to make a few calls.
I just need a phone.
What's in it for you? I'm not a saint, but I pay my debts.
You're fooling yourself if you think this will get you back on Jamie's good side.
Well, maybe, maybe not, but it certainly beats sitting here watching the news.
Jamie threw you off this plane.
I can promise, if you're not being straight with us, I will make you wish for something as kind as that.
Copy that.
Anything? No.
I'm gonna check upstairs.
Who are we kidding? The serum's not gonna be here.
Hey, we are going to find it.
Then we're going to get to Maine, and you, me and Clem are gonna do whatever people do in Maine, okay? Yeah.
What is this thing? It's old X-ray film.
This must be the stuff that Robert took from Pierce's place in Holbeach.
These are X-rays of the original Triple-Helix animals from 1895.
Look at this.
It looks like Pierce knew that his X-rays were affecting the animals.
He developed a chemical compound to sterilize the Triple-Helix animals.
Which is why the environmental events stopped.
But if he sterilized them, they couldn't reproduce.
How'd the Triple-Helix survive? It's possible that the Triple-Helix was only quieted in some of the animals, silencing its genetic instructions.
Hence, the genomic fossils.
So, Triple-Helix went dormant.
Until the Mother Cell woke it back up.
(footsteps approaching) Found it.
- (sighs) - Hey.
(alarm sounding) FEMALE COMPUTERIZED VOICE: Perimeter breach in southeast sector.
Oh, come on.
(alarm blaring) Perimeter breach detected.
(animals growling) Oh, my God.
They're gonna break down the fence.
(barking and growling) Where did all those hybrids come from? I don't know.
If they storm that runway, the plane can't take off.
If we don't get that power up to 100%, get that fence working, they're coming straight for us.
Okay, it's working.
The system's redirecting power back to the fence.
- (computer chirps) - I found these flash drives.
JACKSON: Unbelievable.
Jackson, what is it? This is the data from one of my father's experiments.
It looks like he was working on the TX-14 gas long before he met Davies.
You know how the neutralizer made it so the poison only - targeted the animals? - Yeah.
Well, it looks like he was working on an alternate neutralizer.
Alternate how? This neutralizer isn't going to make it so that the gas is safe for humans.
It's going to make it so that the gas is safe for animals.
That's insane.
Why would your father want to target humans? I have no idea.
It doesn't make any sense.
What were the Shepherds doing? (low growling) (computer chirps) You guys should probably head back.
Fence back on? Almost.
Well, we're not going without you.
Mitch, come on.
Mitch, let's go.
Listen, guys, if there's another power surge and that fence fails while we're out there in the open or-or while the plane's taxiing, we're toast, okay? Just need a couple more minutes.
Get back to the plane, tell Trotter to fire it up.
You got the serum, right? It's in the bag.
Take these.
There might be some info on 'em about the Shepherds.
Take it.
I'll be fine.
Hey, no, Jackson.
South exit.
It's faster.
Be quick, huh? Yeah.
(door opens) (door squeaks and shuts) (computer chirps, growling) (loud growling) That's right.
Clementine Lewis.
Yes, yes, age 11.
Hold on.
I have somebody who needs to confirm this.
Could you repeat that? Uh-huh.
I'll be sure to tell him.
His Intel's good.
I told you guys I pay my debts.
He wanted me to tell you this was your last chit and This is important You should go screw yourself.
(laughs) And now he has paid his debt.
That's how my world works.
So are we good? Only one person can answer that question.
She's not here.
But this is most definitely a start.
We found the genomic fossil serum.
And we got Clem's location.
She's at a power plant outside Portland.
Oh, that's amazing.
Mitch is two minutes behind us.
We have to head for Clem the second he gets back.
Let's get this bird ready to fly.
Hey, you still got those drives? Yeah.
Let's see if there's anything on 'em.
(phone ringing) Hello.
MITCH: Been meaning to tell you something.
You made the right call in New Brunswick.
(barking, loud thudding) (growling) I couldn't leave Jamie there, but you knew we had to.
You knew the mission was more important than any one person.
ABRAHAM: What's happening? We're coming to get you.
No, you're not.
(loud thudding, growling) I'm trying to get this fence up and running, but I've got a pack of wolfish things outside the door, and it's not looking too good for me.
(loud thudding and growling) You guys come, we're all dead.
We can handle them.
You know I'm a selfish son of a bitch.
If there was any chance of me making it out of here alive, don't you think I'd take it? You're the leader of this team! So why are you questioning me? (loud growling) (loud thudding, growling) You got about nine hours at the most - to get that serum to Clem.
- (loud growling, thudding) Mitch? Abe, listen to me, okay? I've (loud thudding) I've been a less than stellar father.
(loud thudding, growling) There's an understatement, huh? - (growling) - I just want to do If I can just do one thing, one great thing for her before I die - Maybe - (thudding, growling) Maybe make the last thing I do in this world saving her life (growling, loud thudding) You made the right call in New Brunswick.
- I need you to make it again.
- (growling, thudding) (barking) Okay.
I will.
I do need you to promise me that you guys'll you guys'll look after Clem.
(growling, thudding) You're her family now.
(thudding and rattling) You guys are her family now.
(rattling, growling) Tell Jamie (growling, loud thudding) Well, just tell her thanks.
Tell her thank you.
I will.
I promise.
(loud thudding, growling) I know you will.
(computer trilling, chirping) FEMALE VOICE: Southeast sector perimeter secured.
(loud thudding and rattling) Now get that bird in the air.
(beep) Trotter close the ramp.
We're good to go.
(explosive pops, growling) I win.
(growling, rattling) (growling) (loud, bellowing growl) (loud growling, barking) Mitch! (barking and growling over phone) (sighs) These flash drives are a bust.
We can try to check the files, but Where's Mitch? (sighs) He called, and the hybrids They were after him, and they And what? Um Did you leave him there? Jamie - Jamie - What are you talking about? - Where is he? Trotter, turn the plane around.
We have to go back.
Trotter, maintain course.
Abraham, what have you done? Jamie, he's gone.
He wanted us to be safe.
He wanted us to get to Clementine.
And he was willing to die to make sure that happened.
He wanted me to tell you thank you.
It's I (crying) How could you let him? JACKSON: He knew.
When he told us to leave the lab, he knew the hybrids were there.
(crying softly) (sniffling) (crying) We have to finish.
We have to get to Clem.
That's all that matters now.
We have to do it for Mitch.
(crying) (seabirds crying) Our contact said Clem was moved here after the attack.
Yes, but with how many others? We have 20 minutes to find Clem.
So you guys check this area.
Jamie, let's go this way.
Sorry, we're looking for a little girl.
11 years old.
Her name's Clementine Lewis.
WOMAN: I'll take a look.
(indistinct chatter) Hey.
Is that her? I think so.
Clementine? - Yeah? - I'm Jamie.
This is Jackson.
We're friends of your dad's.
Where is he? Uh Your dad, uh, made this for you, okay? It's a medicine that you need to take.
It turns out that there's still part of your Glazier's disease that-that we need to fix.
So he'll fix me but not the animals? He promised.
I don't want to see him.
Clementine I mean it.
I don't want to see him.
He said he would fix the animals and he didn't.
They came to the safe zone.
They killed my mom and Justin.
I'm so sorry, Clem.
(sighs) And now the people at the safe zone are gonna kill Henry.
They're gonna kill all the animals in quarantine.
- Cl-Clem, um - (clears throat) it's very important that we give you this shot, okay? What about Henry? How 'bout this? We give you the shot, and then I promise you We will find Henry.
- (animals calling) - (angry shouting) See? They want to kill the animals.
You said you would help Henry! Look, look, some of the birds from Pangaea.
They made it.
They will cure the animals.
Those animals don't sound cured.
Yeah, well, domesticated animals take their emotional cues from us.
Or maybe they want to rip our heads off.
All right, let's find another way in.
I'll stay with Clem.
Be careful.
(angry shouting continues) (barking) (cooing) It's okay, it's okay, it's okay.
Easy, easy, easy.
Maybe we were wrong.
(barking continues) Easy, easy.
(barking) We have to find out if the cure really worked.
(barking) (growling) (barking) (growling) Careful.
Hey, boy.
(whining) Hey.
(chuckles) - Come here.
- It worked.
- Hey.
Come here.
- (chuckles) We did it.
(chuckling) (angry shouting) ABRAHAM: Hey.
Hey, no.
The animals are cured.
Come and see.
(murmuring) - Look.
Look, they're cured.
- (whining) - - (barking) (woman vocalizing) Henry! This is incredible.
Mitch would've loved this.
- (barking) - (indistinct chatter) (chuckling) He really did it.
My dad cured all these animals.
(barking) Where is he? Where's my dad? (barking continues) (indistinct chatter) Clementine, I'm so sorry.
(shuddering breath) None of this seems real.
Yeah, I know what you mean.
But you should know what your dad did.
All of the animals are going to be cured because of him.
Your dad saved the world.
My dad gave me Henry when I was just a baby.
- Yeah, I know.
- (sniffles) I used to pretend he still talked to my dad.
That when I was sleeping at night, he would (sniffles) he would go tell him how I was doing.
And then he'd come back and tell me stuff about my dad.
Just made-up stuff.
(sniffles) Like he invented chocolate milk.
'Cause he was always inventing stuff.
Yeah, that he was.
But it was all pretend.
Henry didn't know my dad.
Neither did I.
Well, I knew your dad.
- And - (sniffles) he didn't invent chocolate milk, but he liked it.
And he liked pickles and coffee.
What else? He loved Soundgarden.
They were a band.
Maybe they still are.
Um And he loved crossword puzzles.
- (sniffles) - He loved all puzzles, really.
He couldn't sleep if there was a problem to solve.
Like like the mystery of the missing cats in Brentwood.
(sniffles) And he loved you.
He loved you so, so much.
You were the very last thing he thought about.
(crying) (door opens) (door closes) Was this his desk? Actually, this this was all his.
Can I can I show you around? What's the matter, rafiki? My dad's e-mail.
When Davies sent the planes after us my dad sent him what he claimed was the TX-14 gas formula.
Right? So, if we can get into his e-mail, maybe we can find out exactly what he did.
NEWSWOMAN: As animals around the world have stopped showing signs of aggression, the IADG has just confirmed that they are responsible.
Thanks to a last minute development, the TX-14 gas was adjusted to cure the animals.
Now we go to London Lying bastards.
Where hundreds are celebrating (sighs) I kind of expected you to be gone.
Or for the plane to be gone.
I'm really sorry about Mitch.
Now that damn IADG is trying to take credit for his cure.
It's wrong.
And the world should know who Mitch was and what he did.
Look, I know what you did for Clem and for Mitch.
And I'm grateful.
But I still need to know if any of it was real.
A lot of it.
Most of it.
I really am a pilot.
I do have a sister, but I haven't talked to her in years.
Kelly? Kelly? Your girlfriend, the one who was attacked but I'm gonna take that as a no.
What about your name? My real name is Edward Robert Collins.
But I always wanted to be Logan because of Wolverine.
When I was a kid I got beat up and picked on all the time, so more than anything I wanted to be Logan.
I wanted to be indestructible.
Be somebody that you couldn't hurt.
Be the, uh reluctant hero, you know.
I really liked being Logan with you.
(computer beeps) (sighing): Come on.
This could be quite some time, rafiki.
I have tried his birthday, his social security number.
I tried our first address.
I tried my birthday.
Of course.
It's always been about her.
What was the password? Elizabeth.
His mother.
Hey, this is the TX-14 gas formula that my dad sent to Davies.
Wait, I've seen that before.
They're the same.
What is that? JACKSON: This is what Pierce used to fix the animals in 1895.
He sterilized them.
You know, wiped them out.
ABRAHAM: What does that mean? The formula your dad sent to Davies is to sterilize the animals again? No.
The neutralizer protects the animals.
Which means what? Which means they sterilized us.
All of mankind.
Sterilized? Yeah, that's right.
As in nobody's having any more babies? Our child could be one of the last children born.
JAMIE: Oh, my God.
Unless it's already too late.
My father always said that one day, the animals would reclaim the planet.
He made sure that the TX gas formula helped them to do that.
Yeah, by eliminating us.
My father just ended the world.
(chain creaking quietly) (distant thunder rumbling) (distant applause) WOMAN: Darnell Lewis.
(distant applause) Savannah Kauffman.
Isaac Kenyatta.
(whooping) Congratulations, Isaac.
Sofia Martinez.
Daniel McCall.
Congratulations, Daniel.
Emily Miller.
Susan's just really lovely.
Isaac has just loved his time here.
Thank you so much for everything.
We have loved having him here.
I wanted to ask you a favor.
I know you're friends with Jamie Campbell.
Please, have her sign this for me.
It could take awhile.
We don't see her that often.
It's well worth the wait.
Thank you.
Good to see you again.
Oh, thank you very much, Dr.
Up top.
(grunts) (Abraham and Dariela laugh) My son is going to middle school.
(grunts) (Abraham laughs) We're at Shumard Oak Elementary where Michigan's last elementary school will finally close its doors.
After this final graduation ceremony, teachers and students alike will say good-bye.
like other elementary school in the country, is facing immediate closure as there are no more children - to fill them.
- the government and private companies alike, The Lost Generation has entered its tenth year with no end in sight.
NEWSWOMAN: Here they come.
Stand back.
- NEWSMAN: How does it feel - NEWSWOMAN: How does it feel (air raid siren blares) MAN: Hybrid animal attacks.
Bay and Midland counties.
Level four alert.
Secure all pets and livestock.
That's nowhere near us.
Nothing to worry about.
Onward to ice cream.
(chuckles) Ah, almost forgot.
This came in the mail for you today.
From Uncle Jackson.
Whoa! Is that a hybrid spike? Yes, but I'm sure all the venom has been cleaned off.
Although it is an inappropriate gift for a ten-year-old.
WOMAN: Abraham.
(thunder rumbling) I'll be there in a minute.
Come on.
We know each other, don't we? We once did.
Who are you? NEWSWOMAN: Fatalities from hybrid attacks have increased at an alarming rate in the tri-county area.
The IADG is dispatching personnel This problem with the hybrids is getting worse.
I'm no longer involved in solving these things anymore.
That's because you know there's only one person who can solve this problem.
Yes but Mitch Morgan is dead.
No, he's not.
But we went back to Pangaea? He's not there.
Neither are the Shepherds.
They haven't been there for a long time.
I know exactly where he is, but I need your help to get to him.
Who are you? How do you know about the Shepherds and Mitch Morgan? Because I'm his daughter.
It's me.