Zoo (2015) s03e11 Episode Script

Cradles and Graves

1 JAMIE: Ten years ago, the animal population mutated, endangering human life on the planet.
Our team managed to cure the animals, but at a terrible cost.
In an attempt to return the planet to the animals, a secretive group called the Shepherds released a gas that sterilized all of humanity.
And then lab-made creatures called hybrids devastated the West Coast.
(roaring) So a massive barrier was constructed to protect the rest of North America.
But new breeds have started to appear.
(screeches) So we reassembled our team.
We battle on many fronts, searching for a cure to sterility while racing to stop the hybrids and the rogue Shepherd who created them to end the human race.
(growling) The fight for mankind's survival has just begun.
Previously on Zoo Clem's baby could solve the sterility problem? ABRAHAM: I have to inject this serum into that tank now! I don't trust you! - JACKSON: Sam! - (grunting) You have the bio-drive switch.
Why don't you just use it? Because I don't need Mitch right now.
I need Mr.
You're going to kill Abigail.
LOGAN: The eggs release toxic spores when they're disturbed.
But keep a close eye on your toxin meters just to be safe.
Green is good.
Red you're probably dead.
A beacon was just activated in Japan.
I think this might be the cause, like a dead man's switch.
Dariela, I have the raw data, but it's dense.
DARIELA: Upload it, quick.
(grunting) Dad? Jamie? Dad? Dad? Dad! (helicopter whirring) Transmission cut off.
I can't reach Abe or anyone on the plane.
These beacons are waking up thousands of hybrids.
If we have any chance of stopping them, we need the rest of that transmission.
How much of the team's intel did we get before it cut off? 90%, but it's raw code.
We'll need a minute to make sense of it.
Nest activity detected in Hanoi.
And we've got a power surge in Southern China.
Another beacon must be firing up.
- Near Hong Kong? - Affirmative.
How did you know that? Some of this code converts to GPS coordinates.
It's the beacon locations.
Time to scramble teams.
Let's get those locations loaded.
Sir, even if we know where the beacons are, we don't know how to turn them off.
Then get back on the horn with your former team and figure it out.
(computer beeping) Jackson.
(computer beeping) Jackson.
Jackson, can you hear me? Can you hear me? I'm gonna go get help.
Abe? Oh, my God.
Dad! Jamie! Grandpa! We need help at this location.
Multiple injuries.
Please send an ambulance immediately.
(man speaking in Korean) SAM: Hello? Anyone? Hello? Clementine? It worked.
The baby is okay? Sam, what are you doing here and why are you locked up? I heard gunshots.
Are you okay? No! I need your help.
Scramble blue team to Tokyo and prepare gold team to deploy to Adelaide.
Copy that.
Right away.
Please tell me you have good news.
Not exactly.
I've created an algorithm using the newest of beacons, the hybrid egg hatch rate observed in Seoul and the known nest list to come up with a timetable - for the nest threshold.
- Nest threshold? The point at which the number of hybrids worldwide permanently overwhelms coalition defenses.
How much time do we have? 31 hours and 17 minutes.
Give or take seven minutes.
Welcome back.
Have you heard from anyone on the plane? No, I just got the update.
- Why was their transmission cut off? - Wind's changing.
Spores spreading south from the Seoul nest.
Mandatory evacuations in place.
That's headed right to the airport.
They need to get in the air now.
No, it's too late for that.
(sirens wailing) Abigail.
Abigail did this.
(computer beeping) Dariela.
Clem? Is that you? Abigail was here.
She attacked everyone.
Paramedics just got here.
I'll let them in.
DARIELA: Clementine, do not open the door.
The air outside is contaminated.
Do not open the door.
Sam! Sam, no! What? We cannot, under any circumstances, open that door.
SAM: Okay, I brought the others to the lab, pressurized the cabin, shut down the main power.
But I still don't understand, why don't we just get in the air? Powering the main engine pulls too much air into the plane.
We need to wait until we get the all-clear from Dariela.
She's sending a team in now to deal with the spores.
Until then, it's just you and me.
Everyone upstairs is way past first aid.
This tank healed my father once and our baby.
There's no way we're squeezing them all into this tank.
I know.
That's why we've got to bring the tank to them.
Get these canisters up here.
What are they? Concentrated tank serum.
Mix a 50/50 solution.
It'll cause a biochemical reaction that'll speed up the healing process.
How do you know all this? Before I went into the tank, Jackson and I took it apart to see how it worked.
(grunts) Once the serum is hyperoxygenated, it'll cause cell repair, but first they need to breathe it in.
We need to fill these with the solution.
It needs to make it all the way to their lungs.
This has to go into their lungs? They'll drown.
That's the idea.
This won't heal them completely, but it should get them back on their feet.
- Are you sure about this? - Just hold him down.
(gagging) You're gonna be okay.
How long do we have to do this? Three two one.
(coughing) (Mitch gasps) (coughs) (gagging) (gasps) (coughs) (coughs) (wheezes) (coughs) (wheezes) What happened? CLEMENTINE: Easy, easy.
I used tank concentrate to speed up your healing.
You're gonna be okay.
Just take it slow.
You Where's Abigail? You help her with this? How? You left me locked in a cage.
He's working with Abigail, Clem.
She's brainwashed him.
It's not true.
MITCH: Clem.
You're out of the tank.
Are you full-term? How long was I out? He gave her something to speed up her pregnancy.
You sped up her pregnancy? H-How? Yes, with the hybrid growth factors.
You put hybrid goo in my daughter? Was that not worth a little chat? And who are you? Who's-who's this guy? ABRAHAM: He's the baby's father.
How could you not remember that, Mitch? JAMIE: 'Cause Mitch never met Sam.
He was Duncan.
You turned off the bio-drive back at the compound.
JAMIE: He was Duncan until right before Abigail attacked us.
So, you had a chance to switch me back and you didn't? Is that why Abigail was resurrected? Did Mr.
Duncan do something to her? Why would you do that? To kill Abigail.
You weren't gonna do it.
You weren't gonna do it.
So I asked Duncan to do it and he did.
Or or I thought that he did.
I've heard enough.
Clem, come on, let's go.
We got to get you to a real doctor.
You can't even look at you.
We can't leave.
We're in quarantine, surrounded by hybrid spores.
I turned the power off and pressurized the plane, but we have to wait until Dariela sends a team to deal with them.
W-W-Wait a second.
You-you pressurized th-the plane, and turned the power off? How long till Dariela's team gets here? Five hours or so.
They're sending a plane from the States.
- Oh.
- MITCH: Oh.
What, "oh"? What else is wrong? If we don't have power, the plane will never stay pressurized that long.
Air will enter through the overboard exhaust valve.
How long do we have? Two hours.
Three, tops.
- So we're two hours short.
- (water splashes) (exhales) Well, that's just perfect.
The baby seems to be in the correct position.
But you're only two centimeters dilated.
Uh, where-where do you think you're going? Oh, no I haven't had a chance to read any of those baby books.
But I have seen every episode of Real Med New York, so I know that two centimeters means I've got at least two commercial breaks till I'm having this baby.
We are not basing your birth plan on a reality TV show.
Wait a minute, she's probably right.
We have bigger problems.
Namely, the spores trying to slink their way onto this plane.
I've got to to stop them, and you've got to stop bleeding.
I'll help Clem.
Oh, I think you've been quite enough help already.
ABRAHAM: Yeah, she's right.
Somebody should take a look at that.
I'll go check on the hybrid samples that Jackson brou (gasping) - MITCH: Whoa.
- MAX: Abraham.
(coughing) Are you okay? MAX: Okay.
MITCH: Easy, easy.
MAX: We got a problem here.
CLEMENTINE: What is it? Looks like a sucking chest wound.
We don't have any more of that tank juice left, do we? No, we used it all.
We'll do this the old-fashioned way.
We'll find a way to hold the spores off.
Easy does it.
Okay, go ahead.
We need something to reinforce the overboard exhaust valve.
Part air filter, part shield.
The HVAC system might have something that can SAM: Clem, stop.
Slow down.
You heard what Max said.
Yeah, that we have two hours, not two seconds.
You need to breathe for a minute.
What was Jackson talking about? How do you know Abigail? Abigail is a friend.
I grew up with her.
On Pangaea.
You're a Shepherd? My parents were Shepherds.
I-I never bought in.
After I left the island, Abigail's the only person I kept in touch with.
She's how I found out that you and the baby were in trouble.
Abigail's bad news.
That's one side of the story.
That's the only side of the story.
I can't believe you didn't tell me you were a Shepherd.
I can't believe you didn't tell me you were pregnant.
What we had in Boulder was real.
And then you just left, without a word.
Maybe something told me I couldn't trust you.
Because I didn't tell you where I grew up? Clementine, you can trust me.
I'm going to be here for you, for this baby.
Neither of us are gonna be there for this baby if we don't fix this plane.
It's all that matters now.
He is all that matters now.
To us and the world.
I'm fine.
(sighs) The exhaust valve is back here.
The plane is still pressurized, but as we lose pressure, the spore-infected air will be able to get in.
Hey, are you sure you want to do that? If it was compromised, we'd be dead already.
So what are you gonna do, just wait down here until it turns red? No.
You are.
(grunts): Hey.
Jackson, what the hell? If it gets close to red, let us know.
So w-what, I'm-I'm a canary in a coalmine? I don't trust you, Jamie.
I didn't trust you when I got on this plane in Mexico, and nothing I have seen has changed my mind.
And this, leaving Mitch as Duncan to kill Abigail? I understand, Jackson, but she has taken countless lives.
And clearly, she was going to kill again.
She's trying to end the world.
She was raised by a madman.
I knew it.
I knew it! All this time, you've been trying to save her.
Jackson! Damn it.
(bars rattle) Jamie won't be calling any more audibles Hey, what's going on? You okay? MITCH: Not even remotely.
Would you hold still? I can't breathe.
(wheezing) Because you got a hole the size of Jersey in your chest cavity, and every time you squirm, it makes it worse.
Your bedside manner leaves much to be desired, son.
What can I do to help? I need Steve.
Who's Steve? - He's, um - Steve.
Uh, Jamie's scorpion.
Uh, its sting is a temporary paralytic.
Yeah, it's in the cage.
Go, go grab it.
How do you know the name of Jamie's scorpion? Because my son and Jamie have, uh, very lively pillow talk.
Walls are thin.
Very thin.
Okay, shut up.
Just You're gonna feel a bit of a sting.
Okay, on three.
Ready? One (Abraham shouts) (grunts) That a boy, Steve.
MAX: Yeah.
MITCH: It's about three centimeters wide.
Twice as deep.
We're gonna need a solid patch anybody got a credit card? I haven't seen a credit card in over six years.
Mine's maxed out, don't get any crazy ideas.
Good-bye, frequent flier miles.
Well, you shouldn't have gotten rid of the plane.
All right, looks like you guys got things handled.
I'm gonna see if I can get any more info off this dead man's switch.
There you go.
Looks pretty good.
(exhales) Now to test it.
Dariela said the spores seem to be water-based, with a volatile molecular structure.
Kind of like this bug spray.
Why don't you let me handle the flammable part of this test? CLEMENTINE: Okay.
Look out.
(sighs) Not good.
There we go.
That should work.
Although what I'd like to do is inject him with some hybrid cooties, see how he likes it.
Well, I believe that, uh, he was trying to help Clementine and the baby.
In her special way, Jamie was trying to help, too.
MAX: Hey, hey, hey, whoa, whoa, wait.
You're just gonna leave him here? Yeah, he'll be fine.
I got to go find Clem, see if she's found a way to make this plane any less of a death trap.
MAX: Sam is with Clem.
I know, I know, you don't trust him, but I can see it in his eyes.
She'll be fine.
I mean hey.
Come over here, let me take a look at you.
No, Max, I'll be fine.
Yeah, right.
No, come here.
Lay down here.
Now, you're not gonna be any good to anybody, you drop dead.
Tank's healing only goes so far.
(grunts) (quietly): Oh, Mitch.
MITCH: That's not comforting.
What? Gunshot wound is fine.
Went through and through.
The other scars.
Oh, yeah.
Those are nothing.
It's these scars that bother you? Max.
You glommed onto the team for a few days, now you think I'm gonna let you turn this into a family therapy session? Come on, just-just glue me up.
Leave me alone.
You know what? I think I have, uh, glommed on at just about the right time.
Huh? Free of the bio-drive device, family's about to add another branch to ye old family tree.
Max? I'm begging you: don't do what you're about to do.
Just humor me.
I'm about to be a great-grandfather.
You know, there's, uh nothing like the feeling of hope you get when you have a new baby in your arms.
For one tiny moment, everything is right with the world.
Trust me.
You're not gonna want to be alone then.
You're gonna want to share that moment with the people that you love.
Okay, I think I'm gonna puke.
(grunting) It's gonna take a whole lot more than a new baby to make everything right in the world.
You'll see.
(footsteps approaching) Look, I know I messed up.
I know that what I did to you it was horrible.
And I'm sorry.
And I thought it was the only way to get Abigail.
But you have every right to be mad.
You think I'm mad at you? You think I'm mad that your pathological obsession almost got us all killed? Almost got Clem killed? I never meant for that to happen.
I don't care! I don't care what you meant.
I'm not mad at you.
Because I'm not anything at you, anymore.
Do you know what it was like in that tank? For ten years? I had some dreams.
About you and and me.
And they were they were pretty good.
But now I know they don't mean anything.
Because in real life, whenever there's a sliver of hope, just a little bit of light, the plane comes falling out of the sky.
Or, some maniac sterilizes the world, or monsters try and tear out my throat.
Whenever there's one little bit of light, darkness just swoops back in.
But now it's worse.
Because now you're the darkness.
The one person I thought I could trust.
You are the darkness.
(whimpers) (typing) (beeps) (comm beeps) Please tell me you found something.
We have a team moving in on the Tokyo beacon right now.
Our Internet is down because the power is off.
So does he have anything? Yeah, so? Blue team, continue on course.
You need to keep your eyes low.
You're looking for a suitcase or a small box.
Abigail's beacons must have a power source, okay? - If we turn it off - No Internet.
No signal.
We don't have to destroy the beacons, we just have to cut their power.
Does your team have EMPs? They have shock grenades that double as EMPs.
Stay with me.
The team is closing in on the signal.
As soon as we shut this thing down, the team will head to Seoul and evac you guys.
Okay, guys, you should be right on top of it.
SOLIDER: Go, go, go! SOLDIER 2: What is that? Sir, you need to see this.
Is that the beacon? It's massive.
- (yells) - We can't get close.
There's some sort of sonic shield.
(scoffs) That explains how the signal is reaching so many nests.
Okay, look, same principle applies.
We have to just cut the power somehow.
Team leader, do you see a power supply? I found a power cable! Cut it now.
Do you copy? TEAM LEADER: Copy.
Cutting the cable.
(electrical buzzing) We just lost Tokyo.
(comm beeps) Hello? I couldn't do it, Tess.
I tried, but I couldn't stop Abigail.
Jackson, where are you? It's really happening.
Abigail's beacons are going off all over the world, thousands of hybrids about to attack, and we can't stop 'em.
I'm sure you'll figure out a way.
We tried.
And we lost Tokyo.
The entire city.
All those people.
Where are you? I can help.
We're on a runway.
In South Korea.
Surrounded by toxic spores.
The rescue team that was supposed to come get us just blew up in Tokyo.
I need you to do something for me, though.
Find my sister.
And I need you to stop her.
End this.
Jackson? Okay, listen to me.
- (line clicks) - You You know, you break it, you buy it, kid.
My shield idea failed.
(panting) Is that a contraction? I'm missing something.
There has to be something here to help keep the spores out.
Well, Max is experimenting with that tentacle by-product that the IADG was using in the nests.
You don't know that will work.
You don't know it won't.
(panting heavily) I'm gonna be a terrible mother.
I haven't even delivered and I'm already failing him.
Well, see, that right there is what tells me you're gonna be a great mother.
'Cause you're already feeling guilty.
Bad parents don't feel guilt.
They just drink and watch cable news.
He can't be born into a tomb.
He has to survive.
He will.
I'm serious.
I need your word.
No matter what he comes first.
(breathes shakily) - Okay.
That's it.
- (moaning) Contractions are less than 30 seconds apart.
We got to go.
I'm having this baby? You're having this baby.
(Clementine groans loudly) Just keep talking.
- Distract me.
- Okay.
Um uh, oh.
Did-did I ever tell you about the Suriname toad? The mother keeps the babies underneath the skin of her back, and so, at birth, they have to punch their way out.
Never mind.
Stop talking! Candles, lanterns, whiskey? Yes, please.
No, I was talking about her.
It's not like we can do an epidural here.
No, no whiskey.
No cable news.
(groans loudly) Her contractions are too fast.
What do you mean, what do you mean too fast? They should be slower, longer by now.
Haven't you ever delivered a baby before? - No, not a human one.
Have you? - All right, look, we have to keep her calm, keep her heart rate down.
Now, hopefully that'll slow down her contractions, okay? Yeah.
All right, calm her.
Um Um I remember the day you were born.
I got this, um Parking ticket.
Almost missed it.
- (bellows) - Gonna be the day That they're gonna give it back to you By now, you should've, somehow Realized what you got to do I don't believe That anybody Boulder.
The night we met.
You were the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen.
We bought popcorn from that guy in the top hat, watched the family of ducks.
- (mouths) - The mother and her babies.
I told you I wanted a family someday.
(wheezing exhale) I was wrong.
You can do this.
Trust me.
- Preen glands.
- What? Ducks.
- Good thinking.
Good thinking, son.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Ducks use oil from their preen glands to-to keep water off their feathers.
- That's what we were missing.
- That's-that's That's-that's we don't need a shield.
That we need to oil up a filter.
Turn on the auxiliary power unit.
And wait.
No, no, no, no.
You-you stay with Clem.
I'll-I'll take care, I'll take care of this.
Honey, you're doing great.
I love you.
I'm so proud of you.
But I don't know how (moans) Any word from your former team? I think they're at a dead end.
- No such thing.
- Major Williams.
Tessa, you're with the IADG? I was.
Story for another day.
I need you to get Jackson on the horn for me.
I have an idea.
(lighter clicks) (Clementine groaning loudly) Something's wrong.
Um m-maybe you need to get on your feet.
Let's-let's get you up and moving, okay? ABRAHAM: No.
Don't move her.
(moans) (yells) Are you experiencing pain in your lower abdomen? Yes.
- Here? - (yells) What? What is it? I can't be sure without all of my equipment, but it could be a clot.
What does that mean? A blood clot pressing down on the baby is very dangerous.
If we don't force a delivery now, the baby may not survive.
- Okay.
L-Let's do that.
- Well.
Forcing a delivery can also disrupt the clot and cause it to burst after the baby's born, which can be extremely dangerous for the mother.
Well, that means No.
Absolutely not.
Think of something else.
Under these circumstances, I'm not sure - Think of something else! - I'm with him, we're not doing it.
Yes, we are.
This baby is all that matters now.
- Clementine, listen, listen to me.
- Dad you said I'd be a good mother.
Let me try.
I mixed up this solution which should speed up your contractions.
This doesn't feel right.
SAM: What happens now? (yells) Now comes the hard part.
(comm ringing) Dariela? Nope.
Not Dariela.
JACKSON: Tessa? What are you doing at the IADG? Keeping you from giving up.
There's a difference between giving up and running out of time.
Well, from where I'm sitting, the clock's still ticking.
Dariela and Logan updated me on the dead man's switch.
I've looked at it for hours.
As Jackson.
Uh - yeah.
- You've been saying all along how maybe you're not that different from your father and sister.
What if it's time you put that to your advantage? Don't look at the code as Jackson.
Try looking at it like an Oz.
Your sister learned a lot from your father.
You've learned a lot from him, too.
Follow those ants.
TESSA: I'm putting you on speaker.
(comm beeps) JACKSON: My dad used to tell these terrible jokes when he was working, and there was this one (laughs): that he used to say.
What did the aardvark say to the taxi driver? Follow those ants.
I think I just found a way to Abigail's beacon operating system.
Can you reprogram them, or shut them down? I'm not sure that this computer can handle this software.
What's happening? Hey.
- Whoa.
- (screen crackling) Okay, the dead man's switch is okay, but this software is insane.
We-we need a much larger processor.
We need a-a-a a bigger computer.
The IADG has a super-processor that should work.
Jackson, you need to get that dead man's switch here to command.
LOGAN: Our team will be there in an hour to neutralize the spores.
We don't have an hour.
The spores will be here in 15 minutes.
Max, how is everyone? How's Clem? She's a Morgan.
She's, uh, stubborn as hell, but that's not gonna count for much unless I get this plane repressurized.
Do you mind if I borrow your air horn? Thanks.
You made a filter.
Yeah, hydraulic fluid.
The oil's gonna trap the spores, and let the air through.
And Mitch figured it out, but I need to find out where the, uh, auxiliary power unit is.
- The APU? - Yeah.
There's an access panel in the electrical room, but you can't do that.
If you change the filter, you'll be exposed to the spores.
Spores have been diffused for hours.
I-I should be fine.
You don't know that.
Look, you've had to make a lot of tough decisions.
They've come out of love and pain.
Mitch will realize that, too.
So try not to beat yourself up so much.
Max Look.
Max You've been good for my son.
Take care of him for me.
No, no, Max! Max! Come back.
- Okay, Clementine, push.
- (breathing heavily) (straining) Okay.
Okay, breathe.
But I don't know how I said maybe You're gonna be the one Okay.
Okay, now, push.
No, I can't do it.
You are doing this.
Right now.
ABRAHAM: Okay, one more big push.
- Push! - (straining) (screaming) He's here.
- (crying) - He's here.
- He's here.
- (baby cries) Today was gonna be the day But they'll never bring it back to you (baby crying) By now, you should have somehow Realized what you got to do I don't believe that anybody Feels the way I do About you now (baby crying in distance) And all the roads we have to walk are winding And all the lights that lead the way are blinding (panel beeping) There are many things that I would like to say to you But I don't know how - Hi.
- (crying) I said maybe You're gonna be the one that saves me (crying) You're gonna be the one that saves me (baby crying) And after all You're my wonderwall You're my wonderwall (air whirring) You're my wonderwall You're my wonderwall.
Welcome to the world, little guy.
It's a little messed up right now.
But it's gonna get a whole lot better, now that you're here.
(air whirring) The auxiliary power's on.
Max did it.
(baby coos) (device beeps) The clot has passed.
Thank God.
Come on.
Get you back to mama.
Thanks, Dad.
Couldn't have done it without you.
Can you test him? For the CLM protein, see if your theory works.
We're gonna see if you can save the world.
Okay? Shh (baby cries) Good job.
You're so brave.
You're so brave.
It's a boy.
He's perfect.
Where's Grandpa? Uh he should be back by now.
I'll go look for him.
MITCH: Max? Max? Hey.
- Max? - Hmm? Huh? (gasps) - You okay? - Hey.
Your idea worked.
Well, only because you made it work.
What do you know.
Finally figured a way to work together.
Huh? (swallows hard) I heard the baby.
I heard the baby.
He's here.
You tell him I said hello.
You're gonna tell him yourself.
Come on.
- (Max groans) - Easy.
Spores are down.
All clear.
That's your window.
Time to save the world, genius.
Easy, easy, easy, easy.
(baby cries) Say hello to your great-grandson.
(baby coos) (baby coos) Yeah.
(baby cries softly) (Mitch cries) (baby cries) Um, Clem had the baby.
And he's he's beautiful.
And healthy and, uh perfect.
And in a few hours, he's gonna save the whole world.
So everybody's okay? Yeah.
Um, Clem's fine.
She's doing great.
And Max, he got the power back on.
Everybody's fine.
The baby really is beautiful.
I'm sorry.
I'm I'm sorry.