Zoo (2015) s03e12 Episode Script

West Side Story

1 JAMIE: Ten years ago, the animal population mutated, endangering human life on the planet.
Our team managed to cure the animals, but at a terrible cost.
In an attempt to return the planet to the animals, a secretive group called the Shepherds released a gas that sterilized all of humanity.
And then, lab-made creatures called "hybrids" devastated the West Coast.
(ROARING) So a massive barrier was constructed to protect the rest of North America.
But new breeds have started to appear, so we reassembled our team.
We battle on many fronts, searching for a cure to sterility while racing to stop the hybrids and the rogue Shepherd who created them to end the human race.
The fight for mankind's survival has just begun.
Previously on Zoo - Jackson, what the hell?! - I don't trust you, Jamie.
Leaving Mitch as Duncan to kill Abigail? She's trying to end the world.
She was raised by a mad man.
I knew it! All this time, you've been trying to save her.
You destroyed my life once! ABIGAIL: We were both on Pangaea ten years ago when you and your friends released the razorbacks into the Shepherd compound.
Sam lost both his parents that day, thanks to you.
ABRAHAM: A beacon was just activated in Japan.
It must have activated when her heart stopped, like a dead man's switch.
These beacons are waking up thousands of hybrids.
JACKSON: I think I just found a way into Abigail's beacon operating system.
The dead man's switch is okay.
Jackson, you need to get that dead man's switch here to command.
There's an access panel in the electrical room, but you can't do that.
If you change the filter, you'll be exposed to the spores.
Spores are down.
All clear.
That's your window.
Time to save the world, genius.
Clem had the baby.
And he's perfect.
And in a few hours, he's gonna save the whole world.
(BIRDS CHIRPING) (INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER) (BEEPING) I have nest activity outside Istanbul.
Hybrid attacks in Nairobi, waiting on updates in Astana.
We can have boots on the ground in Berlin within the hour.
GALLEGOS: Possible nest sighting in Hong Kong.
Nine out of the 13 beacons are active.
It looks like they're powering up in a planned series around the globe: Asia to Europe - to Africa.
- We have less than five hours until the number of hybrids worldwide overruns our resources.
Then it'll be game over.
At least we have a chance.
We can end all of this with the beacon operating system on the dead man's switch.
That's a long shot wrapped in a Hail Mary.
How long till your friends land? They're making their final approach now.
- How you doing? - Me? I'm not the one who just brought another human being into the world.
Without pain meds.
I'm doing fine.
Well, I'll feel better once we get you some medical attention at the barrier.
They did a great job, but this plane is hardly a birthing center.
(GROANS SOFTLY) I know things have always been complicated between you and Grandpa.
But he still was your dad.
Yeah, he was.
Usually in name only.
Not to spook you or anything, but Grandpa once held you just like this.
They're really cute at this age.
Before they start talking.
Or having their own opinions.
Max once said the same exact thing about you.
- Okay.
- (LAUGHS) If Max and I did have one thing in common, it's that neither of us liked to recognize things like grief or guilt.
He was always a more in-the-moment kind of guy.
So, in honor of that, in this moment, all that matters is keeping you and this baby safe.
This currently unnamed baby.
I, uh, thought I would have a little bit more time to think on it.
Oh, right.
Accelerated pregnancy.
What do you think about Cadmus? What? Did your cult member boyfriend give you that one? Don't be mean.
(BABY COOING) How about Chris Cornell? Nice try.
(WATCH BEEPING) (TABLET BEEPING STEADILY) JACKSON: All right, big guy, that should keep you going till we land.
After everything we've been through, I'm just glad to be breathing through half a lung.
World's almost over and you're still a glass half full kind of guy.
The world is not over yet.
Well, not if we can get the dead man's switch to the IADG and stop Abigail.
And with Clem's baby healthy, we can solve sterility.
We're so close.
(TABLET BEEPING) All right, guys, get to the jump seats.
We're about to initiate the landing sequence.
Take care of the baby.
(BABY CRYING) We got to get a better plane.
What's happening now? There's something wrong with the landing system.
I'll check the manual release on the landing gear.
I'll get Jamie.
It's her plane; she knows it backwards and forwards.
- Wrong way.
- Nope.
I let her out already.
Hey, hey.
That wasn't your call.
I can see how you'd feel that way.
It's the E.
You have an E.
dampener? It's supposed to block the effects of an electromagnetic pulse.
Yeah, I get the concept, but that could kick the plane back into the Stone Age.
So, someone shot an E.
at us.
I don't know if we were the target, but we just hit the blast radius.
Okay, so the dampener has an alarm on it that tells you when it's working No.
The alarm tells me that it's not working.
It's supposed to block the effects of the pulse, but maybe the blast was too strong.
(PLANE RUMBLING) Go, strap in.
(OBJECTS CLATTERING) (TABLET BEEPING) The landing gear didn't deploy.
(STEADY BEEPING) Something's wrong.
What? DARIELA: The plane.
It just completely disappeared off the radar.
(TYPING) (BABY CRYING) What are you doing? Just let me work.
Got it.
SAM: We're on the ground.
We're on the ground.
Hey, Clem? CLEMENTINE: We're okay.
Look, we need to get to the barrier now.
Yeah, about that.
We overshot the landing a little bit.
Overshot? By how much? Where are we? We're on the wrong side of the barrier, in the hybrid zone.
(ROARING, GROWLING IN DISTANCE) We need to scramble a tac team to that crash site right now.
Scramble them to where? We don't know where the plane is.
It disappeared off radar.
Could've crashed a mile away, could be ten.
Either way, your front door is hybrid central.
Yeah, and that's not our only problem.
JACKSON: We can't stay here.
We have to get the dead man's switch to the command center.
Well, that's fine, but the blast took out everything with a circuit board, including the truck.
So, no plane, no outside communication no truck.
Looks like we're gonna be walking to the barrier.
(HYBRIDS ROARING) Guess that rules out walking.
SAM: We build a pheromone diffuser.
A what now? A pheromone diffuser.
The tissue lining of hybrid organs are packed with pheromones.
We extract them, dilute them in water with the right mixture, and boom, a hybrid will follow you anywhere.
We could easily lead them away from the plane.
We don't know that that's gonna work.
We don't even know if that's a thing.
Okay? There's way too much ground to cover between us and the barrier and way too much to lose, so I-I think we just play this one by the book.
Do we have any backup radios or sat phones, anything? There might be an old CB radio in the bar.
That would've survived the E.
We can run it off a car battery.
Okay, great.
Um, so we get the IADG on the horn, and we hold down the fort and we wait for them to get here.
With the systems down, we need to visually check the plane for breaches.
So, why don't you two go down below, see if those trees we took out left any way for the hybrids to get in.
We will be on radio duty.
JACKSON: I hate this.
We keep fighting back against Abigail, against the hybrids, against sterility.
I feel like all we do is lose.
But we're so close.
Victory lies just to the east of us.
There you go.
Glass half full.
We can't lose sight of the end.
Not now.
Not when we're just about to solve sterility.
All we have to do is get that child to the barrier, and we can end this.
Just think I could have another child.
You and Tessa could start a family.
I had a family 20 years ago.
Never thought I wanted another one.
Come on.
Don't suppose there are any diapers under there? Well, that'd make more sense than a batting helmet.
Well, little guy, looks like we're stuck with dish-towel diapers for now.
He really is beautiful, Clem.
Do you want to hold him? No, that's okay.
- You won't hurt him.
- Really, it's okay.
Got it.
Now, why don't you want to hold the baby? I said I'm fine.
I've got the battery.
I'm gonna find Jackson and Abe.
Something I said? What was that about? We're all gonna die.
Are you seriously asking why I won't hold a baby? It's crazy.
We made a little human.
We still have to name that little human.
I was always a fan of Samuel.
Maybe Sam for short.
We're not naming him after you.
Clementine is a pretty bad name for a boy.
Is anyone there? (STATIC CRACKLING) Hello.
Do you read me? (STATIC CRACKLING) Come in.
Do you hear me? IADG Command, come in.
Do you hear me? IADG Command, this is Clementine Lewis.
Hello? Unknown caller, this is IADG.
Are you all right? This is Clementine Lewis.
I need to talk to Dariela Kenyatta or Logan Hale.
Clem, is everybody okay? Given the circumstances.
Uh, listen, whatever you do, don't leave the plane.
There's hybrids everywhere.
We figured that out.
I've pinpointed your location here.
We'll get to you soon, Clem.
Sit tight.
Tessa and I will lead a tac team.
Thank you.
Please, hurry.
Watch your back.
(SIGHS) MAN: Let's go, let's go! (ALARM BLARING) MAN 2: Yes, sir! Okay, when you get to the plane, I want a tight formation around the targets.
Lay down cover fire as needed for the escort back to base.
Priority one and two are the baby and the dead man's switch.
DARIELA: Copy that.
All right, we got razorbacks.
Don't panic.
- (RAPID GUNFIRE) - Short, controlled bursts.
- MAN: On your left, on your left! - DARIELA: There's too many of them.
MAN: They're coming through the trees! Get this under control.
- (MAN SCREAMS) - Spread out give them too many targets.
MAN: They're surrounding us! DARIELA: Take them out! There's way too many! - (GUNFIRE, MEN SCREAMING) - LOGAN: Fall back.
- (HYBRIDS ROARING) - Fall back.
(STATIC HUMS, CRACKLES) Status report.
(STATIC CRACKLING) Status report.
Anybody? (STATIC CRACKLING) (STATIC HUMMING, CRACKLING) LOGAN: Is anyone there? Logan? There's something I need to tell you.
What? What happened? The tac teams are down.
What about Dariela? Tessa? There's no response from anybody.
They're stuck out there with our best option for shutting down the beacons.
We need to mobilize another tac team.
I'm not sure if you've been paying attention to current events, but we are spread thin all over the globe.
We don't have another team to send.
Okay, so then we recall the South American troops.
At the rate the beacons are activating, it won't make a difference.
We only need the dead man's switch to shut off all of the beacons.
But who knows how and when that's gonna happen? If that clock goes down to zero, no amount of fight is gonna stop the hybrid spread.
So, I've got to consider the alternative.
What alternative? An IADG contingency plan, coordinating the military warships of the G5 countries.
(BEEPING) (ROCKETS WHOOSHING) (EXPLOSIONS) Are you out of your mind? You're talking about firing Tomahawk missiles at cities.
To eliminate every last beacon and hybrid nest.
If you do this the loss of life will be catastrophic.
If we don't do this, the loss of life will be extinction level.
You think I want to give that order? Two hours, 20 minutes till we hit the threshold.
Your friends have until then.
You're all right, but we got to move.
(GRUNTING) - Where's the rest of the team? - All dead.
Radio's out.
Mine, too.
- We can check the onboard.
- Copy.
Cover me.
Logan, come in.
Logan, are you there? Come in.
Is anybody else alive? Me and Tessa.
We're all that's left.
But we need to start moving or we're gonna get torn apart.
My monitor shows one intact vehicle just to the north of your location.
If you get to that ATV, you should have a clear path to the plane.
Copy that.
- Let's move north.
- Copy.
(SNARLING) Logan, do you copy? Any word on Tessa or Dariela? I just got ahold of them; they're alive.
With any luck, they're headed towards you with an ATV.
(SIGHS) Okay.
- That's our ticket back to the barrier.
- Maybe.
Still a whole lot of hybrids between us and it.
ABRAHAM: And they seem to have an appetite for moving vehicles.
What are the chances they will make two trips? Then we build the pheromone diffuser.
We've been through that.
We carry it on the ATV.
Lure the hybrids away, clearing a path from here to the barrier for everybody else.
LOGAN: Guys, listen, whatever you're gonna do, do it fast.
We have less than two hours before Garrison orders missile strikes to take out the beacons and the nests.
That'll kill hundreds of thousands of people.
Don't let him do anything.
We'll be there soon.
Sam's diffuser is our best chance.
Who's gonna drive? You? JACKSON: I will.
You build it, I'll drive it.
I'm going, too.
Sam, come on.
All that matters is getting you and the baby to safety.
MITCH: All right, hero.
You pull this off, I might consider letting you call me Dad.
For real? Oh, no.
What do you got there? Taking a portable? Figure we might not be back for a while.
Seemed a shame to leave any of the good stuff behind.
Funny, automatic weapons you don't even blink at, but a newborn baby Really? Again with the baby? This is not a big deal.
Except for you're kind of making it one.
I think that might be you.
Why won't you hold the baby? Because you're right.
I know I'm right.
Want to be more specific? I'm the darkness.
I I thought that I was doing the right thing, hunting the Shepherds, torturing Mansdale, keeping you Duncan, but somewhere along the way, I lost the ability to tell the difference.
And that baby is perfect and innocent.
And I shouldn't be anywhere near it.
(KNOCKING ON DOOR) DARIELA: Hey! Anybody in there? Dariela? (DOOR WHIRRING) All right.
This is the full menu.
You okay? (GROANS SOFTLY) I'm fine.
You sure? I'm fine.
I just need to sit down for a bit.
DARIELA: I heard there were some civilians in need of a rescue.
You made it.
This is where all the cute guys are hanging out? You are a sight for sore eyes.
You look beautiful.
And you look horrible.
Let me guess.
You drew the short straw for driving the ATV as hybrid bait? Hmm? No.
I volunteered.
No matter what name you're using, you always got to play hero.
How you doing? Better.
Now that you and Dariela are here.
Do you want to hold him? Can I? Yeah.
(WHISPERS): Here you go.
(QUIETLY): Hey, buddy.
A few more organs and we'll be set.
We seal this thing up, then when we're ready, poke a small hole, and when the scent hits the air, we'll be the hybrid Pied Piper.
You sure know your hybrids.
My dad taught me a lot.
Before he died.
Every day since I left Pangaea, all I thought about was tracking you down.
And making you pay for the death of my parents.
I had a plan for the day I found you.
I knew exactly what I was gonna say, exactly what I was going to do.
But what I didn't plan for was Clem.
Holding my son it changes things, in ways I didn't expect.
I'm not sure if I can explain it.
You don't have to.
Good to go? I just got to say my good-byes.
Here it is.
That's the dead man's switch, huh? Not very impressive, is it? You think maybe we should rename it? Since, you know, it didn't come from a man, and also your sister's not dead.
Look, call it whatever you want, okay? But you're right.
She's still out there.
So first we use this to stop the beacons, and then we find her.
I know this is tough for you, but we got to get real here.
Yes, Abigail's your sister, but she also just might be three of the four horsemen of the apocalypse.
I know what she is, Mitch.
I don't need you to tell me what needs to be done.
You worry about your family, okay? Let me worry about mine.
I trust everything went according to plan.
We're heading your way.
You ready? As I'll ever be.
We're far enough from the plane.
- You ready? - Yep.
Let's do this.
Dariela, the hybrids are on the move.
You got your window.
Copy that.
Heading out.
We'll need two of the Indian Ocean warships to focus all their missiles on the Mumbai nest.
All remaining ships will target the beacon in Istanbul.
(SWITCH CLICKS) They're on their way.
Call off the contingency.
Look around you.
We're talking about the fate of the world.
I'm not taking any chances.
(CRICKETS CHIRPING) Logan gave the all-clear.
You ready to say good-bye to this thing? It's not just you.
What do you mean? I've been thinking about your decision to keep me as Duncan.
You didn't need to do that.
I know, Mitch.
I'm so sorry.
You didn't need to keep me as Duncan to kill Abigail, 'cause I would've done it myself.
- You would? - She stole ten years of my life.
And she used me to create death and destruction.
Most of which I may never even know about.
At least I hope not, anyway.
She kept me away from everything and everyone that I ever cared about.
Everyone I love.
I would've killed her myself, so you don't have the monopoly on darkness.
How do we find our way back to the light? (DOOR RUMBLES, CLANKS) Well, let's finish this.
(BIRDS CALLING IN DISTANCE) (HYBRIDS ROARING) This area was crawling with hybrids when we came through.
Jackson and Sam's doohickey must be working.
Abe, hey.
(COUGHING CONTINUES) He can't breathe! (ABRAHAM GASPING, BABY CRYING) It's tension pneumothorax.
- What the hell is that? - It's air trapped in his chest cavity from the puncture in his lungs.
- We're gonna have to puncture it.
- (COUGHING) I need something, a-a pen, any-anything hollow.
I-I may have something.
Hurry, hurry, hurry! Easy, easy, easy.
- (ABRAHAM COUGHS, GASPS) Since when do you knit? Since I was having a baby.
(BABY QUIETS) Please tell me you've done this before.
- Sort of.
- On a human.
- No.
He likes you.
(GRUNTS) (HYBRIDS GROWLING IN DISTANCE) That will draw the hybrids away from the rest of the team.
Clem and the baby are gonna be fine.
I know.
I'm sorry, Jackson.
(GUN COCKS) Sam, what the hell did you do? It's time for you to pay for what you did to my family.
- She's been lying to you! - Enough! I'm through with you and your team.
I'm taking Clem, and we're leaving for good.
You're gonna spend the rest of your life rotting in a cell.
(GRUNTING) (JACKSON YELLS) - (BONE CRACKS) - (SAM YELLS) No! Get out of the way, Sam.
I'm not letting her get away again.
Gonna have to go through me first.
(YELLS, GRUNTS) (YELLING) (QUIET GROWLING NEARBY) (COUGHS) (GROANING) And now we've finally reached the end.
All roads have led here to this final act Stop talking.
(PANTING) What's the matter? Still can't bring yourself to kill your own family? Well, it's too late for that.
Oh, Jackson.
Do you still not understand? What is left to fight for? I've won.
As we speak, my beacons are activating around the world.
And you desperately cling to any last shred of hope for your doomed species, but it is too late.
The hand of fate is on me now It pick me up Your world is burning down.
I'm on the run, I'm prison bound You really think this was all by chance? Clem's pregnancy? The dead man's switch? This mass of hybrids at the barrier? (HYBRIDS GROWLING) My sweet girl was once his wife He had papers that the judge had signed But my hybrids owning this world is really just a consolation prize.
- The true victory - (HYBRID GROWLS) is right here.
Just as I watched you take my father from me you will watch your son be taken from you.
(HYBRIDS GROWLING, SAM GRUNTING) - I had to save her life - (ROARING) How did you think I even knew about Connor? It's because all those years ago, he didn't die.
- Yeah, I watched him die - (WHOOPS) This yellow blanket your wife knit for your son The day he arrived on the island, he was wrapped in it.
What the hell are you talking about? That boy you just sent tumbling over the cliff His name isn't Sam.
It's Connor.
Your son.
I'm on the run, I hear the hounds - My luck is up - (JACKSON GRUNTS) My chips are down So good-bye, baby, so long now Wish me luck, I'm gonna need it, child The hand of fate is on me now Yeah, it's too late, baby I said, too late, baby Too late now The hand of fate is on me now Oh, yeah Over here.
The hand of fate is heavy now Heavy now The hand of fate is heavy now The hand of fate (HYBRIDS ROARING) I put him underground Underground Yes, I did (GRUNTS) (HYBRIDS BARKING, GROWLING) I'm on the run, I hear the hounds My luck is up, my chips are down So good-bye, baby, so long now (GRUNTS) Wish me luck, I'm gonna need it, child The hand of fate is on me now Yeah, it's too late, baby I said, too late, baby, too late now The hand of fate is on me now Oh, yeah, I said The hand of fate is heavy now Heavy now The hand of fate is heavy now Pick you up and it knock you down.