Zoo (2015) s03e13 Episode Script

The Barrier

1 JAMIE: Ten years ago, the animal population mutated, endangering human life on the planet.
Our team managed to cure the animals, but at a terrible cost.
In an attempt to return the planet to the animals, a secretive group called the Shepherds released a gas that sterilized all of humanity.
And then, lab-made creatures called "hybrids" devastated the West Coast, so a massive barrier was constructed to protect the rest of North America.
But new breeds have started to appear, so we reassembled our team.
We battle on many fronts, searching for a cure to sterility while racing to stop the hybrids and the rogue Shepherd who created them to end the human race.
The fight for mankind's survival has just begun.
Previously on Zoo We're on the wrong side of the barrier.
In the hybrid zone.
LOGAN: Guys, listen, whatever you're gonna do, do it fast.
We have less than two hours before Garrison orders missile strikes to take out the beacons and the nests.
JACKSON: We have to get the dead man's switch to the command center.
Still a whole lot of hybrids between us and it.
Then we build the pheromone diffuser.
SAM: Lure the hybrids away, clearing a path from here to the barrier for everybody else.
ABRAHAM: All we have to do is get that child to the barrier and we can end sterility.
JACKSON: I had a family once A wife and a son.
- Clem and the baby are gonna be fine.
- I know.
I'm sorry, Jackson.
ABIGAIL: Your world is burning down.
I've won.
[yells] That boy you just sent tumbling over the cliff, his name isn't Sam.
It's Connor.
Your son.
The dead man's switch should be able to turn off the beacons.
Let's hope the world lasts long enough to find out.
- Status report.
- Lima's not responding.
We're losing ground in Hong Kong, troops falling back.
Berlin is suffering civilian casualties;, requesting backup.
How many beacons are active? 12.
Only one is still dark.
The U.
beacon in St.
Are there any nests on the east side of the wall? No.
We've eliminated them.
There are plenty of hybrids out there, and every single one of them will be charging the barrier if the beacon in St.
Louis turns on.
LOGAN: North America's safe for now, but none of that will matter if we exceed the nest threshold.
That's game over for everyone.
You and that piece of mad science are our last hope.
No pressure.
[device beeping] Garrison said I'd find you here.
They wouldn't let me go back out to look for him.
You all patched up? They have very good doctors here.
Even better meds.
Any sign of Jackson and Sam? No, not yet.
No hybrids, either.
They must have drawn them away with Sam's pheromone diffuser.
You try calling them? No answer.
Their phones must still be affected by the EMP.
I'm sure the effects will wear off soon.
I'll keep trying.
Sir, I'm trying to input new data, but the operating system - isn't responding.
- Same.
There's no clear shut-down path.
I thought you knew how to work this dead man's switch, - or whatever you're calling it.
- It turned the beacons on It should be able to turn them back off again.
I am seeing a way to cut the power.
DARIELA: No, you can't do that When we cut the power in Tokyo, it triggered a massive explosion.
Copy that.
Can't cut the power, maybe I can divert it.
To where? KNOX: Sir, we're 30 minutes away - from nest threshold.
- Get the generals.
It's time to discuss the contingency plan.
What exactly is this contingency plan? DARIELA: A multinational coalition of naval warships are standing by to eliminate the beacons and nests.
We can't fire long-range missiles at those things.
The loss of life will be astronomical.
KNOX: Generals are on the line.
- Thank you.
- You can't do this.
What did you do? Where's Isaac? - What? - Where is he? At a friend's house in Indiana.
Why? Call him.
Tell him to get on the road, head north, don't stop until the roads run out.
Mitch? What are you talking about? JURGENS: The Australia beacon just went dark.
It's spooling down.
BELL: Hong Kong is down.
There goes Russia.
Kenya, too.
They're all shutting off.
Where did he go? I don't know.
Columbia is down! St.
Louis is live! [applause stops] St.
Louis is live.
[quietly]: Oh, Mitch, what did you do? My God.
[horn honking] Hey! Over there! [horn honking] He's got Sam.
We need to open the gate.
Hang on, Sam! We're almost there! [hybrids snarling] [engine revs] [hybrids barking, roaring] [softly]: Yeah.
Look at that face.
Your grandma, she always used to wash my hands and my face.
I hated it.
But I grew up sick.
She thought about germs as the enemy.
[baby coos] Wish you could have met her.
Sir, we are under orders Good for you.
I got to see my daughter.
- Dad? - That's my daughter.
Let him through.
We got to go.
- What? Where? - Anywhere but here.
No, I'm not going anywhere till you tell me what the hell is going on.
The hybrids are coming Like, all of them.
What did you do?! The St.
Louis beacon is live, and drawing more power as we speak.
Couldn't turn 'em off, couldn't cut the power.
You redirected it here? - The energy's got to go someplace.
- I should throw you in the brig.
We have the barrier, okay? We're better off than anybody is.
We can handle the fallout.
[tires screech] I need some help here! Why why did you save me? You're gonna be fine, okay? One, two, three.
[grunts] What happened out there? JACKSON: You're gonna be fine.
Stay still.
I'm just glad you're all right.
[crashing] [hybrid roaring] [snarling, pounding] Where did all those hybrids come from? Mitch was able to shut down the beacons worldwide.
But only by diverting the power to the one here in North America.
TESSA: Which means every hybrid west of the barrier is headed right for us.
[crashing] [hybrid roaring] Well, then [roaring continues] let's just pray the barrier holds.
[hybrids barking, snarling] [automatic gunfire] MAN [over P.
]: All military personnel report immediately to your commanding officer for deployment orders.
MITCH: Listen, we don't have a lot of time.
Clem, I just want to get you and the baby out of here.
- Let's go.
- No, I'm not going anywhere without Sam.
LOGAN: And that wall is solid concrete.
15 feet thick and 40 feet high.
We're taking a hit, but this is still the safest place for her right now.
The blood of all these soldiers is on your hands, Dr.
Did you even stop to think about what would happen if you activated that beacon? What I did saved millions of lives all over the world, okay? - Well, what's your plan now, Mitch? - Stop.
- Want to know what his plan was? - We have no idea how to - shut this thing down.
- Bomb a bunch of cities back Stop! I'm not going anywhere.
I'm staying right here with Sam, till he's stable.
So you can stop worrying about me, and start worrying about the beacon.
I just needed to buy some time.
Time for what? To figure out how the beacon is designed.
Okay? If you can get me all the intel that you have on it, I might be able to reverse-engineer it.
We'll start pulling body cam footage from our team in Tokyo.
Although none of that's gonna matter unless I know exactly what the beacons are broadcasting and I There's a signal-monitoring station in the wall a half click north.
I'll take a team and redirect it to target the beacon.
GARRISON: If you can't take that beacon offline, I'll have to take it out by force.
No, no, no.
You can't do that.
We've already got St.
Louis and half of Missouri evacuated.
None of those people will be able to get out of the blast radius in time.
My hands are tied.
This is by executive order.
If there is another way, find it.
Hey, what are you doing? Looking for weaknesses.
The inverter's triple-shielded.
Transmitter is inaccessible.
I couldn't have designed the perfect system, because perfect systems don't exist.
Yeah, and you didn't design the beacons, Duncan did.
Using my brain, so, what's the difference? But, if anybody's gonna stop this thing, it's gonna be the guy who made it.
Well, okay.
Then I'm going to stay here with you, Mitch Morgan, and we're gonna figure it out.
ABRAHAM: This serum will help boost your child's ability to create the CLM protein and restore human reproduction.
Don't worry, it's quite harmless.
Just three shots.
One now, one in 12 hours, and the last in 24.
Okay, you ready, little peanut? If he's really going to save the world, people are going to want to call him something.
Have you picked a name for him, yet? I have a few ideas.
Mostly family names.
[baby crying] I know, I know, I know, little one.
It's a great responsibility.
[baby crying] Sam and I never decided on a name.
Now, maybe we never will.
It's okay.
[baby cooing] [monitor beeping] Jackson.
What you did took bravery and compassion.
You knew Sam was working with Abigail, and yet you risked your life to save him.
I'm not sure I would have done the same.
Trust me, Abe, you would have done the same.
You saved his life, Jackson.
You gave a son his father.
I didn't do it for the baby.
I did it for me.
What do you mean? Sam Sam is Connor Oz.
Sam is my son.
This was all part of Abigail's plan For us to meet like this.
She wanted revenge for taking our father away from her.
She wanted me to watch Connor die all over again.
But if Abigail is the one that told you Sam is Connor, why would you believe her? Because she had proof.
Because she had this.
Nia knit this for Connor.
He was wrapped in this.
My God.
20 years ago I watched my son die.
And now he's here.
Older than I was the day he was born.
He's a grown man.
How do I make this right? Are the beacons still down? Whatever Mitch did, it's still working.
Status report.
Coalition forces have secured population centers in Istanbul and Hong Kong.
Civilian casualties declining.
The German Air Force is exterminating the hybrids outside Berlin.
Morgan's still working on a solution for the St.
Louis beacon.
Tell me you have good news.
Nothing yet.
Any new beacon activity? No.
So we're winning? Not we, Dr.
We are still under siege and outnumbered a thousand to one.
TROY: Sir? The monitoring station's been compromised.
It was overrun by razorbacks.
We were barely able to reposition the antenna array and secure the signal data from the St.
Louis beacon.
Get yourself to the infirmary.
I'd be headed to the morgue if it wasn't for Wilson here.
Hey, let's get you patched up.
Come on, Wilson, let's go.
- [Wilson barks] - Good boy.
This better be worth it.
How long do you think your men can hold the barrier? Are you having doubts about your fix? Because How long do you think they can hold it? Do you even know? Okay, I need you to get my daughter and her baby out of here.
Look, right now they're the most important people in the world.
Keeping them here, that is not a risk I'm willing to take.
The rest of your team agrees? This is bigger than the team.
It's bigger than all of us.
I'll have Echo Team move your daughter and her baby further east.
The rest is on you.
Sector H has been compromised.
Hybrids threatening to breach near the generators.
Sustaining heavy losses in Sectors E, F, and N.
[rumbling] Got reports of fire in Sector C.
Seal it off.
We've still got people in there.
Everyone with a heartbeat is out.
We're stretched too thin.
We need to start prioritizing.
Keep the power generators protected.
We lose power, we're done.
Marshall all remaining troops around central command.
Move Delta to the generator.
And order the immediate evacuation of all noncombatants.
Evacuation Give the order.
We can't win this fight.
All we can do is hold the line, pray we can find a way to shut down that beacon before those monsters find a way through.
WOMAN [over P.
]: All infirmary personnel, please relocate patients to the southwest corridor.
All infirmary personnel, please relocate patients to the southwest corridor.
Clementine, we need to Hang on a second.
There's two different frequencies here.
Is that the signal from the St.
Louis beacon? Can you isolate them? Wait, hold up.
I recognize that.
That's the frequency that Abigail recorded off me.
She said that that's how I control the animals.
Beacons are designed to draw hybrids.
- Why would she include your frequency? - No idea.
I mean, it's not attracting any animals.
If that's mine, I bet you that this one came from Abigail.
It's how she commands the hybrids.
My guess is, with those two frequencies amplified by the beacon, it creates a sonic barrier.
- Like the one in Tokyo.
- Yeah.
And if that really is your frequency, you might be the only one who's able to get past the beacon's defenses.
How's that? Because I figured out how I, uh or, how Duncan designed the beacon.
And I found a flaw.
It's all set up to keep people away.
Think of it like two identical tuning forks resonating at the same frequency.
You and the beacon are in sync, but everyone else on the planet is dissonant.
So you're saying that I won't be affected by the signal.
It's a guess.
But seeing what happened to those soldiers in Tokyo, I think getting close to it is still gonna hurt like hell.
JAMIE: Wait, but even if you're right, how does getting close to the beacon help us? Well, I can make a device that we can attach directly to the beacons, it'll give us remote access.
And if you can do that, maybe we can turn it off for good.
You make the package.
I'll make sure it gets delivered.
Are you sure you want to do that? Absolutely.
'Cause if this doesn't work One problem at a time.
Mitch! How dare you.
Clem's baby is critical for the sterilization cure, and you sent him away without consulting us? You did what? JAMIE: Okay, slow down.
Clem and the baby needed to be someplace safe.
What? You knew about this?! I did us all a favor.
If you were so sure you were doing what was right, why did you hide it from us?! I should have been there to administer the serum.
If he misses his next dose, the cure is lost! My family, my call.
JACKSON: No, Mitch, that's not how this team works.
Well, that's how I work, Jackson.
You're not the only one that has a personal stake in this! All right? Make the device! You better hope that Clem and her baby are fine.
Okay, what was that about? Sam's real name is Connor Oz.
He's Jackson's son.
This way, sir.
Central command thinks you've found a way to take this thing down.
Yeah, well, we got an idea at least.
If we can attach this device to the beacon, we got a guy back at the barrier who might be able to shut this thing down without blowing us all to kingdom come.
It may even send a mirror pulse, which would knock the hybrids away from the barrier.
The sonic waves that thing's spitting out dropped six of my men.
Medic said it was like their organs were being shaken apart.
This is our stop.
[beacon pulsing rhythmically] It's massive.
How did no one notice this thing before? Permits say they were building an advanced radio tower to aid with communication beyond the barrier.
Well that's at least half true.
All right.
No use in standing around and just staring at this thing.
I'm coming with you.
Tessa, no.
- Mm-hmm.
- You heard him.
You can't get close to that thing.
Then I'll go as far as I can.
Look, I know you saved my ass more times than I can remember.
But this, this I have to do alone.
I love you.
Come on, baby.
[sonic waves humming] [groans] - Jackson! - No! TESSA: Jackson! [gasps] - Go back.
- No! - Go back! - I won't leave you! Please go back! - [groans] - Go.
You okay? Are you okay? - Mm-hmm.
I'm fine.
- Okay.
I'm fine.
He's made it further than anyone.
Including SEALs in full pressurized gear.
He just needs to get close enough to connect that power inverter.
- [power whirring] - What's that? Delta, report.
[automatic gunfire] MAJOR: We got razors in Section H.
They've broken through the line.
We have to fall back.
Major, do not retreat.
We have to hold the generator.
[gunfire continues, man yells] [razorback roars, man screams] Major! Command, we're low on ammo.
And men.
There's too many of them! If we lose power, it won't matter if Jackson makes it to that beacon.
Delta Team needs reinforcements.
We're all that's left.
I want every able body to come with me.
Let's defend that generator! Move, people, now! We'll keep up the power as long as we can.
Jackson is going to make it.
[beacon pulsing rhythmically] The last time I left you alone in a hybrid attack, I didn't see you for ten years.
Not happening again.
Jackson, talk to me.
Want to trade places? Look, you got to hurry.
Our generator's under attack.
If we lose power, I won't be able to send commands to shut down the beacon.
Copy that! [straining] Okay.
ABRAHAM: They need help at Generator Four.
The razorbacks must have breached the southwest access tunnel.
DARIELA: If we flank them, we might be able stop them from getting any further.
You guys go.
- We'll head for the sub-station.
- Come on, Wilson.
[distant gunfire, roaring] [Wilson barks] [distant gunfire] [roars] [yelling] Wilson! - [Wilson whimpers] - No! [yells] [snarls] [yells] Soft underbelly.
Just like you.
[grunts] LOGAN: After this, it's just a half hour to Fort Brennan.
Where did you find a baby seat? When I heard you were inbound with a newborn, first thing I did was get a logistics team on it.
It's no easy thing finding baby gear when there haven't been babies in a decade.
CLEMENTINE: You've always looked out for me.
Since back when I was living with you and Jamie.
Thank you.
Now there's two of you to look after.
You got a name for this little guy yet or are we just gonna keep calling him Barrier Baby? [laughs] That's what they're calling him? Yeah.
You need to come up with something better before it sticks.
Maybe Sam for short.
I'm sure Sam will like hearing that when he wakes up.
If he wakes up.
Clem, he will.
He's gonna be fine.
You said Sam would be right behind us.
I don't see an ambulance.
Logan, where is Sam? He's not here.
- Turn around.
- He's not well enough to be moved.
I said - [hybrid screeches] - Hang on! [hybrids screeching] Whatever happens, don't leave the vehicle! [crying] Logan! [baby crying] [engine cranking] Come on! [baby crying] [roaring] I'm out.
Dariela, I don't know if Don't.
We're gonna see Isaac again.
And he's gonna have lots of grandbabies for us to spoil rotten.
Because of the cure his daddy made.
So don't you give up on me, Abe.
You hear me? [Abraham yells] [yelling] [sonic waves humming] Come on, Jackson, hurry.
[yelling] [Jackson yelling] [grunts] [grunting, yelling] [Jackson yells] [grunts] Package delivered.
JAMIE: Jackson? Jackson.
He's not moving.
Let me go No, you can't.
[beeping] He did it.
We're online.
Reconfiguring power source.
Sending the command now.
Do you think it's working? [exhales] I don't know.
- Jackson! - No! [growling, snarling] [snarling] [power whirring] [snarling] The hybrids are retreating.
They must've shut down the beacon.
We got the advantage, people.
Let's use it! - We did it.
- [chuckles] Jackson! We did it.
He did it.
[sniffles] You did it.
Baby, you did it.
Open your eyes.
Come back to me.
You did it.
Baby Baby, you did it.
Just open your eyes.
Say something.
Come back to me.
Let's get this penguin back to the igloo.
[laughs] [whispering]: Hey.
We did it, buddy.
We knocked those hybrid sons of bitches on their asses.
We saved the damn world.
I couldn't have done it without you, soldier.
Good boy.
[sniffles] [snarling] [Troy screams] [engine turns off] Cut it kind of close out there.
Little suspense never hurt anyone, right? [chuckles] Oh, yeah, you did it.
We did it.
How's Sam? He's safe.
They were able to protect the infirmary during the attack.
And with the beacon down, we're pushing back the hybrids.
Once we secure the perimeter, Garrison's gonna recall Echo Team, and we're gonna bring back Clem and the baby.
And it's not only here.
The IADG and local militia have hybrids contained worldwide.
They're eliminating stragglers as we speak.
So we took down the beacon, stopped a hybrid army and the cure for human sterility is just on the horizon.
Anybody else need a drink? KNOX: Hey! Dr.
Garrison needs you all back in the command center now.
Why, what happened? It's Troy's dog.
They just found Troy torn to pieces in an exam room.
Soldiers had to corner the dog and put him down.
But he was already dead.
Yeah, well, it came back.
As a hybrid.
- What? - That's - not possible.
- Whatever the thing is, you need to have a look at it, ASAP.
So, what, these things are now infectious? But if the hybrids can turn the animals, i-it doesn't matter that we've stopped the beacons or destroyed the hybrid nests.
Then Abigail can turn the entire animal population into her army.
But we still got the barrier.
And as long as it holds, we can keep the spread under control.
[tires screech] Dad! What's the matter? Are you okay? The baby! The baby's gone! - Where's the baby what? - The hybrids came out of nowhere, and then Abigail came, and then - What happened to the baby? What? - The baby is gone! - Are you sure it was Abigail? - Yes, I'm sure.
Abigail came, and then, she took the baby.
The hybrids came in and Logan is dead.
What? Oh Oh, my God.
DARIELA: Echo Team was hit in transit.
The baby was taken.
I want eyes in the sky now.
If you had put a bullet in Abigail when you had the chance, none of this would've happened, and Logan would still be alive! I tried as hard as anybody to put her down! ABRAHAM: Logan was only out there because you and Mitch wanted to move Clem and the baby.
If you had kept him here, where he was safe Garrison's scrambling whoever he can send out now.
But mobilizing additional resources is going to take time.
We don't have time.
If I don't administer the drug in the next four hours, we lose our chance at the sterility cure.
JAMIE: What, you think Abigail's gonna be easy to find? Every government agency on Earth is looking for her.
Okay, then we need to start thinking about our other options.
[tablet beeps] Hello? Hello, brother.
JACKSON: If you hurt him, Abigail, I swear to God, I will kill you.
The baby's fine.
He's beautiful.
Logan, though, not so much.
What do you want? The same thing I have always wanted.
For my hybrids to roam free, everywhere.
You give me that, and I'll give him back.
[chuckles] No, no, t-there's no way that those hybrids are getting through the barrier.
You and your friends have proved very resourceful.
I'm sure you can figure out a way.
[phone beeps] JAMIE: All right, I'll, uh reach out to some of my Shepherd hunter friends, maybe they can help, somehow.
Abigail's walking around with a baby in a world that hasn't seen a baby in ten years.
She can't exactly blend in.
I can get the baby back.
That was Abigail, she wants to make a trade.
- Is he okay? - ABRAHAM: What did she say? He's fine.
She's gonna give him back.
Well, what's she want in return? [tablet beeps] Jackson? What does she want in return? She wants to get her hybrids through the barrier.
- What? - JAMIE: What are you doing with the plane's navigational tablet? It's the only way.
- No, no, no, no, no.
- No, hey! Hey, hey! Are you insane? - Hey! - That is the only thing that is keeping the hybrids from spreading, and infecting all the animals, Jackson.
JACKSON: We have to get the baby back.
If you do this, you're gonna be no better than your dad.
- Or your sister.
- Jackson is nothing like them.
That baby is the cure, and he is the only thing keeping mankind from extinction, and he is in the hands of a monster.
You cannot negotiate with her! If we don't do as she asks, Abigail won't hesitate in killing that child! DARIELA: We can't trust her to hold up her end.
What other choice do we have? Logan died trying to protect this baby.
Let's get my baby back, Jackson.
Think about it.
Every animal in North America is gonna become part of her hybrid army.
What then? One problem at a time, Mitch.
One problem at a time.