Zorro (1957) s01e36 Episode Script

The Sergeant Regrets

[Thunderclap] Out of the night when the full moon is bright Comes a horseman known as Zorro This bold renegade carves a "Z" with his blade A "Z" that stands for Zorro Zorro! The Fox so cunning and free Zorro! Who makes the sign of the "Z"! Zorro! Zorro! Zorro! Zorro! Zorro! Oof! [Laughs] Excellent, administrado.
[Grunting] Please, administrado! Senor Varga, stop it! The man has yielded.
- You're a good soldier.
- Gracias, administrado.
Go to your post.
Did you say something to me just now, senor? Yes, I did.
Forgive me for not answering you at once, but I dislike interruptions when I'm fencing.
Now, what was it you wanted? Merely to remind you that you were fencing, not fighting a duel.
He was in danger.
[Chuckles] Your compassion does you justice, Don Diego.
But he's only a soldier.
- He was no match for you.
- No man is.
- I see you do not doubt me, senor.
- Should I? There are a few things I would like to discuss with you.
Would you be so kind to accompany me to the library? - Certainly.
- Come, Manuel.
[Garcia] Your Excellency! Could I return to the cuartel today? I am the acting comandante I will tell you when you return to the pueblo.
You do not need to ask these things.
His Excellency will let you know.
Before Senor Greco rode to the pueblo, he said I could meet him there today.
Senor Greco does not give orders here.
I do.
Why don't you have some refreshments before Bernardo puts them away? Gracias, Don Diego.
Wait, little one.
Don Diego says for me to have some wine.
No, no.
They do not want it inside.
Me, I want it here, outside.
It is difficult for me to believe that your father did not discuss his plans with you in any way.
Oh, but he did, Your Excellency.
My father and I discussed many plans.
He felt that possibly I should get married.
I am not interested in that.
Did your father not ask you to sign an oath, to fight to the death any enemies of the king? If you want help in fighting enemies of the king, an oath is not necessary.
Tell me what you want me to do.
It is not that exactly.
Please, do not hesitate to call on me if our country is in any danger whatsoever.
Before your father left for Monterey, did he leave instructions as to what you should do in case of an uprising? Did he mention any names or any group of people? Did he leave a list of names? [Knocking on door] - Who is it? - It's me.
Sergeant Garcia.
Come in.
His Excellency is busy.
You should not interrupt him.
- Well, what is it? - There is a man to see you.
- He says it is very important.
- Did he give his name? He is Senor George Brighton.
Senor Brighton? He is here at the hacienda? Sí.
I guess he came here.
At least, he's here now.
Close the door.
I do not understand this.
What is he doing here? - Shall I go ask him? - Not yet.
I will ask you to go to your room, Don Diego, and to remain there.
Post a guard at his door.
See that he and his deaf-mute remain there.
Sí, administrado.
And you may ask Senor Brighton to enter now.
Ah, Senor Brighton.
This is wonderful.
I could hardly believe the good news when I learned that you were here.
Who is this, may I ask? Senor Brighton, Manuel Hernandez, one of my trusted associates.
- I may speak freely in front of him? - Most certainly.
Won't you sit down? I have just come from Monterey.
I do not like the way things are developing at all.
Everyone in Monterey is talking about Alejandro de la Vega and his plans to raise a citizens' army.
I can assure you this whole matter is greatly exaggerated.
Alejandro de la Vega is a foolish old man with a wild imagination and delusions of importance.
I just wonder if we understand one another, Senor Varga.
The money that I offered you was bid for a united California.
A peaceful colony that is not torn by internal strife.
There is no colony in the world so peaceful that one or two deluded men will not try to raise a little trouble.
I'm not concerned with one or two men, but I would be greatly concerned about a general, widespread rebellion amongst the people.
You can be sure I will have everything under control.
Now, can I have a room prepared here at the hacienda? No, I'm staying at the pueblo.
I have reserved a room at the inn.
If you will excuse me, I should like to go and rest up.
I just wanted you to know that I was here.
Then why don't you return here this evening? We can discuss the whole situation then.
I will be here.
[Varga] Why does he come here now? Why did this fool de la Vega have to go to see the governor at a time like this? - Sergeant Garcia.
- Sí, administra Oh, it's you.
- Corporal Reyes reporting, sergeant.
- Reporting what? That I wish to be transferred.
I'm tired of being guard of the outside.
It's hot, and there are flies, and I'm hungry.
- I want to be guard of the inside.
- It is no better in here.
The life of a soldier is hard.
- Yes, sergeant.
- Long hours in the saddle.
Little pay.
Getting up at the crack of dawn.
Please, I don't wish to resign.
I just want to be guard of the inside.
You do not know how lucky you are to be guard on the outside.
In here there is noise and no comforts and And there is a thief in this hacienda! If I had been inside, this never would have happened.
[Hiccups] I think if you had remained as guard of the outside this never would have happened.
You didn't send anyone to relieve me, and I haven't eaten anything since breakfast.
Go back to your post, corporal.
I'll send someone to relieve you in a little while.
We must find out who these men are who would make up Alejandro de la Vega's army.
- I still think young de la Vega knows.
- And I do not.
From everything I can learn, the father has been disappointed in his son.
Think there's another list aside from the one Zorro took? Ah, that is most unlikely.
Perhaps we could locate Zorro and get the list from him.
- Locate Zorro, just like that! - [Snaps] For months we have been trying to locate Zorro, and every attempt has failed.
We must settle this within a matter of hours, and what do you suggest? Possibly we could locate Zorro! I'm very sorry, Your Excellency.
- Say something! Don't just sit there! - [Knocking at door] There's someone at the door.
I will go see who it is.
- Is Don Diego not here? - He has gone to his room.
Just a moment.
Wait a minute.
I know how we can find out what we want to know.
Quick! Stop that servant.
Don't let him get away.
- What is your name, peón? - I am Juan Sotelo.
How long have you been working for the de la Vegas? For many years, Your Excellency.
Even when Don Alejandro was a young man.
Did you know Don Alejandro had returned from Monterey? - [Juan] No, senor.
I did not know this.
- [Varga] Sí, he has returned, and he is now resting from the trip.
He told me he wants you to do something.
Take some fruit, huh? No, it is not that.
It's something else.
- Now, listen to me.
Listen closely.
- Sí, senor.
You are to ride to all of the haciendas nearby.
Speak to the men.
Tell them that Don Alejandro has returned, and tonight he wants a secret meeting here in the hacienda.
Every man who has signed the oath to fight against the enemies of the king must come here tonight.
Now, you understand, Juan? You will not fail? Oh, I will not fail, senor.
I will leave at once.
A brilliant plan, Your Excellency.
Tell me, do you think they all will come? I do not think any of them will be suspicious when it is de la Vega's own servant delivering the message.
But even if they are, all I need is to get my hands on one man.
I can make him talk.
I can make him tell me who the others are.
[Strums guitar] You can start covering for me.
Sergeant Garcia, can you come here a moment? This could be the ruination of everything unless we stop it.
They are sending Juan to tell the dons my father has come home and wants them to come here tonight.
I must warn them that it is a trap.
[Knocking at door] You wanted to see me? Yes, sergeant, come in.
I want to ask you a question.
You trust me, do you not? You know I'm your friend? - Sí, Don Diego.
- I want you to do me a favor.
I want you to deliver this note to our old mozo Juan.
The old one? Sí, I will give it to him.
I can only tell you this.
The fate of many men, the whole future of California depends on this.
See that Juan gets it before he rides out of here.
He's on his way.
- I will give it to him right away.
- Oh, sergeant.
Perhaps it would be better if this were our secret.
Say nothing of this to the administrado.
Of course not, Don Diego.
What are you doing here? You are supposed to be guard on the outside.
What have you got there, corporal? I don't see anything.
Not there, stupid.
What have you got behind your back? I don't know, sergeant.
I can't see behind my back.
- So, you are stealing food again, eh? - But I'm hungry.
I am hungry also, but you do not catch me stealing, do you? - Sí, this morning, I saw you - Do not keep changing the subject! There.
See what you made me do? You made me break it.
Now what can I do with it? So now can I eat it? Part of it? Maybe just a wing? [Knocking at door] - What is it? - [Garcia] Can I come in, Don Diego? Yes, sergeant.
Come in.
I thought I'd better tell you, Don Diego.
The administrado says you do not have to remain in your room if you don't want to.
How thoughtful of him! I'm to be permitted the freedom of my own home? - For the time being, Don Diego.
- You gave the note to Juan? - There were no questions? - Oh Oh.
I was just on my way to deliver the note when I ran into Corporal Reyes.
He'd taken some food from the kitchen, so naturally, I A simple thing like delivering a note, and you cannot do it right? - I know, Don Diego, but - But? But! But! It's always "but" with you, isn't it, sergeant? Tonight your friends may die because of your negligence.
But this is not important, is it? It is very important.
I will give him the note when he returns.
It's too late for that now, sergeant.
Please, Don Diego, I did not mean to do something wrong.
- I did not know.
- What do you mean, you did not know? I told you that the whole future of California was at stake.
I could not have said it any plainer than that.
What can I do? I will do anything to make up for this.
The only thing you can do is get out of my sight and stay out of my sight.
We must overtake Juan and warn the dons not to come here tonight.
[Knocking at door] Well, what is it? Where is Sergeant Garcia? I don't know, but Don Alfredo is here.
- Don Alfredo? - Sí, he wants to see Don Alejandro.
I tried to tell him he's not here.
Show Don Alfredo in, corporal.
We have been expecting him.
I think our trap is closing on its first victim.
I wanted to see Don Alejandro.
Are you not a little early for the meeting? - You know about it then? - Sí.
We know all about the meeting.
The thing is, I would like to see Don Alejandro before the meeting starts.
That is why I came early.
Unfortunately, he's asleep right now.
He's not to be disturbed until the time for the meeting.
It was a very hard trip from Monterey.
I do not know what to do.
I think I was the last one to sign the oath.
I let Don Alejandro out-argue me the day before he left for Monterey.
But you did sign the oath, did you not? [Don Alfredo] Sí, I signed it.
But I would like my name removed.
I am leaving California.
I have no desire to be involved in this fight.
If you were the last one to sign, then you saw the names of those who signed before you? Why do you ask that question? It is very simple, senor.
You will now recite the names of those who signed.
Why do you not ask this of Don Alejandro? Because I'm asking it of you.
You use the wrong method to gain information from a caballero.
Do what you wish with the sword.
I will tell you nothing.
I warn you, senor.
You will speak before we are finished with you.
You would save yourself a great deal of agony if you would speak now.
Manuel, loosen his tongue.
I can assure you, senor, your delay in speaking will prove more uncomfortable for you than for us.
In fact, I suspect Manuel rather enjoys this.
Are you not yet ready to speak, senor?.
Manuel, bring the candle.
We will soon melt some of the stubbornness out of this old fool.
Tie him in the chair.
I do not think it will take long to bring this kettle to a boil.
[Knocking at door] [Man] It is a man to see you, Your Excellency.
Just a minute! What is this? What is the meaning of this? It is nothing, Senor Brighton.
Just a little matter of discipline.
Get him out of here.
Who are you, senor?.
What are you doing here? I will answer no questions until I am released.
I suggest you release this man at once.
And I suggest you refrain from making suggestions.
I take no orders from you.
I think you have lied to me, Senor Varga.
You have been guilty of gross misrepresentation.
You think I need you? Or your country? Or your country's money? There are plenty of others who will pay more and ask no questions.
From what I have heard, Senor Varga, you are not yet in a position to deliver California to anybody.
Why did you have to be here at a time like this? - What are we going to do about him? - Silence! Let me think.
- The candle.
What happened? - It went out.
Yes, I know it went out, you stupid fool.
Find it! - Light it! - As soon as I find it.
- Hurry up! - Here it is.
[Stuttering] I found it.
I found it.
One moment.
- Zorro! - Get away while you can, Don Alfredo! - After him, Manuel! - I warn you, senor.
If you harm him, you will answer to me.
Get him! Drop the sword, senor.
And do not attempt to cry out, or it will be the last scream of a dying eagle.
Also, do not wait up for that special meeting.
The last invitation has just been canceled.
Place your hands behind your back.
- I am unarmed, senor.
- But I am not.
Remember Zorro's warning.
You will settle with him if you do not let me go.
I am not afraid of Zorro.
Stop it! Put that thing down.
Attend to your business.
I will attend to mine.
Senor, put down that scythe.
Interfere with me, you will account to the administrado.
If you harm Don Alfredo, you will not live long enough to account to anybody.
Get on your horse, Don Alfredo, and get away.
I will not run away and leave you to fight my battles.
This is my battle.
It is all my fault you were here in the first place.
I can handle this one.
[Grunting] You will be broken to private for this! And you will be broken in half! - Senor Zorro, I - Where's Don Alfredo? I sent him away.
It was a fight.
I did not mean to kill him, but he tried to kill me.
You are a good man, sergeant.
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