Zorro (1957) s01e37 Episode Script

The Eagle Leaves the Nest

[Thunderclap] Out of the night when the full moon is bright Comes a horseman known as Zorro This bold renegade carves a "Z" with his blade A "Z" that stands for Zorro Zorro! The Fox so cunning and free Zorro! Who makes the sign of the "Z"! Zorro, Zorro, Zorro Zorro, Zorro - Where did I stop? - "You must live in a hacienda" Oh, yes.
"You must live in a hacienda such as mine to be able to fully appreciate the beauties of California.
Yours" And I'll sign it.
- Something wrong, Greco? - No, Senor Varga.
But A hacienda such as yours? Yes.
I've decided to live here permanently.
I find it rather pleasant.
With a few changes it might be ideal.
Such as a larger window in the sala.
But your plans to take over California are almost ready.
There are matters in Los Angeles need your attention.
Any delay now I remind you, Senor Greco, I am the Eagle.
I give the orders.
We move against the government when I decide.
Yes, of course, Senor Varga.
I've reminded you before.
I trust it won't be necessary again.
Now, return to Los Angeles and see that these letters go out on the first post.
And I'm expecting a packet by a special messenger from Santa Barbara.
When that arrives, bring it to me immediately.
- No matter what time it is.
- Sí, administrado.
Hasta luego.
What is all the excitement for? A letter from my father.
Listen to this.
"My mission in Monterey was successful.
I expect to return home in a few days.
" No, Bernardo, this is not good news.
Have you forgotten Senor Varga occupies his room? From everything I've heard, he intends to remain there.
When my father returns and finds the hacienda's no longer his Yes.
He will fight to the death before he gives up his land.
Bernardo, we must find a way to force Senor Varga from this house.
But how? Think, Bernardo, think.
Guards! Guards! Guards.
Guards! Guards! Guards! Guards! Guards! Guards! Sergeant Garcia! Sergeant Garcia! [Garcia] Coming, administrado.
- Sí, administrado? - Where are the guards? - Right here.
- Where have they been? I want them at this gate every minute.
Why were they gone? It was time to change guards, Excellency.
The old ones went off-duty, the new ones were coming on.
In the future no guard will leave his post unless there is someone to take his place.
Is that clear? Sí, administrado.
I might have been all alone, for all I knew.
No, Excellency.
I was here.
I'm going to the library.
See a guard is posted by the door.
- Yes, Excellency.
- And have some wine sent to me.
- Immediately.
- Immediately, Excellency.
He was.
He was actually afraid.
Why? Apparently because he thought he was alone.
Bernardo, no man has such a mad desire for power unless he secretly knows he is weak.
Maybe we have found the Eagle's weakness.
I believe the Eagle is afraid of being alone.
Wait here.
- Sergeant Garcia.
- Sí, administrado.
- It is you, Don Diego.
I was just - Resting your eyes, eh? - Sí, Don Diego.
- Well, rest the rest of you.
- Gracias.
- I've been looking for you, sergeant.
I have been here.
It seems like forever.
- Haven't you been enjoying your stay? - Do not misunderstand.
It is pleasant.
But I am accustomed to the noise of the city.
You mean the noise of the tavern? Well, there is a certain similarity.
I know what you mean.
The very next time I'm at the tavern I'll drink a toast in your honor.
Gracias, Don Diego.
It's the least I can do for how you and your lancers have protected us against Zorro.
We are merely doing our duty, Don Diego.
A soldier who captures Zorro would be able to retire from the army.
He could even purchase the tavern.
Yes, I could I mean, he could.
- Think of it, sergeant.
- I am, Don Diego.
Sitting in the tavern, night after night, with the music and the laughter, greeting your friends, a man of substance and position.
" I think the senorita is very beautiful.
Very beautiful.
- You know, I think she likes you.
- Really? [Garcia] It is such a beautiful dream, Don Diego.
Must it be a dream, sergeant? All you have to do is reach out your arm and grab Zorro.
Like that.
[Sighs] It is not so easy.
I have tried.
How I have tried! You just don't know.
I have been pushed into wells, fallen down flights of stairs.
Once he led me into a tar pit, up to here.
That's what I mean, sergeant.
You give up too easily.
- I do? - Who knows? Had you taken one more step, around one more boulder, you would have caught him.
- [Garcia] I think you are right.
- [Don Diego] Of course I'm right.
Listen to me.
The very next time that you see Zorro, you go right after him.
I will, Don Diego.
I will! I will follow him to the ends of the earth.
Good! - [Knock on door] - Come in.
- Put it on the desk.
- Sí, administrado.
Wait! I did not say you could leave.
- Pour a glass.
- Sí, administrado.
[Chuckling] - You may go.
- Sí, administrado.
Ah, Senor de la Vega.
Come in, please.
- You wish to see me? - No, I was looking for Bernardo.
Oh, your little deaf-mute.
I haven't seen him.
Is there something my lancers can do for you? I'm going to Los Angeles.
I'd like to get an early start.
I'm taking Bernardo with me.
There are a few things to do.
Is there some special reason for your trip to Los Angeles? - Should there be? - Of course not.
Just that I haven't heard you say anything about it.
- The feeling just came over me.
- The feeling? Every so often I suddenly realize how far away from everything this hacienda really is.
What do you mean? I was looking out of my window.
Do you know what I saw? Miles of nothing.
An open prairie, with bare hills and an awful, lonesome, howling wind.
I felt as though I were all alone.
The only person left in the entire world.
You understand what I'm talking about? Yes.
Yes, I think so.
Bernardo wasn't there.
I couldn't see the soldiers.
For a moment I was almost afraid.
Silly, isn't it? Yes.
But I still have that overwhelming desire to sit in the tavern with people all around me.
Do you ever have the feeling that you're all alone? - No.
- You're a very lucky man, senor.
Now if you'll excuse me, I will go and find Bernardo.
Yes, of course.
- Orderly! Orderly! - Sí, administrado.
Until further orders, corporal, you will remain right here.
Right here? Doing what? - You can polish my boots.
- Ah, sí.
Corporal, where are you going? - To get a cloth and polish.
- I told you to remain here! - But how can I - Forget it! You will stand there.
And do not leave until I order it.
[Clock chimes] I think we've given Senor Varga time to fall asleep.
Now we go into action, eh, Bernardo? Bernardo! No, not here.
In the sala.
Take the rosin.
Guards! Oh, Don Diego, what is it? What is wrong? - Didn't you hear it? - That? Of course.
It sounded like - Hear what? - What is all this noise? Oh, de la Vega, what is it? - Forgive me for awakening you.
- Sergeant, what is happening? Your pardon, Excellency, but Don Diego heard a noise.
Well, I thought I did.
- What kind of noise? - That would be difficult to describe.
- Do you hear it now? - No.
- Carry on, sergeant.
- Sí, administrado.
- You were not in bed? - I was reading.
- Buenas noches.
- Buenas noches.
[Grinding] That was it.
The sound I heard.
[Grinding] Sergeant! Where did that come from? I don't know.
It [grinding] It seemed to come from the sala.
- Go see what it is.
- Lancers, follow me.
No! Not all of you! Guards, back to your posts.
Corporal, into the sala.
- Go on.
- You're my leader.
- Oh.
- [Grinding] Get in there! [Grinding] Do you see anything to be afraid of? Good.
You stay here and keep looking around.
I will be in the patio if you want anything.
The only thing I want in the patio is me.
The administrado will not like it if we both come back so soon.
I will not stay here alone.
What are we looking for? You heard the noise, baboso.
That is what we are looking for.
What does a noise look like? Don't you know anything at all, stupid? It looks like, uh It's big on the Whatever it looks like, you can see it isn't here now.
Well, sergeant? It was nothing, administrado.
At least, whatever it was wasn't there.
- Carry on, sergeant.
- Sí, administrado.
And leave the lights burning full.
Sergeant, would you saddle my horse and one for Bernardo, please? Where are you going? I am not very sleepy, so I thought I would leave for Los Angeles tonight instead of waiting till morning.
- Saddle Senor de la Vega's horses.
- Sí, administrado.
- Buenas noches.
- Buenas noches.
Get your hat.
We're leaving for Los Angeles.
I want to be out of here as quickly as possible.
I'm afraid Zorro is coming.
[Whistles] This is the last guard.
When you've tied him up, throw some hay over him.
That's where I'm going now.
To get rid of Sergeant Garcia.
- Sergeant.
- Shh! Whisper! - [Whispers] Sergeant.
- What is it? Can we do it now? - Who is supposed to relieve you? - You are.
Well, go ahead, but hurry back.
- [Banging] - Shh! What are you doing here? - The administrado is finally asleep.
- Good.
Now we can relax.
What do you have to relax from? - You are not his orderly.
- At least you are learning a trade.
Why should I learn anything? I'm a soldier.
I'll always be a soldier.
Just like you are.
Speak for yourself, corporal.
I will not always be a soldier.
I am thinking of buying the tavern and becoming an innkeeper.
You are? Sergeant, could I work for you in the tavern? - [Garcia] Doing what? - Well, I'm learning a trade.
You said so yourself.
I could serve the wine.
- We will see.
- Gracias, sergeant.
To spend every night in the tavern, with wine and food And not have to pay for it.
- Sergeant.
- Please.
Not while I'm eating.
Where are you going to get the money to buy the tavern? When I collect the reward for capturing Zorro.
Then why don't you catch me, senores? - [Both] Zorro! - Adiós, muchachos.
Hernandez, get my horse and your horse.
Zorro will not get away.
I will follow him to the ends of the earth.
Sergeant Garcia will be busy for some time.
Yes, riding around in circles.
[Chuckling] We must take care of the rest.
There are two at the front gate.
[Off-key piano playing] We'd better see who that is.
He'll wake up the administrado.
Stop that! Do you want to wake up Sergeant Garcia, what is it this time? Sergeant! Guards! Sí, administrado.
Where have you been? Where is Sergeant Garcia? I don't know.
Zorro was here.
- Zorro? - Sergeant Garcia chased him away.
- Sergeant Garcia left the hacienda? - I think so.
He got on his horse.
[Playing off-key] Who is that playing? - No one, senor.
- No one? I can hear it.
- We just looked.
- Well, look again.
Wait for me.
I told you, Senor Varga, no one is here.
Stupid fools.
Pianos do not play by themselves.
Someone's in this hacienda.
By all saints, I'll find him! To the library! [Grinding] The patio! [Grinding] - Lugo! - What? Lugo.
He didn't come out.
Lugo! Come out of there! I order you! Stay close to me.
- Lugo.
He's gone into nothing.
- Close your mouth.
Let me think.
The wine, Senor Varga.
It's gone.
- There was no wine.
- You drank some.
I saw it.
Yes, I did, didn't I? - That came from the patio.
- Guard, wait! Don't go out there! It's a trick.
That's what they want us to do.
- Who, Excellency? - How do I know who? We'll fool them.
We'll stay here, then they'll have to come for us.
- The doors.
Get away from the doors.
- Sí, administrado.
[Music playing] See? They want us to leave here.
But we won't do it.
Stop that! Stop that music! I command you! - [Music stops] - I command you! You see, guard? Guard? Guard! - Now take him to the stables.
- Guard! Yes, I think the Eagle is almost ready to fly.
Guard! Guard! Guard! Guards! Guards! Sergeant Garcia! [Echoing] Where are you? Where are you? [Echoing] Guards! Guards, come back.
I command you! [Echoing] I command you! [Off-key piano playing] [Door handle rattling] - Senor Varga, it's me.
- Greco! Sí.
You told me to bring the messages when they arrived.
What's the matter? - Listen.
- Some baboso left the gate open.
- I don't [gasps] - Where have you been? Please, administrado, we were only out chasing Zorro.
- [Off-key piano playing] - Shh! He's still in the sala.
Get after him.
Kill him.
Kill him! [Meowing] Surely you would not have us kill a little kitty cat.
He does not play that badly.
- Garcia, pack my bags immediately.
- Immediately.
Now? Inform your men we are leaving for Los Angeles.
I mean, sí, administrado.
Come, little kitty cat.
We are going to Los Angeles.
The tavern does not have a piano, but perhaps you could learn the guitar.
We have wasted enough time.
From this moment on, I will not rest until I have California right here.
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