Arvingerne (2014) Episode Scripts

Episode 4

1 - I don't want your house.
- It's yours.
You were born here.
I showed Veronica's letter to our lawyer.
It's valid.
- So she becomes a millionaire? - She is a multi-millionaire.
The museum was Veronika's dream.
She gave the house to the Foundation.
Sausage? Veronika gave everything to the Foundation.
She disinherited us.
- It's a lie! - Do you need money? No, but it's not easy to start something new.
I got a copy of Signe's letter.
I discovered something.
It's valid as a provisional will.
Veronika mentioned the Foundation in the letter.
When it comes to the will, the Foundation is valid.
- What do we do about Signe? - Veronika wanted to create a museum.
My inheritance will go into it.
And Frederik's and Emil's.
- It's a great project.
- I want to be part of it.
I drew up a transfer contract for you.
I'll have to show it to my boyfriend first.
- There you are, Sunshine.
- Is it John? He couldn't give up the dream of Veronika and the family.
Lise came here and asked John choose between her and Veronika.
Yes, so they adopted you.
It's not all about me.
Why didn't you say I celebrated my 2nd birthday at Veronika's? How often was I there? Did I call her mother? I wished I could rewrite your story.
Did it help? Why the hell you so keep on trying? - Is taken such a long time.
- 35 years.
We could have done it long ago.
- It was almost worth the wait.
- Yes.
- You want some coffee? - And you get it? - Yes.
I'm so clever.
- Hurry.
I'm just have to put something on my feet.
Don't go.
So that needs to be moved? How long has he lived there? 35 years.
- May I go in and take a look? - Yes, of course.
- Father? - Hey, sausage.
Come in.
There's coffee.
Do you want anything? - Hello, Gro.
- Hey, Lone.
Father, damn it! I have an architect standing out there, to have a look at your trailer.
- It's not very convenient right now.
- It's fine with me.
Michael Cadogan designed the museum with Julien De Smedt.
- What do you think? - He just needs to look at your trailer.
There's going to be a museum, and your trailer has to be moved.
- My trailer can't be moved.
- Come on, Dad.
- What are you talking about? - Maybe you should talk by yourselves.
Father, he's an accomplished architect.
Now try to look here.
- I don't see the papers.
- The trailer must be parked down by the fence.
- Up by the highway.
- That’s over a kilometre from here.
- My trailer shouldn't be moved.
- No, but it has to.
Signe will come today with papers, and then we'll start.
Who the hell do you think you are? I built this place with your mother.
It's been planned for years.
As soon as Italy was arranged so should the trailer be moved.
She found a house in Italy.
Everything was to be transferred to the Foundation.
It's talk.
If she meant it, she'd have told me.
Lone, sometime or another.
He doesn't believe what I say.
- That was the plan too.
- Are you in this? - Veronika wanted to head south.
- Get your stuff and get out.
- Thomas, you just made coffee.
- Move.
Take your shit.
Get that and go at once.
I'm not doing this to annoy you.
You gave 10 million away.
And then you won't even sit on the board.
What can you say about the contract? You entrust the house to the Grønnegaard Foundation and then they must use it as a museum.
In economic terms there isn't anything problem.
You aren't responsible for anything.
Honestly it's just conveyancing work.
As you can see, they won't cheat me.
Well, Ole.
Thank you for your help.
Have a seat in the back.
so I can come back to you.
I have to say something to you.
It's been a very dramatic time for you.
It can affect your ability to make decisions.
You should take a period of reflection, before you sign anything.
I'm quite sure.
I'll do this with my siblings.
Why do you want a museum? You don't know anything about art.
I have to make mom's museum with my siblings.
- It sounds as if you want to buy their affections.
- What? - Of course I don't want to buy them.
- You got the house.
I didn't get it to make a lot of money.
- It's their childhood home.
- My secretary attended the funeral.
And she says Frederik was furious about the museum.
- There was a hell of a lot of trouble.
- I was at the funeral too.
You can't get a better family than John and Lise.
They did everything for you.
Thanks for your help.
I hope you can knock some sense into her.
I'll try.
- Why did you say those things? - Frederik doesn't want the museum.
You didn't even say you shouldn't listen to gossip.
There's a chance you don't get anything.
It's 10 million.
Why can't you think of anything but money? Be a little rational and drop all the feelings and principles.
I can also be a hooker.
Then we'll be pissing rich.
Fuck feelings and principles.
- Yes.
- A whore? Really? Hey, guys.
Will you take the bags? Oh no! There's Signe.
- Pretend you haven't seen her.
- I have to say hi.
I'll see you.
- How was the meeting? - She's going to give them the house now.
Didn't Ole explain Frederik doesn't want it? - This is her letter.
- She's not thinking clearly.
She'd see it differently, if I had lied to her.
I don't know what to do.
Hello, girls.
Enjoy your meal.
I don't sew teddy bears in my spare time just for fun.
If I can't have to say hello to my daughter, I shouldn't be here.
- Shall we shoot or work out a little? - Just shoot a little.
- You need to calm down a little.
- No, I won't.
- You'll make it all worse.
- It's all so fine, right? - It just has to blow over.
- Yes, she's our daughter.
She's not our daughter.
She's your and Veronika's daughter.
Can you remember when you went to Lemvig, when she was at camp because she missed you? Think of all the costumes, you made for her.
I'm going home now.
I have to find out.
- How far have you got? - They've taken the first container.
Renée, I can't go Thursday.
Can you do it in advance? I am leaving tomorrow.
- Hello, Signe.
How are you? - Good.
Michael Cadogan.
This is my sister.
No, it's located behind the museum.
No, behind the farm.
It's a farm.
- I brought the contract with me.
- Good.
I heard Frederick is opposed to the museum.
- He just needs to get used to it.
- What does that mean? Frederik is attached to a lot of old stuff but it's not something that will change the museum's future.
Frederik will come around after that.
Is he upset, I'll give the house to the museum? - I didn't tell him.
- Doesn't he know? - Does he know I got the letter? - No.
Everything must be in place first.
- And what about Emil? - He needs money.
Our solution.
Signe, don't be nervous.
I'll arrange it.
I'm good at that.
In my work I get people to meet, even if they disagree.
Everyone will be happy.
But I can't do it without your help.
- I have to talk to them.
- It's now, the investors are here.
We are faced with a grant more than 20 million.
First, it should be in place.
There's no time.
I let you know as soon as I've spoken with them.
- Coming? - Well, there you were.
You have to take a shower, remember.
- Only when I'm grown up.
- You need a shower first.
- I don't want to.
- I don't either.
- Thank you.
It's cool, you said it.
- What is it? Do you use your phone while swimming? You're so crazy, man.
- Stay out.
- It's a mobile-free zone.
Be careful, it's slippery.
- You're not coming in, darling? - Just a moment.
- You're not coming in, darling? - You're not coming in, darling? Come on in, Frederick.
- Come on.
- It's Frederik.
I can't hear you, what are you saying, Signe? Then comes the splash.
- Beautiful, baby.
- Cool, Villads.
Don't do that.
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
- Why don't you have a family? - Me? No.
I'm not one, to start a family.
What do you mean by that? You will then be the sweetest father.
- I'll have to go.
- What? Father, you won't see me jump from the high board? It has to be like that now.
It was Signe calling.
She wants to show me a letter she received from mother.
You need to see your son jump from the high board.
Just climb up, honey.
You can do it.
- Come on, honey.
- Come on, little man.
You can do it, Villads.
You won't.
You can do it another day.
So we see you another day.
you'll See.
Come on, little man.
You go out calmly.
You just look straight ahead.
This is where, I sit and work hard.
- It's huge.
- Would you like some coffee? No thanks.
I'm going back to close shop.
Well, Signe, what is it, you want to show me? Well it's because I received a letter from Veronika.
What is in this letter? This letter says, I'm to have the house.
They call it a provisional will.
Veronika wrote it before she died.
And she gave me the house.
I'm really sorry.
I thought Gro told you.
- No.
Do you have the letter with you? - Yes, of course.
And I won't take the house from you.
Gro drew up a contract I'll give it to the Foundation.
I thought you knew.
- Gro drew up a contract? - Yes, when I'll transfer the house.
But then I heard you were opposed to the museum.
Did she say anything? - Do you have Gro's contract? - Yes, it's here.
- Can I make copies of this stuff here? - Yes, of course.
Do you want to hold of signing it, until I've looked it over? - Yeah, okay.
- Thank you.
Andreas, call me when you hear this message.
Otherwise, we'll just see each other at the match.
Hey, hey.
Emil? I'll be right back.
- Hello.
- I'm supposed to say hi from Ma Li.
Who are you? Ma Li tried to call you, but your phone is broken.
Here is a gift from Ma Li.
- I have no phone.
- You should just call Ma Li.
- He'll get his money.
- You should just call him.
Stop, Villads! Not now.
- Try to see them here.
- Not now.
- She's not coming in? - No, she's not.
- Emil? - Frederik? I have to ask for an advance on the inheritance.
No advance is allowed.
Read this there.
Mother gave the house to Sunshine.
- This can't stand.
- It may perhaps.
- Why didn't she say anything? - She told Gro.
And Gro persuaded her to to give the house to the foundation.
Foundation is void because mother didn't relinquish to it.
Yes, and the Foundation wasn't mentioned in the will.
If the provisional will is valid the Foundation is valid again.
- What does it mean? - Gro gets her museum.
And we get nothing if Signe signs that.
- What will we do? - We have to drag them into court.
- I need some money now.
- I can't do anything about it.
We have to solve it somehow.
We'll offer her money.
No, it's unfair to reach a settlement.
- She isn't entitled to a cent.
- She obviously is.
If we lose the lawsuit, you won't get the house.
Isn't that what you dreamed of? Why gamble on that now? - You asked for an advance.
- You get your house.
We avoid trouble, animosity and lawsuits.
- And you get your money.
- Bingo.
Everyone is happy except Gro, and she deserves bugger all.
I'll contact Signe.
- You need to talk to her.
- Talk to her! With Sunshine, how much does this house mean to you? - Should I sell myself to her? - No.
I won't embarrass myself in front of a stranger.
She's your sister.
Mia has won a trip for two to Turkey.
Can you see them with a drink on a solid white sand beach? Have they become lovers again? I'm sorry, we're closed.
This is Frederik, my brother.
I'll go get the car ready.
So, you can close up here.
- Is this a bad time? - No, we're just about to close.
Stand back behind the counter.
I need to unlock.
I just want to thank you because you informed me earlier today.
Now I've read through the documents.
I took a copy of of Veronika's original will.
It was always understood I'd to move into the house, when she died.
- Yes, it says you have the right of first refusal.
- I have to buy out my siblings.
- But what about the Foundation? - The museum is Gro's idea.
- Did you save money box? - I'll do now.
It can be difficult to understand.
Can you just turn around, so I can put it away here? Just so you don't see My dad got the house from my grandfather and he did from my great-grandfather Frederik Grønnegaard, after whom I was named.
So I'm sorry.
And it was my father's wish, for me to move into the house.
- It was the last thing he said - Have you swept up? Almost, Katja.
Won't you sit down? When he died Emil and I were sent away to an aunt.
Emil wasn't very old.
He was eight.
And I promised my father I'd take care of it.
The house is the last thing I have left from my father.
I understand.
I'm not trying to take anything from anyone.
- Veronika just gave me the letter.
- And we must respect this.
This is a very valuable house.
I'll pay you compensation, if you renounce your claim.
- What claim? - To the house.
- I'll offer you 2.
5 million.
- May I hurry you along? Sorry, Frederik.
So I'll offer the same to Gro and Emil.
In this way, we'll share the house all three.
What about the museum? Gro can have control over the artworks.
So she can make museum wherever she wants.
- The game's started.
- Yes.
It's I just have to to think about this.
Yes, of course.
Let's talk a little further.
- We're not a living room.
- Sorry, Frederik.
Andreas is going to play now, and the game is underway.
He offered you just 2.
5 million for your letter? I can't.
I promised Gro the museum.
She's in full swing.
She didn't tell you, the others were opposed.
No matter what I do, then someone will be angry or upset.
- You'll survive it.
- I don't know.
It doesn't help to make Andreas sad now.
I wish I never received the letter.
You're not coming to the reception? I think it'll be nice.
Then we can talk to Michael about your house.
He's coming too.
- Maybe we can find another place.
- By the highway? It's over a kilometre to the highway.
I don't talk to someone about my house.
And I'm not going.
- There are no photos of me.
- It's a book about Veronika.
- There are pictures of you.
- Yes, since I was five years.
If I don't belong in the book, why should I attend? That's the was it is.
So stay home.
Why do you want to sit and be so angry? All other fathers would be very happy to be thrown out.
Should we abandon the project because you don't want to move your house? I've lived in this trailer for 40 years, while you and your fine friends lived in the lap of luxury.
Now it's not miserable enough.
- I'll stay by a highway.
- You'll have to move you.
- Sometimes you have to move.
- It's only you throw me away.
What would Frederick do, if he gets the house? He wouldn't throw me out.
I played drums with Frederik.
Now don't be so naive.
How would Frederik have it with all his hollyhocks and fences then you come with all your clutter and your bunker and cases and noise? Be careful you don't get to be just as cynical as the art dealers you are so in love with, who think I must go away no matter what I've done for Veronika and you.
You have such a fine ideologies in your head.
But you just sit here and smoke pot, and nothing happens.
You have the same furniture.
You have the same clothes and the same hair.
You haven't had a single new thought in the last 30 years.
Why do I have to talk to you? I told Veronika she should tell you.
So what a mess he made? The referee was blind.
If we hadn't been playing such good defence, they'd have destroyed us.
- What are you doing? - I have an idea for a settlement.
It's not certain it'll work, but I have to try.
I'll ask if they can get together tomorrow.
- Do you want to invite them all? - Yes.
- Well not here.
- Why not? - There isn't really space.
- For three guests? There's plenty of damn space.
It's where you live.
- Okay.
- I'm going to fill up after supper.
Thank you.
Then I can be your chef.
You're a worse cook than me.
Yes, you are.
I should never have done this.
- Shit! - Should I answer it? Signe, this looks so nice.
Take it easy.
What do you want? Signe, I'd like you to read this here.
I've tried So you can understand - how it all hangs together.
Can't you just read it? - Hello.
- Hello.
Hey, Lise.
It's been a long time.
- Nice you came as well.
- She isn't coming in.
- I'll go.
- Then you must say hi to John.
- I will.
- Hello.
How good it smells.
- Hello.
- Hello, again.
I have such a drawing from my son Villads.
- He is a big fan.
- No, anywhere is the fine.
- You must take him to the finale.
- It'll be incredibly popular.
- I just - Up with the silverware.
Can I take a picture for Villads? Will you No, let me take it.
Will you help? Just come here.
Say cheese.
- Just another one.
- Okay.
- How.
- It was as fine.
You have to hit the ball.
It's just aiming.
- Can I try? - Yes, of course.
No, I'm really sorry.
I'll stand on the box.
Are you ready? Peaceful, Frederick.
Do you need a hand? - I'm good.
- Yes, come on.
Are you ready? - I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
Hello, Gro.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
- Is it about Veronika? - Yes.
I edited it.
And Fritz Massin wrote the foreword.
How nice.
- How long have you been here? - About an hour.
Why don't we take a picture of all four of us together? - I just thought.
- We'll do it then.
- Why don't you take it, Andreas? - Yes.
Where? - Wow.
- If I put you up here.
I have to move a little closer.
Okay? Smile.
You all know I received a letter from Veronika.
I think it's important we all just talk about it.
The first time I saw you was at the funeral when I sang the song.
- 'Go' now night '.
- Yes.
It dawned on me I missed you although I didn't know you existed.
We've missed you.
So it seems to me, we have to sing now.
No, we don't have to, of course.
It was just a joke.
You were scared, Frederick, even if you always pretend you're singing along.
You don't know how lucky you are to have each other.
I've always wanted a sister or a brother.
This is why it's so important, we stick together now.
So I have something I want to show you.
I know my proposal isn't what you dreamed of but it will mean a lot to me if you consider it.
It's really rough.
Just a sketch.
Frederik and Emil share the main house.
Gro gets the sheep barn and the whole area here to construct the museum.
Then Thomas goes up there.
Me and Andreas could build a annexe and use it as a vacation home.
We can change it if you want.
It's a rough sketch.
We can just talk about it.
This is a really nice sketch.
But the museum can't be built in a barn in Frederick's backyard.
There is this whole area.
Frederik would never stay so close to the museum.
I think it's a really nice idea.
If there were a museum, no one would ever approach your house.
- So you don't get it all.
- The museum isn't mine.
This is a tombstone that says: See how clever Gro was.
You want to build a mausoleum to your father.
There is only you in the world.
You and mom.
Has this always been your plan? - Well no.
We aren't there.
- I've kept the family together.
I took your children so they could visit their grandmother.
You're so paranoid, and have always been so.
When father died, Emil and I were sent away to a strange lady.
Did you think about how we felt? You were so open with mother.
You don't know how badly affected she was.
- I know she was your confidant.
- Carl deserted you.
And then he came home and shot himself.
He was a fucking coward.
Want to fight? What the hell are you doing? So fucking relax! You're crazy.
You're bleeding.
- Is something wrong with your teeth? - No.
It wasn't anything.
Veronika is the only thing we have in common.
If we make the museum, it will make sense of her art.
You're just like her.
I can't help, unfortunately.
I'm sorry, Signe.
Frederik only agrees because he knows there will be no museum.
Gro? I'm sorry for my sister's behaviour.
You made it so nice.
I'd like to pay for all the damage.
I insist.
- You are our guest.
- Now there you are.
My offer from yesterday still stands.
Of course you can consider it.
I'll give them to him, when he calms down a bit.
Art doesn't mean as much for us as it did for Mom.
It was sweet of you to try.
If they come to visit often, we really need a new house.
Damn You tried, right? Hello.
Well there she is.
I had a meeting that ran overtime.
- You said up in the gallery? - Yes.
- Why didn't you just leave? - Gro, baby.
Congratulations on the book.
It's excellent.
I'm in contact with Lena Klang from the Swedish Cultural Institute.
She is ready to support scholarship residencies.
- Tell her to call me.
- And one more thing.
I was at an excellent Thai restaurant.
Promise to take me one day.
We need to talk about my father's house.
He's unhappy about the location.
I thought behind the museum Are you here? - You're so beautiful! - What are you doing here? - Are you drunk? - No.
- What are you doing? - Of course I'm drunk.
- How long have you been here? - I missed you.
Everyone is watching.
- What are you drinking? - Line Aquavit - Do you want some? - Yes thanks.
- What did you do? - I fought with Frederik.
- Did he hit you? - I gave him a bloody nose.
You fought with your brother! - Go sit in my var.
- Shall I drive? No, wait for me.
Don't drink it all.
I need to talk to someone and then I'll come out.
Out! It's just Let me see.
Are you aware if they noticed us over there? I don't give a damn.
I don't think Claudia does.
I don't want to talk about that.
I've missed you Why don't you just move to Denmark? So we could stay together.
Do you want that? I never thought so.
I think I love you.
Do you? I'm tired.
Gro? Signe? What are you doing down there? Haven't you slept? - Not really.
- Good morning.
Do you know what I dreamed last night? I dreamed we had moved into the house there.
So we had five little girls, who ran and played.
It's not such a bad idea to move into the house.
There is a huge garden, and it's a big house and you can plant shrubs and trees.
I'll give the house to the museum.
Veronika gave me house in a fit of remorse.
Frederick's copy of the will is 13 years old.
She devoted her final years to establish the Foundation.
She wrote exactly what she wanted to do with it.
She even started finding architects.
Art was the most important for Veronika.
It was more important than her family.
I think to the museum is the most correct course.
Well, you're looking at her jewellery.
- Hi, Emil.
- Hi, Thomas.
She had damn good taste, Veronika.
I was out for a walk, and I wanted a cup of tea.
Yes, tea.
Can I get you to help me with a little something first? - Yes, of course.
- Super.
- Were they fighting, right? - Yes.
It was chaos.
She ploughed him.
Gro always hit with a mean punch.
- It has to be said.
- What's with the boards? Barricade myself in.
They won't fucking throw me away without a fight.
- Who wants to throw you out? - Gro and her fine museum.
Will Gro throw you away? All of our children were petty bourgeois with equity and a church wedding.
Frederik and his lovely family.
And then they were up here.
Perhaps Frederik is tidy, but he'd never throw you out.
You were the only positive feature, after our father died.
- You also played drums with him.
- He might not remember now.
It would be awesome for Hannah and Villads if you were here.
And me.
- Cheers.
- Hello.
Fantastic! Do you remember what you said to me yesterday? No, I was drunk and tired.
You said you loved me Yes, sorry.
You have Claudia.
We have an agreement.
It's fine.
Could you tell me that again? Could you tell me that again? Could you tell me that again? I don't think so.
Just wait here? Good morning.
Thank you.
God, I forgot to sign? - Won't you come in? - No, I got to go to work.
- This is so cool.
Thank you.
- You don't need to say thank you.
I'm not doing it for you.
I'm doing it for myself.
There must be two positions on the board for Frederik and Emil.
That's a good idea.
Won't you just come in? No, we've got to go.
I hope they will drink a coffee with me one day.
I'm quite sure.
- I'm leaving now.
- Yes.
Good day.
This is insane.
Then she fucking did it.
Signe gave the house to Gro.
- We're disinherited.
- What's happening? - What about the trial? - I have to figure it out.
We'll continue to sue.
Won't we? Frederik? Hi, Thomas.
Are you lost? Listen Now, if you get the house what about my trailer? - Yeah, what about it? - Can it stay there? Yes, of course.
How else should it be? - So I can stay? - Yes, yes.
You live there after all.
So I think you should have a look on the Foundation assets.
What's about them? I don't think it's the Veronika's signature on the papers.