ER Episode Scripts


Pardon me, Excuse me.
Oh oh oh oh, I need the paper.
This is closed.
Go man, show me some love.
old news by now.
So she had her bath? Good,good Ya,could you put her on for me to say good night? Oh, ok, then give her a good kiss goodnight for me then and I shall see you in the morning.
No, I won't work too hard.
Ya, okay, bye.
everything ok? Yes, she is watching Clifford.
You know, everybody has a little don time, even tough she is a mother.
You disagree? I don't know.
It is just sneaking out of the house like this, you don't feel a little unseemly.
You say unseemly, I say sexy.
That's true.
Not to mention fun.
Our shift starts in.
My car is fast.
You just have a shower.
Shows are cheap.
You have to dressed You are not.
Mr Drake of the 2 waits for its 2nd Triponine.
The psychiatry must evaluate a woman in room 4, she says she had pergrant for last 7 years.
** Oh, Lewis is back.
Yes, with mother of infacton** Can one transport it? ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** Have we met? Dame is everybody new bout me or what? ** Come freshly out of nurse's school.
** Freshly of a boat, I didn't see this even in Shirley Minela.
Think fast trumem? Still here, Wheezy? Oh yes, nothing better than the house, and battery to the good moment my pal.
Nan, you see here that is: "mid placed" "known not placed" Remind you are just visiting white brand your village of Iowa ** It 's white brand Florida actually.
Hey, Pratt.
Is what a has * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * And secondly,I'll more to make you *** And third, I am not your buddy.
Hey, Coop, Friday night, match of the Cubses, you and me? Well on, my old.
you two gonna kiss next? Ortho on the line 1 for you.
At least, there is a phone in the can, take the message.
Oh Pratt.
You have a patient with a rectal mass, and 2 that ask you personally.
Dr Pratt, I have a man (without has quarryman) that I would like to present you.
You are going to let me one minute.
Hey, can you supervise my exam of the basin? Okay, in one second.
What is the dose for * * *? Good blood, but how much you are? I am a new medical student.
Yes, and am I the only intern of 2nd year here? I am distressed, I didn't see doctor Cooper, I could also have asked doctor Maurice but he/it is stuck with a patient in room 2.
the sprain of the ankle? Dame Morris, I have 30 patients on the picture, and 40 to sorting, then one little mutiltask of your part would be useful.
I hope for at least that you don't return a service has this clown while filling his/her/its mistakes.
Good, no patient didn't leave since the last 45 minutes, it is against ethics.
(not on the all) Since when is Weaver at the cemetery? Good god, you take a patient on duty in your last, and you remain 20 minutes in more.
It is the only way to keep your faculties.
Did I work all day also, do you believe that I am not tired? I won't have dressed to say that ever but the chunky kid (Romano) misses to me.
Pratt, you must sign this form of Questions/Réponses of the last night.
Make me come out of here! Does one take care of that before? I finished soon.
Go, you heard Weaver.
Open fracture of the tibia after an accident of motorcycle on the public way I never gave the permission for that! Do you have his/her/its clichés? His/her/its name is Mathers, and it is not a happy camper.
How do you go Mr Mathers? I don't want to be in this hell, it is like that that I go! He/it rambled in the Rue St Thomas They turned to me because I didn't have an insurance.
you are here gentleman because you need a more elevated care level that they are incapable to offer you.
I work in life, and I am not a cannonball of the society Hey! does that resemble has the television? You make what, go! My god, I deserve better than that.
No, the best thing that happened to you is to have come to the County, you, are about to receive the best care of Chicago.
Is someone going to help me to deliver my precious baby? Analise, you are enclosed since 7 years, you will be able to wait besides for Good listen to me then all.
Are we people of the 18", do you know this that that means? That means that one has 12 hours precisely to take care of everybody and Team Emergencies to show what one made has those that are of day.
Most people are satisfied with his/her/its appearance and the attention put in the details.
I would have to glue it over my nails of fingers.
With a minimum of movement, all you signals of the muscles are going to trigger the arm.
Yes yes, I read the booklet, let's go there.
To bend the arm, you have rightly has contract your biceps.
Biceps in top, triceps below.
Biceps in top, triceps below.
Do they pay you to be as fattening pond? Okay, if you make one pause too abruptly, he/it can jam.
How does one unblock it? Well that requires one coded fast contraction, but it is advanced too much for the moment, one is not even ready has move the hand.
Doesn't one have has to make it, do listen, how does one put it? The lowering and the seizure (not on) are a lot more complex actions.
Do start with being honest (however stop the socket)? Dr Romano, he/it is late Do put me this prostitute of arm, okay? I waited well long enough, let's go there! What pierces the ass, it is that if I had been a "wealthare", I would have been covered.
It is true.
Now remind yourselves that the open fractures * * * * * * * * * * * * The veins are hardened.
Excuse me.
Did take some drugs by intravenous? Yeah has of years, it is not for that that I must be cut in the County.
You are right, it is why one is going to make you a central way.
Neela? Okay.
How? what age she/it has, 10 years? No, nearly 16 years.
To ballast, I want that you call the ortho, say their that the patient with the open fracture of the Dr Pratt must go up to the block before to the maximum 3h.
It was a pleasure to work has your quoted.
Would not she/it have need to be supervised? Hey Mike? Do you take care of that for me old? What? * * * * * * * * * * * * Freddy? Freddy! If you don't now rise, you are going to lose your bed and to pass all night long on soil.
But I like soil What is his/her/its rate of alcohol level? He/it could not go nowhere all alone.
Go Freddy! Did one already tell you has what dawns you are beautiful? (not on) Yes, hold the good, go! * * * * * * * * * * *, keep the temperate, and so-called has the bursary that there is of vomit it in the hall.
I believe that I am going to be sick Is she/it new? No, doesn't she/it wear a white trousers this is not? Why, do you want to invite has leave it? Hey wait, I believed that the things were clear between us.
You know, the cards on the table, not of rancor, one spoke to of it.
Oh, not of feelings or whatever it is.
Pratt? Are you ready to make me a presentation? - Okay, let me take the flight before.
- No! Rick Mathers, open fracture of the tibia received the anceph and * * * *, and waiting of the ortho for * * * * * * * * * *.
it is a former addict, one is going to make him a central way.
So-called pleased of it to me.
(not on) he/it is in room 4.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * How is his/her/its renal function? PUN 50 and Créatinine 1,1.
Curtain 2, light inflammation of the basin.
To received * * * * * she/it is about to be admitted And here one has Betsy Womble, 28 years, illness of Crohn with pains to the stomach and diarrheas.
He/it is not touching better.
I have some cramps again.
Give 10 of demerol to Betsy if he/it pleases you.
Steroids? Yes of the Solumedrol, I called the service of gastro so that he/it takes it.
That seems well.
Yes You should go up soon.
Thank you Dr Pratt, I appreciate everything that you made for me.
Of nothing, whatever for you Betsy.
I like your old style Oh, yes? Find you then yours.
No médocs! No médocs! Hold yourselves quiet Mr.
Mathers, one nearly finished.
* * * * * I don't have an ebb.
Good, you are too behind, No, she/it must avoid the artery subclavaire.
Oh my god! Good, let me try.
Are you the guides? Oh my god! What he/it happens here? He/it stabs me died here I am going to make it.
What a chintok, that is the UNO here or what? You aim around and underneath in relation to your index in the sternum (Hello! she/it wants to show that she/it is she.
) I believed that I was of it.
I advance, I have an ebb, cable guide.
I believe that I am more has the joy with the IG approach.
No, you must learn them all 2.
It is good, I am there.
Thank you my god, someone knew how to make what he/it had to make.
Gallant, you can finish for me, I finished since one hour.
Me also Does she/it hate me, this is not? Who, the Dr Chen? She/it thinks that I am interested by his/her/its buddy whereas I am not it.
Would I have to speak to him? I would let it only, they broke.
Her and the Dr Pratt, when? Last week.
Release my Freddy sleeve.
But I like you Dr Chen? Let's see if you see the things equals tomorrow morning.
Again 2 of * * * * * Would you have one moment? Humph, in fact I am on the departure.
Put Freddy to the curtain 2, and give the to the Dr Maurice where that he/it is, thank you.
It is just that I believe that one left from a bad foot and that bores me.
What? Dc Pratt has a little to flirt with me and you are already informed, but me wanted that you know that I didn't make anything for that.
In fact, I think that he/it doesn't even make it express and if I made something for to encourage this situation, I apologize.
And I hope that you are not going to penalize me for something of which I don't have the control.
Do you penalize? To be hard with me in front of the other.
Euh listen Neela, I am especially hard with all my students the women because I must be he, for your own good.
If I was you, me me inquièterai more my expertises than of the Dr Pratt.
Ok, Mr.
* * * * * left, Mr.
* * * * * admitted * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * And don't disturb me so much that you will have some things for me thank you.
Who does this big mouth of Freddy have? He/it has been assigned has Maurice.
Ok bah he/it is now I.
Give him of the atovine until has what he/it closes it.
Again a patient.
Not now.
Wait if he/it pleases you, you have have go far, he/it is just here, his/her/its name is Hey, do stop ok? stop.
Betsy, did no one come to see you again? No, is that going to be even long? Do let me pass a phone call to the Gastro while saying that my patient waits for a consultation ok? Can I now speak? Yes go there.
Ed Gamble, 28 years, had problems of elocution while arguing with his/her/its wife.
Stop speaking like that, that sounds indeed dramatic.
I can now speak.
Did you have a complete neurological exam? No, but my husband passed the test of the idiots and had had very good notes.
Excuse me.
Weaver knows it, but to the case or, dislocation of the shoulder verifies the clichés of post-reduction.
Pancréatectomie, 30mg of morphine, either just on that he/it breathes well.
And I leave except if you want that I remain.
And why would I like that? Because one is occupied well and that he/it has there that only one holder.
No, I take care some.
I hoped that you say that.
For you, and Maurice is on a rupture of the basin that waits since 14 hours.
Do you soon leave? Yes in not a long time.
Woman of 67 years with a chronic emphysema, she/it received the O2, his/her/its small, girl doesn't have stopped to call the 911 while saying that she could not breathe.
, what is your name? Winnie Crowford, it is his/her/its name.
Air doesn't pass.
Ok, do you prepare and the room of trauma 1, Abby? My guard is finished.
You, to be do you want a doctor? Come! Ah to the fact, your loan won't be able to be done.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * It arrived by the fax.
Couldn't lease has moped with has score that low.
Put the under 02 has 100%.
Is big mother well? One tries to help it.
Hang 1 liter of Salt marsh, and we need an IV.
She/it doesn't like the hospitals.
One works over, tension is of 86/52.
Don't make that! * * * * * * * * * * * * Stop that! Can someone bring it in the room of the families? She/it would not like that, she/it is NPR.
What did you say? My cabbage, do you know this that NPR means? She/it doesn't want to be naked.
Hypoxique with 15 Liters, she/it is in respiratory distress, it is necessary that one the intube.
Not if she/it is NPR, * * * * * * Doesn't that have an importance so much that one doesn't have a document who proves it, am I right? Put the under respirator and her will be able to separate more himself of it, Morphine and Oxygen so much that one doesn't know more of them.
Do you know where your parents are? My mother is outside with his/her/its boyfriend.
Bring the to the room of the families, find his/her/its mother's number.
Do go come with me okay? Ok, close the eyes and prevent me to open them.
Do you believe that it is serious? - I asked for the divorce and he/it took refuge in the silence.
- Have you anything asked! What is a sign of bravery of his/her/its part.
Sorry to disturb.
Excuse me.
Intub?for an overdose waits for a bed to the intensive care, * * * * * * * and the patient with hemorrhoids must go back at home for an enema.
Why you give them to me has me, there is Maurice.
I made all the stacks and I don't find it, and I am late for one dinner with my family.
Okay, give the me.
Thank you, spend a good night.
That takes it What takes it? More to speak! Listen to that is like that that Ed to chosen to make me souffrir,il is lost indeed, but however that may be he/it needs help! Ok Thank you.
Hey! Return I service! I want that you asked for a shrink's opinion for Mr Gamble.
Yes doctor.
Doctor is that that What?! I have a patient who is made itself bite by a rat.
Ok where that? Do I have to make him an exam of blood? For what? Rage? Nurse! Come by there! She/it blew in my blouse.
Can be that she/it doesn't like Titi.
I have need that you put up to date his/her/its balance of health And you I have need that you controled if he/it can use his/its hand Nan it is good don't examine me, rather examine the rat It is really not like that that I see nurse's work! I resign! Clean the wound, suture the and swing me this rat in the trash can I have something else well to make that to occupy of it to me - Dr Pratt I have a lady with - And me I have a baby with a If that is an obstruction? What would the diameter be? 10 millimeters then to the over of Son of whore.
! Hang up! What?! You are an intern of 2eme year, not a medical student You cannot call your mother, your father, your cousins or me know that to help you to make your service! Now raise yourselves and make your prostitute of work And for the love of God made something, pull hunt! Hello! Hey! Do guess who comes to pay a visit to you? and Gillian invited me to dine He/it is 10h of in the evening I didn't think that you had taken that seriously sorry I cannot remain, but he/it remains a little Thai in the fridge if you want.
One sees itself in some months.
Thank you.
Do have you need of help for that? No no that goes.
Bye Abby.
Where does she/it go? She/it returns to Montreal His/her/its buddy didn't stop asking him to come back home.
I thought than you two It is complicated That is going to make 6h that this boy waits and he has need that one takes care him, he risks and here also one "a few" occupied! Stupid! Your "sharp abdomen" is constipated in a sharp manner Give him of him * * * * * * * * * * How did I know that you were going to say that? Because you knew that you would not have it to disturb me in the first place! I have a picture to empty! Yeah yeah Hold, go put a saline solution therefore on fracture opened of the tibia Yes doctor.
Don't you understand English this is not? Yes doctor.
Ok, one only advances 30 on the picture And 50 to sorting I believe that one deserves to eat a piece well! Does one make itself a hamburger? It is I that invite! The cafeteria is closed.
And the Mc Do? You have two feet Excuse me, doctor, Ah Then you finally speak.
Yes makes that of it goes, does that come, did you be able to found something? Not again but one has a specialist who is going to come to take care of you.
You would make to return in bed not to miss it better.
Then you think that it is that stress? I don't know Did make me come you out of the movies Doctor Hampton has a problem? Yes! She/it comes three times per month to complain and she/it always manages to make itself/themselves prescribe the demerit, by interns as you that don't take the pain to study his/her/its file in detail.
Ok it is terrific all that but she/it is indeed sick! She/it has shooting pains.
She/it manipulates people to have the drug and one is not there to provide it.
Okay add a note on his/her/its file where you will say that you refuse his/her/its admission.
Give him some steroids, give some vacodine and don't call me anymore! I ask you rightly for you occupy your patient! To say truly, it is now the your.
Hey to Ballast prepare a form of exit, tell to him that I am distressed but that she/it won't be admitted.
Do you take strengths then? I cannot always run some kilometers but I am well, although I am always a little anemic.
Are you happy to be home? Yes and no that misses to me.
You are part of something in perpetual movement there low.
As for you catch the Bred, what you get that is not the luxury, it is far from being won.
Some what it is different from the County? That must be a sort of dependence I suppose And that certainly contaminated Cover Yeah Do you feel how about that? Without him do you want to say? I am well.
I even go better than well.
Are you then happy? Cellar not.
I took some decisions.
Like what? I don't want to carry me misfortune.
The duty recalls me.
Tonight? Cannot you make as if didn't have you your biper? I need money.
Does one soon see then itself? Yeah.
Good night.
Karina Ravel is always in hémolyse and Mathers is always in suture Didn't he/it always go in surgery? Hey I believed that you had left? That is what I can say, the interview to become a nurse here is hopeless.
Haha the girl with the Titi, the one there it was indeed a case, did they drag you to make come back you here? Not indeed I adore the hours sup' How does that go? Is it mine that you speak? Yes.
Happy to hear it.
You are one of the best nurses here and that, without all changes that Robert made here, I would be pained to lose you.
Thank you! Abby do you know where I will be able to find the paper and a pencil for a small girl? Is it your patient? No but.
Your assessment in time that medical student carries on the number of patients of which you can take care, not on the number of children that you can "babysitter.
" Put yourselves to the tail of your colleagues and move yourselves.
Ok y'a nothing on the x-ray, treat the with * * * * * * * Good him there you make it to me to leave while giving him of him * * * * * and recommend a dry régime.
* * * * * * * * * * Morris! Why do I have full of people who work on complicated things and that you study the radiology? Damien came because he has some hisses Yes he/it has a piece of 25 cents in the throat and then? I thought that that "could pass" merely.
In my excrement? Then that is all? Does one wait rightly that that leaves? Non makes to some one is going to call a specialist so that he/it withdraws it with an endoscope.
Is it an operation? One doesn't have to open.
Who must take care of that? Hampton, one of my best friend, you call it.
Pratt! Three AVP to my continuation! They say that the car to fact three barrels No it was at least quatres Excuse me! Jenny Taming 16 years * * * * * * * * after several CBC barrels.
etc Jenny you hear me? (not on, she/it was conscious on the place of the accident) She/it bleeds by the respiratory ways.
One won't make a chir' in trauma but she/it bleeds a lot.
Wait there! Where does one go? What does one have like room of free? Nothing, * * * * * * in room 1 and a likely NPR? Possible!, let's go there Triple AVP, one needs this room! Wait she/it needs the device.
Yes but it is a NPR One always waits for the confirmation for that! She/it is not able to anything anymore to make without respirator.
Consider that it is confirmed.
Go one goes there.
One goes there.
Go, go, go, one clears, one clears! The constants are good, not of loss of conscience, fracture of the humerus.
The classic people always challenged One to verify the state of the backbone and of the skull but it will be necessary to make some radios That risks of takes a tip of time, they are closed.
Ok the cranial radio opens in first one is going to take of it to him.
Do you take care some? No I am the only one has can to supervise Pratt.
Go there Abby It is of my mistake, they are young, they have the right of the "stupidities" well No it is not permitted to be as idiot Mr.
Vangars I have the bones that come me out of the leg! Six flies it is better.
The skull and the neck seem to go That makes 6h that I am there! That someone makes it say nothing about.
Ok he/it has anything.
It is as if I was crushed by a centrifugal strength.
No problem of breathing.
And where Janie is? Do you worry some than now? The intestines are painful to the pressure.
Make to him a touched rectal What?! It is necessary well that someone takes care of to know how goes his/her/its girlfriend no? Are you going to bring me in the ass? Just a finger Multiple lesions to the arcade and to the scalp Hey Pratt, your boy some surgery farted a cable.
One would say a fracture of the skull.
The sat falls to 90.
* * * * * * * * * She/it spits his/her/its tasted! Hey! Where do you go? To the toilets.
Sat to 88, It is good for the ways aerial, more that to the intuber.
Dr Pratt, the shrink won't see your patient that once the scan makes.
This boy flips because of his/her/its wife, him, doesn't have need of a scan of the head.
The pulse is to 65, you should hurry.
Pratt, the Dr Hampton called since the service of gastro, she/it won't take care of the boy who swallowed a piece before tomorrow morning.
She/it foresees to be going to see Romano before.
It is good I am there.
It is all that she/it said? No, in fact she/it said also as you were a hole of the ass.
Good night! He/it is one hour of the mat and yet I have the impression that it is the hour to eat.
Try that! And that it is? Dinagohan Ah yes and that what is? Of the cooked pork.
Me you don't have say that me was Jewish half? Hey Randy I always wait for my patient that has an open fracture.
As soon as they call you so-called their although Can be that you should throw back them because they are occupied enough apparently.
Great Find Morris and ask to him of to supervise you to pass of the antigerme on the wound of Mr Mathers Do you have an idea from where he/it could be? No but it is a PEM, Problem, Of medical student.
I like to be also cow.
Whereas is this thinks of it to you? I think some that it is a little strong.
Is necessary to make pass the well time, as everybody! No he/it didn't always go in radio and it is exactly the problem.
AVP to big speed, numerous traumas, he/it has really need to pass some radios.
Is what I would be able to us to tack inside? Thank you.
Ok Mr Vangars one goes to room of radio.
I was 17 years old when * * * * * * * * * * * * Oh, I was in the corner.
Elisabeth! Keep the door! I am afraid well that we are to the suit.
Block us the neighbor Is he/it cute, do you frequent yourselves? Who? Dorset Didn't he/it have invited you to leave or what don't I know? I think that you can say that one leaves together.
What? What? Do you think that it is premature? I won't allow.
I think that it is premature.
I have rightly say that he/it was cute! Yes premature Confess, you are not on the subject practiced.
You should feel soon better.
What is it this whorehouse? A device to disinfect.
And don't you make that than now?! One thought that you would be already in surgery and that should be sufficient while waiting.
While waiting for what?! What is that you believe yourselves making? A temporary cleaning.
Who is not a procedure that the medical students can do without an intern's supervision.
Terrific! It is not even a physician?! Stop what you make and say me who is the intern who supervises you.
Dr Pratt but he/it asked in the Dr Morris to load itself/themselves of it.
And where Dr Morris is? I am surrounded with incapable.
Hey! How do you believe that I feel? One tempted to kill me all night long! Mass No, no emridge, no, more ventriculs, no shift, Is he/it then clean? as crystal.
Hey Mr Gamble, your radio of the skull, is encouraging, all is ok Whereas I do now make? You can a return yourselves with one of our specialists in psychiatry.
I am not mad! No is not you mad, you are just stressed.
Give me then something for that but don't send me at a shrink, Good god the last thing of which I have need that is that Gloria can prove that I am crazy.
Pratt! Kneecap dislocated.
COPD * * * * * * * * * * * * * and don't palm off that to this stupid of Morris.
Listen I know that you think that I derail Mr Gamble I don't have the time Give me merely something who will calm me for this night.
To give him 2mg of obecalp in IV and that you filled his/her/its form of exit.
Do you know this that that is the obecalp? Yes doctor Thank you Thank you very much.
Yes all means are good What does that mean NPR? These are the initials not to Resuscitate, What means that someone doesn't want not to be maintained in life by machines if she/it had to be very sick.
I am going to take you in one room where you will be able to take a rest.
Can I remain here? She/it says that she/it sleeps better when I sleep with her.
Well on.
Good night.
I am happy to see that you can to grant you one moment of détente, but I would like that work is made.
There are always 20 patients on the picture and 35 to sorting.
Sorry, she/it is alone here It is hard, is not this, to know if his/her/its time is used well with the patient or with the families? Yes you know that is rather hard, but if you * * * * * * * * * He/it is hard but it is his/her/its job.
Yeah Is what you heard to speak of "obecalp" because I don't arrive to to find it in the book? It is "placebo" writes upside-down.
Who prescribed it? The Dr Pratt.
Obecalp? Listen, this boy plays with his wife He/it panics every time I say shrink and he/it implores me to give him some tranquilizers then I gave him a dose of serum phy.
You see he/it carries himself/itself very well, not of what to get excited.
That happens to you to say the truth, to accept your practices? You break the principles even of the medical ethics, and I don't speak you of what would happen if your patient learned what you made.
Dr Weaver! The boy with the AVP penetrates in radiology.
Hey Severa, I think that he/it would be good of to withdraw the hold of obecalp on Mr Gamble I never gave to him.
Doctor, again how long before one takes care of my son? - Your son? - Damien, the piece.
Yes, he/it would seem that the physician who take care of this kind of intervention won't be able to see it that in the morning.
When precisely? I am not on, but he/it is steady We are there since 14 hours and always nothing! Damien is terrified, she must go to lie down, we owe it all.
- I know that it is hard - We are the emergencies and my son has a piece stuck in the throat he/it cannot breathe, it is an emergency, this is not? What is himself he/it passes? * * * * * * * * * Did you have finished the scan? No.
How long that he/it is unconscious? Less 5mn.
One the intube! Ok, stop the massage.
Still not of pulse.
Brought a patient ever some radiology without doctor.
You told to me I spoke myself to me even.
I am there.
Do you come? Pratt is going to make a manip! What.
Yeah, it is too brilliant.
Pass me the probe of Foley The sat is to 96, rhythm cardiac ok.
Ok, now what we want to pass this tube behind the piece makes once, one inflates a small ball of serum phy and to carry up the piece until in his/her/its mouth And if he/it inhales the piece in his/her/its lungs? Not if I first catch it.
It is now that that intensifies And.
"Presto! " Veils, I return you the currency.
Oh Abby, can you replace Melinda to sorting? Well on I would adore, sorting is my part favorite.
Hey, where is Weaver, the chief has named, one is going to make itself light.
Still to the scan, that that want to say that the interns are to the orders and it is what frightens me You and me, old Ok, that the feast begins! You, come, show me a little love Make that he/it is not that 03h00 Close the! Of it has some that tries to sleep! Abby, it is your tower.
Is one some where? One serves the number 47.
It is JJ, he/it has a pain to the teeth.
Then JJ, how does that go? Toothache.
Since when? More or less 1 year.
Excuse me Yes take a seat I am yours No one has already been seen, my son felt muddy on the parking lot it be little the anesthesia, can see the Dr Pratt? Lengthen it on the floor.
Why did he/it come? He/it had swallowed a piece Kit of * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * And of vascular surgery.
Pratt I need you to the curtain 1.
Not see now with Gurinie.
What happens? I removed him a piece of his/her/its throat (not on) With the endoscope? No with a foley.
Did you lose the mind? That it passed well, the piece has to remain too long he ten minutes after him had left and it is there that it arrived - I take care of him - His/her/its esophagus has of exploded it and one must repair the aorta Apparently, him there not that our interns who walk on water, you have the luck that it is arrived otherwise here the kid would have died * * * * * * * * * * * * * Andy, who is that that the MGA did find on Mallony? Euh let me verify.
Pratt? The lungs are ok * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Second episode? It was ready to leave and sudden he/it vanished.
Monitorez him, and give me of the constants.
I believed that he/it joked.
Asymmetric pupils, * * * * * * * * * * * * He/it rather manages well it.
Young man in good health with temporary loss of the speech.
- The SonoSite.
- Negative constant.
Extinguish this devilish music.
Listen, it is good, I manage it.
Of the risks of attacks? - No.
Turn the on the right.
- My god, does he/it have an attack? Call the radio, that they free a room.
I think that I have something Is it my patient ok? Dissection of the carotid Make see.
Temporary closure of the left coronary artery.
What is it? Your husband has a hole in one artery that causes a clot Dr Pratt your patient with the open fracture wants to be seen.
Is this boy always there? I cover you on that stroke, one makes to him an activator of cloths plasmogènes.
Ok, that is sufficient for sorting, find another nurse to change.
And I know that you speak of me.
- Is the 2 open? - I am in pause! Hello, I would like to know if I have the right to a credit? Sorry, I must go there The big mother died.
The girl sleeps, one needs the bed.
How does that go? Sleepy.
It is morphine.
He/it is 04:30 I am going to lose it or not my leg? No.
Because I am not the kind of type that can survive without job to earn his/her/its life.
I know that I told it to you earlier but one is going to take you very soon to the block.
It is what one told to me.
Call Coop of my part.
Where do you believe go? To save a youngster who would have of the being 8 hours ago.
That begins to scream to the murder girthing in full middle of the court Hey the boys, what do you make? Dr Pratt of the Emergencies, pass me of the gloves if he/it pleases you.
What do you intend to make? I am here to remove him that.
I called you for hours on a rupture opened of tibia.
Now that I am here to help Don't you want me? You can find someone of free for the advice.
Show me merely what it is necessary to pull.
All goes well.
Yes? Hello.
Is Richard there? Beloved, your ex-woman is there.
How old have you him now? What do you want? I need a favor.
Abby, he/it is 8 hour of the mat.
Yes I know, but I don't have a lot of time.
I have need that you co-signs a loan.
- Why don't you make a banking bankruptcy? - I don't have a problem! - I have need rightly - Do you want that I help you? No, I ever asked for a lot of money, I have anything contested at the court, I didn't prick you your furniture.
You would have been able to if you had wanted You must understand to what point it is hard for me to make that I won't make it if me some not absolutely had need, I don't want your money, I want your signature rightly.
Oh, hello! Yeah hello.
I have just arrived and I already have the block and the service of gastro on the back without speaking of the Dr Weaver and your acrobatics of the last night.
The coronary section was unsteady but treated in time and Hampstead refused to raise his/her/its big lazy ass for You are a bad Pratt.
And to be honest me didn't already like you before.
* * * * * * * * * * *, nothing such to give you the fishing! Triple expresso, and yes * * * * * * * * How does the youngster go has the piece? They say that that will go.
Hey Coop, I heard for the coronary section, well played.
Thank you old.
With the rotations, the timetables of madmen Whoever could have passed nearby.
That begins with Mr Gamble And one doesn't know where that ends.
And he/it continues to speak.
Do you go back? Yes, not you? I first go to the gym.
Thank you old.
Not of what, between pals.