ER Episode Scripts


So now her entire abdomen's covered in abscesses.
So much for the Tijuana tummy tuck.
Please tell us you're wearing something underneath that.
Want to see for yourself? I don't really approve of ER personnel wearing costumes.
Well, kids seem to like it.
Yes, but what adult wants to get a cancer diagnosis from a reject from Animal House? I'm Julius Caesar.
We'll drain under CT guidance to avoid surgery.
Hey, Neela, you, uh, going to Kayson's talk on recurrent pericardial effusions? Since when do you go to lectures? I'll save you a seat.
I might be late.
Don't bother.
Hi, Dr Brenner.
Nice legs, Frank.
You know, you gave me some great tips on our last shift.
I'm really glad we're working together again.
Actually, Dr Gates won't be mentoring today.
I won't? You get to do the culture list.
All positive cultures from last week - wounds, urine, sputum.
Make sure they're on the appropriate antibiotics.
Call them if they have a resistant bug.
Great, I'm on pus patrol.
So I won't be seeing patients? You get to do that, too.
Just stick with the non-criticals.
Dr Brenner will mentor you both.
Dr Banfield, I've already done a rotation, so maybe I can skip? You're an intern.
Being mentored is part of the process.
Dr Morris, Tracy Martin is with you.
Where is Dr Martin? Not in yet.
It's always the same thing.
Got the idiot who slices his hand carving a pumpkin, your shoes end up covered in candy-corn puke, and let's not forget the old chestnut, sloppy drunk dressed as Frankenstein.
Halloween is new to me.
I didn't celebrate it in Australia.
You never been trick-or-treating? Nope.
No candy, no costumes, no Mischief Night? What's Mischief Night? Oh, kids soap up windows, egg cars, TP front lawns.
Wow, you were one deprived child.
Michael Leary, 18, stab wound in the chest, school fight.
Ah, is that a fork? Vitals are good, SATS 97 on room air.
Stupid little dude went crazy.
Okay, trauma one.
Let's go.
I'm sorry I'm late.
This costume is almost impossible to walk in.
Dr Martin, I was told that all the interns were supposed to dress up.
You were misinformed.
Breath sounds equal.
Let's get some access.
I'm on it.
He snuck up on me.
Need some help? Yeah, his pants need to come off.
If I'd have seen him coming Wait, did you just tell her to take off my pants? Yep.
Ooh, go for it.
Surgery's on the way.
Laverne nice new do.
I like to change it up.
Okay, Dr Saint John, what's next? Plain films and ultrasound.
Good idea.
It is? I mean, you think it is? Yeah.
Get the machine.
Oh, the needle's at too steep an angle.
Try 45 degrees.
I-i got a flash.
I'll tape it up for you.
Oh, shoot! Shoot.
"Intra-operative hypotension"? It's for my nurse anaesthetist programme.
I have a big test tomorrow.
School sucks, huh? So you're learning to push drugs for an anaesthesiologist? Well, I'll be able to administer them myself.
Thank you.
Yeah, but a real anaesthesiologist will be watching over your shoulder, right? Actually, no.
How do you go to classes, work full time, raise a kid and have a life? Well, when you put it like that sounds like a lot Good luck with that.
Thank you.
I'm gonna need it.
A year from now, Sam will be running her own cases in the OR.
You need something? Oh, yes.
I want to thank you for turning in your schedule request on time.
My pleasure.
Yes, but I'm a little surprised.
You opened up your work availability considerably.
I'm just trying to be a team player.
Then maybe you can be in charge of scheduling guest speakers for Grand Rounds.
Me? Figure out someone good to start off with.
We have no money.
You'll have to use your charm.
See that? The lung's inflating at the pleural interface.
That's impressive, Dr Saint John.
Radiology elective.
That was smart.
Hello, all.
Hi, I'm Dr Wade.
I'm a surgeon.
I still can't get used to the sound of that.
Get used to it, baby.
Okay, Daria, why don't you do the honours? Uh, okay, uh, fork versus chest.
We're waiting on CT Rule out vascular involvement.
Though it may be lodged in the BOTH: Pectoralis major.
Vitals? Fine.
Crits? Stable.
Dinner later? Mazzarino's.
One gram of Ancef.
Page me when the CT is done.
Sam, uh, we got a kid out here with a bloody nose.
Uh, well, uh, you two are certainly in sync.
Yeah, what can i say? It's chemical.
Ha! You missed me! Yes, Mrs Ferreri, you can pick up your prescriptions in the ER.
Morris, you're not gonna believe what's Hey, Frank, Frank, give these to Banfield, will you, and tell her they're all susceptible.
Morris Also, could you, uh, get me a new, uh, clip for my I.
? This one's broken.
Banfield got some more positive cultures for you, and she wants you to see the sore-throat kid in Exam Three.
All hail, Caesar.
Morris, you got to see the guy in curtain three.
Frankenstein? Great.
Just like I called it.
No, you need to see him now.
In a minute, I just got to make a phone Okay, don't-don't get your toga in a bunch! Laverne, look at this.
You see any fracture? Um, no.
I don't.
Yeah, me either.
But, uh, look here.
Posterior fat pad sign.
That means there's blood in the joint from a fracture.
Listen, I've been wanting to talk to you.
Dr Brenner.
It's Danny Raskin, His brother, Scott.
He-he got in a fight.
School nurse couldn't get it to stop.
Complained of nausea in the rig.
Well, that's probably from swallowing blood.
Fork boy is going up to ct.
You know him? Not really.
Did the school call your parents? It's just our mom.
They tried, they couldn't get her.
But it's okay, I'm here.
Uh, I'm sorry, but we need to get a hold of her before we can treat Danny.
Okay, Scott, I'll take you to the phone.
You can try your mom again.
And you don't look like the fighting type.
I guess I'm not.
All right, Princess Jenny, open wide.
Tilt your head back a little bit.
No fever.
Yeah, but she has white spots on her tonsils.
Dawn, are there any emesis basins? Try the second drawer.
And swollen glands.
Could it be strep? Need a dose of penicillin.
We will? No, let's do a rapid strep test first.
She's got exudate and lymphadenopathy.
We don't want to give unnecessary antibiotics, Sam.
I'll get the swab.
Sam, there's a positive blood culture, uh, from about a week ago at the front desk.
Will you grab it, take it to medical records, and hunt down a chart for me, please? Well, I'm with a trauma, and I got six other patients.
Send your intern.
I don't have one today, and there's no point sending a doctor on a no-brainer like that.
All right, Your Highness.
All done.
Do I need this? Nope.
Sure, no problem.
Should have the results back in 20 minutes.
Dr Livingstone, I presume? What you got here? Birds aren't allowed in the ER.
Oh, but It's okay, Dawn.
I don't think this wild animal's gonna give us any trouble.
Left another message for Mom.
Here, if you throw up, throw up in that, okay? Ooh! So, Danny, how'd you get in a fight? There's this guy at school, he's been saying stuff about our mom.
What kind of stuff? I don't understand all of it, but I know it's bad.
I told you not to listen.
All right, staph aureus, no sensitivities.
Well, they're always pointing and laughing at me in the halls.
It's cos he's a jerk.
I mean, they just like picking on younger kids.
Don't worry about it.
Got it.
That's a marker for inducible clindamycin resistance.
You should check to see if the lab did a D test.
Daria, you got to stop being so smart.
You're gonna make me look bad.
Daria, get some two-by-two's.
So what happened at lunch? Well, I asked him why he was talking about my mom.
He just laughed and called her a name.
You don't need to know this.
Just fix him.
So I got mad, and I hit him with a food tray.
I don't remember after that.
Low-grade fever: 100.
All right, give her 15 per kilo of acetaminophen.
You, uh, tame any wild lions today, buddy? Um, Owen doesn't like to talk much lately.
He's been having a hard time since their father and I I see.
My ex moved out of state with his younger pregnant wife Veronica.
I hate Veronica.
Did that bird just talk? Uh, the therapist thought Trevor would be good for Owen, might help him express his feelings.
Trevor is very expressive.
Where is she? I don't want to miss this.
Maybe she's in surgery.
She here yet? No.
They should tell her it's a perfed ulcer.
That'll get her down here fast.
Okay, Archie, where's Neela? Paged her again.
She's here.
Quick, act natural.
Morris, you can't keep paging me every five minutes.
What is it? Very, very sick patient in curtain three.
Well, he doesn't look that sick, he's walking around.
What's his complaint? Uh, he-he's turning green.
I'm, uh, Dr Rasgotra.
How can I help you? Mm.
Neck hurt.
Mm-hmm, I see.
And, uh, anything else? Need brain transplant.
Sir, this is an ER, with real patients who are sick and who need our help.
Hey, roomie.
You bastard! Oh, my God! Oh! And miss the surprised looks on your faces? Not a chance.
You in town long? Yeah, we should all go out.
That sounds great, but I'm only here for one night for the annual rehab medicine assembly.
So, you're working at an ER down south? I left emergency medicine, actually.
I'm, uh, doing a residency in PM and R - physical medicine and rehabilitation.
And you like it? Yeah, I do.
I get to work with traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, um, stroke patients, amputees.
And it keeps me on my toes.
Well, make that carbon-fibre toes.
Well, it's good to see you up and around.
How you doing? I'm good.
Okay, people, I'm sure you all have work to do.
Gates, Sam, there's a hand injury in Exam Two that needs your attention.
Ray, good to see you.
You, too.
See you around.
We'll talk later.
Neela, don't let this guy get away.
Uh, who's that? Uh, new chief of the ER.
Another one? How many does that make? I've lost count.
Neela, you want to head over to Kayson's talk? Uh, oh, yeah, the talk.
I can't.
I hear it's gonna be pretty good.
Yeah, no doubt.
I'm busy.
Well, um, if you want to go, you should go.
No, I don't.
I mean, I can't.
Well, uh, I'll fill you in later.
Hey, uh, guess who's in charge of the ER's new teaching conferences.
Really? Yeah.
I've invited Atul Gawande to speak at Grand Rounds.
Oh, he's far too busy.
You'll never get him.
A bottle of champagne says I will.
I'm Ray Barnett.
Oh, sorry.
this is Simon Brenner, new attending.
This is, uh, Ray.
He used to work here.
So so you've been lucky enough to work with the brilliant Dr Rasgotra? I've had that privilege, yes.
So where are you practising now? Baton Rouge.
Baton Rouge.
I hear it's nice.
Okay, Neela, I will catch you later.
Ray, great to meet ya.
Right back at ya.
Listen, if you need to go to Kayson's talk No, I don't.
I, but I've got some work to finish off, so it won't take long.
So that Brenner guy Mm-hmm? .
kind of seems like a dick.
I think my wife put glue in there.
Your wife? why would she do that? Well, she says I love bowling more than I love her.
And, well, I got a girlfriend on the side.
Hey, I heard you might have a good teaching case.
Oh, sports injury, huh? Hi.
Yeah, he's got tingling in the thumb, numbness in the rest of the fingers.
What do you make of that? Uh, median nerve neuropraxia from hyperextension.
What about motor and reflex deficits? Uh, wrist extensors biceps I know! Brachioradialis.
Oh, folks, she was so close.
Can I give another four of morphine? Yeah, morphine fine, amphetamine fat.
Morphine overdose gives you fine, contricted pupils.
Amphetamine gives you fat, dilated pupils.
It's a mnemonic.
It might help you out with your test.
A mnemonic is a saying you use to remember complicated facts.
Yeah, I know what a mnemonic is.
And I also know what morphine does without some stupid saying.
Sam, that mom you called is here.
Oh, I gotta go.
Uh, Mrs Raskin? Oh, Sandy Rraskin.
I'm Sam.
Dr Brenner, this is Danny's mom.
How's my son? Anxious to see you.
Wow, finally.
I couldn't check my messages until my break.
You know how it gets at work.
Okay, we're gonna need your consent to pack Danny's nose.
Oh, sure, sure, whatever he needs.
Honey, how did this happen? It was nothing.
He's in the hospital, Scott, that's not nothing.
I'm sorry.
My aim's not so good.
It's okay.
Happens all the time.
Danny? Danny, are you all right? My head hurts.
Okay, Sam, get a blood pressure.
Did the other kid hit him with anything? I don't know.
I wasn't there.
Did he fall and hit his head? He's hypertensive, 138/89.
Okay, let's move him.
Surgical consult.
Miss Hoffman's Vanco Trough is 6.
Should we keep her in a gram q 12? Push her levels to 15.
Change it to 1.
5 q 12 and repeat the Trough with the third dose.
What's up? How are you liking rehab residency? Oh, it's not always fun, but it's rewarding.
I've gotten involved with the academy's injured soldier task force.
We facilitate access to care for wounded soldiers and vets.
That doesn't sound easy.
Yeah, especially when you're dealing with the VA and the Defence department.
I hope my surprise visit isn't wrecking any of your big plans tonight.
Well, if you consider working out and doing laundry big plans, then Hey, Neela Anspaugh was gonna do a laparotomy on that abscess patient, but he went with your plan instead.
Good job.
Thanks, Marisol.
I'm, uh, done in about 20 minutes.
We can sit, we'll have some coffee.
No, let's work out.
Really? Yeah, it'll be good after travelling all day.
Find me when you're done.
Uh, wait - wait, uh, you haven't got a good seal.
What? What are you smiling at? Nothing.
I'm sorry about this.
The lab lost the first specimen.
And they won't lose this one? I'll hand it to them personally and stand there while they run it.
All right, we're gonna need this room, so I'm gonna have to ask you to go out in the lobby and wait for the results to come back.
Well, how long will that be? It's Halloween.
We have candy at the desk.
The kids will stop there on the way.
All right, time to put Trevor back in his cage.
Owen, owen! I'll take care of this.
Take her to waiting.
There you are.
Want some? Ooh, no, thanks.
I still remember what County coffee tastes like.
You look great, man.
How are things? I still have a few more operations in my future, but nothing like before.
I was in for a skin graft when i heard about Greg.
I'm sorry I couldn't make it to the funeral.
Hey, everybody understood.
You doing okay? I miss him.
It sucks but, you know, what can you do? I gotta say, the way you, the way you walk on those prosthetics, pretty amazing.
Well, I got some custom foot modules.
Makes it easier to move and climb stairs.
You know, sometimes, when I wake up, I actually forget what happened and I jump out of bed and wind up on the floor.
Sorry, that's not funny? Yeah, yeah, actually, it is every time.
Oh, um, Dr Morris, have you seen Dr Gates? No.
Do you need something? Yeah, I just got a question on a knee effusion.
I'm sure Dr Brenner can answer that.
That's okay.
I'll wait for Tony.
So, Neela, she's doing good, huh? Dude, Neela is a surgery superstar.
She's gonna be running the department one day.
They must be working her pretty hard.
Lots of long hours, nights, weekends - I mean, that can't be too much fun, right? the D-stick on your ballet dancer's 34.
Okay, I gotta run.
If I don't see you before you leave, take care of yourself.
Oh, and, uh, no, Ray, as far as I know, Neela's not seeing anyone.
What? No, no, no.
See, I wasn't Owen! Owen! Hey, Owen, look, I know Trevor's smart, but I doubt he opened that door and flew down here.
Come on.
Let's go.
Don't worry.
You know what? I'm gonna call the front desk and someone will come let us out.
Wild kingdom, I don't suppose you have a cellphone on you, do you? Help! Hey! CT can take him in five minutes.
I just don't understand why Danny would be in a fight.
It's just not like him.
Okay, put him on the portable.
Maybe he didn't like hearing all the rumours, Ma.
What rumours? What's this about? My intern will go with him.
Got it.
Where are you going? I'm off.
Call Dubenko as soon as Neurosurge sees the film.
This is their case now.
Hey, um, do you guys need any help in here? You're a little late.
Scott, what rumours? Like you really can't think of any reason kids are talking about you? Are you stupid or just drunk? Just calm down.
You're not helping your brother.
There's Mike.
Maybe he can explain it to you.
What's he have to do with this? Go ask.
You're banging him! OK, how does to the zoo and back sound? Sounds good, but it's about four miles.
Yeah, these babies can take it.
Afraid you can't? I can.
Last one there buys dinner.
Better get your wallet out.
Ready? All right you ready ready? Hey, Danny, hang in there! Tired The CT showed a subdural haematoma over the right parietal area.
Wh-what does that mean? Sat's only 93.
There's blood putting pressure on the surface of his brain.
Let's get him on a non-rebreather.
It needs to be cleaned out in the OR to prevent any further damage.
Can you spare an intern? Dr Banfield's doing a pleural tap.
Laverne can go.
It'll be good experience.
Are you sure? Because I can Go.
You've earned it.
Thank you.
Scott, tell me what happened now! Danny attacked Mike because he was bragging all over school about what an easy lay you are.
Mike wouldn't do that.
What, you think he's in love with you or something? He's using you.
Pulse ox is only 87.
He's hypoventilating.
Kid needs a tube.
Danny, breathe.
Breathe! Daria, you're up.
Already drawn - I'm pushing it.
Mac two and a 6-O.
Always check the equipment before we start.
How could you do that to me? I swear! I told you I didn't say anything! Watch the teeth.
I can't see the cords.
Here's some suction.
Your freak kid attacked me! Don't say that! Danny needs you! Yeah, I still can't see You're nothing but a crazy drunk whore, anyway! What do you want, man? Scott! stop! Help! OK, pull out and bag him up.
I'll be back.
Pull the blade up.
I am! No, you're rocking it back.
Dr Brenner, I can't get it! Watch out - tube.
I thought you just said Give me the tube! You don't need a mnemonic to save someone's airway.
Hey! Well, we're not getting out that way.
Don't worry, pretty soon I'm gonna get you out of here, and you're gonna with your mom and your sister and Trevor.
The important thing is not to be scared, OK? Looks like you made out pretty good there, huh? May I have a piece of candy? No? You have enough sugar in there to put all of Chicago into a diabetic coma.
One piece? All right, you know what you're doing there? It's called emotional eating.
Anybody seen the chart on my flatulence guy? It is not in the rack and I am not going back into his room to look for it again.
Ah! Wh-why-why is there a bird on my charts? That's Trevor - he belongs to a family Dr Gates was seeing.
Where is Dr Gates? No-one's seen him in a while.
Frank! Find Gates and get this bird James Mackey, multiple gunshots to the chest and the upper left arm.
Halloween party got out of hand.
I need vitals.
Tachy at 120, pressure's at 100 with a litre.
Four of O-neg, portable x-ray.
No pulse in the left wrist.
What's with the police escort? They say this guy tried to shoot at some cops, and they shot at him first.
Five stitches.
That's not too bad.
Danny's gonna be fine.
When we're finished here, I'll take you upstairs, and you can wait with your mom.
He's right - she's a whore.
You shouldn't say that.
Then why does she act like she does? She lets us go to bed whenever we want, she never yells at us to do homework.
We can have friends over anytime.
Well, some kids would love that.
She lets us drink.
Better at home than some strange place, she says.
But then, uh, she starts drinking with us, starts flirting with the guys Does Danny know what's going on? When he was younger, I could make stuff up.
Now he's in the same school I hate her.
I know she's let you down - I get that - but try not to hate her.
That's not gonna get you anywhere.
Do you want some more orange beef? Mmm, no - any more of that and I won't be able to fit through the door.
Well, then, I guess you'll just have to stay here and never leave.
Well, don't tempt me.
Actually, it would be nice.
It gets lonely around here sometimes.
Yeah, I know what that's like.
But you have your mom nearby.
She's great.
But a lot of the time, she doesn't get it.
She can't understand why I don't want her help.
That must be frustrating.
Yeah, I just think that, deep down, she's a little worried that I might I kinda freaked her out at one point, so When? It was a long time ago.
It was a bad time.
What happened? It was at the hospital, after the accident.
I tried to hurt myself.
I tried to kill myself.
I wish I had known.
I would've tried to help.
No, no, it was something that I had to go through on my own.
And I feel pretty strong now, having overcome all that.
Intubation tray.
Prep for a chest tube.
So we don't get a tension pneumo.
Set up fibre optic and open a crike tray.
We can get those if we need them.
Induction meds on board.
All right, let's do it.
Give the meds a minute to work.
Bag him up.
This the guy from the Halloween party shooting? Are you family? No, a police officer.
Sorry, but you can't question him now.
Well, you gotta make sure this kid makes it.
All right, do a jaw thrust, so you don't fill his stomach with air.
OK, Tracy, he's loose.
Go for it.
my weapon before tonight.
YOU shot him? I didn't get a good look at him.
All I saw was a weapon pointed at me.
Then you did what you had to.
It was part of his costume.
It was a toy gun.
Keep pushing.
Lean into it.
Maybe you should take over, Dr Morris.
Need another doctor here? I got it! Way to go.
Dr Brenner, glove up, check the thoraseal.
We were about to do that.
Fair amount of blood.
Have a thoracotomy tray ready.
He's haemodynamically stable.
For now - you have to be prepared for anything and everything.
You sound like a cop.
Our jobs aren't all that different.
O-silk, please.
Yeah, things can turn on you real fast.
OK, set up for a portable chest.
Let's step out for the x-ray.
When I was younger, I had a traffic stop - guy's tail light was busted.
Routine, right? My gut told me something was wrong.
I ignored it.
As I was telling him to get the light fixed, he pulled out a gun, shot his wife in the passenger seat, then killed himself.
That's horrible.
I took a desk job after that.
But pushing papers isn't why I became a cop, so I go back out on the street and Officer Flores is here for her partner.
And friends of the patient are in waiting.
OK, have them wait there.
Mark, what are you doing here? I gotta make sure he pulls through.
They sent us home.
The brass finds you here, finds me here talking to you, we're in big trouble.
Systolic's down to 60.
Squeeze in a litre.
Hang the O-neg.
Call thoracic.
Have them take him to OR.
Right now? We've got 1200ccs of blood.
C'mon, let the docs do their job.
Let me take you home.
I'm not leaving! It's my fault.
You want to wait till he arrests? I didn't mean to shoot him.
I want to give blood products to see if he responds.
He must've thought we were guests at the party, dressed up as cops.
Maybe you guys should step outside.
I'll come and find you.
We can auto-transfuse.
Yes! he'll get his own red cells, platelets and clotting factors.
Decreases the risk.
His output is slowing down.
Just give us 10 minutes, we'll turn him around.
"What business do I have?" you know? Now, I'm not saying I didn't make mistakes with Sarah, butthings are good now between us, you know? I've adjusted.
She's adjusted.
Just like I know you will with your new family situation.
And soon, I hope, huh? Hey! Hold that door, will ya? Come on, kid, we're out of here.
Let's go.
We're free.
Come on, Owen.
Come on.
These are my favourite.
Only 100ccs of additional blood.
BP is 110 over 75.
Heart rate's 85.
Best so far.
All right! Angio's waiting to squirt his arm and vascular's ready to repair the brachial artery.
Have the blood bank stay two units ahead.
You know, you should really try to control your enthusiasm.
Excuse me? We just kicked ass in there.
Why not enjoy the victory a little? Because we need to remain vigilant.
A patient can crash and burn while you're doing your victory dance.
Listen, Cate Anyone call you that? Once.
We work under a lot of stress, so when something good does happen, why not enjoy it, just have some fun? There is no room for that kind of levity in the ER.
No offence, but if that's your attitude, then your day is always going to suck.
Night, Frank.
Have a good one.
Sam! Where you going? My review class.
I thought you were gonna blow that off.
Yeah, well going to school isn't just a cutesy little hobby, you know? What are you talking about? You know I support this.
Oh, I know - when it's convenient for you, if it doesn't interfere with your life.
That's not true.
I know you have an outdated, sexist view of what nurses do, but we do a helluva lot more than change bedpans.
I know that, Sam.
Well, I wish you would respect what I'm trying to do, what I'm trying to learn.
Hi, guys.
You guys want a tall triple decaf latte? Heaven forbid you get an intern to do your scut work.
And trying to show off to Daria by making me look small? You know what? That is never gonna fly.
Hey, teaching the interns is part of my job.
What do you want me to do? Nothing.
Forget it.
You're nervous.
Let's go home and I'll help you study.
All right, well, uh What is the anaesthetic of choice for open heart surgery? Yeah, that's what I thought.
Don't be like that.
I gotta go.
Any word on Danny? They removed a small blood clot from his brain, said he'll be in recovery soon.
Where's Scott? Upstairs, waiting for his brother.
They're good kids.
Why don't you stop screwing them up? What do you know about it? Well, for starters, you're sleeping with a high school boy Mike is 18.
We're adults.
No, he's a kid.
And he sees you as nothing more than an easy lay and he's not afraid to say it.
Mike didn't mean to say those things.
He loves me.
You know what? He really doesn't.
I'm not talking to you about this.
Yeah, well, you'll talk with the social services.
And the boys, too.
I called them.
You have no right.
Look, Scott has seen way more than he ever should've and he's trying to protect his brother.
But he's not the parent - you are.
So why don't you start acting like it? You have done a number on these kids and that is gonna last a long time.
Go to hell.
Just fix your life, lady, it's not too late.
Thank you.
You know, I wish I could've been there for you when you were going through all of that.
Well we weren't really on a talking basis for a while, so Love this song.
Cool tune.
Give me that.
Come here.
You know .
I felt responsible for what happened.
I still do sometimes.
Neela, I was drunk and stupid and I was standing in the middle of the road in the middle of the night.
But the way I handled things Neela.
Let it go.
I have.
It's probably trick-or-treaters.
Let's ignore them, they'll go away.
So, you were saying After the accident, um I had a lot of time tolook at my life.
And what I had to do to get back on my feet again - literally - and it's given everything that happened before it's put that into perspective.
Um, let me get rid of them.
Sorry, kids, I'm all out of candy.
You owe me $80.
What are you doing here? Um, I'm sorry, I didn't realise Give me a minute, OK? Sure.
You can't just show up like this.
I You know, there's nothing going on between us.
We work together, and that's it.
I know, I justI I thought we could have a drink, andlike a celebration.
Dr Gawande agreed to do Grand Rounds.
Good for you, but, as you can see, I've got company.
Right, Ray.
OK, wellI'll go.
Yeah, please do.
So, I'll I-I'll see you at work.
I'm sorry.
I didn't invite him.
It's getting late.
I should go.
You don't have to.
It's been a great day, a fun night, but I have that conference in the morning, so You can stay here instead of driving to the hotel.
I'm in a good place now.
And you seem good, too.
So I'm gonna go.
See you soon.
Mr Mackey's out of surgery.
The bleeding in his chest was from small vessels that clotted off on their own.
A bullet tore through the artery in his upper arm, but the surgeons got to it quickly.
So is he gonna be OK? He should be fine.
No residual paralysis or disability.
Oh, good.
Oh That's good to hear.
That's good to hear.
You do what you can, but you can't be prepared for everything.
Make a mistake in some office job - what happens? Nothing much.
On our watch, people get hurt, people die.
Yeah, but you can't let it take away all the good.
I suggest you leave before you're seen.
If you get your partner, I'll show you a side door that you can use.