Alias J.J. (2017) s01e36 Episode Script

Episode 36

Lucy? What? What? What? Lucy helped one of the hostages escape, the artist.
She tried to kill me, so I had to kill her.
Come on.
The guy is over there.
Come on, quickly.
Horacio, bad news.
He escaped.
You let a man who has never been in the jungle escape? Well, yes, he took us off guard.
Didn't you notice? Let's keep looking, then.
It's getting dark, bro.
Are we going to look for him in the dark? Damn it.
We have to get out of here as soon as possible.
Are we going to walk in the dark? I want to leave this place right now.
Have everyone ready to leave.
Horacio, what are we going to tell Commander Galeno about Lucy? Exactly what happened.
That Lucy turned against us, let a hostage escape, and tried to kill me.
Luckily, I was faster than her.
Otherwise, I wouldn't be telling the story.
So soon? They'll ask you why you didn't court martial him before.
What are you going to say? You are screwed.
Do you really think that this shit scares me? PROSECUTION INTERROGATION ROOM It should.
You're up to your neck in this.
Look, man, I will repeat this a thousand times.
I was guarding the house you found me in.
I have nothing to do with this, dude.
You don't have anything to do with it? Look, we did this with the help of the city's acid dealers and all confirmed that this is you.
First, you need some drawing classes.
Second, that doesn't even look like me, man.
Do you remember Detective Durán? Your husband? He was found dead in a cove that was later set on fire and where we found the books used to make the acid.
- I don't have anything to do with this.
- Don't you? After that, we interrogated the people we found in the cove, and guess what? All of them confirmed that they know you.
There are too many people spreading rumors, isn't that right? Right.
This is what we found in the cove.
Does it look familiar? And that's not the best part.
Besides finding weapons, drugs, and money, we found fake documents like this one, found on this girl.
Don't tell me you don't know her.
Son of a b You are right, bro.
I don't know her.
Stop the bullshit, because we know perfectly well that you helped her get out of the country.
And we also know that you're an important element in Velásquez's organization.
We have evidence and documents to prove it.
You're up to your neck in this.
However, you have the chance to benefit from it.
As long as you provide us with information, you'll be eligible for those benefits as soon as you plead guilty and admit that you're Velásquez's right-hand man in his trafficking organization.
Look, believe it or not, I'm trying to help you.
Help me? Are you teasing me, son? I have a husband.
Agent Ramos.
Got a minute? Motherfucker.
Believe me, we've looked through the whole house - and haven't found anything.
- Keep looking.
- But, sir - Don't "sir" me.
You took me out of the interrogation room for this? Stop wasting my time.
I want you and everyone else completely focused on this matter.
Unless you have information for me, I want you there, understood? As you wish.
I gave you everything you asked for.
It's true.
Thanks to you, we could capture Caspa.
However, we still have nothing to lead us to J.
What happened with the properties I told you about? They were all raided.
We're looking for the proxies that signed the documents.
The man is clean so far.
You said, you promised that if I helped you, everything was going to be fine.
I know I told you that, but things got tricky.
Do I look like I care? I did my part.
It isn't my fault that you're not able to do your job.
- Calm down.
- Calm down my ass.
Relax, this is an ongoing investigation.
What happened with the routes and the connections outside of the country? We haven't been able to arrest anyone yet.
I would've been better off keeping my mouth shut.
Zurcido, your wife and daughter are in a safe place.
You'll be joining them soon, but before that, I need you to think.
Maybe there is something you haven't told me yet.
Excuse me.
Are you sure that the phone line is clean? Relax John, the phone line is clean.
The guy that does telecommunications for us is the best.
If the man says the phone can't be tapped, then it's true.
I hope so.
If anything happens, I'll blame you and make you pay.
- Understood? - Hey, John, why don't you trust me? - I'm trusting you now.
- Okay, so? So, what are we going to do about the rest? This job was successful, but I don't think it'll last for long.
In that case, we'll go forward with the other matter.
Wait, are you sure? John, that business is complicated.
- It's going to cost a lot of money.
- What do you prefer, then? That the fucker gets comfortable with the agent and tells him all he knows? No, bro, of course I don't prefer that.
All right then, do your job.
Do you have someone to bring the food to the cell? - Yes, I do.
- All right, listen.
It has to be precise.
This fucker must be thinking it's about 83 kilos, so it can't fail.
The Colombian people are still waiting for the protagonists of the conflict to show their good faith.
So, what's the problem? It is that every time there's a serious talk about negotiations, unfortunate events weaken the credibility and good faith of the parties.
The kidnapping of five people by the guerrilla groups is one of those unfortunate and contradictory events.
Like me, many Colombians still believe that the government and unlawful organizations must find a happy medium, and reach an agreement to end this half-century long war once and for all.
Bring two.
- Hello, Javier? - Yes? Forgive me for barging in.
I must speak with.
It's urgent.
Yes, of course.
No problem.
- My name is Leticia.
- Nice to meet you.
I was kidnapped by the guerrillas.
They released me and left me close to the helicopter, because I'm in bad health and I wouldn't have been able to walk.
- However, they took my husband.
- I'm sorry.
I'm here to ask you a favor.
Yes, of course.
Advocate for the release of the hostages.
You're an important public figure and you have direct contact with the guerrillas.
Not everything that glitters is gold.
Don't listen to what people say.
Don't mock me, sir.
You've helped other people.
And I know you can help us.
Help me rescue my husband from that damn jungle.
I know you can do it.
Come on, let's get a coffee.
A friend of yours is waiting for you at the train station near Esperanza.
What? Janeth, does it sound familiar? It's around here, Ana María.
- Is it there? - Yes.
Oh, my God.
Wait, Ana María.
- Ma'am - Let me go, she's my friend! Janeth! Ana María, calm down.
- What happened to my friend? - It's all right.
Relax, Ana María.
Let me in! Janeth! Let go! - It's okay.
- Let me go.
When did they bring her in? I'm not sure.
About an hour ago.
She was in bad shape, Tito.
This is horrible.
- She is in stable condition now.
- Yes.
Janeth is really hurt, though.
Her body is bruised and she is very upset.
What did they do to her? What did they to her, Cifuentes? Janeth was raped.
CAPITAL PRISON - They sent her back in one piece.
- How do you know? I have my sources.
I was told that nothing happened to the bitch.
Whoever kidnapped that journalist fucked us all.
They only attracted more attention to the missing person cases.
Relax, J, nothing is going to happen.
Nothing? The detective and the journalist that caused this mess swear that I'm implicated.
The problem is that they'll come to investigate here.
Let me explain to you what's going to happen.
What happened to the bitch, it's going to be news for a couple of days.
After that, the kidnappings and murders will be the breaking news in this country.
Everyone will forget about this and everything will go back to normal.
Perhaps, if they can't find anything here.
What do you mean? What can they find? Didn't you say you didn't do anything? They aren't going to find anything on me.
What happened to Caspa? His food was poisoned.
He went into cardiac arrest.
- How is he? - Weak, but awake.
Do you think Popeye is behind this? I'm sure.
He's the most interested in keeping him quiet.
If he could breach the prosecution's security, he's capable of anything to silence him.
Reinforce the hospital's security and also in his room.
Place two agents to guard him 24/7.
You're responsible for this, all right? Nothing can happen again to that wretch.
Thanks, Ramos.
So? Do you see how your people reward loyalty? I will talk, agent, but I need protection, bro.
Look what this motherfucker did to me.
He won't rest until I am dead, bro.
- I told you.
- Don't "J.
" me, agent.
He is who I'm talking about, bro.
That man put me here because I didn't do what he asked me.
- Zurcido? - Leonidas Caicedo.
Do you know him? Leonidas Caicedo is a nobody just like you.
Agent, you've been fooled, bro.
We know that Zurcido is another of Velásquez' chess pieces.
That's what he wants you and everyone else to believe.
But that's not true, bro.
If that were true, Zurcido wouldn't have turned him in.
He wouldn't turn in his most trusted man.
Don't you think? Do you want proof? I'll give it to you, bro.
But get me out of here alive.
Caspa fulfilled his part of the plan.
He implicated Zurcido.
He even accused him of being the leader of the trafficking network, how's that? - Good, good.
- But there's something else.
The man cost us an arm and a leg, so we're financially in the red.
What's incredible is that he was capable of doing it.
I wouldn't have done it for all the money in the world.
The chances of that affair going sour were very high.
That son of a bitch has balls.
He is loyal, bro, which is very hard to find now.
That's why we have to help him.
We must take him out of there.
That's going to be difficult.
What you mean, difficult? When he ruined Zurcido, he also ruined himself.
- There isn't much I can do now.
- It doesn't matter, you have to help him.
Have your team strike a deal with the prosecution, but take Caspa out at any cost.
He is a fine warrior, we can't lose him.
All right, I'll do my best.
What about the other issue? The Miami issue? John Jairo Velásquez Vásquez.
- Nice to meet you.
- I know who you are.
The one that keeps talking shit about everybody.
You delivered a hard blow to the boss.
No, it was the Boss who hit us.
Look what he did to the country.
Be grateful that he didn't have you chopped up, because he really wanted it.
Ah, that's true.
Who didn't Pablito want to chop up? A lot of people.
I can go on your show whenever you want to talk more about the glorious Medellín cartel.
Very glorious.
I'm joking.
I'll speak with the show producers and let you know.
Sure, I'll be waiting for you to invite me, okay? Excuse me.
- So, it's true.
- What? - That you work for them.
- No, no.
Be careful.
Careful what you say, because I don't work for anybody.
I am a journalist, and as a journalist, I can interview him, or him.
Watch out my friend.
Don't behave like an altar boy.
- Long time no see.
- Likewise, man.
- How's the cause? - It's good, don't worry about it.
Last time I saw you, you still had a little bit left.
Look what I brought you to keep you entertained.
I appreciate the gift.
Now, show your cards and tell me why you're here.
I need to talk about the hostages.
How long are you going to hold them? Look, things aren't as bad as you think.
Our revolutionary movement took this type of action to get the government's attention and force them to hear our proposals.
So you stop being subversive to become terrorists, as far as I understand.
Those are the words you journalists use to damage our movement.
This is a political war.
And we must make sacrifices.
Sacrifices, why and of whom? Of innocent people? Tell me.
What do all those poor people you kidnapped in a helicopter have to do with your movement? The people we took are oligarchs of this country.
Since I see you are worried about these people, I'll propose something.
I know you're a respectable man who has plenty of connections in high places.
I propose that you initiate the dialogue between us and the Colombian government to establish official conversations between our revolutionary movement and the Colombian government, in order to, some day, sign the peace accords in this country.
So, you'll hold these poor people hostage for years until, "one day", you can sign a peace accord? Don't insult my intelligence, man.
It is one thing to have a group of people from the guerrillas in the mountains, and a very different thing to have a group of abductees enduring the rigors of the Colombian jungle.
If you are so interested, encourage a dialogue.
Make it happen.
Here is your news, dear journalist.
Thanks for the books.
Thank God you're safe.
We were all worried about you and Tito.
How do you feel? I swear I'll find the animals who did this to you.
I don't care if you find them or not.
All I want is to die.
Don't say that.
Leave me alone.
She didn't want to talk to me.
Nor to the authorities.
Nothing is going to happen with the investigation, Tito.
You have to help me, okay? We have to investigate and catch the sons of bitches - that ruined Janeth's life.
- Ana María, calm down.
I understand your anger and indignation, but if you really want to help Janeth, and if you're her friend, respect her wishes.
- No.
- If you persist, you'll only end up tormenting Janeth even more.
Let the authorities do their job, at least until she recovers or changes her mind.
Please, I beg you.
You will not be extradited.
You will be held in a place where you'll be guarded 24/7.
You'll be eligible for a reduced sentence as long as you present strong evidence against alias Zurcido.
Here, we have the first piece of evidence.
Here are recorded conversations between my client and Mr.
You may listen to them if you want.
Yes, the merchandise has to leave before June 3, Jennifer is waiting for it.
A disrespectful, miserable snitch.
We had to silence him.
Write down the information.
You and I know that Velásquez could've given the order.
If you listen thoroughly, you'll notice that his name was never mentioned.
- Still, it doesn't free him from guilt.
- Maybe not, bro, but if you add all the evidence Let me tell you something, agent, don't let your eagerness to catch Popeye show.
Very well, you may be able to arrest him.
Just be aware that you will end up in a crisis for being so stubborn.
Show the man the remaining evidence.
Another little recording? No, agent.
It's info about the mules that carried the drugs across the U.
to Jennifer's.
Come on, sir.
All right.
I want you to look everywhere.
Get moving.
Cindy, you're under arrest for drug trafficking.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
Jennifer introduced me to Caspa, and that's when I started Working for Zurcido.
I introduced drugs to the U.
and also laundered money.
In fact, everything was going well until he got caught.
- Why? What happened? - What do you mean, why? Because the guy just wanted to kill everybody, and I don't know what happened.
I escaped thanks to a miracle.
I was at my aunt's house and I think that's what saved me.
But, according to what they say, there are about 15 missing persons, without counting my friends with whom I worked as a mule.
Son of a bitch.
We keep moving farther away from Popeye.
Give me the money.
Here's the money.
This time, I don't want your money.
I need your help to get rid of someone.
There's no one better than you to help me with this.
Right? You two.
Search the house for evidence.
Turn him over.
It's Dean Clements.
He was a big fish.
Bring the workers to the living room for questioning, okay? Good job guys.
NATIONAL PROSECUTOR This is Dean Clements, a gringo and small-time drug dealer.
He was found in his swimming pool with two shots to the chest.
Do we know who killed him? No, but witnesses believe it may be his drug suppliers.
- We think it was Zurcido's men.
- Zurcido.
- We underestimated him again, agent.
- No, that's just one theory.
The other theory is that Popeye did a great job to pass himself as the victim and make Zurcido look like the villain of the story.
We have to prove that.
Yes, sir.
How's the apartment, Cindy? Do you like it? Do I like it? Of course, it's gorgeous.
It is a very nice apartment.
But, Serrano, explain something to me.
Why did you bring me here? Why me? What do you mean, Cindy? From now on, this will be your house.
- Come this way.
- What? Wait, Serrano.
Why? Do you mean that all of this is mine? Yes, I do.
And don't worry about the rent and utility costs.
We'll pay for everything.
No, I must be dreaming.
Tell me this is true.
Come on, pinch me, Serrano.
I need to know if I am come on, don't be shy, pinch me.
- You're not dreaming.
- I'm not dreaming.
This is part of your payment for working for us and for being loyal to the boss.
Part? Are you telling me that this is just one part meaning, there's more? That's right.
You'll receive a monthly amount for your personal expenses.
I assure you that it is so large you'll be able to afford whatever you want.
So, in just a few words you're telling me that I hit the jackpot, Serrano? Well, if you'd like to put it that way, Cindy, yes, you have.
Of course, if you want to keep all of this, You'll have to work really hard, all right? Yes, don't worry, I promise I'll work really hard.
Good, because I assume that you know that - we don't make candy here.
- It's okay.
You don't have to tell me.
I know perfectly well what I'm getting into, and for whom I'll work.
Don't worry.
Good, because we don't play favorites here.
Cindy, if you fall, no one will help you.
If you aren't loyal you won't be the only one who pays.
Your mother, father, siblings and even the dog will pay.
- But - Why the long face? Look, if you work well, you'll make a lot of money.
In other words, the money you'll make will be proportionate to the risks you take.
Huh? Now we're speaking the same language.
- So it seems.
- Yes.
Do you know why? Because I want to make a lot of money.
And I'm willing to do whatever it takes to afford this and much more than this apartment.
Imagine a country where there are no more violent deaths, where there's no more extortion or more forced displacements.
President, from the microphones of the Voice of Colombia I invite you.
I'm going to invite you to sit at a negotiation table with the guerrilla's leaders with a single purpose: to search for peace agreements.
And I volunteer to be the mediator in that process and I'll do it publicly.
What? So, now, these guerrilla clowns have their own radio show.
Yes, sir, but I have a question.
This guy, Javier, doesn't belong to the guerrillas? I'm just asking, sir.
Didn't this clown's speech confirm it? Call our outside people.
We have to take action.
Are you going to get him killed, sir? Duván, do you know the damage this clown can do to the country? - Yes, of course, sir.
- Do you understand it? - Do you even slightly understand it? - Yes, sir.
They're mocking us.
They turn everything we say into a joke.
They claim we are a deranged and insane group.
And what about the other cellblock? He supports and defends them.
Duván, do you know what this clown wants with the guerrillas? - More or less, sir.
- He wants them in power.
He wants a president who belongs to the guerrillas, and I won't allow it, Duván.
We'll kill all the guerrilla's members.
We'll exterminate them all, because they're shit, as well as its supporters.
With all due respect, Commander: what about the issue - with the journalist? - Look, Duván, I don't give a shit.
Let the entire world go against me.
If that's the price I must pay to eliminate that scum, I'll pay it, period.
All right.
What do you mean you haven't found the guy? GUERRILLA CELLBLOCK What good are the people under your command then? We've been looking for him, but the guy fled.
Pass me over to Lucy.
Lucy left with her team to search for him.
I didn't order her to take care of that shit.
No, that's what I have comrade Pedro, and Salazar for.
Yes, sir, but the guy escaped under her watch.
As soon she gets back tell her to call me.
- Yes.
- Keep me informed of any news.
If a needle drops in that camp I want to know it.
It's about time.
Turn around.
As soon as I board the plane I need to talk with my wife so she can meet me.
- That will be impossible.
- What do you mean, impossible? Because you won't go to the same city she is in.
- Why not? - Because it's possible that when you arrive in Texas, she will be back.
- Back? Why? - Because they fucked you over, Zurcido.
All the offenses you charged Popeye with are now yours.
You know that I am just a miserable fuck.
I just follow orders.
- I am sorry.
- Sorry? - Take him away.
- Wait.
Do whatever you want with me, but leave my family alone.
They're innocent.
They haven't done anything.
- Take him away - Please, don't remove them from the witness protection program.
They're innocent.
If you don't do as I say, I swear I'll kill you.
Did they take him away? DRUG TRAFFICKERS CELLBLOCK Ah, good, my friend.
That's good news.
That dwarf deserves it for being a snitch and a traitor.
- What's the plan now? - Here, enduring the heat, Johncito.
Working hard since as you might know, that fucker left us in the red.
Now we have to sweat it, bro.
All I do is think about work and more work, that's it, bro.
Agent, Ramos, I didn't expect to see you here.
- Mrs.
- Come in, would you like a cup of coffee? Thanks.
Forgive me.
I just came to see how you were doing.
I think the death of a child is something one never overcomes.
But I know nothing will bring my daughter back, but at least I have the consolation that the bastard who caused her death is paying for what he did.
And all thanks to you.
- No, don't thank me.
I didn't do anything.
- Of course, you did.
At least The bastard won't be able to fool more young girls like my daughter.
He won't be able to get away with it.
Here's your discharge from the hospital.
Remember to drink plenty of fluids because you still have poison residue in your body.
It will eventually pass through the urine.
Okay, Doctor.
Thank you.
- Ready? - Ready.
Attention all units, we'll proceed with the transfer now.
Be ready.
What happened? - Why is she like that? - She had a panic attack.
We had to sedate her because she kept hurting herself.
The doctor is worried.
If she stays this way they'll have to transfer her to a psychiatric facility.
Excuse me.
Seeing my colleague Janeth, my friend, there in that bed, tied up, sedated, full of bruises blows, and destroyed inside, made me feel so bad.
I felt that it was my fault, that it should've been me instead of her.
I was responsible.
All those mixed feelings led me to make a decision.
I had to do something for her.
For both of us.
CAPITAL PRISON If you came to blame me for what happened to your friend.
You're wasting your time.
John Jairo, I apologize for what happened last time.
Okay? I came to ask you a favor.
Please, sit down and hear me out.
I need you to help me find the bastards that ruined my friend's life forever.
And what makes you think I can help you? Because you know this world, because you see, think, and feel like them.
- That doesn't mean - Please.
What's in it for me? What do you want? Look, I'll rephrase the question.
What are you willing to give in exchange for the help I can offer your friend?